Decision Making Theories and Practices from Analysis to Strategy

Decision Making Theories and Practices from Analysis to Strategy

Madjid Tavana (La Salle University, USA)
Release Date: May, 2012|Copyright: © 2012 |Pages: 462
ISBN13: 9781466615892|ISBN10: 1466615893|EISBN13: 9781466615908|DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-1589-2


The vast amount of information that must be considered to solve inherently ill-structured and complex strategic problems creates a need for tools and techniques to help decision-makers recognize the complexity of this process and develop a rational model for strategy evaluation.

Decision Making Theories and Practices from Analysis to Strategy is a definitive focus on analytical strategic decision-making. This work is comprised of sophisticated tools and methodologies developed by researchers and vendors to improve decision making for business strategy. Extracting from a wide range of disciplines, including accounting, finance, information systems, international management, marketing, organizational management, operations research, production and operations management, and strategic management, this volume provides a conceptual and a utilitarian guide to decision making, perfect for both researchers and practicing professionals alike.

Topics Covered

The many academic areas covered in this publication include, but are not limited to:

  • Data Mining
  • Decision analysis
  • Decision Making Concepts
  • Decision Making Techniques
  • Decision Support Systems
  • Game Theory
  • Inventory Management
  • Quality Control
  • Risk Analysis
  • Risk Management

Table of Contents and List of Contributors

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Table of Contents
Madjid Tavana
Chapter 1
Milan Zeleny
In the post-crisis era, new concepts are emerging, while some old and dysfunctional ones are being discarded. Strategy is about making series of... Sample PDF
Strategy as Action: From Porter to Anti-Porter
Chapter 2
William Acar, Sergey Anokhin, Marvin D. Troutt
The theoretical simplicity of contrasting the notion of energetic search of Baron and Fiet with that of alertness (without search) of Kirzner have... Sample PDF
Using Decision Sciences to Enhance Entrepreneurial Foresight: The Comprehensive Situation Mapping Approach
Chapter 3
John Davies
This paper develops a systems perspective on the interdependent relationships between management academics, management theory and management... Sample PDF
Management Theory: A Systems Perspective on Understanding Management Practice and Management Behavior
Chapter 4
Jennie Johnson, Tom Coyle
This paper proposes a step-wise methodology for the development of a scale measuring intent-to-act ethically, which is a step forward in the ethical... Sample PDF
Toward Understanding Ethical Decision Making: A Redefined Measure of Intent to Act Ethically
Chapter 5
France Cheong, Brian Corbitt
Strategic decision makers are frequently faced with unstructured problems that cannot be solved adequately by analytical means. In such situations... Sample PDF
From Childhood Poverty to Catfish: A Conceptual Participatory Modelling Framework for Strategic Decision Making
Chapter 6
Thomas L. Saaty, Liem T. Tran
Using fuzzy set theory has become attractive to many people. However, the many references cited here and in other works, little thought is given to... Sample PDF
Fuzzy Judgments and Fuzzy Sets
Chapter 7
L. Douglas Smith, Robert M. Nauss
A series of five locks form a transportation bottleneck in the upper Mississippi River navigation system. With optimizing models, statistical... Sample PDF
Investigating Strategic Alternatives for Improving Service in an Inland Waterway Transportation System
Chapter 8
Nathan Lael Joseph, Khelifa Mazouz
In this paper, the authors examine the impacts of large price changes (or shocks) on the abnormal returns (ARs) of a set of 39 national stock... Sample PDF
Testing for Overreaction and Return Continuations in Stock Price Index Returns
Chapter 9
Haiyang Chen, Michael Y. Hu, G. Peter Zhang
This study examines the liability of foreignness (LOF) faced by multinational enterprises (MNEs), and the effects of strategies employed to overcome... Sample PDF
Overcoming Liability of Foreignness: An Analysis of Early Foreign Investment in China
Chapter 10
Tobias Mettler
To measure dedicated aspects of “maturity”, a range of maturity models have been developed in the field of information systems by practitioners and... Sample PDF
Thinking in Terms of Design Decisions When Developing Maturity Models
Chapter 11
Charalambos L. Iacovou, Larry Shirland, Ronald Thompson
The pair-wise comparison technique is a common approach for completing multi-attribute evaluations. However, this approach has limitations... Sample PDF
A Comparison of Pairs, Triads and Quads in Multi-Attribute Decision Making
Chapter 12
Kenneth E. Kendall, Sue Kong, Julie E. Kendall
Systems developers and IT project managers who apply agile methods for developing information systems (IS) subscribe to a set of values and... Sample PDF
The Impact of Agile Methodologies on the Quality of Information Systems: Factors Shaping Strategic Adoption of Agile Practices
Chapter 13
Zijad Pita, France Cheong, Brian Corbitt
This study examines the use of formal Strategic Information Systems Planning (SISP) approaches and methodologies in Australia. The authors analyze... Sample PDF
Strategic Information Systems Planning (SISP): An Empirical Evaluation of Adoption of Formal Approaches to SISP in Australian Organizations
Chapter 14
Sarojini Jajimoggala, V. V. S. Kesava Rao, Satyanarayana Beela
Prioritization of equipment is an important factor for decision making to optimize maintenance management in Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM).... Sample PDF
A Hybrid Multiple Criteria Decision Making Technique for Prioritizing Equipments
Chapter 15
Mark Wareing
The UK Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) is a Non Departmental Public Body (NDPB) responsible for the remediation of the UK’s civil nuclear... Sample PDF
Demonstrating and Communicating the Value of Nuclear Decommissioning to Society
Chapter 16
Minghe Sun
New linear programming approaches are proposed as nonparametric procedures for multiple-class discriminant and classification analysis. A new MSD... Sample PDF
Linear Programming Approaches for Multiple-Class Discriminant and Classification Analysis
Chapter 17
Nagihan Çömez, Kathryn E. Stecke, Metin Çakanyildirim
This paper studies spare part transshipments between two service part facilities whose demands are correlated. Transshipments are used to reduce... Sample PDF
Meeting Correlated Spare Part Demands with Optimal Transshipments
Chapter 18
Gilbert Laporte
The Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP) and the Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP) are two of the most popular problems in the field of combinatorial... Sample PDF
The Traveling Salesman Problem, the Vehicle Routing Problem, and Their Impact on Combinatorial Optimization
Chapter 19
Chinho Lin, Chu-hua Kuei, Christian N. Madu, Janice Winch
This paper presents a research framework for studying supply chain excellence, emphasizing two distinct paths of knowledge acquisition, that is... Sample PDF
Identifying Critical Success Factors for Supply Chain Excellence
Chapter 20
Mian M. Ajmal, Yohanes Kristianto
This paper examines knowledge sharing in supply chain by developing analytical models to minimize knowledge sharing uncertainty. Analogies from... Sample PDF
Knowledge Sharing in Supply Chain
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Author(s)/Editor(s) Biography

Madjid Tavana is Professor and Lindback Distinguished Chair of Business Analytics at La Salle University, where he serves as Chairman of the Business Systems and Analytics Department. He also holds an Honorary Professorship in Business Information Systems at the University of Paderborn in Germany. Dr. Tavana is Distinguished Research Fellow at the Kennedy Space Center, the Johnson Space Center, the Naval Research Laboratory at Stennis Space Center, and the Air Force Research Laboratory. He was recently honored with the prestigious Space Act Award by NASA. He holds an MBA, PMIS, and PhD in Management Information Systems and received his Post-Doctoral Diploma in Strategic Information Systems from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. He has published 11 books and over 200 research papers in international scholarly academic journals. He is the Editor-in-Chief of Decision Analytics, International Journal of Applied Decision Sciences, International Journal of Management and Decision Making, International Journal of Knowledge Engineering and Data Mining, International Journal of Strategic Decision Sciences, and International Journal of Enterprise Information Systems.