Challenges of Information Technology Education in the 21st Century

Challenges of Information Technology Education in the 21st Century

Eli B. Cohen (Leon Kozminski Academy of Entrepreneurship & Management, Poland and Informing Science Institute, USA)
Release Date: July, 2001|Copyright: © 2002 |Pages: 290
ISBN13: 9781930708341|ISBN10: 1930708343|EISBN13: 9781591400233|DOI: 10.4018/978-1-930708-34-1


When teaching in the area of Information Technology, it is necessary to constantly update curriculum, to deal with new challenges brought forth by students, and to modify teaching methods to accommodate these new situations. Challenges of Information Technology Education in the 21st Century strives to address a variety of pertinent questions surrounding the rapidly changing area of IT education, such as: What topics are important for the 21st Century? How does the Internet change the task of teaching? What is the role of the professor in a world of online learning? This exciting new book will be an invaluable resource for educators in the field of information technology.

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Table of Contents
Eli B. Cohen
Chapter 1
Connie E. Wells
Teamwork is very important in information systems development. Therefore, most courses in systems analysis and design and many programming courses... Sample PDF
Teaching Teamwork in Information Systems
Chapter 2
Beverley G. Hope, Mariam Fergusson
As the information systems discipline grows, so do the number of programs offering graduate research degrees. These include one-year post-graduate... Sample PDF
The Challenge of Teaching Research Skills to Information Systems and Technology Students
Chapter 3
Clare Atkins
Despite extensive changes in technology and methodology, anecdotal and empirical evidence (e.g., Davis et al., 1997) consistently suggests that... Sample PDF
Data Modeling: A Vehicle for Teaching Creative Problem Solving and Critical Appraisal Skills
Chapter 4
Chris Cope, Lorraine Staehr, Pat Horan
In this chapter we report on an ongoing project to improve the ways we teach about IT in an undergraduate degree. Using a relational perspective on... Sample PDF
Towards Establishing the Best Ways to Teach and Learn about IT
Chapter 5
Raquel Benbunan-Fich, Leigh Stelzer
New information technologies (IT) can enhance management information systems (MIS) education by improving the quality of the learning experience.... Sample PDF
Computer-Supported Learning of Information Systems: Matching Pedagogy with Technology
Chapter 6
John Bentley, Geoff Sandy, Glenn Lowry
The critical question challenging information systems educators in the new millennium is how university information systems courses can add enough... Sample PDF
Problem-Based Learning in Information Systems Analysis and Design
Chapter 7
Geoffrey C. Mitchell, Beverley G. Hope
Fuelled by the increasing connectivity afforded by the Internet and the flexibility offered by Web technologies, the use of technology in education... Sample PDF
Teaching or Technology: Who's Driving the Bandwagon?
Chapter 8
Karen S. Nantz, Terry D. Lundgren
The trend toward the use of the Internet in academia is clear with the number of courses using the web for the delivery of course materials ever... Sample PDF
Delivering Course Material via the Web: An Introduction
Chapter 9
Ned Kock, Camille Auspitz, Brad King
This chapter discusses a course partnership involving Day & Zimmermann, Inc. (DZI), a large engineering and professional services company, and... Sample PDF
Bridging the Industry-University Gap: An Action Research Study of a Web-Enabled Course Partnership
Chapter 10
Linda V. Knight, Susy S. Chan
The fast-paced world of e-commerce demands flexible and rapid e-commerce curriculum development. This chapter describes a successful approach to... Sample PDF
E-Commerce Curriculum Strategies and Implementation Tactics: An In-Depth Examination of DePaul University's Experience
Chapter 11
Arthur Tatnall, Bill Davey
The discipline of Information Systems (IS), in common with the other major branches of computing, is subject to constant and continuing change as... Sample PDF
Information Systems Curriculum Development as an Ecological Process
Chapter 12
Anthony Scime
Most information technology (IT) bachelor degree recipients get jobs after graduation, rather than attend graduate school (Freeman & Aspray, 1999).... Sample PDF
Information Technology Model Curricula Analysis
Chapter 13
Eli Cohen
Modern organizations recognize the need to maintain and manage information as an organizational asset. They also recognize the need for today’s... Sample PDF
Curriculum Model of the Information Resource Management Association and the Data Administration Managers Association
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Eli B. Cohen, MA, PhD, MS, CDP, CSP, CCP, CQA, CDE, serves as Professor of Computerized Management Information Systems at the Leon Kozminski Academy of Entrepreneurship and Management (Poland) and Director of the Informing Science Institute (U.S.). He is Co-Founder of the Informing Science Journal(, a refereed academic journal read throughout the world and the Journal of IT Education( He has taught in Australia, Poland, Slovenia, and the U.S. He has formal training and certification in IS, psychology, and education.