Computer Engineering: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools and Applications (4 Volumes)

Computer Engineering: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools and Applications (4 Volumes)

Release Date: December, 2011|Copyright: © 2012 |Pages: 2228
ISBN13: 9781613504567|ISBN10: 161350456X|EISBN13: 9781613504574|DOI: 10.4018/978-1-61350-456-7


Computer engineering refers generally to the field that integrates hardware design, production, and implementation, and it combines the expertise of practitioners in electrical, software, and hardware engineering.

Computer Engineering: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications is a broad, multi-volume collection of the best recent works published under the umbrella of computer engineering. It includes perspectives on the fundamental aspects, tools and technologies, methods and design, applications, managerial impact, social/behavioral perspectives, critical issues, and emerging trends in the field. This volume is vital and highly accessible across the hybrid domain of electrical engineers and computer scientists, practitioners and academics alike.

Topics Covered

The many academic areas covered in this publication include, but are not limited to:

  • Circuit Boards
  • Digital Circuit Design
  • Firmware
  • FPGA Boards
  • Microcontrollers
  • Operating systems
  • Processing
  • Robotics
  • Systems Engineering
  • VSLI Chips

Table of Contents and List of Contributors

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Table of Contents
Chapter 1
Sarajane Marques Peres, Clodis Boscarioli, Jorge Bidarra, Marcelo Fantinato
Nowadays, efforts in computer game development have been concerned to overcome entertainment objectives. In fact, there has been much effort aiming... Sample PDF
Human-Computer Interaction and Artificial Intelligence: Multidisciplinarity Aiming Game Accessibility
Chapter 2
Antonio Goncalves, Natália Serra, José Serra, Pedro Sousa
In this chapter the authors show, by using a case study, how it is possible to achieve the alignment between business and Information Technology... Sample PDF
How to Use Information Technology Effectively to Achieve Business Objectives
Chapter 3
Trey Conner, Morgan Gresham, Jill McCracken
Drawing on experiences of creating a partnership between the University of South Florida St. Petersburg and a social service organization, Mt. Zion... Sample PDF
You Can’t Step Into the Same Network Twice: Community Literacy, Client-Based Communication, and the Evolution of Networked (Re)Publics
Chapter 4
Daniela Lucas da Silva, Renato Rocha Souza, Maurício Barcellos Almeida
This chapter presents an analytical study about methodology and methods to build ontologies and controlled vocabularies, compiled by the analysis of... Sample PDF
Ontologies and Controlled Vocabulary: Comparison of Building Methodologies
Chapter 5
Christophe Jouis, Julien Bourdaillet, Bassel Habib, Jean-Gabriel Ganascia
This chapter is a contribution to the study of formal ontologies. It addresses the problem of atypical entities in ontologies. The authors propose a... Sample PDF
Exceptions in Ontologies: A Theoretical Model for Deducing Properties from Topological Axioms
Chapter 6
Yiwei Gong, Sietse Overbeek, Marijn Janssen
Software agents and rules are both used for creating flexibility. Exchanging rules between Semantic Web and agents can ensure consistency in rules... Sample PDF
Integrating Semantic Web and Software Agents: Exchanging RIF and BDI Rules
Chapter 7
Andrey V. Gavrilov
In this chapter hybrid approach to development of intelligent systems is applied to ubiquitous computing systems, in particular, to smart... Sample PDF
Hybrid Intelligent Systems in Ubiquitous Computing
Chapter 8
Haralambos Mouratidis, Miao Kang
This paper describes results and reflects on the experience of engineering a secure web based system for the pre-employment screening domain. In... Sample PDF
Secure by Design: Developing Secure Software Systems from the Ground Up
Chapter 9
Richard G. Boehm, Audrey Mohan
Research into the nature and function of curricular matters in applied geography has provided an opportunity to assess the penetration and relative... Sample PDF
Geospatial Technology: Curricular Keystone of Applied Geography
Chapter 10
Fernando Alonso, José Fuertes, Ángel González, Loïc Martínez
There are specific usability requirements for developing dual interfaces, that is, graphical user interfaces that are also adapted for blind users.... Sample PDF
Blind User Interfacing: Requirements, Models and a Framework
Chapter 11
Evangelos Katsamakas, Balaji Janamanchi, Wullianallur Raghupathi, Wei Gao
This chapter discusses the growth of open source software projects in healthcare. It proposes a research framework that examines the roles of... Sample PDF
Open Source Health Information Technology Projects
Chapter 12
Kristina Pitula, Daniel Sinnig, Thiruvengadam Radhakrishnan
Requirements engineering is an important stage in any software development. It is more so in the case of software development for social development... Sample PDF
Requirements Engineering in the ICT4D Domain
Chapter 13
Yujian Fu, Zhijang Dong, Xudong He
The approach aims at solving the above problems by including the analysis and verification of two different levels of software development... Sample PDF
Architecture-Centered Integrated Verification
Chapter 14
Gilbert Paquette, Anis Masmoudi
Ontology-Based Software Component Aggregation
Chapter 15
Sarah Afzal Safavi, Maqbool Uddin Shaikh
The assessment of main risks in software development discloses that a major threat of delays are caused by poor effort / cost estimation of the... Sample PDF
Effort Estimation Model for each Phase of Software Development Life Cycle
Chapter 16
Marco Kuhrmann, Georg Kalus, Gerhard Chroust
Software development projects are complex. The more complex a project is, the higher are the requirements related to the software development... Sample PDF
Tool-Support for Software Development Processes
Chapter 17
Tong Mo, Jingmin Xu, Zhongjie Wang, Yufei Ma, Heyuan Huang, Yuan Wang, Ying Liu, Jun Zhu, Xiaofei Xu
Service composition and Web mash-up are promising for meeting specific business requirements by integrating multiple distributed services and SaaS... Sample PDF
Service Composition Based Software Solution Design: A Case Study in Automobile Supply Chain
Chapter 18
Dake Liu, Joar Sohl, Jian Wang
A novel master-multi-SIMD architecture and its kernel (template) based parallel programming flow is introduced as a parallel signal processing... Sample PDF
Parallel Programming and Its Architectures Based on Data Access Separated Algorithm Kernels
Chapter 19
Minghuang Li, Fusheng Yu
Building a linear fitting model for a given interval-valued data set is challenging since the minimization of the residue function leads to a huge... Sample PDF
Semidefinite Programming-Based Method for Implementing Linear Fitting to Interval-Valued Data
Chapter 20
Jorge Roa, Milton Pividori, Ma. De los Milagros Gutiérrez, Georgina Stegmayer
In Artificial Intelligence courses, the development of intelligent agents is a common practical work. However, it is a programming extensive and... Sample PDF
How to Develop Intelligent Agents in an Easy Way with FAIA
Chapter 21
Sam Schutte, Thilini Ariyachandra, Mark Frolick
Test-driven development is a software development methodology that has recently gained a great deal of traction in the software development... Sample PDF
Test-Driven Development of Data Warehouses
Chapter 22
Iraj Mahdavi, Namjae Cho, Hamed Fazlollahtabar, S. Hosna Shafieian, Nezam Mahdavi-Amiri, Shima Mohebbi
The authors develop an intelligent information system in a multilayer electronic supply network. Using the internet for supply chain management... Sample PDF
Agent-Based Dynamic Route Selection for Multilayer Electronic Supply Network
Chapter 23
Timo Hartmann
Current Building Information Model (BIM) based applications do not integrate well with the varying and frequently changing work processes of... Sample PDF
Developing Context Sensitive BIM Based applications
Chapter 24
Thomas Wutzler, Hessam Sarjoughian
This chapter introduces the usage of DEVS for the purpose of implementing interoperability across heterogeneous simulation models. It shows that the... Sample PDF
DEVS-Based Simulation Interoperability
Chapter 25
Doris Allhutter, Roswitha Hofmann
This chapter presents a critical approach to software development that implements reflective competences in software engineering teams. It is... Sample PDF
Deconstructive Design as an Approach for Opening Trading Zones
Chapter 26
Toly Chen
Accurately forecasting the foreign exchange rate is important for export-oriented enterprises. For this purpose, a fuzzy and neural approach is... Sample PDF
Applying a Fuzzy and Neural Approach for Forecasting the Foreign Exchange Rate
Chapter 27
Teng-Wen Chang, Jiann-Liang Chen
Notably, not all telematics services can be used in telematics terminals as a result of the varied platform standards. The main issues are that most... Sample PDF
Vehicular System Management Architecture and Application Platform
Chapter 28
Chunfu Zhong, Zhiwu Li
In flexible manufacturing systems, deadlocks usually occur due to the limited resources. To cope with deadlock problems, Petri nets are widely used... Sample PDF
Petri Net Based Deadlock Prevention Approach for Flexible Manufacturing Systems
Chapter 29
Song Jiang
A prototype implementation of the swap token mechanism in the Linux kernel as well as some experiment measurements are presented. The experiment... Sample PDF
Swap Token: Rethink the Application of the LRU Principle on Paging to Remove System Thrashing
Chapter 30
Dan Trietsch
Crashing stochastic activities implies changing their distributions to reduce the mean. This can involve changing the variance too. Therefore... Sample PDF
Optimal Crashing and Buffering of Stochastic Serial Projects
Chapter 31
V.E. Malyshkin
The main ideas of the Assembly Technology (AT) in its application to parallel implementation of large scale realistic numerical models on a... Sample PDF
Assembling of Parallel Programs for Large Scale Numerical Modeling
Chapter 32
Adel Taweel, Gareth Tyson
From the outset, service-based systems offer several advantages, including the promise of shortening the development life cycle, reducing the costs... Sample PDF
Prediction of Non-Functional Properties of Service-Based Systems: A Software Reliability Model
Chapter 33
A. Egemen Yilmaz, I. Berk Yilmaz
Requirement analysis is the very first and crucial step in the software development processes. Stating the requirements in a clear manner, not only... Sample PDF
Natural Language Processing Techniques in Requirements Engineering
Chapter 34
Ari Korhonen
Understanding data structures and algorithms is an integral part of software engineering and elementary computer science education. However, people... Sample PDF
Applications of Visual Algorithm Simulation
Chapter 35
Gregorio Robles, Jesús M. González-Barahona, Daniel Izquierdo-Cortazar, Israel Herraiz
Thanks to the open nature of libre (free, open source) software projects, researchers have gained access to a rich set of data related to various... Sample PDF
Tools and Datasets for Mining Libre Software Repositories
Chapter 36
Masoud Yaghini, Mohammad Rahim Akhavan Kazemzadeh
Metaheuristic algorithms will gain more and more popularity in the future as optimization problems are increasing in size and complexity. In order... Sample PDF
DIMMA: A Design and Implementation Methodology for Metaheuristic Algorithms - A Perspective from Software Development
Chapter 37
Fabricio Nogueira Buzeto, Carlos Botelho de Paula Filho, Carla Denise Castanho, Ricardo Pezzuol Jacobi
Ubiquitous environments are composed by a wide variety of devices, each one with different characteristics like communication protocol, programming... Sample PDF
DSOA: A Service Oriented Architecture for Ubiquitous Applications
Chapter 38
Chad Coulin, Didar Zowghi, Abd-El-Kader Sahraoui
In this chapter they present a collaborative and situational tool called MUSTER, that has been specifically designed and developed for requirements... Sample PDF
MUSTER: A Situational Tool for Requirements Elicitation
Chapter 39
Aderemi O. Adeniji, Seok-Won Lee
Software Assurance is the planned and systematic set of activities that ensures software processes and products conform to requirements while... Sample PDF
Assimilating and Optimizing Software Assurance in the SDLC: A Framework and Step-Wise Approach
Chapter 40
Fabio Garzia, Roberto Airoldi, Jari Nurmi
This paper describes two general-purpose architectures targeted to Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) implementation. The first architecture is... Sample PDF
Implementation of FFT on General-Purpose Architectures for FPGA
Chapter 41
Semi-E-Preinvex Functions  (pages 677-683)
Yu-Ru Syau, E. Stanley Lee
A class of functions called semi-E-preinvex functions is defined as a generalization of semi-E-convex functions. Similarly, the concept of... Sample PDF
Semi-E-Preinvex Functions
Chapter 42
Fred Glover, Saïd Hanafi
Recent adaptive memory and evolutionary metaheuristics for mixed integer programming have included proposals for introducing inequalities and target... Sample PDF
Metaheuristic Search with Inequalities and Target Objectives for Mixed Binary Optimization Part I: Exploiting Proximity
Chapter 43
S. Sajan Kumar, M. Hari Krishna Prasad, Suresh Raju Pilli
Till date there are no systems which promise to efficiently store and retrieve high volume network traffic. Like Time Machine, this efficiently... Sample PDF
Extended Time Machine Design using Reconfigurable Computing for Efficient Recording and Retrieval of Gigabit Network Traffic
Chapter 44
Sujatha Balaraman, N. Kamaraj
This paper proposes the Hybrid Particle Swarm Optimization (HPSO) method for solving congestion management problems in a pool based electricity... Sample PDF
Congestion Management Using Hybrid Particle Swarm Optimization Technique
Chapter 45
Jianchao Han
Granular computing as a methodology of problem solving has been extensively applied in a variety of fields for a long history, but the special... Sample PDF
Granular Computing in Object-Oriented Software Development Process
Chapter 46
Nita Parekh
Pattern discovery is at the heart of bioinformatics, and algorithms from computer science have been widely used for identifying biological patterns.... Sample PDF
Identification of Genomic Islands by Pattern Discovery
Chapter 47
Xi Chen, Ye Pang, Guihuan Zheng
Vector autoregressions are widely used in macroeconomic forecasting since they became known in the 1970s. Extensions including vector error... Sample PDF
Macroeconomic Forecasting Using Genetic Programming Based Vector Error Correction Model
Chapter 48
Takeyuki Tamura, Kazuhiro Takemoto, Tatsuya Akutsu
In this paper, the authors consider the problem of, given a metabolic network, a set of source compounds and a set of target compounds, finding a... Sample PDF
Finding Minimum Reaction Cuts of Metabolic Networks Under a Boolean Model Using Integer Programming and Feedback Vertex Sets
Chapter 49
G. Shivakumar, P. A. Vijaya
Emotion is the excited mental state of a person caused by internal and external factors. In this work, a person’s physiological parameters are... Sample PDF
Analysis of Human Emotions Using Galvanic Skin Response and Finger Tip Temperature
Chapter 50
Anne DiPardo, Mike DiPardo
This chapter presents a case study detailing how geographically dispersed software developers employ writing in the process of creating and... Sample PDF
Case Study - “Can You See Me?”: Writing toward Clarity in a Software Development Life Cycle
Chapter 51
Virginia M. Miori, Brian Segulin
The application of optimal methods for production scheduling in the dairy industry has been limited. Within supply chain terminology, dairy... Sample PDF
Application of Triplet Notation and Dynamic Programming to Single-Line, Multi-Product Dairy Production Scheduling
Chapter 52
Vadlamani Ravi
This chapter introduces Banking Technology as a confluence of several disparate disciplines such as Finance (including risk management), Information... Sample PDF
Introduction to Modern Banking Technology and Management
Chapter 53
Khalid Belhajjame, Marco Brambilla
Project repositories are a central asset in software development, as they preserve the knowledge gathered in past development activities. Locating... Sample PDF
Ontological Description and Similarity-Based Discovery of Business Process Models
Chapter 54
O. J. Ibarra-Rojas, Y. A. Rios-Solis, O. L. Chacon-Mondragon
This chapter studies a manufacturing process of pieces. These pieces are produced with molds which are mounted on machines. The authors describe... Sample PDF
Piece-Mold-Machine Manufacturing Planning
Chapter 55
René Meier, Deirdre Lee
Smart environments support the activities of individuals by enabling context-aware access to pervasive information and services. This article... Sample PDF
Context-Aware Pervasive Services for Smart Cities
Chapter 56
Davide Viaggi, Meri Raggi
Mathematical programming tools are widely used to simulate agriculture water use thanks to their ability to provide a detailed technical and... Sample PDF
Estimation of Irrigation Water Demand on a Regional Scale: Combining Positive Mathematical Programming and Cluster Analysis in Model Calibration
Chapter 57
Calling Police Using SMS  (pages 914-923)
Mohammad Shirali-Shahreza, M. Hassan Shirali-Shahreza
In this chapter, a method is proposed to contact the Police with mobile phones and via SMS (Short Message Service). In this method, when a person... Sample PDF
Calling Police Using SMS
Chapter 58
Kathy Sanford, Liz Merkel
In the fall of 2006 the authors’ ethnographic research study began in a response to increasing social concern regarding adolescent (dis)engagement... Sample PDF
Emergent/See: Viewing Adolescents’ Video Game Creation through an Emergent Framework
Chapter 59
Ibrahim Esan Olaosun
In contemporary world, visual communication is fast growing in importance. In the internet, computer, digital media, Artificial Intelligent... Sample PDF
Visualization of Communication in Some Mobile Phone Directory and Call Log Icons
Chapter 60
Allaoua Chaoui, Okba Tibermacine, Amer R. Zerek
We introduce an approach that deals with the verification of UML collaboration and sequence diagrams in respect to the objects internal behaviors... Sample PDF
Formal Verification of a Subset of UML Diagrams: An Approach Using Maude
Chapter 61
Gregory Katsaros, Tommaso Cucinotta
The appearance of different business roles according to this classification, potentially with differing interests, introduces new challenges with... Sample PDF
Programming Interfaces for Realtime and Cloud-Based Computing
Chapter 62
Lee Chao
Pair programming has been used to improve the learning of programming by many computer science educators. Implementing pair programming on the... Sample PDF
Open Source Implementation of Mobile Pair Programming for Java Programming Class
Chapter 63
Arjan Seesing, Hans-Gerhard Gross
Testing is a difficult and costly activity in the development of object-oriented programs. The challenge is to come up with a sufficient set of test... Sample PDF
Object Oriented Software Testing with Genetic Programming and Program Analysis
Chapter 64
Avninder Gill
The main objective of this chapter is to address the facility design and location issues in a public bike transportation system. The major decisions... Sample PDF
Bike Transportation System Design
Chapter 65
Miroslav Minovic, Velimir Štavljanin, Miloš Milovanovic, Dušan Starcevic
Educational games display great potential as an active form of knowledge transfer. This research field is young, but some patterns in educational... Sample PDF
Adventure Game Learning Platform
Chapter 66
Chris Moya
Programming a rich Internet application (RIA) in any Web environment is the goal of Laszlo Systems. The open source software, OpenLaszlo... Sample PDF
OpenLaszlo: Developing Open Rich Internet Applications for Mobile Learning Environments
Chapter 67
Marissa J. Saville
This chapter is a catalyst for encouraging educators to use robotics as a vehicle for multiliteracies. This chapter will provide compelling... Sample PDF
Robotics as a Vehicle for Multiliteracies
Chapter 68
Simone A. Ludwig, Stefanie Roos, Monique Frize, Nicole Yu
The rate of people dying from medical errors in hospitals each year is very high. Errors that frequently occur during the course of providing health... Sample PDF
Medical Outcome Prediction for Intensive Care Unit Patients
Chapter 69
Heli Aramo-Immonen, Hannu Jaakkola, Harri Keto
Productivity management is a challenge for software engineering companies and, in this regard, there is a current trend toward globalization. Via... Sample PDF
Multicultural Software Development: The Productivity Perspective
Chapter 70
Margaret Strong, Bobby Joy, Madhukar Pulluru, Tenya Dong, Edward Zhou
This case study follows an international e-learning software development project between the India and China Technology Centers of the largest... Sample PDF
India to China – Repurposing Learning Software across Cultures: Positioning an E-Learning Framework of a Technical Library Program for Success
Chapter 71
Seiji Inokuchi
This paper gives a historical review of Kansei-based media technologies in Japan. Kansei is a Japanese word, the meaning of which covers... Sample PDF
Review of Kansei Research in Japan
Chapter 72
Misook Heo, L. Monique Spradley-Myrick
This research was designed to increase the awareness of female students with regard to Computer Science (CS) as both a major and a career field.... Sample PDF
Girls and Computers - Yes We Can!: A Case Study on Improving Female Computer Confidence and Decreasing Gender Inequity in Computer Science with an Informal, Female Learning Community
Chapter 73
Sarah Shirk, Veronica Arreola, Carly Wobig, Karima Russell
The Girls’ E-Mentoring in Science, Engineering, and Technology (GEM-SET) program has been linking volunteer women mentors in the fields of science... Sample PDF
Girls’ E-Mentoring in Science, Engineering, and Technology Based at the University of Illinois at Chicago Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) Program
Chapter 74
Carol (Heins) Gonzales, Gondy Leroy, Gianluca De Leo
Communication is a dynamic process that creates and conveys a mutual understanding between two or more people. Since this process is complex and not... Sample PDF
Augmentative and Alternative Communication Technologies
Chapter 75
Paula M. Bach, Hao Jiang, John M. Carroll
In this chapter, we investigate the social and communication challenges surrounding usability information sharing. Our objective is to investigate a... Sample PDF
Sharing Usability Information: A Communication Paradox
Chapter 76
Avi Messica
This chapter reviews the current status of Open Source (OS) and provides new insights into the prerequisites of the OS process as well as the... Sample PDF
Open Source – Collaborative Innovation
Chapter 77
A. Kohlhase, M. Reichel
Social tagging systems celebrate enormous growth rates on the World Wide Web. This chapter looks at social tagging from an educational perspective... Sample PDF
Social Tagging and Learning: The Fuzzy Line between Private and Public Space
Chapter 78
Tamra B. Fraughton, Carol Sansone, Jonathan Butner, Joseph Zachary
As part of the Regulating Motivation and Performance Online Project (RMAPO), students completing an online HTML programming lesson demonstrated... Sample PDF
Interest and Performance When Learning Online: Providing Utility Value Information can be Important for Both Novice and Experienced Students
Chapter 79
Emma Bowring, Milind Tambe
The field of “intelligent agents and multi-agent systems” is maturing; no longer is it a special topic to be introduced to graduate students after... Sample PDF
Introducing Multiagent Systems to Undergraduates through Games and Chocolate
Chapter 80
José Paulo Leal, Ricardo Queirós
Learning management systems are routinely used for presenting, solving and grading exercises with large classes. However, teachers are constrained... Sample PDF
Integrating the LMS in Service Oriented eLearning Systems
Chapter 81
Fu Lee Wang, Tak-Lam Wong
Teaching and learning computer programming has created significant difficulties to both teacher and student. Large class size is one of the major... Sample PDF
Hybrid Teaching and Learning of Computer Programming Language
Chapter 82
Tatiana Gavrilova
This chapter presents an approach aimed at creating teaching strategies for e-learning based on the principles of ontological engineering and... Sample PDF
Orchestrating Ontologies for Courseware Design
Chapter 83
Trevor Barker
This chapter presents a summary of research undertaken at the University of Hertfordshire into the usability and affordances of three-dimensional... Sample PDF
Usability and Affordances for Teaching and Learning in Second Life
Chapter 84
Steve Dillon, Deidre Seeto, Anne Berry
eZine and iRadio represent knowledge creation metaphors for scaffolding learning in a blended learning environment. Through independent and... Sample PDF
Ezine and iRadio as Knowledge Creation Metaphors for Scaffolding Learning in Physical and Virtual Learning Spaces
Chapter 85
Daniela Reimann
In the context of converging media technologies, the concept of mobile media embedded in wearable material was introduced. Wearable Computing... Sample PDF
Shaping Interactive Media with the Sewing Machine: Smart Textile as an Artistic Context to Engage Girls in Technology and Engineering Education
Chapter 86
Shu-Heng Chen, Ren-Jie Zeng, Tina Yu, Shu G. Wang
We investigate the dynamics of trader behaviors using an agent-based genetic programming system to simulate double-auction markets. The objective of... Sample PDF
Bounded Rationality and Market Micro-Behaviors: Case Studies Based on Agent-Based Double Auction Markets
Chapter 87
Gang Xie, Wuyi Yue, Shouyang Wang
From the perspective of risk response in petroleum project investment, the authors use a group decision-making (GDM) approach based on a variable... Sample PDF
VPRS-Based Group Decision-Making for Risk Response in Petroleum Investment
Chapter 88
Kristen Lamoreaux, Dibi Varghese
For decades, societal influences, academic ennui, and corporate resistance to change have contributed toward the reduction of the number of women... Sample PDF
Deliberate Leadership: Women in IT
Chapter 89
Chetankumar Patel, Muthu Ramachandran
Developing software that meets the customers or stakeholders’ needs and expectation is the ultimate goal of the software development methodology. To... Sample PDF
Best Practices Guidelines for Agile Requirements Engineering Practices
Chapter 90
Marc-Oliver Kociemba
Quality is about meeting the stakeholder’s expectations: the subjective perception is often more important than hard facts. Therefore, a common... Sample PDF
Application Management: Provide Service Quality from a Business Perspective
Chapter 91
Eduardo Escofet, María José Rodríguez-Fórtiz, José Luis Garrido, Lawrence Chung
Many small and medium enterprises (SMEs) have used e-business models for enhancing their competitiveness. As the needs of SMEs grow, however, so... Sample PDF
Strategic E-Business/ IT Alignment for SME Competitiveness
Chapter 92
Diego Jiménez-López, Marcos Ruano-Mayoral, Joaquín Fernández-González, Fernando Cabezas Isla
R&D activities normally require consortium formation due to the different areas of expertise involved in such activities. On the one hand, it is not... Sample PDF
Partner Relationship Management: Semantic Extension of CRM Systems for the Partner Searching and Management in R&D Environments
Chapter 93
Isabelle Mirbel, Pierre Crescenzo, Nadia Cerezo
Scientists who are not proficient in computer science and yet wish to perform in-silico experiments and harness the power of Service Oriented... Sample PDF
Empowering Web Service Search with Business Know-How: Application to Scientific Workflows
Chapter 94
Stuart Faulk, Michal Young
This chapter describes an approach to building a collaborative teaching community that seeks to address these problems. It begins by identifying the... Sample PDF
Teaching Globally Distributed Software Development (DSD): A Distributed Team Model
Chapter 95
Hamed Fazlollahtabar, Hamed Hajmohammadi, Iraj Mahdavi, Nezam Mahdavi-Amiri, Amir Mohajeri
A supply chain is a network of suppliers, factories, warehouses, distribution centers and retailers, through which raw materials are acquired... Sample PDF
Fuzzy Electronic Supply Chain System: Customer Satisfaction and Logistic Aspects
Chapter 96
K. Narayana Rao, K. Venkata Subbaiah
In this chapter, an integrated procurement, production and distribution supply chain model is developed in fuzzy environment and performance vector... Sample PDF
Multi-Echelon Supply Chain Modeling With Dynamic Continuous Review Inventory Policy
Chapter 97
Sergiu Ivanov, Artiom Alhazov, Vladimir Rogojin, Miguel A. Gutiérrez-Naranjo
One of the concepts that lie at the basis of membrane computing is the multiset rewriting rule. On the other hand, the paradigm of rules is... Sample PDF
Forward and Backward Chaining with P Systems
Chapter 98
Ezgi Aktar Demirtas, Ozden Ustun
Because the purchasing department can play a key role in cost reduction, supplier selection and order allocation are the most important functions of... Sample PDF
Recent Developments in Supplier Selection and Order Allocation Process
Chapter 99
Mark Leeney, João Varajão, António Trigo Ribeiro, Ricardo Colomo-Palacios
Information systems outsourcing is an indispensable tool in the management of information systems. The set of services contracted to outside... Sample PDF
Information Systems Outsourcing in Large Companies: Evidences from 20 Ireland Companies
Chapter 100
Shu Liu, Ying Liu, Huimin Jiang, Zhongjie Wang, Xiaofei Xu
Community-based software development is a promising model to help reduce the pressures such as development costs, human resources access, new market... Sample PDF
Service Quality Evaluation Method for Community-Based Software Outsourcing Process
Chapter 101
Mobile Agents in E-Commerce  (pages 1583-1590)
Bo Chen
Mobile Agents in E-Commerce
Chapter 102
Pandian Vasant
Many engineering, science, information technology and management optimization problems can be considered as non linear programming real world... Sample PDF
Innovative Hybrid Genetic Algorithms and Line Search Method for Industrial Production Management
Chapter 103
Alexander Baumeister, Markus Ilg
There are numerous forecast models of software development costs, however, various problems become apparent in context to practical application.... Sample PDF
Activity Driven Budgeting of Software Projects
Chapter 104
Doncho Petkov, Denis Edgar-Nevill, Raymond Madachy, Rory O’Connor
The chapter provides possible directions for the wider application of the systems approach to information systems development. Potential improvement... Sample PDF
Towards A Wider Application of the Systems Approach in Information Systems and Software Engineering
Chapter 105
Ying-Chia H. Lin
The main goal of this chapter is to explore the dynamics and interactions between foreign producers, media technologies, and local consumers in the... Sample PDF
Playing as Producing: Convergence Culture and Localization of EA Digital Games in Taiwan
Chapter 106
Peter J. Wasilko
This chapter introduces readers to a broad range of legal issues relevant to game designers and developers touching such topics as intellectual... Sample PDF
Law, Architecture, Gameplay, and Marketing
Chapter 107
Timothy Colburn, Gary Shute
Among empirical disciplines, computer science and the engineering fields share the distinction of creating their own subject matter, raising... Sample PDF
Knowledge, Truth, and Values in Computer Science
Chapter 108
Sanjay Misra
Cognitive informatics (CI), a multidisciplinary area of research tries to solve the common problems in the field of informatics, computer science... Sample PDF
Cognitive Complexity Measures: An Analysis
Chapter 109
Raymond Turner
That computer science is somehow a mathematical activity was a view held by many of the pioneers of the subject, especially those who were concerned... Sample PDF
Programming Languages as Mathematical Theories
Chapter 110
Caroline Kim Oh, Theresa Stroisch
This chapter introduces the history and evolution of iMentor, a NYC-based youth mentoring organization that pioneered the use of guided e-mail... Sample PDF
Bridging the 15 Million Person Mentoring Gap
Chapter 111
Ankur Choubey, Ramesh Singh
The power of computers is now beginning to be exploited in subjective areas of human study like those related to human psychology in order to make... Sample PDF
Neuro Linguistic Programming: Towards Better Understanding of Human Computer Interaction
Chapter 112
Jorge Barbosa, Fabiane Dillenburg, Alex Garzão, Gustavo Lermen, Cristiano Costa
Mobile computing is been driven by the proliferation of portable devices and wireless communication. Potentially, in the mobile computing scenario... Sample PDF
Towards a Programming Model for Ubiquitous Computing
Chapter 113
Baris Özkan, Onur Demirörs
Functional size has been favored as a software size attribute that can be measured early in the software development cycles. Its characteristics of... Sample PDF
Formalization Studies in Functional Size Measurement
Chapter 114
Dumitru Dan Burdescu, Marian Cristian Mihaescu
Self-assessment is one of the crucial activities within e-learning environments that provide learners with feedback regarding their level of... Sample PDF
Improvement of Self-Assessment Effectiveness by Activity Monitoring and Analysis
Chapter 115
Stéphane Frénot, Frédéric Le Mouël, Julien Ponge, Guillaume Salagnac
OSGi is a wrapper above the Java Virtual Machine that embraces two concepts: component approach and service-oriented programming. The component... Sample PDF
Various Extensions for the Ambient OSGi Framework
Chapter 116
Gianluca Miscione
This chapter addresses the institutional dimension of scaling of information systems through the interplay of globally distributed software... Sample PDF
Shifting Legitimation along Information Infrastructures Growth: Local Social Embeddedness, Global Organizational Fields, and Full Scale Coverage1
Chapter 117
Mirella M. Moro, Taisy Weber, Carla M.D.S. Freitas
Many communities have been concerned with the problem of bringing more girls to technology and science related areas. The authors believe that the... Sample PDF
Women in Brazilian CS Research Community: The State-of-the-Art
Chapter 118
Eva Maria Hoffmann
In Afghanistan, the development of information technology (IT) as an industry and an educational field is still quite young, but this provides the... Sample PDF
Women in Computer Science in Afghanistan
Chapter 119
Alessandro Prigione
Regenerative medicine is a rapidly evolving research field whose main aims are to provide new therapeutic approaches and to repair or replace... Sample PDF
Stem Cell-Based Personalized Medicine: From Disease Modeling to Clinical Applications
Chapter 120
Casey S. Greene, Jason H. Moore
In human genetics the availability of chip-based technology facilitates the measurement of thousands of DNA sequence variations from across the... Sample PDF
Solving Complex Problems in Human Genetics Using Nature-Inspired Algorithms Requires Strategies which Exploit Domain-Specific Knowledge
Chapter 121
Marc Conrad
Project Management is a field of intellectual and pragmatic enquiry that is inherently inter-disciplinary. It typically involves the integration of... Sample PDF
Teaching Project Management with Second Life
Chapter 122
Jinglan Zhang, Paul Roe, Binh Pham, Richard Mason, Michael Towsey, Jiro Sumitomo
The impact of urban development and climate change has created the impetus to monitor changes in the environment, particularly, the behaviour... Sample PDF
Archiving Nature’s Heartbeat Using Smartphones
Chapter 123
S- A. Selouani, T-H. Lê, Y. Benahmed, D. O’Shaughnessy
Web-based learning is rapidly becoming the preferred way to quickly, efficiently, and economically create and deliver training or educational... Sample PDF
Enhanced Speech-Enabled Tools for Intelligent and Mobile E-Learning Applications
Chapter 124
Simon Hayhoe
The study found that programmers who had been introduced to, and educated using a range of visual, audio and / or tactile devices, whether early or... Sample PDF
Non-Visual Programming, Perceptual Culture and Mulsemedia: Case Studies of Five Blind Computer Programmers
Chapter 125
Félix Mora-Camino, Luiz Gustavo Zelaya Cruz
In this communication advances in data processing techniques applied to Airlines Revenue Management are displayed. The general introduction presents... Sample PDF
Advances in Data Processing for Airlines Revenue Management
Chapter 126
Charalabidis Yannis, Robert Kleinfeld, Loukis Euripidis, Stephan Steglich
Governments of many countries have been for long time attempting to establish communications with citizens in order to understand better their... Sample PDF
Systematically Exploiting Web 2.0 Social Media in Government for Extending Communication with Citizens
Chapter 127
Juan L. Pérez, Juan Rabuñal, Fernando Martínez Abella
Soft computing techniques are applied to a huge quantity of problems spread in several areas of science. In this case, Evolutionary Computation (EC)... Sample PDF
Soft Computing Techniques in Civil Engineering: Time Series Prediction
Chapter 128
Ivo F. Sbalzarini
As high-performance computing moves to the petascale and beyond, a number of algorithmic and software challenges need to be addressed. This paper... Sample PDF
Abstractions and Middleware for Petascale Computing and Beyond
Chapter 129
Hong Lin, Jeremy Kemp, Padraic Gilbert
Gamma Calculus is an inherently parallel, high-level programming model, which allows simple programming molecules to interact, creating a complex... Sample PDF
Computing Gamma Calculus on Computer Cluster

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