Data Mining in Dynamic Social Networks and Fuzzy Systems

Data Mining in Dynamic Social Networks and Fuzzy Systems

Vishal Bhatnagar (Ambedkar Institute of Advanced Communication Technologies and Research, India)
Release Date: June, 2013|Copyright: © 2013 |Pages: 412
ISBN13: 9781466642133|ISBN10: 1466642130|EISBN13: 9781466642140|DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-4213-3
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Many organizations, whether in the public or private sector, have begun to take advantage of the tools and techniques used for data mining. Utilizing data mining tools, these organizations are able to reveal the hidden and unknown information from available data.

Data Mining in Dynamic Social Networks and Fuzzy Systems brings together research on the latest trends and patterns of data mining tools and techniques in dynamic social networks and fuzzy systems. With these improved modern techniques of data mining, this publication aims to provide insight and support to researchers and professionals concerned with the management of expertise, knowledge, information, and organizational development.

Topics Covered

  • Contextual Social Network Analysis
  • Data Mining Techniques
  • Data Preparation
  • Fuzzy Analysis
  • Fuzzy Neural Networks
  • Semantic Web Platforms
  • Social Networks
  • Temporal Patterns

Table of Contents and List of Contributors

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Editorial Advisory Board
Table of Contents
Witold Pedrycz
Vishal Bhatnagar
Vishal Bhatnagar
Chapter 1
Gurdeep S Hura
This chapter presents this new emerging technology of social media and networking with a detailed discussion on: basic definitions and applications... Sample PDF
Need for Dynamicity in Social Networking Sites: An Overview from Data Mining Perspective
List Price: $37.50
Chapter 2
Preeti Gupta, Vishal Bhatnagar
The social network analysis is of significant interest in various application domains due to its inherent richness. Social network analysis like any... Sample PDF
Data Preprocessing for Dynamic Social Network Analysis
List Price: $37.50
Chapter 3
Dhiraj Murthy, Alexander Gross, Alex Takata
This chapter identifies a number of the most common data mining toolkits and evaluates their utility in the extraction of data from heterogeneous... Sample PDF
Emergent Data Mining Tools for Social Network Analysis
List Price: $37.50
Chapter 4
Sanur Sharma, Vishal Bhatnagar
In recent times, there has been a tremendous increase in the number of social networking sites and their users. With the amount of information... Sample PDF
A Conceptual Framework for Social Network Data Security: The Role of Social Network Analysis and Data Mining Techniques
List Price: $37.50
Chapter 5
Luca Cagliero, Luigi Grimaudo, Alessandro Fiori
Experiments, performed on real Twitter posts, show the effectiveness and the usability of the proposed system in supporting Twitter user behavior... Sample PDF
Analyzing Twitter User-Generated Content Changes
List Price: $37.50
Chapter 6
Manish Kumar
Social Networks are nodes consisting of people, groups and organizations growing dynamically. The growth is horizontal as well as vertical in terms... Sample PDF
Applications of Data Mining in Dynamic Social Network Analysis
List Price: $37.50
Chapter 7
Luca Cagliero, Alessandro Fiori
This Chapter overviews most recent data mining approaches proposed in the context of social network analysis. In particular, it aims at classifying... Sample PDF
Dynamic Social Network Mining: Issues and Prospects
List Price: $37.50
Chapter 8
Gebeyehu Belay Gebremeskel, Zhongshi He, Huazheng Zhu
Unable to accommodating new technologies, including social technology, mobile devices and computing are other potential problems, which are... Sample PDF
Data Mining Prospects in Mobile Social Networks
List Price: $37.50
Chapter 9
Gebeyehu Belay Gebremeskel, Zhongshi He, Xuan Jing
In this chapter, the authors focused on optimization of MSNs based on integrating for intelligent DM and BI platforms, which involves mobile... Sample PDF
Semantic Integrating for Intelligent Cloud Data Mining Platform and Cloud Based Business Intelligence for Optimization of Mobile Social Networks
List Price: $37.50
Chapter 10
Sunil Kr Pandey, Vineet Kansal
Many popular online social networks such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook have become increasingly popular. In addition, a number of multimedia... Sample PDF
Social Media Analytics: An Application of Data Mining
List Price: $37.50
Chapter 11
Sinchan Bhattacharya, Vishal Bhatnagar
Research on data mining is increasing at an incessant rate and to improve its effectiveness other techniques have been applied such as fuzzy sets... Sample PDF
Critical Parameters for Fuzzy Data Mining
List Price: $37.50
Chapter 12
Zekâi Sen
Fuzzy methodologies show progress day by day towards better explanation of various natural, social, engineering and information problem solutions in... Sample PDF
New Trends in Fuzzy Clustering
List Price: $37.50
Chapter 13
Sara Moridpour
Heavy vehicles have substantial impact on traffic flow particularly during heavy traffic conditions. Large amount of heavy vehicle lane changing... Sample PDF
Analysing the Performance of a Fuzzy Lane Changing Model Using Data Mining
List Price: $37.50
Chapter 14
Basar Öztaysi, Sezi Çevik Onar
Social Networking Sites, which create platform for social interactions and sharing are the mostly used internet websites, thus are very important in... Sample PDF
User Segmentation Based on Twitter Data Using Fuzzy Clustering
List Price: $37.50
Chapter 15
Basar Öztaysi, Sezi Çevik Onar
Social networking became one of the main marketing tools in the recent years since it’s a faster and cheaper way to reach the customers. Companies... Sample PDF
Defining the Factors that Effect User Interest on Social Network News Feeds via Fuzzy Association Rule Mining: The Case of Sports News
List Price: $37.50
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Reviews and Testimonials

The first half of this collection describes data mining tools for social network data analysis and explores issues to consider before analyzing dynamic social network data, while the second half focuses on data mining techniques for extracting data from fuzzy systems. Topics of the 15 papers include a framework for social network data security, dynamic item set mining of Twitter posts, a semantic cloud model for optimizing mobile social networks, lane changing behavior during heavy traffic conditions, and association rule mining of a sports portal news feed.

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Author(s)/Editor(s) Biography

Vishal Bhatnagar received the B-Tech degree in Computer-Science and Engineering from Nagpur University in Nagpur, India in 1999 and the M-Tech in Information-Technology from Punjabi University, Patiala, India in 2005 and PhD from Shobhit University in 2010.Vishal Bhatnagar is Associate Professor in Computer-Science and Engineering department at Ambedkar Institute of Advanced Communication Technologies and Research (Govt. of Delhi), GGSIPU, Delhi, India. His research interests include Database, Advance Database, Data warehouse and Data-mining. He has been in teaching for more than eight years. He has guided under-graduate and post-graduate students in various research projects of databases and data mining.