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Management Theories and Strategic Practices for Decision Making
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Management Theories and Strategic Practices for Decision Making

Release Date: November, 2012. Copyright © 2013. 470 pages.
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ISBN13: 9781466624733|ISBN10: 1466624736|EISBN13: 9781466624740|
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-2473-3
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Tavana, M. (2013). Management Theories and Strategic Practices for Decision Making (pp. 1-470). Hershey, PA: IGI Global. doi:10.4018/978-1-4666-2473-3


Tavana, Madjid. "Management Theories and Strategic Practices for Decision Making." 1-470 (2013), accessed February 07, 2016. doi:10.4018/978-1-4666-2473-3

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There is an immense amount of information to be considered when attempting to solve complex strategic problems. To recognize the complexity of this process, the creation of tools and techniques are essential to aid decision makers in developing a rational model for strategy evaluation.

Management Theories and Strategic Practices for Decision Making brings together a collection of research aiming to provide communication for the management of new methodologies to solve strategic problems and applying decision making approaches. This reference is useful for government agencies, practicing managers, academic and research institutions interested in bringing together strategic decision-making and decision sciences.


Table of Contents and List of Contributors

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Editorial Advisory Board
Table of Contents
Madjid Tavana
Chapter 1
Raffaele Grasso, Marco Cococcioni, Michel Rixen, Alberto Baldacci
Maritime operations are affected significantly by meteorological and oceanographic (METOC) conditions. The availability of multiple METOC centres... Sample PDF
A Decision Support Architecture for Maritime Operations Exploiting Multiple METOC Centres and Uncertainty
List Price: $37.50
Chapter 2
Joao S. Neves, Behnam Nakhai
Decision-making analysts are generally familiar with the maximin and minimax criteria used in the selection of alternative courses of action when... Sample PDF
Searching for Pareto-Optimal Settlements in Negotiations: The Extreme Payoffs Method
List Price: $37.50
Chapter 3
Debora Di Caprio, Francisco J. Santos-Arteaga
This paper bridges the existing gap between the empirical consumer choice literature and the theoretical structures built to account for information... Sample PDF
Strategic Diffusion of Information and Preference Manipulation
List Price: $37.50
Chapter 4
Derrick S. Boone
The accuracy of “stopping rules” for determining the number of clusters in a data set is examined as a function of the underlying clustering... Sample PDF
Determination of the Number of Clusters in a Data Set: A Stopping Rule × Clustering Algorithm Comparison
List Price: $37.50
Chapter 5
Phoebe D. Sharkey, Wesley Hsu, Sachin Batra, Daniele Rigamonti
This paper reports on a case study applying data mining techniques to large Medicare claims databases to discover insights related to the... Sample PDF
The Application of Data Mining to Evaluate the Cost-Effectiveness of Alternative Treatment Modalities in a National Medicare Database
List Price: $37.50
Chapter 6
Omprakash K. Gupta, S. Samar Ali, Rameshwar Dubey
Third party logistics (3PL) has been gaining importance in most places in the world. In India the implementation of 3PL practices has made its... Sample PDF
Third Party Logistics: Key Success Factors and Growth Strategies
List Price: $37.50
Chapter 7
Sarojini Jajimoggala, V. V. S. Kesava Rao, Beela Satyanarayana
An optimal maintenance strategy mix is necessary for increasing availability and reliability levels of production facilities without significantly... Sample PDF
Maintenance Strategy Evaluation Using ANP and Goal Programming
List Price: $37.50
Chapter 8
Lafang Wang, Rui Xie, Jun Liu
This paper measures the direct and indirect contribution made by iron and steel industry in the economy of China and assess the differences between... Sample PDF
Backward and Forward Linkages in Chinese Steel Industry Using Input Output Analysis
List Price: $37.50
Chapter 9
Jörg Schimmelpfennig
In 1898, two railways serving the south-east of England agreed to be managed by a joint committee. This paper finds clear statistical evidence of... Sample PDF
Technical Note The South Eastern and Chatham Railways Managing Committee: A Case for Vertically-Integrated Regional Duopolies?
List Price: $37.50
Chapter 10
Chandra K. Jaggi, Satish K. Goel, Mandeep Mittal
Usually it is assumed that all items in a lot are of good quality, but in reality this assumption may not always be pertinent. Thus, the inspection... Sample PDF
Pricing and Replenishment Policies for Imperfect Quality Deteriorating Items under Inflation and Permissible Delay in Payments
List Price: $37.50
Chapter 11
Gour Chandra Mahata, Puspita Mahata
This paper investigates the economic order quantity inventory model for a retailer under two levels of trade credit to reflect the supply chain... Sample PDF
Optimal Ordering Strategy of a Replenishment Policy for Deteriorating Items under Retailer’s Partial Trade Credit Policy
List Price: $37.50
Chapter 12
T. V. S. Ramamohan Rao
A firm consists of different teams with each of them producing a separate product (which may be related to other products of the firm). In turn... Sample PDF
Explaining Involuntary Spinoffs from Teams
List Price: $37.50
Chapter 13
M. Valliathal, R. Uthayakumar
This paper discusses an Economic Production Quantity model for Weibull deteriorating items over an infinite time horizon under fuzzy environment.... Sample PDF
Fuzzy Economic Production Quantity Model for Weibull Deteriorating Items with Ramp Type of Demand
List Price: $37.50
Chapter 14
Chandra K. Jaggi, Amrina Kausar
Trade credit is a well established promotional tool in the present competitive world and its impact on demand cannot be ignored. Businesses often... Sample PDF
Retailer’s Ordering Policy in a Supply Chain when Demand is Price and Credit Period Dependent
List Price: $37.50
Chapter 15
Veena Goswami, G. B. Mund
This paper analyzes a discrete-time infinite-buffer Geo/Geo/2 queue, in which the number of servers can be adjusted depending on the number of... Sample PDF
Optimal Thresholds of an Infinite Buffer Discrete-Time Two-Server System with Triadic Policy
List Price: $37.50
Chapter 16
Ebrahim Teimoury, Mohammad Modarres Yazdi, Iman Ghaleh Khondabi, Mahdi Fathi
This paper analyzes a two-facility location problem under demand uncertainty. The maximum server for the ith facility is It is assumed that primary... Sample PDF
Two-Facility Location Problem with Infinite Retrial Queue
List Price: $37.50
Chapter 17
Saeed A. Bagloee, Christopher G. Reddick
In a complex and extended system such as a government, the proper allocation of the budget to its sub-entities is always a major challenge. As such... Sample PDF
A Logit Model for Budget Allocation Subject to Multi Budget Sources
List Price: $37.50
Chapter 18
Abirami Radhakrishnan, Dessa David, Douglas Hales, V. Sri Sridharan
Supply Chain Integration is widely advocated as an important factor to attain superior supply chain performance. While firms are able to achieve... Sample PDF
Mapping the Critical Links between Supply Chain Evaluation System and Supply Chain Integration Sustainability: An Empirical Study
List Price: $37.50
Chapter 19
Jagdish Pathak, Navneet Vidyarthi
Organizations are often facing the problem of determining the degree of investment in building information links with their suppliers and buyers to... Sample PDF
Cost Framework for Evaluation of Information Technology Alternatives in Supply Chain
List Price: $37.50
Chapter 20
Jun-Der Leu, Yu-Tsung Huang, Li-Ting Huang
Enterprise Information Systems, such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, have been applied to integrate business processes within a... Sample PDF
Effectiveness of Inter-Organizational Systems in Global Manufacturing: Evidence from Industrial Cases in Taiwan
List Price: $37.50
About the Contributors

Topics Covered

  • Complexity theory
  • Decision analysis
  • Decision Support Systems
  • Information Technology
  • Knowledge –Based Systems
  • Neural Networks
  • Supply Chain Management

Author(s)/Editor(s) Biography

Madjid Tavana is Professor and Distinguished Chair of Business Systems and Analytics at La Salle University, where he served as Chairman of the Management Department and Director of the Center for Technology and Management. He is Distinguished Research Fellow at Kennedy Space Center, Johnson Space Center, Naval Research Laboratory at Stennis Space Center, and Air Force Research Laboratory. He was recently honored with the prestigious Space Act Award by NASA. He holds a MBA, PMIS, and PhD in Management Information Systems and received his Post-Doctoral Diploma in Strategic Information Systems from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. He is the Editor-in-Chief of Decision Analytics, International Journal of Applied Decision Sciences, International Journal of Management and Decision Making, International Journal of Knowledge Engineering and Data Mining, International Journal of Strategic Decision Sciences, and International Journal of Enterprise Information Systems. He has published 10 books and over 170 research papers in scholarly academic journals.