Online Multimedia Advertising: Techniques and Technologies

Online Multimedia Advertising: Techniques and Technologies

Xian-Sheng Hua (Microsoft Research Asia, China), Tao Mei (Microsoft Research Asia, China) and Alan Hanjalic (Delft University of Technology, Netherlands)
Release Date: December, 2010|Copyright: © 2011 |Pages: 352
ISBN13: 9781609601898|ISBN10: 1609601890|EISBN13: 9781609601911|DOI: 10.4018/978-1-60960-189-8


The explosive growth of multimedia data on the web creates significant opportunities for multimedia advertising. Multimedia content becomes a natural information carrier for advertisements and business models that freely distribute multimedia contents and recoup revenue from multimedia advertisements that have emerged in large numbers.

Online Multimedia Advertising: Techniques and Technologies unites recent research efforts in online multimedia advertising. This book include introductions to basic concepts and fundamental technologies for online advertising, basic multimedia technologies for online multimedia advertising, and modern multimedia advertising schemes, theories and technologies.

Topics Covered

The many academic areas covered in this publication include, but are not limited to:

  • Adapting online advertising techniques to television
  • Audience intelligence in online advertising
  • Click-through rate estimation
  • Content and attention aware overlay for online video advertising
  • Contextual in-stream video advertising
  • Intelligent advertising
  • Online optimization of banner format and delivery
  • Personalized advertisement delivery
  • Targeted mobile advertisement
  • Virtual product placement

Table of Contents and List of Contributors

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Table of Contents
Xian-Sheng Hua, Tao Mei, Alan Hanjalic
Chapter 1
Xuerui Wang, Wei Li, Ying Cui, Ruofei Zhang, Jianchang Mao
In online advertising campaigns, to measure purchase propensity, click-through rate (CTR), defined as a ratio of number of clicks to number of... Sample PDF
Click-Through Rate Estimation for Rare Events in Online Advertising
Chapter 2
Benoit Baccot, Romulus Grigoras, Vincent Charvillat
Results, showing the power and the efficiency of the two models to solve our problems, are also given. By comparing to a “ground truth” acquired by... Sample PDF
Reinforcement Learning for Online Optimization of Banner Format and Delivery
Chapter 3
Tanveer J. Siddiqui
Ever increasing number of internet users has attracted many of the companies on the internet for promoting their product and services. This has led... Sample PDF
Utilizing Sentiments in Online Contextual Advertising
Chapter 4
In-Image Advertising  (pages 49-66)
Lusong Li, Xian-Sheng Hua
The daunting volumes of images on the Web have become one of the primary sources for online advertising. This work presents a contextual in-image... Sample PDF
In-Image Advertising
Chapter 5
Xin-Jing Wang, Mo Yu, Lei Zhang, Wei-Ying Ma
In this chapter, we introduce the Argo system which provides intelligent advertising made possible from user generated photos. Based on the... Sample PDF
Argo: Intelligent Advertising Made Possible from Images
Chapter 6
Yasmin Ibrahim
Multimedia advertising on the internet has demanded that advertisers and marketers become more creative and adventurous in their pursuit of... Sample PDF
The Advent of Play and Pursuit
Chapter 7
Huazhong Ning, Junxian Wang, Xu Liu, Ying Shan
Recent proliferation of online video advertising brings new opportunities and challenges to the multimedia community. A successful online video... Sample PDF
Content and Attention Aware Overlay for Online Video Advertising
Chapter 8
Chia-Hu Chang, Ja-Ling Wu
With the aid of content-based multimedia analysis, virtual product placement opens up new opportunities for advertisers to effectively monetize the... Sample PDF
An Explorative Study of Virtual Product Placement: Take ViSA as an Example
Chapter 9
Sundar Dorai-Raj, Yannet Interian, Igor Naverniouk, Dan Zigmond
The availability of precise data on TV ad consumption fundamentally changes this advertising medium, and allows many techniques developed for... Sample PDF
Adapting Online Advertising Techniques to Television
Chapter 10
Ling-Yu Duan, Jinqiao Wang, Wen Gao, Hanqing Lu, Jesse S. Jin, Changsheng Xu
Web-based technologies and interactive TV had rapidly penetrated the advertising mainstream and displace traditional forms of advertising. As most... Sample PDF
Linking Traditional TV Advertising to Internet Advertising
Chapter 11
Tao Mei, Shipeng Li
With Internet delivery of video content surging to an unprecedented level, online video advertising is becoming increasingly pervasive. In this... Sample PDF
Contextual In-Stream Video Advertising
Chapter 12
Jun Yan, Dou Shen, Teresa Mah, Ning Liu, Zheng Chen, Ying Li
With the rapid growth of the online advertising market, Behavioral Targeting (BT), which delivers advertisements to users based on understanding of... Sample PDF
Behavioral Targeting Online Advertising
Chapter 13
Dorothea Tsatsou, Symeon Papadopoulos, Ioannis Kompatsiaris, Paul C. Davis
This chapter provides an overview on personalized advertisement delivery paradigms on the web with a focus on the recommendation of advertisements... Sample PDF
Distributed Technologies for Personalized Advertisement Delivery
Chapter 14
Bin Wang
This chapter introduces the fundamentals of audience intelligence’s important aspects. The goal is to present what are related to audience... Sample PDF
Audience Intelligence in Online Advertising
Chapter 15
C. Tselios, H. Perkuhn, K. Vandikas, M. Kampmann
This chapter provides an overview on targeted advertisement in the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS). A new entity called Personalization and... Sample PDF
Targeted Mobile Advertisement in the IP Multimedia Subsystem
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