Technology Integration and Foundations for Effective Leadership

Technology Integration and Foundations for Effective Leadership

Shuyan Wang (The University of Southern Mississippi, USA) and Taralynn Hartsell (The University of Southern Mississippi, USA)
Release Date: December, 2012|Copyright: © 2013 |Pages: 361
ISBN13: 9781466626560|ISBN10: 1466626569|EISBN13: 9781466626874|DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-2656-0


As new technology continues to emerge, the training and education of learning new skills and strategies become important for professional development. Therefore, technology leadership plays a vital role for the use of technology in organizations by providing guidance in the many aspects of using technologies.

Technology Integration and Foundations for Effective Leadership provides detailed information on the aspects of effective technology leadership, highlighting instructions on creating a technology plan as well as the successful integration of technology into the educational environment. This reference source aims to offer a sense of structure and basic information on designing, developing, and evaluating technology projects to ensure maximum success.

Topics Covered

  • Instructional Technology
  • Leadership Issues Concerning Instructional Technology
  • Professional Development
  • Professional Resources for Technology Leaders
  • Technology Integration
  • Technology Leadership
  • Technology Planning

Reviews and Testimonials

Researchers in educational leadership, instructional technology, and similar fields explain to educational technology professionals aspects of technology leadership and the concepts, tools, and strategies they can use to become technology leaders. They cover technology leadership foundations; technology planning for the technology leader; leading the professional development; responsibilities of a technology leader; practical cases for technology leaders; and research, grants, and networks for technology leaders.

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Table of Contents and List of Contributors

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Table of Contents
Shuyan Wang, Taralynn Hartsell
Shuyan Wang, Taralynn Hartsell
Chapter 1
Taralynn Hartsell, Shuyan Wang
An effective technology leader is a public advocate of the mission-driven use of technology, capable of providing guidance in various aspects of... Sample PDF
Introduction to Technology Integration and Leadership
Chapter 2
Karen R. Juneau
Educational technology has developed from five basic approaches toward technology use: (1) the technical perspective, (2) the objectivist... Sample PDF
A Reflection on the History of Educational Technology and Evolving Pedagogies
Chapter 3
Jenny L. Daugherty, Nathan J. Mentzer, Daniel O. Lybrook, Julie Little-Wiles
As an introduction to the concept of technology leadership, literature on the philosophy of leadership and technology is explored and synthesized to... Sample PDF
Philosophical Perspectives on Technology Leadership
Chapter 4
Heshium R. Lawrence
Women have played a significant role in the birth and history of technology, yet their roles have diminished in recent decades and their voices have... Sample PDF
Women’s Roles: Do They Exist in a Technological Workforce?
Chapter 5
Debra L. Chapman
The incorporation of technology into the classroom is intended to have a positive impact on teaching and learning. Technology planning is a... Sample PDF
Overview of Technology Plans
Chapter 6
Melinda Bynog
The composition of a technology plan is a complex process composed of many parts. The integration of curriculum instruction, levels of technology... Sample PDF
Development of a Technology Plan
Chapter 7
Howard Yocom
Much of America’s educational system is in trouble; often suffering from a lack of direction and haphazardly incorporating solutions to little... Sample PDF
Implementation of the Technology Plan
Chapter 8
Debra L. Chapman, Melinda Bynog, Howard Yocom
To assess, evaluate, and revise a technology plan, the first task is to collect data that is an integral component of a technology plan. How the... Sample PDF
Assessment, Evaluation, and Revision of a Technology Plan
Chapter 9
Madelon Reed Gruich
Professional development for technology implementation is a critical component of achieving successful learning outcomes in educational settings.... Sample PDF
Defining Professional Development for Technology
Chapter 10
Amy Payne
Professional development is an essential aspect of any career. Many professions have minimum standards or requirements of training each year to... Sample PDF
Designing a Professional Development Program
Chapter 11
Donna Parker
As education is transformed through technology, teachers must be armed with knowledge and the capability of using technological tools to strengthen... Sample PDF
Implementing the Professional Development Program
Chapter 12
Christine L. Mark
Professional development programs must have an organized process of evaluation, either formally or informally. The evaluation needs to be delivered... Sample PDF
Evaluating and Funding the Professional Development Program
Chapter 13
Jonathan Beedle, Sirui Wang
Technology leaders facilitate and influence the development of diverse fields and disciplines including business, mass communication, computer... Sample PDF
Roles of a Technology Leader
Chapter 14
Dane Conrad
A technology leader’s day-to-day responsibilities and tasks can be divided into three basic categories: evaluation, management, and support.... Sample PDF
Evaluation, Management, and Support
Chapter 15
Guoqiang Cui, Rebecca Vowell
The exponential development of technology has brought people boundless possibilities. But, at the same time, technology also imposes great pressure... Sample PDF
Leadership Issues Concerning Instructional Technology
Chapter 16
Lena Wilhelmson, Peter Johansson, Marianne Döös
The aim of this chapter is to describe interventions that middle managers make when they strive, as technology leaders, to bridge... Sample PDF
Bridging Boundaries: Middle Managers’ Pedagogic Interventions as Technology Leaders
Chapter 17
James Douglas Belk
Periodic waves of new challenges almost always await those who are or seek to become school system technology directors. None are more apparent than... Sample PDF
New and Emerging Technology Purchase Considerations
Chapter 18
John DiMarco
This chapter offers suggestions and discussion on implementing a website portal to create e-portfolios and Web portfolios. The need to evaluate... Sample PDF
Implementing a Website Portal Using to Evaluate Professional Credentials
Chapter 19
Tim Dedeaux
Within the field of educational research, there are several methods, approaches, and concerns a potential researcher must be made aware of. This... Sample PDF
An Introduction to Educational Research
Chapter 20
Securing External Funding  (pages 341-372)
Jennifer L. Styron, Ronald A. Styron
Educational administrators and technology leaders are constantly battling limited resources to support the maintenance, improvement, and daily... Sample PDF
Securing External Funding
Chapter 21
Dissemination of Practice  (pages 373-389)
Michael Trest
The sharing of information and knowledge is vitally important for advancement in all professional fields. This is true in research and in education.... Sample PDF
Dissemination of Practice
About the Contributors

Author(s)/Editor(s) Biography

Shuyan Wang (Ph.D., Ohio University, 2004) is an Associate Professor in the Department of Curriculum, Instruction, and Special Education at The University of Southern Mississippi, USA. Her research interests include technology integration into teaching and learning, technology integration into EFL classroom, distance learning, e-learning, assessment, and electronic portfolios. Dr. Wang has many publications in the format of books, book chapters, and journal articles. She has conducted large number of presentations at local, national, and international conferences.
Dr. Taralynn Hartsell is an Associate Professor at The University of Southern Mississippi where she currently teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in the Instructional Technology and Design programs. She earned her Ph.D. in Language, Reading, & Culture at The University of Arizona, with a focus on educational technologies. Her research interests include gender and technology, distance learning, math and science education concerning the implementation of technology, and instructional design. Dr. Hartsell has published numerous journal articles, book chapters, and encyclopedia entries in various publications, and has been serving as an editorial reviewer for two international journals.