Women in Engineering, Science and Technology: Education and Career Challenges

Women in Engineering, Science and Technology: Education and Career Challenges

Aileen Cater-Steel (University of Southern Queensland, Australia) and Emily Cater (Bupa Health Assurance, UK)
Release Date: May, 2010|Copyright: © 2010 |Pages: 384
ISBN13: 9781615206575|ISBN10: 1615206574|EISBN13: 9781615206582|DOI: 10.4018/978-1-61520-657-5


In the fields of Engineering, Science and Information Technology, there remains an underrepresentation of female leadership in entry level, intermediate, upper level, and senior level management positions, creating an insufficient number of role models to encourage other women to join these typically non-traditional female fields of work and study.

Women in Engineering, Science and Technology: Education and Career Challenges provides a collection of recent high-quality empirical studies related to the education and careers of women in engineering, science and technology disciplines, with cases on innovative approaches to attracting and supporting women in training courses, and discussions on the effectiveness of mentoring, role models, government policy, and initiatives by professional bodies. This reference work is ideal for professionals and researchers working in the field of education and career development for women in engineering, science and technology, while also offering insights and support to academics concerned with attracting and retaining women in these disciplines, and providing information to members of professional bodies representing engineers, scientists and technology workers who wish to encourage women during their transition from education to the workforce.

Topics Covered

The many academic areas covered in this publication include, but are not limited to:

  • Academic Research Culture
  • Career Initiatives
  • Discrimination
  • Educational Initiatives
  • Gender Bias
  • Government Initiatives
  • IT Role Models
  • Quality Education
  • Supportive Work Environments
  • Workforce Development

Table of Contents and List of Contributors

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Table of Contents
Eileen M. Trauth
Aileen Cater-Steel, Emily Cater
Chapter 1
Alexandra Winter
Despite growing demand for skilled workers, women remain under-represented in science, engineering and technology industries. Limited opportunities... Sample PDF
The Smart Women – Smart State Strategy: A Policy on Women’s Participation in Science, Engineering and Technology in Queensland, Australia
Chapter 2
Ruta Sevo, Daryl E. Chubin
The chapter offers a quick digest of the evidence for discrimination, especially with reference to women in science and engineering in the U.S. It... Sample PDF
Bias Literacy: A Review of Concepts in Research on Gender Discrimination and the U.S. Context
Chapter 3
Natasha F. Veltri, Harold W. Webb, Raymond Papp
This chapter reports on the development a formal social mechanism for interaction among female IT role models, such as industry executives and... Sample PDF
GETSMART: An Academic-Industry Partnership to Encourage Female Participation in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Careers
Chapter 4
Gwen White
The fields of engineering and technology have traditionally been male dominated. The numbers of females in engineering and technology are... Sample PDF
Increasing the Numbers of Women in Science
Chapter 5
Elizabeth Yost, Donna M. Handley, Shelia R. Cotten, Vicki Winstead
American colleges and universities are in need of innovative approaches to recruit and retain the upcoming generation of new faculty members.... Sample PDF
Understanding the Links between Mentoring and Self-Efficacy in the New Generation of Women STEM Scholars
Chapter 6
Jacquie McDonald, Birgit Loch, Aileen Cater-Steel
Australia appears to be lagging behind countries in North America and Europe regarding the participation of women in engineering, science and... Sample PDF
Go WEST - Supporting Women in Engineering, Science and Technology: An Australian Higher Education Case Study
Chapter 7
Julie Prescott, Jan Bogg
This chapter focuses on the current position and experiences of women working within the computer games industry, the Information and Communication... Sample PDF
The Computer Games Industry: Women’s Experiences of Work Role in a Male Dominated Environment
Chapter 8
Jessica Guth, Fran Wright
This chapter reports on a pilot study looking at the progression of academic women at one UK University. The chapter focuses on the promotions... Sample PDF
"We don't have the Key to the Executive Washroom": Women’s Perceptions and Experiences of Promotion in Academia
Chapter 9
David J.F. Maree, Marinda Maree
Women’s under-representation in Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) careers is a problem in South Africa. This chapter discusses structural... Sample PDF
Factors Contributing to the Success of Women Working in Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) Careers
Chapter 10
Maslin Masrom, Zuraini Ismail
Malaysia is a multi-ethnic, multi-lingual, multi-cultural society characterized by distinct values and norms about many issues including the role of... Sample PDF
Women Access to Computers and Internet: A Malaysian Perspective
Chapter 11
Susan Durbin
Very few studies of senior female scientists have been conducted in the UK. This chapter explores the careers of 13 senior female scientists in a... Sample PDF
SET Women and Careers: A Case Study of Senior Female Scientists in the UK
Chapter 12
Anne Manuel
It is clear from many of the contributions to this volume that there are career advancement challenges that are specific to women in the science... Sample PDF
The Career Challenge of the Gendered Academic Research Culture: Can Internet Technologies Make a Difference?
Chapter 13
Haifa Takruri-Rizk, Natalie Sappleton, Sunrita Dhar-Bhattacharjee
Whilst evidence presented in recent scholarship suggests initiatives aimed at increasing female recruitment to the industry may be proving somewhat... Sample PDF
Progression of UK Women Engineers: Aids and Hurdles
Chapter 14
Mirella M. Moro, Taisy Weber, Carla M.D.S. Freitas
Many communities have been concerned with the problem of bringing more girls to technology and science related areas. The authors believe that the... Sample PDF
Women in Brazilian CS Research Community: The State-of-the-Art
About the Contributors

Author(s)/Editor(s) Biography

is an associate professor in information systems and chair of the IS Research Committee in the faculty of business at the University of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba, Queensland Australia. She is an executive member of USQ’s GO WEST team – a group providing support and mentoring to female students and staff in disciplines traditionally dominated by men. Dr Cater-Steel has previously published two edited books, one on IT Governance and Service Management and the other on Information Systems Research. Her work has been published in many international journals including the Communications of the ACM, Information and Software Technology, International Journal of IT Standards and Standardization Research and she has presented at many international conferences. She is the Chair of the local chapter of the Australian Computer Society. Her research interests include IT Governance, IT Service Management, e-Commerce adoption, Software Process Improvement and gender issues related to the participation of women in engineering, science and technology disciplines.
has a bachelor's degree in business (marketing) from Queensland University of Technology, but has drifted into finance and works in the insurance industry in Bristol, UK. Her interest in gender issues has always been evident, and was (optimistically) voted ‘most likely to achieve equal rights for women’ in high school, which she successfully petitioned to have changed to ‘equal gender rights for all’. Ten years on, she is astounded that the situation has changed so little in her first decade of professional life. She plans on being more than just optimistic in her second decade.