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Solutions for Sustaining Scalability in Internet Growth
Reference Book
Mohamed Boucadair (France Telecom-Orange Labs, France), David Binet (France Telecom, France)
Copyright © 2014.
An ever-increasing thirst for information in recent years among consumers, researchers, and the general population has necessitated continuous growth of internet...
Security, Design, and Architecture for Broadband and Wireless Network Technologies
Reference Book
Naveen Chilamkurti (La Trobe University, Australia)
Copyright © 2013.
While wireless technologies continue to provide an array of new challenges and multi-domain applications for business processes and solutions, there still remains...
Internet and Distributed Computing Advancements: Theoretical Frameworks and Practical Applications
Reference Book
Jemal H. Abawajy (Deakin University, Australia), Mukaddim Pathan (Australian National University, Australia), Mustafizur Rahman (The University of Melbourne, Australia), Al-Sakib Khan Pathan (International Islamic University, Malaysia), Mustafa Mat Deris (Universiti Tun Hussein Onn, Malaysia (UTHM))
Copyright © 2012.
As software and computer hardware grows in complexity, networks have grown to match. The increasing scale, complexity, heterogeneity, and dynamism of communication...
Technologies and Protocols for the Future of Internet Design: Reinventing the Web
Reference Book
Deo Prakash Vidyarthi (Jawaharlal Nehru University, India)
Copyright © 2012.
The Internet has changed significantly from its beginnings as a simple network used to pass data from one computer to another. Containing essential tools for...
E-Politics and Organizational Implications of the Internet: Power, Influence, and Social Change
Reference Book
Celia Romm Livermore (Wayne State University, USA)
Copyright © 2012.
Technological advancements have always influenced politics in society, but never in as strong and direct a manner as in the Internet Age. E-Politics and...
Next Generation Content Delivery Infrastructures: Emerging Paradigms and Technologies
Reference Book
Giancarlo Fortino (Università della Calabria, Italy), Carlos E. Palau (Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Spain)
Copyright © 2012.
In the midst of the current computing revolution, users demand ever-enhanced and reliable content delivery networks (CDNs) as a means to access the latest online...
Security in Virtual Worlds, 3D Webs, and Immersive Environments: Models for Development, Interaction, and Management
Reference Book
Alan Rea (Western Michigan University, USA)
Copyright © 2011.
Although one finds much discussion and research on the features and functionality of Rich Internet Applications (RIAs), the 3D Web, Immersive Environments (e.g....
Internet-Enabled Handheld Devices, Computing, and Programming: Mobile Commerce and Personal Data Applications
Reference Book
Wen-Chen Hu (University of North Dakota, USA)
Copyright © 2009.
The computing power and Internet connectivity of handheld devices has increased exponentially, creating a vast realm of potential applications in mobile commerce...
Encyclopedia of Internet Technologies and Applications
Reference Book
Mario Freire (University of Beira Interior, Portugal), Manuela Pereira (University of Beira Interior, Portugal)
Copyright © 2008.
The Encyclopedia of Internet Technologies and Applications discusses the extraordinary importance of Internet technologies, with a particular focus on the Web....
Internet Strategy: The Road to Web Services Solutions
Reference Book
Matthew Waritay Guah (Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands), Wendy L. Currie
Copyright © 2006.
Internet Strategy: The Road to Web Services Solutions reminds readers that several attempts have been made to convince the world that DOT.COM was developed to take...
Information Modeling for Internet Applications
Reference Book
Patrick van Bommel
Copyright © 2003.
Information Modeling for Internet Applications considers the fundamentals of web site modeling. It gives theoretical background as well as practical modeling...