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Electrical Engineering

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Electromagnetic Transients in Transformer and Rotating Machine Windings
Reference Book
Charles Q. Su (Charling Technology, Australia)
Copyright © 2013.
Electromagnetic transient phenomena in transformers and rotating machines are complicated by their winding structures, with transient phenomena caused by either...
Business Strategies for Electrical Infrastructure Engineering: Capital Project Implementation
Reference Book
Reginald Wilson (Redawil Engineering Company, USA), Hisham Younis (Wayne State University, USA)
Copyright © 2013.
With the principles of business strategies in mind, the analysis of cost containment plans, project risk evaluation, and the wide-range of quality planning...
International Journal of Energy Optimization and Engineering (IJEOE)
Gerhard Weber (Middle East Technical University), Dieu Ngoc Vo (Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, Viet Nam), Pandian M. Vasant (Petronas University of Technology, Malaysia)
Est. 2012.
The International Journal of Energy Optimization and Engineering (IJEOE) publishes global research in the areas of energy optimization and engineering. The journal...
Innovation in Power, Control, and Optimization: Emerging Energy Technologies
Reference Book
Pandian Vasant (University Technology Petronas, Malaysia), Nadar Barsoum (Curtin University, Malaysia), Jeffrey Webb (Swinburne University of Technology, Malaysia)
Copyright © 2012.
Developing a system that can cope with variations of system or control parameters, measurement uncertainty, and complex, multi-objective optimization criteria is a...
Power System Planning Technologies and Applications: Concepts, Solutions and Management
Reference Book
Fawwaz Elkarmi (Amman University, Jordan), Nazih Abu Shikhah (Amman University, Jordan)
Copyright © 2012.
Planning is an important function of the management of any business, providing knowledge of future prospects and enabling prudent and appropriate decision-making....
Technologies for Electrical Power Conversion, Efficiency, and Distribution: Methods and Processes
Reference Book
Mihail Antchev (Technical University, Bulgaria)
Copyright © 2010.
As population increases, the need for energy becomes a crisis of great importance. Technologies for Electrical Power Conversion, Efficiency, and Distribution...