Achieving Business Benefits from ERP Systems

Achieving Business Benefits from ERP Systems

Alok Mishra (Atilim University, Turkey)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59904-531-3.ch005
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Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems are becoming popular in medium and large-scale organizations all over the world. As companies have to collaborate across borders, languages, cultures, and integrate business processes, ERPs will need to take globalization into account, be based on a global architecture, and support the features required to bring all the worldwide players and processes together. Due to the high cost of implementation for these systems, organizations all over the world are interested in evaluating their benefits in the short and long terms. This chapter discusses various kinds of business benefits in a comprehensive way in order to justify the acquisition and implementation of ERP systems in organizations in the present global context.

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Table of Contents
Carlos Ferran
Chapter 1
From Ledgers to ERP  (pages 1-22)
Ricardo Salim, Carlos Ferran
The chapter narrates the history of the accounting needs of individuals and organizations and explains their successive technological solutions, up... Sample PDF
From Ledgers to ERP
Chapter 2
Paul Hawking
Companies around the world are placing increasing emphasis on strategy development and implementation. Some argue that this increased emphasis is in... Sample PDF
Enterprise Resource Planning Systems in a Global Environment
Chapter 3
Kai Kelzenberg, Thomas Wagner, Kai Reimers
The chapter develops generic strategies for the specification and implementation of an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system in a multinational... Sample PDF
A Conceptual Framework for Developing and Evaluating ERP Implementation Strategies in Multinational Organizations
Chapter 4
Ashley Davis
Open source software is becoming more prevalent in businesses today, and while still a relatively immature offering, open source enterprise resource... Sample PDF
Enterprise Resource Planning Under Open Source Software
Chapter 5
Alok Mishra
Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems are becoming popular in medium and large-scale organizations all over the world. As companies have to... Sample PDF
Achieving Business Benefits from ERP Systems
Chapter 6
Denise Potosky, Bruce Olshan
The role of a global ERP champion is to guide a business through process transformation and ERP system implementation. A “change curve” model that... Sample PDF
The Secret Success of a Global ERP Champion: Everything Changed and Nothing Happened
Chapter 7
Marianne Bradford, Robert Gingras, Jonathan Hornby
This chapter suggests that reengineering is an analysis of existing processes you wish to change to achieve dramatic improvements in critical... Sample PDF
Business Process Reengineering and ERP: Weapons for the Global Organization
Chapter 8
Oswaldo Lorenzo, Angel Díaz
This chapter studies the deployment of the SAP B2B (business-to-business) procurement application in Ericsson between 1999 and 2003, and argues that... Sample PDF
Enterprise Systems as an Enabler of Fast-Paced Change: The Case of Global B2B Procurement in Ericsson
Chapter 9
Don Kerr
In this chapter we look at the factors that influence the successful implementation of a global enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. We... Sample PDF
Feral Systems and Other Factors Influencing the Success of Global ERP Implementations
Chapter 10
Esther Brainin
The chapter considers the complexities of cultural differences for global enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementation. An extensive review of... Sample PDF
Experiences of Cultures in Global ERP Implementation
Chapter 11
Maira Petrini, Marlei Pozzebon
This research has investigated the implementation of ERP as mediation process that is, as an interactive process developed between the... Sample PDF
The Implementation of ERP Packages as a Mediation Process: The Case of Five Brazilian Projects
Chapter 12
Pall Rikhardsson, Peter Best, Claus Juhl-Christensen
The effort to comply with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) has focused management attention in companies all over the world on the importance of... Sample PDF
Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance, Internal Control, and ERP Systems: The Case of mySAP ERP
Chapter 13
Vinod Kumar, Raili Pollanen, Bharat Maheshwari
This chapter examines the effectiveness of ERP systems in implementing internal controls in global organizations, particularly controls required by... Sample PDF
ERP Systems Effectiveness in Implementing Internal Controls in Global Organizations
Chapter 14
Heinz D. Knoell, Lukas W.H. Kühl, Roland W.A. Kühl, Robert Moreton
In this chapter we present the factors for the success of ERP implementation projects. In the first section, we present the outcome of three surveys... Sample PDF
Implementing ERP Systems in Multinational Projects: Implications for Cultural Aspects and the Implementation Process
Chapter 15
Deanna House, Gert-Jan de Vreede, Peter Wolcott, Kenneth Dick
This research observes a global implementation of enterprise resource planning (ERP)/human resources management system (HRMS) software at an... Sample PDF
Success Factors for the Global Implementation of ERP/HRMS Software
Chapter 16
Maha Shakir
This chapter highlights the key trends in the ERP market, with a focus on the challenges related to the implementation of these systems in the... Sample PDF
ERP Trends, Opportunities, and Challenges: A Focus on the Gulf Region in the Middle East
Chapter 17
Carlos Ferran, Ricardo Salim
Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems integrate into one single system the control and accounting of all the enterprise resources. Just like... Sample PDF
The Future of ERP and Enterprise Resource Management Systems
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