Active Watermarking System: Protection of Digital Media

Active Watermarking System: Protection of Digital Media

Alexander P. Pons (University of Miami, USA) and Hassan Aljifri (UAE Offsets Group, USA)
Copyright: © 2005 |Pages: 21
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59140-518-4.ch009
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In the past decade, the business community has embraced the capabilities of the Internet to provide a multitude of services that involve access to data and information. Of particular concern to these businesses has been the protection and authentication of digital data as they are distributed electronically. We propose a novel approach that combines the reactive rule-based scheme of an active database management system (ADBMS) with the technology of digital watermarking to automatically protect digital data. The ADBMS technology facilitates the establishment of event-condition-action (ECA) rules that define the actions to be triggered by events under certain conditions. These actions are the generation of unique watermarks and the tagging of digital data with unique signatures. Watermarking is a technology that embeds, within the digital data’s context, information identifying its owner. The integration of these two technologies provides a powerful mechanism for protecting digital data in a consistent and formal manner.

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Table of Contents
Juergen Seitz
Juergen Seitz
Chapter 1
Juergen Seitz, Tino Jahnke
In order to solve intellectual property problems of the digital age, two basic procedures are used: “buy and drop,” linked to the destruction of... Sample PDF
Digital Watermarking: An Introduction
Chapter 2
Chang-Tsun Li
As the interconnected networks for instant transaction prevail and the power of digital multimedia processing tools for perfect duplication and... Sample PDF
Digital Watermarking Schemes for Multimedia Authentication
Chapter 3
Dan Yu, Farook Sattar
This chapter focuses on the issue of transaction tracking in multimedia distribution applications through digital watermarking terminology. The... Sample PDF
Digital Watermarking for Multimedia Transaction Tracking
Chapter 4
Eberhard Stickel
Conventional photographs may easily be used in court as evidence. The complete negative may be inspected. Subsequent numbers are a reliable proof... Sample PDF
A New Public-Key Algorithm for Watermarking of Digital Images
Chapter 5
Zhang Li, Sam Kwong
This chapter presents a method for detecting and recovering geometrical attacks in digital watermarking by making use of geometric moments of the... Sample PDF
Geometric Distortions Correction Using Image Moment in Image Watermarking
Chapter 6
Nedeljko Cvejic, Tapio Seppänen
This chapter provides an overview of digital audio watermarking systems, including a description of recently developed watermarking algorithms and... Sample PDF
Audio Watermarking: Requirements, Algorithms, and Benchmarking
Chapter 7
Jong-Nam Kim, Byung-Ha Ahn
This chapter introduces the watermarking technologies of the MPEG standards and gives information about a framework of watermarking technology for... Sample PDF
MPEG Standards and Watermarking Technologies
Chapter 8
Ernst L. Leiss
Watermarks provide a means of embedding information into digital videos that can be used for a variety of purposes, such as establishing ownership... Sample PDF
Time-Variant Watermarks for Digital Videos: An MPEG-Based Approach
Chapter 9
Alexander P. Pons, Hassan Aljifri
In the past decade, the business community has embraced the capabilities of the Internet to provide a multitude of services that involve access to... Sample PDF
Active Watermarking System: Protection of Digital Media
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