Adaptive Technology in a Computing Curriculum

Adaptive Technology in a Computing Curriculum

Blaise W. Liffick (Millersville University, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59140-741-6.ch011
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This chapter describes how adaptive technology (AT) for the disabled can enhance a computing curriculum. It argues that computer professionals will naturally have an increasing role in the support of AT, as a result of economic, legal and social pressures, and that as a consequence AT topics should be covered within a standard computing curriculum. Ideas for integrating AT topics into computing courses are presented, along with an outline of an advanced course on AT from a computer science perspective. A model AT laboratory for supporting these efforts is described. The author hopes that this chapter will encourage computing educators to use AT topics as examples within their courses, ultimately leading to a computing workforce that is ready, willing and able to provide fundamental AT services to those with disabilities.

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Table of Contents
Luz Mangurian
Goran Trajkovski
Chapter 1
Madhumita Bhattacharya, Lone Jorgensen
This chapter introduces the dimensions of diversity in a cultural context with special reference to IT education. The authors justify that... Sample PDF
Dimensions of Diversity in the IT Classroom Onground and Online
Chapter 2
John R. Dakers
If a deep and meaningful understanding of Information Technology is to flourish, we need, as educators, to create an ethos in which students can... Sample PDF
Dialectic Argumentation for Promoting Dialogue in IT Education: An Epistemological Framework for Considering the Social Impacts of IT
Chapter 3
Mary Kirk
Dale Spender compares the contemporary growth of digital information (due to computer technology) with the centuries-old growth of written... Sample PDF
Bridging the Digital Divide: A Feminist Perspective on the Project
Chapter 4
Peter McKenna
This chapter seeks to examine a theory of gendered styles of programming which is predicated on differences in attitudes toward abstraction and... Sample PDF
Gender and Programming: Mixing the Abstract and the Concrete
Chapter 5
Russell Stockard, Ali Akbari, Jamshid Damooei
This chapter acknowledges that diversity issues in the IT field go beyond racial and ethnic measures to include disability and age, to name but two... Sample PDF
Dimensions of Sustainable Diversity in IT: Applications to the IT College Major and Career Aspirations Among Underrepresented High School Students of Color
Chapter 6
Alfreda Dudley-Sponaugle
White males have dominated the computer sciences/technology disciplines since inception. Statistical data have shown that representation of female... Sample PDF
Under-Representation of African American Women Pursuing Higher-Level Degrees in the Computer Science/Technology Fields
Chapter 7
Shirish Shah, Tracy Miller
One teacher, one mentor, one department…these can make a difference in the success of anyone learning difficult material. This chapter highlights... Sample PDF
Working with Students in Math, Technology, and Sciences for Success: One Faculty Member's Experience
Chapter 8
Virginia J. Anderson
Assessment is a major focus is higher education; IT faculties and departments are being asked to document quantitatively what students have learned... Sample PDF
Assessing Diversity Issues in Instructional Technology: Strategies that Enhance Student Learning and Generate Outcomes Assessment Data
Chapter 9
Xristine Faulkner, Mats Daniels, Ian Newman
Modern societies are now beginning to accept that their citizens are diverse but, arguably, have not yet faced up to the challenges of diversity.... Sample PDF
The Open Ended Group Project: A Way of Including Diversity in the IT Curriculum
Chapter 10
Samuel G. Collins, Goran Trajkovski
Many in IT education—following on more than twenty years of multicultural critique and theory—have integrated “diversity” into their curricula. But... Sample PDF
Attack of the Rainbow Bots: Generating Diversity through Multi-Agent Systems
Chapter 11
Blaise W. Liffick
This chapter describes how adaptive technology (AT) for the disabled can enhance a computing curriculum. It argues that computer professionals will... Sample PDF
Adaptive Technology in a Computing Curriculum
Chapter 12
Reza Sarhangi, Gabriele Meiselwitz, Goran Trajkovski
Introducing diversity topics in the natural, mathematical and computer sciences is a hard task, since these disciplines are traditionally labeled as... Sample PDF
Tessellations: A Tool for Diversity Infusions in the Curriculum
Chapter 13
Goran Trajkovski
In this chapter we offer a flexible training environment and strategies for diversity infusion in the Information Technology curriculum. The chapter... Sample PDF
Training Faculty for Diversity Infusion in the IT Curriculum
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