Adoption of Portals Using Activity Theory

Adoption of Portals Using Activity Theory

Lorna Uden (Staffordshire University, UK) and Kimmo Salmenjoki (University of Vaasa, Finland)
Copyright: © 2007 |Pages: 6
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59140-989-2.ch006
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An obvious goal of a Web site today is to dynamically acquire content and make it available. A portal is a group of services provided electronically, through the Web, to a set of users. The items that are typically included in the portals consist of business intelligence, content and document management, enterprise resource planning systems, data warehouses, data-management applications, search and retrieval, and any other application. The ultimate portal provides the Holy Grail for organizational knowledge, true data aggregation and information integration coupled with knowledge worker collaboration (Roberts-Witt, 1999). A portal is the next evolutionary step in the use of Web browsers.

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Arthur Tatnall
Chapter 1
Juha Kettunen
E-management is a definition for a group of tools and actions used in the organizational steering based on data systems. Emanagement can make... Sample PDF
An Academic Management Portal
Chapter 2
Carla Falsetti
The Università Politecnica delle Marche (UNIVPM) aims to acquire a recognizable “look” of the university to live on the Web. One way to reach this... Sample PDF
An Academic Student-Centered Portal
Chapter 3
C. Doulgeraki
Web portals constitute a rapidly evolving medium for transferring information and knowledge, as well as for establishing the means for cooperation... Sample PDF
Accessible Personalized Portals
Chapter 4
Thorsten Schlachter, Werner Geiger, Rainer Weidemann
With the citizens being entitled to be provided with environmental nformation, the quantity increased, as did the fforts needed to find the desired... Sample PDF
Accessing Administrative Environmental Information
Chapter 5
Tharitpong Fuangvut, Helen Hasan
A major objective of this article is to propose a framework for development of a campus portal accommodating the end-users’ online activities... Sample PDF
Accommodating End-Users' Online Activities with a Campus Portal
Chapter 6
Lorna Uden, Kimmo Salmenjoki
An obvious goal of a Web site today is to dynamically acquire content and make it available. A portal is a group of services provided... Sample PDF
Adoption of Portals Using Activity Theory
Chapter 7
African Web Portals  (pages 41-46)
Esharenana E. Adomi
The World Wide Web (WWW) has led to the advent of the information age. With increased demand for information from various quarters, the Web has... Sample PDF
African Web Portals
Chapter 8
Ch. Z. Patrikakis, A. Konstantas
According to the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO, 2005), organic agriculture (OA) is “a holistic production management... Sample PDF
Analyzing Competition for a Web Portal
Chapter 9
Ian Weber
Education is one of the key sectors that has benefited from the continuous developments and innovations in information and communication technology... Sample PDF
Assessing Weblogs as Education Portals
Chapter 10
Daniel Carbone
Over the past 30 years the health framework in which doctors and other healthcare professionals practise has changed relatively little in comparison... Sample PDF
Australian General Practitioners' Use of Health Information
Chapter 11
Natalie Pang, Don Schauder
As communities develop their sense of identities, the Web reflects such identities through the appearances of Web portals. This short article argues... Sample PDF
The Beijing Olympics (2008) Advertainment Portal
Chapter 12
Michel Eboueya, Lorna Uden
The demand of a rich suite of easy-to-use tools and help that simplify data management within a network is increasing more and more. These tools... Sample PDF
Benefits and Limitations of Portals
Chapter 13
Mario Cannataro
Bioinformatics involves the design and development of advanced algorithms and computational platforms to solve problems in biomedicine (Jones &... Sample PDF
Bioinformatics Web Portals
Chapter 14
Yoosuf Cader
The 2005 global revenues of publicly traded biotechnology companies have grown by 18.1% to $63.1 billion (Donn, 2006). Many countries are now... Sample PDF
Biotechnology Portals in Medicine
Chapter 15
The BIZEWEST Portal  (pages 94-97)
Alex Pliaskin
In June 2000, the Western Region Economic Development Organization (WREDO), a not-for-profit organization sponsored by the six municipalities that... Sample PDF
Chapter 16
The Bluegem Portal  (pages 98-101)
Samantha Bax
“Portal technologies” in recent times have become a catchphrase within information technology circles. The concept of the “portal” (more commonly... Sample PDF
The Bluegem Portal
Chapter 17
Achraf Ayadi
During the last few years, the growing interest in the banking industry on the Internet has led to the development from simple banking Web sites... Sample PDF
Business Challenges of Online Banking Portals
Chapter 18
Zhu Bing
SINA, SOHU, and NETEASE have been regarded as the most successful general Web portals in the Chinese market. However, they have quite different... Sample PDF
Business Module Differentiation
Chapter 19
Tracy R. Stewart
The increasing complexity and interdependence of campus technology systems poses a significant challenge to universities. Such efforts cannot be... Sample PDF
A Case Study of an Integrated University Portal
Chapter 20
Fredric Landqvist, Dick Stenmark
One major objective for information portals is to provide relevant and timely information to their intended target groups. The main challenge from... Sample PDF
Challenges and Pitfalls in Portal Information Management
Chapter 21
Greg Gebhart
How do you cater to 21st century learners in a secondary school, and how can we personalize learning so that the value of education is enhanced for... Sample PDF
Changing the Interface to High School Education
Chapter 22
Yuriy Taranovych
Current investigations of numerous institutions (Genus & Dalcher, 2003; RAE, 2004; Sauer & Cuthbertson, 2003; The Standish Group, 2003) demonstrate... Sample PDF
A Coaching Portal for IT Project Management
Chapter 23
Wita Wojtkowski
The strategic goal of an enterprise portal is to provide a simple- to-use view into content, applications and collaboration tools for all who... Sample PDF
Collaborative Enterprise Portals
Chapter 24
Wei Dai
The increased use of online services in the commercial world has produced considerable impact on traditional technologies. Traditional information... Sample PDF
Collaborative Real-Time Information Services via Portals
Chapter 25
Américo Sampaio
Web portals present an effective way to integrate applications, people, and business by offering a unique point of access to these resources within... Sample PDF
Commercial and Open-Source Web Portal Solutions
Chapter 26
Richard C. Millham
Portals may be defined as starting points on the Web for users which may lead them to e-business services (Adar & Huberman, 2000). Portals are part... Sample PDF
Commercialization of Web Portals
Chapter 27
Alison Norris
The Australian (.au) Domain Name Authority (auDA) announced the creation of Community Geographic Domain Names (CGDNs) in November, 2002 (auDA... Sample PDF
Community Geographic Domain Names
Chapter 28
Connie L. Fulmer
Just how do Web pages and portals differ? A fair question, since both have common characteristics. However, important differences can be drawn. The... Sample PDF
Comparing Portals and Web Pages
Chapter 29
Tharitpong Fuangvut, Helen Hasan
A campus portal is an exciting recent phenomenon forming part of the new generation of online services for all stakeholders in institutions of... Sample PDF
A Comprehensive Methodology for Campus Portal Development
Chapter 30
Tom S. Chan
A portal is a doorway, a gate, or a means of entrance. For example, the local library is a portal for knowledge. In this age of the Internet, portal... Sample PDF
Constructing and Deploying Campus Portals in Higher Education
Chapter 31
Scott Bingley
The word “portal” has been around for quite some time, but its use to describe a tool for electronic commerce has emerged only recently. This paper... Sample PDF
The Content of Horizontal Portals
Chapter 32
Akhilesh Bajaj
The knowledge based theory of the firm argues that firms obtain competitive advantage by creating, storing and applying knowledge (Jayatilaka... Sample PDF
A Content-Incentive-Usability Framework for Corporate Portal Design
Chapter 33
Theodoros Evdoridis
The issue of the escalation of security breaches in the field of Web systems has caused a great deal of disquiet in the computer security community.... Sample PDF
Countermeasures for Protecting Legally Sensitive Web-Powered Databases and Web Portals
Chapter 34
Brian Dobing
Culture can be defined as the manifestation of “learned behavior consisting of thoughts, feelings and actions” (Hoft, 1996, p. 41) formed under the... Sample PDF
Cross-Cultural Dimensions of National Web Portals
Chapter 35
William Gardner, R. Rajugan
As many enterprise and industrial content management techniques are moving towards a distributed model, the need to exchange data between... Sample PDF
A Declarative Approach for Designing Web Portals
Chapter 36
Yin-Leng Theng
Nurses responsible for making strategic decisions in the hospital are tracking performance metrics that accurately measure how well the hospital is... Sample PDF
Design of a Proposed Nursing Knowledge Portal
Chapter 37
Norbert Fröschle
What is behind a Web portal—indeed, it is a community. People in virtual groups and rooms. But, what is an Internet business community and how is it... Sample PDF
Designing a Portal and Community with the Community Generator
Chapter 38
Ronald Maier
An increasing share of work in businesses and organizations depends on information and knowledge rather than manual labor and physical goods (Wolf... Sample PDF
Designing Portals for Knowledge Work
Chapter 39
Thomas W. Parsons
Knowledge management has been heralded as an important component of a successful business strategy, yet how does a company implement a knowledge... Sample PDF
Developing a Knowledge Management Portal
Chapter 40
Mae van der Merwe, Lorna Uden
University portals are emerging all over the world. Portals have been perceived by many people as the technologies that are designed to enhance work... Sample PDF
Developing Online Learning Portals in Low Bandwidth Communities
Chapter 41
Brooke Abrahams
A semantic portal is a type of community information portal that exploits semantic Web standards (Berners-Lee, Hendler, & Lassila, 2001) to improve... Sample PDF
Developing Semantic Portals
Chapter 42
Shen Libing
Though it was in 1993 that China entered the Internet for the first time, the real rise of the Chinese Internet was in 1998. In this year, the... Sample PDF
The Development Strategy of Sina and Sohu
Chapter 43
Christoph Schlueter Langdon, Alexander Bau
Web portals continue to grow as a force that could shift the balance of power between buyers and sellers and, therefore, could alter the structure... Sample PDF
Digital Interactive Channel Systems and Portals
Chapter 44
Theodoros Evdoridis
Without doubt one of the most important factors that contributed to the wide acceptance and popularity of Web portals is the potential for users to... Sample PDF
Digital Rights Protection Management of Web Portals Content
Chapter 45
Giovanni M. Sacco
One of the key requirements of portals is easy access to information, or findability according to Morville’s definition (Morville, 2002). After a... Sample PDF
Dynamic Taxonomies and Intelligent User-Centric Access to Complex Portal Information
Chapter 46
Kai Jakobs
Many industry sectors are facing a number of challenges to the established relations between players (the automotive sector is a particularly... Sample PDF
E-Business Standards Setting
Chapter 47
E-Commerce Portals  (pages 275-281)
Jesse S. Jin
Today, the business community has realized the portal solution as an opportunity to develop and maintain integrated and personalized environments... Sample PDF
E-Commerce Portals
Chapter 48
Shota Okujava, Ulrich Remus
Enterprise portals have become the backbone for the integration of a large number of different applications, content, and services (Smith, 2004).... Sample PDF
Economical Aspects when Deploying Enterprise Portals
Chapter 49
Education Portal Strategy  (pages 290-295)
Alf Neumann, Henrik Hanke
Education portals promise to be an integrated point of entry that provides all stakeholders of an education body, frequently referred to as campus... Sample PDF
Education Portal Strategy
Chapter 50
Rodrigo Baroni de Carvalho, Marta Araújo Tavares Ferreira, Chun Wei Choo, Ricardo Vidigal da Silva
In an attempt to consolidate various departmental intranets, organizations are constructing corporate intranets or portals(Choo, Detlor, & Turnbull... Sample PDF
The Effects of Enterprise Portals on Knowledge Management Projects
Chapter 51
Sergio di Martino
In recent years, the availability of server-side, Web-oriented component technologies, such as Enterprise Java Beans, ASP .NET, SOAP, and so forth... Sample PDF
Effort Estimation for the Development of Web Portals
Chapter 52
Giorgos Laskaridis, Konstantinos Markellos
Several governments across the world enhance their attempt to provide efficient, advanced, and modern services to their users (citizens and... Sample PDF
E-Government Portals Personalization
Chapter 53
Juha Kettunen
The exchange of knowledge has emerged in recent years as an important issue in the understanding of innovation and value creation in an organisation... Sample PDF
E-Management Portal and Organisational Behaviour
Chapter 54
Meliha Handzic, Joon Ho Hur
Technological advances, globalisation, changing demographics and privatisation are the main driving forces behind the current transformation of... Sample PDF
An Empirical Study of a Corporate E-Learning Portal
Chapter 55
Beverley Lloyd-Walker
This article begins by discussing how the role of human resource management has changed in recent years, and the implications of this for human... Sample PDF
Employee Self-Service Portals
Chapter 56
Mats Edenius
We know that interest in employing Web portals for communication between the health care sector and the public is constantly increasing (Kapsalis... Sample PDF
Empowerment and Health Portals
Chapter 57
Hua Luo, Yuan Gao
An electronic marketplace (e-marketplace) is a virtual space where buyers and sellers exchange goods and services (Bailey & Bakos, 1997). An... Sample PDF
Enabling Technology and Functionalities of Shopping Portals
Chapter 58
Carol Pollard, Prashant Palvia, Mary Lind, Choton Basu
This article describes the proposed design, development, implementation and evaluation of an extensive interactive knowledge portal to support the... Sample PDF
Encouraging Global IS Collaborative Networks with a Knowledge Portal
Chapter 59
Leo Tan Wee Hin
The World Wide Web represents one of the most profound developments that has accompanied the evolution of the Internet. It is truly a global... Sample PDF
Enhancing Electronic Governance in Singapore with Government Portals
Chapter 60
Enhancing Portal Design  (pages 353-359)
Yuriy Taranovych
In recent years, portals became more and more popular among organizations (Klaene, 2004). A portal provides a solution for aggregating content and... Sample PDF
Enhancing Portal Design
Chapter 61
Ghazi Alkhatib, Zakaria Maamar
Portals went through the following different life cycle stages: desktop organization and personalization; single intranet-based portals such as... Sample PDF
Enterprise Portals and Web Services Integration
Chapter 62
Ian Michael
Technology is seen as a key driving force in the economy within all of the seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates (UAE) nation; the... Sample PDF
E-Portals in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates
Chapter 63
Ulf-Daniel Ehlers
Quality has become a major factor for concern if e-learning should have its final breakthrough (Danish Evaluation Institute, 2003; Dondi & Moretti... Sample PDF
European Quality Observatory
Chapter 64
Evaluation of Web Portals  (pages 376-383)
Demetrios Sampson
Evaluation of Web portals is an important issue in Web engineering, taking into consideration the Internet explosion and the exponential growth of... Sample PDF
Evaluation of Web Portals
Chapter 65
Blessing M. Maumbe, Wallace J. Taylor
By the end of 2005, an emerging era of e-government had arrived in South Africa with the promise to transform public service delivery and the... Sample PDF
E-Value Creation in a Government Web Portal in South Africa
Chapter 66
Evolution of Portals  (pages 391-396)
Lorna Uden, Kimmo Salmenjoki
The word portal came from the Latin word porta, which is translated to gate. Anything that acts as a gateway to anything else is a portal. The... Sample PDF
Evolution of Portals
Chapter 67
Ilona E. Holland
In discussing education portals and the Web, Richard N. Katz & Associates (2002) state that the Web is the ultimate frontier. Katz observed that... Sample PDF
Evolution of the Milwaukee Public Schools Portal
Chapter 68
Xiuzhen Feng
The word portal has been citied in the literature as one of the most popular terms. A Google search on the Web for the word revealed 25.6 million... Sample PDF
Factors Affecting Portal Design
Chapter 69
Carol Ann Barraclough, Udo Richard Averweg, Angela Frances O’Byrne Spencer
The Internet (also called “the Web” or the “World Wide Web”) is a worldwide network that allows organisations to send and receive communication... Sample PDF
From the Intranet to the Enterprise Knowledge Portal
Chapter 70
Andrea Bosin, Nicoletta Dessì, Maria Grazia Fugini, Diego Liberati, Barbara Pes
Scientific experiments are executed through activities that create, use, communicate and distribute information whose organizational dynamics are... Sample PDF
The Future of Portals in E-Science
Chapter 71
Xiuzhen Feng
With the rapid development of Internet technology, the portal has been envisioned as one of the greatest opportunities to improve the management of... Sample PDF
A Generic Model of an Enterprise Portal
Chapter 72
Giovanni M. Sacco
The number of e-commerce sites is growing at an astounding rate. Low personnel overhead, just-in-time supply, and the widespread acceptance of... Sample PDF
Guided Product Selection and Comparison of E-Commerce Portals
Chapter 73
Health Portals  (pages 431-436)
Daniel Carbone
A lack of health services has long been the thorn in the side of many communities, especially rural and regional communities. The high costs of... Sample PDF
Health Portals
Chapter 74
Lu Xiyan
Chinese enterprises are developing their global business very quickly and strong national players, such as Haier, HuaWei, TCL, and Pearl River... Sample PDF
Helping Chinese Enterprises be Successful in Global Markets
Chapter 75
Karyn Welsh, Kim Hassall
This article addresses the possibilities of foregoing the build option for the corporate portal and hosting the corporate portal on an... Sample PDF
Hosting Portals on an E-Marketplace
Chapter 76
Steven Gordon, Monideepa Tarafdar
The ability of a company to be innovative depends on many factors, such as a culture amenable to risk taking (Kontoghiorghes, Awbre, & Feurig... Sample PDF
How Corporate Portals Support Innovation
Chapter 77
Aki Vainio, Kimmo Salmenjoki
Information content of the Web has, in the last 10 years, changed from informative to communicative. Web pages, especially homepages, were the... Sample PDF
How to Promote Community Portals
Chapter 78
Derek H.T. Walker, Tayyab Maqsood
The Internet has revolutionised the way that business is conducted by customers and organisations that serve them. Texts are now being devoted to... Sample PDF
Identifying Knowledge Assets in an Organisation
Chapter 79
The IFIP Portal  (pages 469-475)
Arthur Tatnall, J. Barrie Thompson
Many professional societies and organisations make use of Web portals to allow access to their many facilities, resources, and varied content... Sample PDF
The IFIP Portal
Chapter 80
Wellington Moraes, Alberto de Medeiros Jr.
Tapscott (1996) states that, since the end of the last millennium, the world is witnessing the birth of a new era called the age of networked... Sample PDF
Impacts and Revenues Models from Brazilian Portals
Chapter 81
Allard Strijker
Because of the increasing use of digital information within educational organizations, users encounter problems with finding and selecting the right... Sample PDF
Implementing Portals in Higher Education
Chapter 82
Enrico Scarso
Various initiatives, promoted by public and private organizations, attempt to overcome the difficulties hindering the actual use of Web technologies... Sample PDF
Industry Portals for Small Businesses
Chapter 83
Information Visualization  (pages 494-500)
Wita Wojkowski
Information visualization refers to technologies that support visualization and help in the interpretation of information. These technologies... Sample PDF
Information Visualization
Chapter 84
Zaiyong Tang, Kallol Bagchi
Enterprises in today’s highly competitive environment must cope with mountainous information. At the same time, they must act quickly to make timely... Sample PDF
Intelligent-Agent-Supported Enterprise Information Portal
Chapter 85
Giorgos Laskaridis, Penelope Markellou
In recent years, we have witnessed the rapid evolution of the World Wide Web. This development allowed millions of people all over the world to... Sample PDF
Interoperability Integrating E-Government Portals
Chapter 86
Teemu Paavola
Companies do not always have a rational justification for the choice they make between different IT investment alternatives. One may see the... Sample PDF
Investing in Portals for Benefits and Gains
Chapter 87
Gennaro Costagliola
Second generation Web portals distinguish themselves from first generation ones for their architecture, which is component-oriented. In particular... Sample PDF
Java Portals and Java Portlet Specification and API
Chapter 88
G. Bhojaraju
The literature about portals or gateways exists in huge volume. However, only a limited number of articles have addressed the topic of knowledge... Sample PDF
KM Cyberary is a Gateway to Knowledge Resources
Chapter 89
Knowledge Servers  (pages 527-531)
Andrew Basden
Knowledge servers aim to provide knowledge rather than mere information. While information may be “delivered” to the user, such as via Web pages... Sample PDF
Knowledge Servers
Chapter 90
Christopher B. Mayer, K. Selçuk Candan
Web portal applications that dynamically generate results in response to user requests are more popular than ever. Such portal applications usually... Sample PDF
Large-Scale ASP Replication of Database-Driven Portals
Chapter 91
Paolo Bellavista
The increasing availability of fixed/wireless network connectivity and the integration of telecommunication systems and the Internet create novel... Sample PDF
Large-Scale Integrated Academic Portals
Chapter 92
Dion Hoe-Lian Goh
With the rapid growth of digital information, there is increasing recognition that digital libraries (DL) will play important roles in education... Sample PDF
Learning Geography with the G-Portal Digital Library
Chapter 93
Frederick Stielow
Many authors report uncertainties over the expression Web portal, but nowhere are these more understandable than with library applications. On one... Sample PDF
Library Portals and an Evolving Information Legacy
Chapter 94
Heather Fulford
The purpose of this article is to demonstrate the role played by the establishment, in a UK village, of a local community Web portal on the Internet... Sample PDF
A Local Community Web Portal and Small Businesses
Chapter 95
Tony Polgar, Jana Polgar
Software development methodology refers to a standardised, documented methodology which has been used before on similar projects or one which is... Sample PDF
Management Issues in Portlet Development
Chapter 96
Metadata for Web Portal  (pages 571-576)
Nikos Manouselis
Web portals can be defined as gateways to information and services from multiple sources (Tatnall, 2005). An important aspect of Web portals is the... Sample PDF
Metadata for Web Portal
Chapter 97
Hans Lehmann, Stefan Berger, Ulrich Remus
Today, many working environments and industries are considered as knowledge-intensive, that is, consulting, software, pharmaceutics, financial... Sample PDF
A Mobile Portal for Academe
Chapter 98
David Parsons
Mobile portals have become a common entry point to the mobile Internet, and take a number of forms. They may be service provider portals, such as... Sample PDF
Mobile Portal Technologies and Business Models
Chapter 99
Mobile Portals  (pages 587-593)
Ofir Turel, Alexander Serenko
The diffusion of mobile services is one of important technological phenomena of the twenty-first century (Dholakia & Dholakia, 2003). According to... Sample PDF
Mobile Portals
Chapter 100
Alexander Serenko, Ofir Turel
The purpose of this chapter is to analyze mobile portals (mportals) as an innovation. M-portals are wireless Web pages that help portable device... Sample PDF
Mobile Portals as Innovations
Chapter 101
Hans Lehmann, Ulrich Remus, Stefan Berger
More and more people leave their fixed working environment in order to perform their knowledge-intensive tasks at changing locations or while they... Sample PDF
Mobile Portals for Knowledge Management
Chapter 102
Pierfrancesco Foglia, Cosimo Antonio Prete, Michele Zanda
Portals for the public administration (PA) are Internet gateways leading to a broad range of services, devoted to a great number of users. The... Sample PDF
Modelling Public Administration Portals
Chapter 103
Lorenzo Gallucci, Mario Cannataro
In modern Web-based information systems (WIS), the personalization of presentations and contents is becoming a major requirement. Personalization... Sample PDF
Models and Technologies for Adaptive Web Portals
Chapter 104
Christian Serarols-Tarrés
The advent of the digitalization of pure information products has created new opportunities and changes in the information goods markets. The... Sample PDF
Modifying the News Industry with the Internet
Chapter 105
Robert S. Owen
This article advocates mouse tracking as an emerging method to include in corporate enterprise portal usability assessment. Issues of Web site... Sample PDF
Mouse Tracking to Assess Enterprise Portal Efficiency
Chapter 106
David Beer
MP3 players are often described as music collections in our pockets or the pocket jukebox. Indeed, it would seem that MP3 players have significantly... Sample PDF
The MP3 Player as a Mobile Digital Music Collection Portal
Chapter 107
Hong Zhu, Yanlong Zhang
Navigation has been a significant issue in portal design and evaluation because one of the biggest problems in using the Web is “lost in the... Sample PDF
Navigability Design and Measurement
Chapter 108
Dag von Lubitz, Nilmini Wickramasinghe
The concept of e-health gains rapid and widespread international acceptance as the most practical means of reducing burgeoning healthcare costs... Sample PDF
Network-Centric Healthcare and the Entry Point into the Network
Chapter 109
G. Bhojaraju, Sarah Buck
Portals are becoming more and more ubiquitous on the Internet and that is why their architecture is a topic of concern among domain stakeholders. In... Sample PDF
Ontologies in Portal Design
Chapter 110
Ah Lian Kor
In the article, entitled “Semantic Web, RDF, and Portals”, it is mentioned that a Semantic Web Portal (SWP) has the generic features of a Web portal... Sample PDF
Ontology, Web Services, and Semantic Web Portals
Chapter 111
Jean-Philippe Rennard
“If I have seen further it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.” The famous statement of Sir Isaac Newton demonstrates that the progress of... Sample PDF
Open Access to Scholarly Publications and Web Portals
Chapter 112
Giancarlo Fortino, Carlos E. Palau
Motivated by the increasing availability of media content in the Internet, improvements of network bandwidth in the Internet backbone and the... Sample PDF
An Open Streaming Content Distribution Network
Chapter 113
Phillip Olla, Rod Crider
The open-source community has created a broad suite of educational and e-learning course management systems (CMS) referred to as educational... Sample PDF
Open-Source Online Knowledge Portals for Education
Chapter 114
Paradox of Social Portals  (pages 689-693)
Bill Davey, Arthur Tatnall
An individual or group can create a portal with very little funds and no need or approval from any authority. This produces an interesting... Sample PDF
Paradox of Social Portals
Chapter 115
Personal Portals  (pages 694-698)
Neal Shambaugh
A portal, generally viewed as a gateway to resources, can be more pragmatically defined by its context of use. Portal development follows a... Sample PDF
Personal Portals
Chapter 116
Personalizing Web Portals  (pages 699-704)
Pankaj Kamthan
A Web portal is a gateway to the information and services on the Web where its users can interchange and share information (Tatnall, 2005). It is... Sample PDF
Personalizing Web Portals
Chapter 117
John Lamp
The term information broker is widely used in the area of library and information science to describe a middle agent who deals in information as a... Sample PDF
The Portal as Information Broker
Chapter 118
Portal Development Tools  (pages 712-718)
Konstantinos Robotis
A number of customer and company needs can be identified, to which Web portal services appear to provide the best answer. These needs include... Sample PDF
Portal Development Tools
Chapter 119
Christoph Schlueter Langdon, Alexander Bau
In late 2005, the market capitalization of Google was the envy of every major media and telecom company. More than any other Web portal, Google had... Sample PDF
Portal Economics and Business Models
Chapter 120
Cavan McCarthy
Digital libraries offer access to significant collections of selected and organized digital resources, of the type traditionally found in libraries... Sample PDF
Portal Features of Major Digital Libraries
Chapter 121
Beverly Park Woolf, Esma Aïmeur
The goal of this portal is to provide Internet information and products relevant to the field of artificial intelligence in education (AIED). This... Sample PDF
Portal for Artificial Intelligence in Education
Chapter 122
Karyn Welsh, Kim Hassall
Businesses use many portals and for a variety of reasons. Some portals are used for inter-organisational collaboration between suppliers, buyers... Sample PDF
Portal Models and Applications in Commodity-Based Environments
Chapter 123
Portal Quality Issues  (pages 747-754)
Mª Ángeles Moraga, Angélica Caro
Web portals are emerging Internet-based applications that enable access to different sources (providers). Through portals the organizations develop... Sample PDF
Portal Quality Issues
Chapter 124
Zuopeng Zhang, Sajjad M. Jasimuddin
Since its maturity four or five years ago, portal has become the common practice in organizations. A portal strategy is a way in which a Web site is... Sample PDF
Portal Strategy for Managing Organizational Knowledge
Chapter 125
Udo Averweg
Portals may be seen as World Wide Web (“the Web”) sites that provide the gateway to corporate information from a single point of access. The... Sample PDF
Portal Technologies and Executive Information Systems Implementation
Chapter 126
Peter Shackleton, Rick Molony
While the popularity of electronic government is evident in most countries, the true benefits to communities can only be obtained if there is access... Sample PDF
Portals and Interoperability in Local Government
Chapter 127
Andreas Becks
Today, the business domain is confronted with a paramount avalanche of documents and business data. Continuous capturing of business data, be it... Sample PDF
Portals for Business Intelligence
Chapter 128
N. Partarakis
Nowadays, guidelines and standards play a key role in the adoption of (computer) technologies by industries and society. In essence, they constitute... Sample PDF
Portals for Development and Use of Guidelines and Standards
Chapter 129
Giuseppe Berio, Mounira Harzallah
Human resource portals are often dedicated to e-recruitment (e.g., Monster, Jobpilot). Their main goal is to facilitate, accelerate, and widen the... Sample PDF
Portals for Integrated Competence Management
Chapter 130
Lorna Uden, Marja Naaranoja
Knowledge is often defined to be meaningful information. Knowledge is derived from information. What makes the difference between data and... Sample PDF
Portals for Knowledge Management
Chapter 131
Peter Dalmaris
A growing number of portal software vendors offer functionality to allow users to manage business processes and workflows. This functionality is... Sample PDF
Portals for Workflow and Business Process Management
Chapter 132
Juan Qiong Gou
Integration is widely used in different areas, but few are explained. A common understanding is that integration is a process by which parts of a... Sample PDF
Portals in Application Integration
Chapter 133
Ian Michael
A portal is defined as an entrance point to online content. The portal concept has evolved across a number of markets and applications. Customer... Sample PDF
Portals in Consumer Search Behavior and Product Customization
Chapter 134
Ed Watson, Brian Schaefer
A complete enterprise portal solution should provide all users personalized, convenient, and secure access to everything needed to perform their... Sample PDF
Portals in the Public Sector
Chapter 135
Portals of the Mind  (pages 821-825)
Karen Simpson Nikakis
The idea of a gateway or portal to another world is common in myth and fantasy, and, obviously, far older than the use of the same notion in... Sample PDF
Portals of the Mind
Chapter 136
Paul Crowther
Mobile computing gives a learner the ability to engage in learning activities when and where they wish. This may be formal learning, where the... Sample PDF
Portals Supporting a Mobile Learning Environment
Chapter 137
Konrad J. Peszynski
Authors in the information systems (IS) discipline have started exploring the socio-technical approach to the development and implementation of... Sample PDF
Power and Politics in University Portal Implementation
Chapter 138
Jana Polgar
Web services introduced the means for integrating and sharing business processes via the Internet. WSRP’s (WSRP specification version 1, 2003) goal... Sample PDF
Presentation Oriented Web Services
Chapter 139
Benjamin C.M. Fung
Information in a Web portal often is an integration of data collected from multiple sources. A typical example is the concept of one-stop service... Sample PDF
Privacy Preserving Data Portals
Chapter 140
Vicky Triantafillidis
Project management skills and professional certification are quickly developing into required core practice (Hammond et al., 2006). Peter Shears... Sample PDF
Project Management Web Portals and Accreditation
Chapter 141
Boris Galitsky, Mark Levene
A Web infrastructure (portals) for providing online rating of services such as financial services, are becoming more popular nowadays. A rating... Sample PDF
Providing Rating Services and Subscriptions with Web Portal Infrastructures
Chapter 142
Ian Searle
Many enterprises make extensive use of the Internet, both for promoting their profile with the general public and for conducting aspects of their... Sample PDF
Provision of Product Support through Enterprise Portals
Chapter 143
Theodoros Evdoridis
It is a strongly held view that the scientific branch of computer security that deals with Web-powered databases (Rahayu & Taniar, 2002) than can be... Sample PDF
Security Threats in Web-Powered Databases and Web Portals
Chapter 144
Ina O’Murchu, Anna V. Zhdanova, John G. Breslin
Many virtual communities have surfaced and come together on the World Wide Web. Web-based community portals serve as a one-stop place for all... Sample PDF
Semantic Community Portals
Chapter 145
Konstantinos Kotis
In distributed settings, such as that of the World Wide Web, where a large number of information sources and services reside, portals provide a... Sample PDF
Semantic Integration and Interoperability among Portals
Chapter 146
Semantic Portals  (pages 887-893)
Brooke Abrahams
Web portals provide an entry point for information presentation and exchange over the Internet for various domains of interest. Current Internet... Sample PDF
Semantic Portals
Chapter 147
Pankaj Kamthan
A Web portal is a gateway to the information and services on the Web, where its users can interchange and share information. In their brief... Sample PDF
Semantic Web Implications for Web Portals
Chapter 148
Semantic Web Portals  (pages 901-904)
Shouhong Wang, Hai Wang
Web portals, based on traditional Web technologies developed in the late 1990s, present serious limitations regarding information search... Sample PDF
Semantic Web Portals
Chapter 149
Ah Lian Kor
In existing literature, Semantic Web portals (SWPs) are sometimes known as semantic portals or semantically enhanced portals. It is the next... Sample PDF
Semantic Web, RDF, and Portals
Chapter 150
Fatma Bouaziz, Rekik Fakhfakh
In recent years, e-government seems to become a driver of the government modernization in the world. According to Ronaghan (2002) and Musgrave... Sample PDF
Service Quality in E-Government Portals
Chapter 151
Luiz Antonio Joia, Elaine Tavares Rodrigues
Over the past few years, an ever-increasing number of portals have been appearing on the Web. However, there is still precious little systematic... Sample PDF
Setting Up and Developing an Educational Portal
Chapter 152
Teemu Paavola
Any attempt to develop IT applications to manage information processes in a knowledge work setting will inevitably encounter the work of Ikujiro... Sample PDF
Sharing and Managing Knowledge through Portals
Chapter 153
Beverley Lloyd-Walker
The importance of people to organisational success has been recognised; the implications of this for human resource departments forms the basis for... Sample PDF
SHRM Portals in the 21st Century Organisation
Chapter 154
SMEs and Portals  (pages 934-939)
Ron Craig
This article looks at portals from the perspective of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and those concerned with the success of these... Sample PDF
SMEs and Portals
Chapter 155
Yuan Miao
The Internet was designed to connect distributed networks. It, however, provides a new way for people to interact. Connectivity becomes an important... Sample PDF
Software Agent Augmented Portals
Chapter 156
Byunggu Yu, Ruben Gamboa
OGSA is a service-oriented architecture (SOA); that is, server nodes in the grid advertise the services they offer, client nodes use the grid to... Sample PDF
Spatio-Temporal Portals for Continuously Changing Network Nodes
Chapter 157
Theodoros Tzouramanis
SQL injection attack (CERT, 2002) is one of the most prevalent security problems faced by today’s security professionals. It is today the most... Sample PDF
SQL Injection Attack as a Threat of Web Portals
Chapter 158
Kai Jakobs
Until not so long ago, electronic business was typically characterised by one-to-one relations—a customer doing business with a vendor. A big vendor... Sample PDF
Standardisation for Electronic Markets
Chapter 159
Paul Chalekian
State portals play a prominent role in the convergence of politics and administration. On November 8, 2000, U.S. voters received conflicting media... Sample PDF
State Portals as a Framework to Standardize E-Government Services
Chapter 160
Javier Osorio
The history of strategic planning begins in the military. According to Webster’s New World Dictionary, strategy is the science of planning and... Sample PDF
Strategic Planning Portals
Chapter 161
Carmine Sellitto
A simple definition of a portal sees it as a special Internet (or intranet) Web site designed to act as a gateway to give convenient access to other... Sample PDF
A Study of a Wine Industry Internet Portal
Chapter 162
Ulrich Remus
The implementation of enterprise portals is still ranked top on the wish list of many CEOs, expecting that the portal becomes the core system for... Sample PDF
Success Factors for the Implementation of Enterprise Portals
Chapter 163
Martina Gerst
The use of Internet technologies and particularly portal technologies facilitate the creation of networks of relationships within the supply chain... Sample PDF
A Supplier Portal in the Automotive Industry
Chapter 164
Scott Paquette
The role of corporate portals as tools for managing organizational knowledge has been constantly changing throughout their short lifetime. An... Sample PDF
Supply Chain Management and Portal Technology
Chapter 165
Joberto S.B. Martins
Educational portals, for distance learning courses, have a broader and more focused set of objectives and requirements that, typically, go well... Sample PDF
Supporting Pedagogical Strategies for Distance Learning Courses
Chapter 166
Fuensanta Medina-Domínguez
A collaborative Web portal is a Web site that consists of a set of Web pages, grouped according to specific criteria, from which users can access... Sample PDF
Teaching Collaborative Web Portals Technology at a University
Chapter 167
Topic-Oriented Portals  (pages 1020-1025)
Alexander Sigel, Khalil Ahmed
In general, portals are regarded as gateways to networked information and services, facilitating access to other related sites. Typically, portals... Sample PDF
Topic-Oriented Portals
Chapter 168
Eric Tsui
Organizations are increasingly turning to enterprise portals to support knowledge work. Portal deployment can be intradepartmental across several... Sample PDF
A Two-Tier Approach to Elicit Enterprise Portal User Requirements
Chapter 169
Ch. Z. Patrikakis
Use of mobile devices for supporting our everyday communication has become part of our daily routine. Recent statistics illustrate that the... Sample PDF
Ubiquitous Access to Information Through Portable, Mobile, and Handheld Devices
Chapter 170
The Ubiquitous Portal  (pages 1040-1044)
Arthur Tatnall
The word portal can be used to represent many different things, ranging from the elaborate entranceway to a medieval cathedral to a gateway to... Sample PDF
The Ubiquitous Portal
Chapter 171
Stephen Sobol
Most definitions of a portal involve the term “gate” or “gateway” and a Web portal can thus be seen as a gateway to information and services on the... Sample PDF
University Portals as Gateway or Wall, Narrative, or Database
Chapter 172
Yuan Gao, Hua Luo
A business-to-consumer (B2C) electronic marketplace (emarketplace) portal helps online shoppers in searching for desired products and services... Sample PDF
Usability Engineering and Research on Shopping Portals
Chapter 173
S. Ntoa, G. Margetis
The evaluation of a Web portal may apparently seem to increase the complexity of its design and development. However, an appropriately planned and... Sample PDF
Usability, Sociability, and Accessibility of Web Portals
Chapter 174
Steffen Moeller
The implementation of enterprise portals has been cited as the most important business information project of the next decade (Collins, 1999; Daniel... Sample PDF
User Acceptance Affecting the Adoption of Enterprise Portals
Chapter 175
George D. Magoulas
This article provides a background on existing approaches for developing user models. It identifies the basic types of information that need to be... Sample PDF
User Modeling in Information Portals
Chapter 176
Ricardo Azambuja Silveira, Eduardo Rodrigues Gomes
The learning object (LO) approach is based on the premise that the reuse of learning material is very important to designing learning environments... Sample PDF
Using Intelligent Learning Objects in Adaptive Educational Portals
Chapter 177
Lara Preiser-Houy, Margaret Russell
Advances in digital technologies and proliferation of the Internet as an ubiquitous platform for communication and information open up new... Sample PDF
Vertical Web Portals in Primary Education
Chapter 178
Hsiu-Yuan Tsao, Koong H.C. Lin, Chad Lin
A Web portal possesses a number of unique advantages. Discussion of these advantages centers on improved information access via either customized... Sample PDF
Visit Duration and Consumer Preference toward Web Portal Conent
Chapter 179
Robert Laurini
When one says, “life is a struggle,” “life is a journey,” “at the evening of the life,” “at the dusk of the life,” he or she is using metaphors. A... Sample PDF
Visual Metaphors for Designing Portals and Site Maps
Chapter 180
Patrick Wolf
Digital watermarking has become an accepted security technology to protect media such as images, audio, video, 3-D, or even text-based documents... Sample PDF
Watermarking Integration into Portals
Chapter 181
Xin Fu
Two methods are currently used to organize and retrieve information on the Internet. Search engines like Google and AltaVista use a robot-based... Sample PDF
Web Directories for Information Organization on Web Portals
Chapter 182
Roxane Bernier
Web museums take their origin from the “imaginary museum” (Malraux, 1956). They have sparked enthusiastic claims for art democratization, or the... Sample PDF
Web Museums and the French Population
Chapter 183
Roxane Bernier
In the 19th century, the museum was generally constituted as an accumulation of uncatalogued objects, while its fundamental role was relatively... Sample PDF
Web Museums as the Last Endeavor
Chapter 184
Américo Sampaio
The growth of the Internet and the World Wide Web has contributed to significant changes in many areas of our society. The Web has provided new ways... Sample PDF
Web Portal Application Development Technologies
Chapter 185
Michelle Rowe, Wayne Pease
Discussion of portals and their relevance to destination tourism is the main focus of this chapter. Traditional definitions of portals have focused... Sample PDF
The Web Portal as a Collaborative Tool
Chapter 186
Mónica Miguélez Rico
Medical data and digital imaging for medical diagnosis currently represent a very important research area in computer science. The generation of... Sample PDF
Web Portal for Genomic and Epidemiologic Medical Data
Chapter 187
Walter Hürster, Thomas Wilbois, Fernando Chaves
Nuclear power plants are equipped with safety installations that should, for all practical cases, preclude the occurrence of a nuclear accident.... Sample PDF
A Web Portal for the Remote Monitoring of Nuclear Power Plants
Chapter 188
Michelle Rowe, Wayne Pease, Pauline McLeod
Continuing on from an earlier article in this publication that considers portals and their relevance to destination tourism, this article... Sample PDF
Web Portals as an Exemplar for Tourist Destinations
Chapter 189
Lucy Di Paola
The increase in the use of technology in daily life activities has led to the growth and popularity of Internet portal sites. Portals are gateways... Sample PDF
Web Portals Designed for Educational Purposes
Chapter 190
Brent B. Andresen
It is only quite recently that politicians and educational thinkers have begun seriously to reconsider the traditional learning environments and to... Sample PDF
Web Services for Learning in Educational Settings
Chapter 191
Robert Laurini
Nowadays, practically all big cities have a Web site. The objective of this article is not to make a detailed study about their contents, but to... Sample PDF
Web Site Portals in Local Authorities
Chapter 192
Hokyoung Ryu
One of the common aspects of software design is to focus on building systems that are easier for people to learn and use, so as to improve their... Sample PDF
Web Usability for Not-for-Profit Organisations
Chapter 193
Roxane Bernier
The advent of global digital networking, chiefly the Internet, broadened access to cultural portals with various remote online education resources... Sample PDF
Web Casts as Informal E-Learning for Scientific Centers
Chapter 194
What is a Portal?  (pages 1194-1199)
Antti Ainamo, Christian Marxt
The brief history of Web portals is beginning to be common knowledge for software and engineering designers and researchers specialized on the... Sample PDF
What is a Portal?
Chapter 195
Con Nikakis
Wikipedia (Wikipedia, 2006) describes the term widget as a “... general purpose term, or placeholder name, for any unspecified device, including... Sample PDF
Widgets as Personalised Mini-Portals
Chapter 196
Jun Sun
In mobile commerce (m-commerce), consumers engage a ubiquitous computing environment that allows them to access and exchange information anywhere... Sample PDF
Wireless Local Communities in Mobile Commerce
Chapter 197
WSRP Relationship to UDDI  (pages 1210-1216)
Jana Polgar, Tony Polgar
In most cases, portlets are built to be deployed by local portals. This is not practical if the organisation wishes to publish their Web services... Sample PDF
WSRP Relationship to UDDI
Chapter 198
Jana Polgar, Tony Polgar
The WSRP specification (WSRP specification version 1, 2003) requires that every producer implement two required interfaces, and allows optional... Sample PDF
WSRP Specification and Alignment
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