Authentic Cases and Media Triggers for Supporting Problem-Based Learning in Teacher Education

Authentic Cases and Media Triggers for Supporting Problem-Based Learning in Teacher Education

Mike Keppell (The Hong Kong Institute of Education, Hong Kong)
Copyright: © 2006 |Pages: 20
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59140-594-8.ch017
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Within teacher education problem-based learning (PBL) has the potential to enrich teaching and learning across the curriculum. It is suggested that PBL may offer a means of providing authentic scenarios for assisting pre-service teachers before encountering teaching practice. The use of media-based educational triggers and authentic scenarios may form a bridge between their studies and real-world teaching practice. Five media-rich educational triggers are described in early childhood education, physical education, educational technology, project management and inclusive education. Reusable media-based educational triggers may also provide potential resources for other educators within teacher education.

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Table of Contents
Thomas C. Reeves
Anthony Herrington, Jan Herrington
Chapter 1
Anthony Herrington, Jan Herrington
Recent research and learning theory provides a wealth of thought, ideas and strategies to inform the design and implementation of learner-centered... Sample PDF
What is an Authentic Learning Environment?
Chapter 2
Marilyn Laiken
The purpose of this chapter is to examine the creation of authentic learning environments in the light of adult education and transformative... Sample PDF
Authentic Graduate Education for Personal and Workplace Transformation
Chapter 3
Di Challis
To explore the synergies of an integration of the conceptual and practice worlds, this chapter draws on part of an Australian Committee for... Sample PDF
The Music Room: Translating Curricula into Real-World Professional Experience
Chapter 4
Annette Koenders
An authentic online collaborative assessment task, implemented in an introductory biology course, posed several challenges for the students. The... Sample PDF
An Authentic Online Learning Environment in University Introductory Biology
Chapter 5
Richard Ladyshewsky, John Ryan
The development of managerial expertise is a combination of acquiring further knowledge and integrating it with past experience and beliefs. To do... Sample PDF
Peer Coaching and Reflective Practice in Authentic Business Contexts: A Strategy to Enhance Competancy in Post-Graduate Business Student
Chapter 6
Greg Parry, Clive Reynoldson
This chapter discusses a postgraduate economics program that forms a core part of a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree course. The... Sample PDF
Creating an Authentic Learning Environment in Economics for MBA Studies
Chapter 7
Shirley Agostinho
The use of characters to present tasks and critical information in a simulated environment has proven to be a useful strategy in the creation of... Sample PDF
Using Characters in Online Simulated Environments to Guide Authentic Tasks
Chapter 8
Jennifer R. Jamison
This chapter demonstrates how contemporary chiropractic education uses authentic “classroom” learning opportunities to prepare students for the... Sample PDF
Constructing a Clinical Experience in the Classroom
Chapter 9
Cate Jerram
This chapter is a presentation of an adult educator’s experience in teaching computer mediated communication to undergraduate students. An “adult... Sample PDF
Applying Adult Education Principles to an Undergraduate Subject
Chapter 10
Sue Bennett
This chapter describes the design of a technology-supported learning environment in which small teams of students worked on authentic project tasks... Sample PDF
Using Related Cases to Support Authentic Project Activities
Chapter 11
Brian Ferry, Lisa Kervin, Sarah Puglisi, Brian Cambourne, Jan Turbill, David Jonassen, John Hedberg
Research consistently shows that traditional preservice teacher preparation programs are not adequately preparing beginning teachers for the reality... Sample PDF
Online Classroom Simulation: Using a Virtual Classroom to Support Pre-Service Teacher Thinking
Chapter 12
John Fitzsimmons
In the second Harry Potter novel, Harry discovers by accident that he is a Parselmouth, that he can speak “snake,” not crudely, like Dr. Dolittle... Sample PDF
Speaking Snake: Authentic Learning and the Study of Literature
Chapter 13
Sandra Jones
This chapter discusses how information technology (IT) can be used to augment the authenticity of the learning experience in student-centred... Sample PDF
Using IT to Augment Authentic Learning
Chapter 14
Anthony Herrington, Jan Herrington, Evan Glazer
The pedagogical knowledge learned by pre-service teachers often fails to transfer to teaching practice. Instead, new teachers revert to... Sample PDF
An Authentic Appraoch to Facilitating Transfer of Teacher's Pedagogical Knowledge
Chapter 15
Catherine McLoughlin, Joe Luca
Although much effort is devoted to investigating the use of technology to teach course content, an emerging area of some importance in online... Sample PDF
Applying Situated Learning Theory to the Creation Learning Environments to Enhance Socialisation and Self-Regulation
Chapter 16
Karen Anderson
Providing authentic learning in a distance education course that leads to a professional qualification is challenging. However, working in a totally... Sample PDF
Using Online Discussions to Provide an Authentic Learning Experience for Professional Recordkeepers
Chapter 17
Mike Keppell
Within teacher education problem-based learning (PBL) has the potential to enrich teaching and learning across the curriculum. It is suggested that... Sample PDF
Authentic Cases and Media Triggers for Supporting Problem-Based Learning in Teacher Education
Chapter 18
Ron Oliver
There is currently a high degree of energy and enthusiasm in the e-learning world being given to developing strategies and systems that support the... Sample PDF
Reusable Resources and Authentic Learning Environments
Chapter 19
Lynne Hunt
This chapter describes models of work-based learning and outlines key features of the authentic learning pedagogy that informs its application. It... Sample PDF
Authentic Learning at Work
Chapter 20
Jan Herrington, Ron Oliver
While telecommunications and telematics have been available in schools and universities for decades, the speed of adoption of the Internet into... Sample PDF
Professional Development for the Online Teacher: An Authentic Approach
Chapter 21
Ron Oliver, Anthony Herrington, Sue Stoney, Jim Millar
Quality assurance is becoming a necessary aspect of many institutions of higher education. Teaching and learning is a major area of scrutiny and... Sample PDF
Authentic Teaching and Learning Standards That Assure Quality Higher Education
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