Bridging the Instructional Designers and Lecturers in Technology Education: A Framework for Cultivating a Community of Practice

Bridging the Instructional Designers and Lecturers in Technology Education: A Framework for Cultivating a Community of Practice

Samuel Ng Hong Kok (Institute of Technical Education, Singapore), Tang Buay Choo (Institute of Technical Education, Singapore) and Myint Swe Khine (University of Bahrain, Kingdom of Bahrain)
Copyright: © 2007 |Pages: 23
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59904-322-7.ch011
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This chapter examines an initiative to create educational technology (ET) Champions and leaders within a higher education institution in Singapore. It examines how the concept of communities of practice was applied to an initiative for transforming teaching and learning through educational technology. Instructional designers coached ET Champions in the principles of creating learning objects who later returned to their respective colleges to work with other lecturers. ET Champions progressed through five stages, which included peripheral, legitimate, core, strategic and transformational membership. Each stage required support and guidance within the community.

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Table of Contents
Chapter 1
Richard A. Schwier, Katy Campbell, Richard F. Kenny
Instructional designers provide more than service in the design and development of instruction; they also act as social change agents. This chapter... Sample PDF
Instructional Designers' Perceptions of Their Agency: Tales of Change and Community
Chapter 2
Jenny Bird, Chris Morgan, Meg O’Reilly
Recent trends in higher education have led to notable impacts upon the profession of educational or instructional design. This chapter presents some... Sample PDF
Exploring the Tensions in Educational and Instructional Design in Australian Universities
Chapter 3
Min Liu, Coco Kishi, Suzanne Rhodes
Universities increasingly expect faculty to integrate technology in their teaching and deliver instructional materials in innovative ways. The... Sample PDF
Strategies and Heuristics for Novice Instructional Designers as They Work with Faculty Content Experts in a University Setting
Chapter 4
Michael J. Keppell
This chapter examines the unique role of instructional designers within the university setting, particularly when their knowledge is combined with... Sample PDF
Instructional Designers on the Borderline: Brokering Across Communities of Practice
Chapter 5
Susan Crichton
Instructional design is typically viewed as a process for identifying and solving instructional problems. However, for designers who work on... Sample PDF
A Great Wall of Difference: Musings on Instructional Design in Contemporary China
Chapter 6
Lalen Simeon, Gwyn Brickell, Brian Ferry
For many lecturers within the academic community, the increasing emphasis on the use of ICT for research and teaching can be threatening, but these... Sample PDF
An Emerging Model of Community Collaboration During the Construction of E-Learning Resources: Implications for Papua New Guinea
Chapter 7
Cathy Gunn, Beth Cavallari
The work of instructional designers in the current higher educational context is part of a complex process that traverses a range of professional... Sample PDF
Instructional Design, Development, and Context Expertise: A Model for “Cross Cultural” Collaboration
Chapter 8
Chris Morgan, Jenny Bird, Meg O’Reilly
This case study provides an overview of educational design practice in a relatively small regional Australian university with a unique profile of... Sample PDF
Educational Design at Southern Cross University Australia: A Case Study
Chapter 9
Jacqueliné McDonald, Terry Mayes
This chapter presents a case study that reflects on the changing approach of an instructional designer at an Australian university. The designer... Sample PDF
The Changing Role of an Instructional Designer in the Implementation of Blended Learning at an Australian University
Chapter 10
Stephen Quinton
This chapter describes two strategies for delivering educational design expertise and online professional development via the Internet. The issues... Sample PDF
Delivering Online Expertise, Online
Chapter 11
Samuel Ng Hong Kok, Tang Buay Choo, Myint Swe Khine
This chapter examines an initiative to create educational technology (ET) Champions and leaders within a higher education institution in Singapore.... Sample PDF
Bridging the Instructional Designers and Lecturers in Technology Education: A Framework for Cultivating a Community of Practice
Chapter 12
Sarah Lambert, Christine Brown
This chapter highlights the importance of developing and sustaining a knowledge base among designers to enable the collective sharing of strategies... Sample PDF
Designer Communities: Developing a Knowledge Base of Strategies, Tools, and Experience
Chapter 13
Len Webster, Patricie Mertova
In this chapter we tell a story of a discipline-specific instructional design unit located in a Faculty of Law of a large Australian university.... Sample PDF
Terms of Engagement: A Case Study of Instructional Designers in a Faculty of Law
Chapter 14
Pamela Pui Wan Leung
This chapter describes an attempt to introduce e-learning to a group of language teacher educators in a traditional Chinese context. It reports on... Sample PDF
Introducing E-Learning in a Traditional Chinese Context
Chapter 15
Sue Bennett
This chapter examines how instructional designers work together in teams to solve problems. It examines the advantages and disadvantages of a team... Sample PDF
Exploring the Nardoo: Designing Problem-Based Learning Experiences for Secondary School Students
Chapter 16
Elspeth McKay, Jennifer Martin
This chapter introduces project management as a pivotal tool that underpins successful information systems design. It argues that the strength of... Sample PDF
Multi-Disciplinary Collaboration to Unravel Expert Knowledge: Designing for Effective Human-Computer Interaction
Chapter 17
Lori Lockyer, John Patterson, Gregg Rowland, Doug Hearne
This chapter explores the perspectives of an instructional design team that designed and developed an online environment to facilitate the... Sample PDF
ActiveHealth: Enhancing the Community of Physical and Health Educators Through Online Technologies
Chapter 18
Brian Ferry, Lisa Kervin
The purpose of this chapter is two fold. First it reports on the research associated with the development and implementation of prototype versions... Sample PDF
Creating CoPs During the Development of an Online Classroom-Based Simulation
Chapter 19
Kar-Tin Lee
This chapter reports on a case study that examines the process of implementing an e-learning management system (ELMS) for learning science in... Sample PDF
Moving Toward the Digital Learning Environment: A Hong Kong Example of an E-Learning Management System
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