E-Business in the Global Automotive Industry: Key Value Propositions

E-Business in the Global Automotive Industry: Key Value Propositions

Mahesh S. Raisinghani (Texas Woman’s University, USA), Lisa Herwick (Purdue University, USA), Ramesh Pullamsetti (Purdue University, USA), Thomas Gunther (Purdue University, USA), Vanessa Caisan (Purdue University, USA), An Wang (Purdue University, USA) and Andrzej Koszut (Purdue University, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59140-306-7.ch012
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This chapter reviews the components of e-business from a procurement perspective in order to explore the key value propositions of e-business practices in the global automotive industry. It is easy to simply state that a product or service “adds value” to a firm’s operations. It is critical that the value proposition of e-business be analyzed from a rational perspective by any organization competing in the “post-irrational exuberance” era of the digital economy. Using an exploratory case study of the automotive industry, the key questions for identifying a true value proposition of e-business are identified, including their e-procurement, e-catalog order processing, e-auction and e-capacity systems. We intend this chapter to be helpful to practitioners, researchers, and students who either are contemplating updating their legacy e-business systems and/or trying to gain insight into the value proposition of these systems. It is undisputed that e-business will bring at least some level of benefit to a vast majority of organizations, regardless of size or industry. We intend this chapter to be valuable for evaluating and implementing a successful e-business strategy, structure, and solution.

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Table of Contents
Yi-Chen Lan
Chapter 1
Andrew S. Targowski
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The Taxonomy of Information Societies
Chapter 2
Tomaz Kern
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Organizational Structure Without Hierarchy in a Dynamic Global Business Environment
Chapter 3
Magdy K. Serour
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The Organizational Transformation Process to Globalization
Chapter 4
Parthasarathi Banerjee
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Transition from Manual to IT-Based Documents Transacting Business Process: Performance Measurements System as the Key
Chapter 5
Bhuvan Unhelkar
With increasing ability to interact globally through the electronic medium, businesses are able to tap into newer business opportunities externally... Sample PDF
Global E-Business Alliances: The Soci-Cultural Perspectives, Influence, and Mitigation
Chapter 6
Sherif Kamel, Ahmed Zyada
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Using DSS for Global Competitiveness: An Effective Information-Based Decision Making Process in Public Administration
Chapter 7
Sokkien L. Chhai, Yi-chen Lan
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A Proposed Framework for Making Decisions Dynamically in a Global Organisation
Chapter 8
Alexander Anisimov
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Decision Support and Data Warehousing: Challenges of a Global Information Environment
Chapter 9
Bhuvan Unhelkar
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Web Services and Their Impact in Creating a Paradigm Shift in the Process of Globalization
Chapter 10
Somnath Mukhopadhyay, Kallol Bagchi
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Quantitative Modeling in Introducing and Managing New Information Technology in Global Business Operations
Chapter 11
Khimji Vaghjiani, Jenny Teoh
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Comprehensive Impact of Mobile Technology on Business
Chapter 12
Mahesh S. Raisinghani, Lisa Herwick, Ramesh Pullamsetti, Thomas Gunther, Vanessa Caisan, An Wang, Andrzej Koszut
This chapter reviews the components of e-business from a procurement perspective in order to explore the key value propositions of e-business... Sample PDF
E-Business in the Global Automotive Industry: Key Value Propositions
Chapter 13
Christopher Payne, Bhuvan Unhelkar
This chapter discusses how globalization in the publishing domain is achieved through global information and communication systems. Global... Sample PDF
Global Information Systems in the Publishing Domain: An Experience Report
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