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Business Process Outsourcing Modeling

Copyright © 2009. 19 pages.
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DOI: 10.4018/978-1-60566-126-1.ch011
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Xu, Lai. "Business Process Outsourcing Modeling." Consumer Behavior, Organizational Development, and Electronic Commerce: Emerging Issues for Advancing Modern Socioeconomies. IGI Global, 2009. 188-206. Web. 20 Oct. 2014. doi:10.4018/978-1-60566-126-1.ch011


Xu, L. (2009). Business Process Outsourcing Modeling. In M. Khosrow-Pour (Ed.), Consumer Behavior, Organizational Development, and Electronic Commerce: Emerging Issues for Advancing Modern Socioeconomies (pp. 188-206). Hershey, PA: Information Science Reference. doi:10.4018/978-1-60566-126-1.ch011


Xu, Lai. "Business Process Outsourcing Modeling." In Consumer Behavior, Organizational Development, and Electronic Commerce: Emerging Issues for Advancing Modern Socioeconomies, ed. Mehdi Khosrow-Pour, 188-206 (2009), accessed October 20, 2014. doi:10.4018/978-1-60566-126-1.ch011

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Business Process Outsourcing Modeling
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Organizations in the new millennium face relentless pressure to perform better, faster and cheaper, while maintaining high level of guaranteed results. To remain competitive, enterprises have to integrate their business processes with those of their customers, suppliers and business partners. Increasing collaboration is not only relevant within a global multi-national enterprise, but also considering the organization and its relationship to and business processes with its business partners. While standards and technologies make it possible for business partners to exchange information, collaborate and carry out business transaction in a pervasive Web environment, there is however very limited research activity on modeling business process outsourcing underlying semantics. In this chapter, we demonstrate that an in-house business process that has been gradually outsourced to third-parties and analyze how task delegations cause commitments between multiple business parties. Finally we provide process semantics for modeling multi-party business process outsourcing.

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Chapter 1
Kiku Jones
Consumer-to-consumer (C2C) electronic commerce (e-commerce) is a growing area of e-commerce. However, according to a meta-analysis of critical... Sample PDF
Consumer-to-Consumer Electronic Commerce: An Emerging Stream of Research
Chapter 2
Dahui Li, Glenn J. Browne, James C. Wetherbe
Limited studies have investigated online consumer loyalty and retention from a relationship orientation in electronic commerce research. It is... Sample PDF
Online Consumers' Switching Behavior: A Buyer-Seller Relationship Perspective
Chapter 3
Hong-Mei Chen
Companies are competing intensively using ‘high tech’ systems such as electronic customer relationship management (eCRM or CRM) to interact with... Sample PDF
From High Tech to High Touch: The Effects of Perceived Touch on Online Customers' Intention to Return
Chapter 4
Andreas Aresti, Penelope Markellou, Ioanna Mousourouli, Spiros Sirmakessis, Athanasios Tsakalidis
Recommendation systems are special personalization tools that help users to find interesting information and services in complex online shops. Even... Sample PDF
A Movie E-Shop Recommendation Model Based on Web Usage and Ontological Data
Chapter 5
Ross A. Malaga
A Web site that wants to increase its number of visitors can pay for search engine ads or attempt to improve its natural search engine ranking.... Sample PDF
Search Engine Optimization an Action Research Project: Initial Results and Two Year Follow-Up
Chapter 6
Edward J. Garrity, Yong Jin Kim, Joseph B. O’Donnell, Cheul Rhee, G. Lawrence Sanders
This chapter develops a new model of web IS success that takes into account both intrinsic and extrinsic motivating factors. The proposed model... Sample PDF
A Flow Theory Integrated Model of Web IS Success
Chapter 7
Changsu Kim, Robert D. Galliers, Kyung Hoon Yang, Jaekyung Kim
The world is witnessing a continuous expansion of electronic commerce into the global digital economy. As an enabler of new businesses, Web-based... Sample PDF
Evolving a Strategy for Web-Based Shopping Systems
Chapter 8
Jeff Baker
Internet auctions have received a considerable amount of attention from researchers. We review recent empirical literature pertaining to single-item... Sample PDF
A Review of Single-Item Internet Auction Literature and a Model for Future Research
Chapter 9
Christine V. Bullen, Thomas Abraham, Kevin Gallagher, Kate M. Kaiser, Judith C. Simon
The increasingly global sourcing of IT work and other socio-economic trends are prompting fundamental changes in the availability of IT skills... Sample PDF
Changing IT Skills: The Impact of Sourcing Strategies on In-House Capability Requirements
Chapter 10
Teuta Cata
This article has investigated the insurance industry and provided insights into the relationships of organizational size and age with outsourcing... Sample PDF
Understanding Outsourcing of Web-Based Applications in Organizations: The Case of E-Insurance
Chapter 11
Lai Xu
Organizations in the new millennium face relentless pressure to perform better, faster and cheaper, while maintaining high level of guaranteed... Sample PDF
Business Process Outsourcing Modeling
Chapter 12
Tapasya Patki, A. B. Patki
Internet technology has impelled us to develop faith in the modern practices of business, commerce, and trade. Offshoring has been viewed as a... Sample PDF
Innovative Technological Paradigms for Corporate Offshoring
Chapter 13
Sandy Chong
This study surveys the perceptions and experiences of Australian small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the implementation of Internet-based... Sample PDF
Factors Influencing the Extent of Deployment of Electronic Commerce for Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises
Chapter 14
Robert C. MacGregor
It has long been known that small businesses have realised enhanced profits through the adoption of ecommerce. However, a number of recent studies... Sample PDF
Barriers to E-Commerce Adoption in SMEs: A Comparison of the Perception of Barriers in a Developed and a Developing Country
Chapter 15
Anthony Mark Orme, Letha H. Etzkorn
Recently, new standards for business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce transactions, to reduce extended record locking, relaxed standard database... Sample PDF
A Parallel Methodology for Reduction of Coupling in Distributed Business-to-Business E-Commerce Transactions
Chapter 16
Olav Sorensen
E-business is key to export development for developing economy firms. There are however key barriers and facilitators to e-business adoption for... Sample PDF
E-Business Triggers: Further Insights into Barriers and Facilitators amongst Ghanaian Non-Traditional Exporters (NTEs)
Chapter 17
Md. Mahbubur Rahim, Graeme Shanks, Robert Johnston, Pradip Sarker
Interorganizational systems (IOS) play a critical role in today’s e-commerce environment. These systems are introduced by different organizations... Sample PDF
Organizational Motivation and Interorganizational Systems Adoption Process: Empirical Evaluation in the Australian Automotive Industry
Chapter 18
Arjun Kalyanpur, Firoz Latif, Sanjay Saini, Surendra Sarnikar
Advances in healthcare information technology have enabled new models for electronic delivery of healthcare services. In this article, we present... Sample PDF
Inter-Organizational E-Commerce in Healthcare Services: The Case of Global Teleradiology