Classifying B2B Inter-Organizational Information Systems

Classifying B2B Inter-Organizational Information Systems

B. Ilyoo (University of California at Los Angeles, USA)
Copyright: © 2005 |Pages: 21
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59140-318-0.ch003
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This paper aims at developing a framework for business-to-business (B2B) inter-organizational systems (IOSs), based on real-world IOS examples. Based upon two dimensions, role linkage and system support level, we propose a new framework that classifies IOSs into four basic types: (1) resource pooling, (2) operational cooperation, (3) operational coordination, and (4) complementary cooperation. We review select cases that fit into each category and consider the common characteristics of systems in each category. Then we draw implications for IOS planning and suggest a five-step process for creating an IOS plan. It is argued that each category of IOS needs to be linked with a specific business strategy, although each employs a common technical infrastructure.

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Sean B. Eom
Table of Contents
Chapter 1
Sean B. Eom
One of the important roles of information technology is to permit firms to manage organizational interdependence. Over the past two decades, the... Sample PDF
An Introduction to Inter-Organizational Information Systems with Selected Bibliography
Chapter 2
Joseph B. O’Donnell, Bonnie C. Glassberg
This chapter provides a typology of inter-organizational information systems (IOISs) in order to provide a better understanding of the purposes of... Sample PDF
A Typology of Inter-Organizational Information Systems
Chapter 3
B. Ilyoo
This paper aims at developing a framework for business-to-business (B2B) inter-organizational systems (IOSs), based on real-world IOS examples.... Sample PDF
Classifying B2B Inter-Organizational Information Systems
Chapter 4
Sean B. Eom, Choong Kwon Lee
An IOS is an information and management system that transcends organizational boundaries via electronic linkages with its trading partners. The... Sample PDF
Information Technology Infrastructure for Inter-Organizational Systems
Chapter 5
Matthew W. Guah, Wendy L. Currie
The Application Service Provision (ASP) business model offers a pragmatic adoption path for inter-organizations in the Internet Age. Given this... Sample PDF
Application Service Provision: A Working Tool for Inter-Organizational Systems in the Internet Age
Chapter 6
Federico Pigni, Aurelio Ravarini, Donatella Sciuto, Carlo Angelo Zanaboni, Janice Burn
This chapter is a first contribution to the study of the role of a business association (BA) in managing inter-organizational (IO) relationships... Sample PDF
Business Associations as Hubs of Inter-Organizational Information Systems for SMEs - The 2Cities Portal
Chapter 7
Stefan Klein, Angeliki Poulymenakou, Kai Riemer, Dimitris Papakiriakopoulos, Marcel Gogolin, Athanasios Nikas
Inter-organizational information systems (IOIS) are information systems (ISs) embedded or deployed in inter-organizational relations. Predominantly... Sample PDF
IOIS and Interfirm Networks - Interdependents and Managerial Challenges
Chapter 8
Hope Koch
New technology, fueled by the Internet’s commercialization, has led to new types of business partner connectivity. However, statistics show... Sample PDF
Inter-Organizational Information System Adoption and Diffusion: A Review and Analysis of Empirical Research
Chapter 9
Sean B. Eom
Extranets are triggering a revolution in the structure and operations of many organizations in the new Internet-driven global economy. Extranets... Sample PDF
Evolution of DSS from Single User DSS to Inter-Organizational DSS
Chapter 10
Daniel J. Power, Shashidhar Kaparthi
A broad range of Inter-Organizational Decision Support Systems (IODSSs) can be built to support external stakeholders of an organization. This... Sample PDF
An Examination of Inter-Organizational Decision Support Systems
Chapter 11
Jill Drury, Jean Scholtz
This chapter describes different means of evaluating the usability and suitability of computer-based inter-organizational information systems... Sample PDF
Evaluating Inter-Organizational Information Systems
Chapter 12
Christine E. Storer, Geoffrey N. Soutar, Mohammed Quaddus
This chapter suggests the use of comparative pairs analysis as a method of collecting data for inter-organizational information system and chain... Sample PDF
Comparative Pairs Analysis for Inter-Organizational Information Systems (IOIS) Research
Chapter 13
Jose A. Medina-Garrido, Sebastian Bruque-Camara, Jose Ruiz-Navarro
This chapter analyzes how information technology fosters and supports the creation of strategic networks. First, we shall establish an eclectic... Sample PDF
Empirical Evidence on How Information Technology Encourages the Creation of Strategic Networks
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