Collaborative or Cooperative Learning?

Collaborative or Cooperative Learning?

Joanne M. McInnerney (Central Queensland University, Australia) and Tim S. Roberts (Central Queensland University, Australia)
Copyright: © 2004 |Pages: 12
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59140-174-2.ch009
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With many educational institutions now making use of the Internet for the delivery of courses, many educators are showing interest in non-standard methodologies for teaching and learning — methodologies such as the use of online group collaborative or cooperative work. It is clearly beneficial for educators keen to introduce group learning into a tertiary environment to first familiarize themselves with the existing literature. However, much of the literature conflates the two terms, hence implementation methods and research results are hard to assess. This chapter attempts to clearly distinguish the two terms “collaborative” and “cooperative” so that they can be used appropriately and unambiguously, briefly describes the advantages and shortcomings of each, and concludes with some remarks as to the application of such methods in an online environment.

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Table of Contents
Tim S. Roberts
Chapter 1
Sue Bennett
This chapter considers computer-supported collaborative learning within the context of a technology-supported project-based subject offered to... Sample PDF
Supporting Collaborative Project Teams Using Computer-Based Technologies
Chapter 2
Hanni Muukkonen, Kai Hakkarainen, Minna Lakkala
With the introduction of new learning technology into universities, schools and classrooms, there is the potential to change educational practices... Sample PDF
Computer-Mediated Progressive Inquiry in Higher Education
Chapter 3
Curtis J. Bonk, Robert A. Wisher, Ji-Yeon Lee
In response to the changes taking place in collaborative online learning environments, this chapter discusses how the simultaneous emergence of... Sample PDF
Moderating Learner-Centered E-Learning: Problems and Solutions, Benefits and Implications
Chapter 4
Joerg Zumbach, Annette Hillers, Peter Reimann
In this chapter we discuss possibilities and shortcomings of Internet usage for distributed problem-based learning. Several problems with the use of... Sample PDF
Supporting Distributed Problem-Based Learning: The Use of Feedback Mechanisms in Outline Learning
Chapter 5
Rod Nason, Earl Woodruff
This chapter discusses why computer supported collaborative learning (CSCL) environments have been unsuccessful in facilitating knowledge building... Sample PDF
Online Collaborative Learning in Mathematics: Some Necessary Innovations
Chapter 6
John M. Dirkx, Regina O. Smith
Online learning programs have been expanding at exponential rates. To help encourage the development of learning communities within these... Sample PDF
Thinking Out of a Bowl of Spaghetti: Learning to Learn in Online Collaborative Groups
Chapter 7
Lesley Treleaven
In this chapter, the literature of online collaborative learning (OCL) is extensively reviewed for contributions to evaluation. This review presents... Sample PDF
A New Taxonomy for Evaluation Studies of Online Collaborative Learning
Chapter 8
Charles R. Graham, Melanie Misanchuk
With the increased availability of computers and Internet technologies, computer-mediated learning environments are on the rise in both higher... Sample PDF
Computer-Mediated Learning Groups: Benefits and Challenges to Using Groupwork in Online Learning Environments
Chapter 9
Joanne M. McInnerney, Tim S. Roberts
With many educational institutions now making use of the Internet for the delivery of courses, many educators are showing interest in non-standard... Sample PDF
Collaborative or Cooperative Learning?
Chapter 10
Albert L. Ingram, Lesley G. Hathorn
With many educational institutions now making use of the Internet for the delivery of courses, many educators are showing interest in non-standard... Sample PDF
Methods for Analyzing Collaboration in Online Communications
Chapter 11
Elsebeth Korsgaard Sorensen
An alternative theoretical framework for analyzing and designing computer-supported collaborative learning environments is introduced. Bateson’s... Sample PDF
Reflection and Intellectual Amplification in Online Communities of Collaborative Learning
Chapter 12
Agnes Kukulska-Hulme
This chapter explores the value and strategies of online group leadership through a review of published research literature. We examine the... Sample PDF
Do Online Collaborative Groups Need Leaders?
Chapter 13
John B. Nash, Christoph Richter, Heidrun Allert
This chapter addresses theoretical frameworks for the evaluation of computer-supported learning environments. It outlines the characteristics and... Sample PDF
Drawing on Design to Improve Evaluation of Computer Supported Collaborative Learning: Two Complementary Views
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