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E-Commerce and SMEs: A Reflection and the Way Ahead

Copyright © 2004. 14 pages.
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Poon, Simpson and Xueli (Charlie) Huang. "E-Commerce and SMEs: A Reflection and the Way Ahead." Electronic Commerce in Small to Medium-Sized Enterprises: Frameworks, Issues and Implications. IGI Global, 2004. 17-30. Web. 13 Feb. 2016. doi:10.4018/978-1-59140-146-9.ch002


Poon, S., & Huang, X. C. (2004). E-Commerce and SMEs: A Reflection and the Way Ahead. In N. Al-Qirim (Ed.), Electronic Commerce in Small to Medium-Sized Enterprises: Frameworks, Issues and Implications (pp. 17-30). Hershey, PA: Idea Group Publishing. doi:10.4018/978-1-59140-146-9.ch002


Poon, Simpson and Xueli (Charlie) Huang. "E-Commerce and SMEs: A Reflection and the Way Ahead." In Electronic Commerce in Small to Medium-Sized Enterprises: Frameworks, Issues and Implications, ed. Nabeel Al-Qirim, 17-30 (2004), accessed February 13, 2016. doi:10.4018/978-1-59140-146-9.ch002

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E-Commerce and SMEs: A Reflection and the Way Ahead
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Since the middle of the 1990s when e-commerce1 promised to transform the way business is done, curiosity about what impact it has on small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) was raised. Throughout the 1990s till this chapter was written, academia, industry, and governments around the world have carried out much research in this area. The efforts range from studying adoption of e-commerce to understanding what contributed to the success of e-commerce. Some focused on the technical issues while other looked at organizational and management concerns. Despite this wealth of added knowledge, there is only a fragmented understanding of how SMEs have benefited from e-commerce. In this chapter, we attempt to provide a reflection, based on the research published, on how SMEs have fared in the era of e-commerce. We conclude that further consolidation of the understanding will be developed by systematically refining research so far carried out.

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Chapter 1
Nabeel A.Y. Al-Qirim
It is believed that the recent emergence of electronic commerce (e-commerce) in the early ’90s could provide different opportunities to small to... Sample PDF
A Framework for Electronic Commerce Research in Small to Medium-Sized Enterprises
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Chapter 2
Simpson Poon, Xueli (Charlie) Huang
Since the middle of the 1990s when e-commerce1 promised to transform the way business is done, curiosity about what impact it has on small to... Sample PDF
E-Commerce and SMEs: A Reflection and the Way Ahead
List Price: $37.50
Chapter 3
Tanya Castleman
Small-business adoption of electronic business has been analyzed largely in conventional business terms such as benefits and costs, returns on... Sample PDF
Small Businesses as Social Formations: Diverse Rationalities in the Context of E-Business Adoption
List Price: $37.50
Chapter 4
Michael Quayle, John K. Christiansen
This chapter explores the business issues affecting the level of implementation of e-commerce adoption in small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).... Sample PDF
Business Issues in the 21st Century: An Empirical Study of E-Commerce Adoption in UK and Denmark SMEs
List Price: $37.50
Chapter 5
Pauline Ratnasingam
Small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have limited power in the Supply Chain Management Network (SCMN), as they come with limited resources to... Sample PDF
Perceived Barriers and Risks of E-Commerce Supply Chain Management Network Among SMEs in Australia and New Zealand
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Chapter 6
Fuatai Purcell, Janet Toland, Sid L. Huff
This is a report on research carried out to identify the barriers to adoption, and opportunities that e-commerce offers for SMEs in the small island... Sample PDF
The Potential of E-Commerce for Remotely Located SMEs: Case Studies from Samoa
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Chapter 7
Chalermsak Lertwongsatien, Nitaya Wongpinunwatana, Angsana Achakulwisut
This study examines the factors influencing the variations of e-commerce adoption decisions in small and medium businesses in Thailand. Based on the... Sample PDF
Factors Influencing E-Commerce Adoption in Small to Medium Businesses: An Empirical Study in Thailand
List Price: $37.50
Chapter 8
James Griffin
This chapter adopts a ‘technology cluster’ perspective in examining Internet usage within SMEs, analyzing Internet usage in terms of three distinct... Sample PDF
Mapping the Diffusion of the Internet Technology Cluster: An Examination of Irish SMEs
List Price: $37.50
Chapter 9
Zakia A. Elsammani, Ray Hackney, Phil Scown
E-business, through the exploitation of Internet technologies, is frequently associated in the literature with improvements in business performance... Sample PDF
SMEs Adoption and Implementation Process of Websites in the Presence of Change Agents
List Price: $37.50
Chapter 10
William Golden, Martin Hughes, Lucy Ruane
This chapter investigates the factors that have contributed to successful e-enablement within Irish SMEs. These factors are categorized as... Sample PDF
Traits of Successfully E-Enabled Irish SMEs
List Price: $37.50
Chapter 11
Judith Jeffcoate, Caroline Chappell, Sylvie Feindt
This chapter is intended as a contribution to the establishment of a theoretical foundation for the e-commerce field. Our specific contribution to... Sample PDF
Assessing the Impact of E-Commerce on SMEs in Value Chains: A Qualitative Approach
List Price: $37.50
Chapter 12
Carsten Svensson, Martin Malis
When dealing with complex product models, efficient knowledge distribution is essential to obtain success. This chapter describes how product models... Sample PDF
Mass Customization and Product Models
List Price: $37.50
Chapter 13
Christoph Auer
This chapter highlights the differences that exist between the e-commerce (EC) perspective of SMEs and the EC perspective from the researchers’... Sample PDF
E-Transformation of Austrain SMEs: A Concept that Fits the Reality
List Price: $37.50
Chapter 14
Aurelio Ravarini, Marco Tagliavini, Carlo Zanaboni, Paolo Faverio, Jennifer Moro, Donatella Sciuto
The evolution of information and communication technologies (ICTs) is thought to bring new development opportunities for enterprises by enabling the... Sample PDF
Solutions to Support Procurement Activities within Industrial Districts
List Price: $37.50
Chapter 15
Elizabeth Fife, Francis Pereira
This chapter provides in-depth profiles of two representative small firms and one medium-sized firm from a variety of industry sectors in order to... Sample PDF
SMEs and the Internet: Re-Engineering Core Business Processes and Defining the Business Proposition for Success
List Price: $37.50
Chapter 16
Reggie Davidrajuh
SMEs form a virtual enterprise—a short-term loose integration, to meet business opportunities; managers of SMEs are looking for a tool that could... Sample PDF
Business-to-Business E-Commerce for Collaborative Supply Chain Design and Development
List Price: $37.50
Chapter 17
Sushil K. Sharma, Nilmini Wickramasinghe, Jatinder N.D. Gupta
The shift to a knowledge-based economy results largely from developments in information and communications technologies. Knowledge-based economies... Sample PDF
What Should SMEs do to Succeed in Today's Knowledge-Based Economy?
List Price: $37.50
Chapter 18
Arthur Tatnall, Stephen Burgess, Mohini Singh
The importance of Web portals to small business has increased considerably in recent years. There are many different types of portals, but this... Sample PDF
Community and Regional Portals in Australia: A Role to Play for Small Businesses?
List Price: $37.50
Chapter 19
Vishanth Weerakkody, D.E.S. Tebboune, Wendy L. Currie, Naureen Khan
In the last few years there has been much interest in the delivery of software-as-a-service. The concept of remote application outsourcing, or... Sample PDF
Analyzing the Risk Factors of Moving to a Remote Application Outsourcing Model
List Price: $37.50
Chapter 20
Yuroung Yao, Kevin C. DeSouza, Edward Watson
This chapter explores the role of application service providers (ASPs) in the development of small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in e-commerce... Sample PDF
The Role of Application Service Providers in the Development of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises
List Price: $37.50
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