Converting Browsers to Buyers: Key Consideration in Designing Business-to-Consumer Web Sites

Converting Browsers to Buyers: Key Consideration in Designing Business-to-Consumer Web Sites

C. Ranganathan (University of Illinois Chicago, USA) and Elizabeth E. Grandon (Emporia State University, USA)
Copyright: © 2005 |Pages: 15
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59140-327-2.ch010
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In this chapter we explore the key elements in designing business-to-consumer Web sites. We synthesize the results of two independent research studies to delve upon the important considerations in developing and designing effective online retail sites. We examine Web site design from two perspectives. First, we examine how consumers view online Web sites and what factors they look for in effective retail sites. Second, we explore the top retail Web sites and identify the elements making up the top retailing Web sites. Then, we identify the gaps in current Web site practices and the online consumer expectations. Finally, we reflect upon this analysis to propose some important considerations in designing an effective online business-to-consumer Web site.

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Table of Contents
Yuan Gao
Chapter 1
Kuan-Pin Chiang, Ruby Roy Dholakia, Stu Westin
The continued success of online shopping will be determined by the degree to which consumers utilize the Internet during their decision making... Sample PDF
e-Search: A Conceptual Framework of Online Consumer Behavior
Chapter 2
Byung-Kwan Lee, Wei-Na Lee
Information search is an integral part of the consumer decision making process. There is no doubt that the Internet contributes to, and will... Sample PDF
Information Search on the Internet: A Casual Model
Chapter 3
Yue Pan, George Zinkhan
The Internet provides an alternative method for reaching retail consumers, and e-tailing is attracting considerable attention from practitioners and... Sample PDF
Two Models of Online Patronage: Why Do Consumers Shop on the Internet?
Chapter 4
Jang-Sun Hwang, Sally J. McMillan
Interactivity is a key feature of Web advertising that makes this new format of advertising attractive. In spite of increasing research work dealing... Sample PDF
How Consumers Think About 'Interactive' Aspects of Web Advertising
Chapter 5
Ji-Young Hong, Wei-Na Lee
The emergence of the Internet and its communication capabilities have changed the way consumers communicate their negative experiences with products... Sample PDF
Consumer Complaint Behavior in the Online Environment
Chapter 6
Mei Cao, Qingyu Zhang
Web sites are being widely deployed commercially; however, the factors that affect the customer’s perception on the quality and acceptance of Web... Sample PDF
Web Site Quality and Usability in E-Commerce
Chapter 7
Qimei Chen
In this chapter, a general framework has been proposed to address the relationship between objective complexity and perceived complexity and their... Sample PDF
Objective and Perceived Complexity and Their Impacts on Internet Communication
Chapter 8
Nanda Kumar
This chapter reviews the different types of personalization systems commonly employed by Web sites and argues that their deployment as Web site... Sample PDF
Personalization Systems and Their Deployment as Web Site Interface Design
Chapter 9
Manuel Jesús Sanchez-Franco
Researchers are confronted with a choice among models to explain Web acceptance and usage. Therefore, as Venkatesh et al. (2003) suggest, there is a... Sample PDF
Extrinsic Plus Intrinsic Human Factors Influencing the Web Usage
Chapter 10
C. Ranganathan, Elizabeth E. Grandon
In this chapter we explore the key elements in designing business-to-consumer Web sites. We synthesize the results of two independent research... Sample PDF
Converting Browsers to Buyers: Key Consideration in Designing Business-to-Consumer Web Sites
Chapter 11
Li Xiao, Subhasish Dasgupta
A Web portal is a site that aggregates information from multiple sources on the World Wide Web and organizes this material in an easy user-friendly... Sample PDF
User Satisfaction with Web Portals: An Empirical Study
Chapter 12
Web Design and E-Commerce  (pages 205-221)
Xiaoni Zhang, Margaret Myers
Computers and the Internet are now pervasive and essential parts of our lives: we use them at work and at home to gather information, for... Sample PDF
Web Design and E-Commerce
Chapter 13
Ming Wang
This chapter introduces the shopping agent technology as a new Internet marketing trend. The recent development of shopping agent Web sites has... Sample PDF
Shopping Agent Web Sites: A Comparative Shopping Environment
Chapter 14
Penelope Markellou, Maria Rigou, Spiros Sirmakessis
The increasing integration of the Web into our trivial daily activities has become one of the prevailing trends in our days. Buying online is... Sample PDF
Product Catalog Shopping Cart Effective Design
Chapter 15
Marios Koufaris
While the number of Web users continues to grow very quickly worldwide, only a small percentage of them buy products or services online. The main... Sample PDF
Customer Trust in Online Commerce
Chapter 16
Manlio Del Giudice
This chapter focuses on how Web site elements (e.g., interface design, tools provided, usability, information, etc.) can influence customer... Sample PDF
Turning Web Surfers into Loyal Customers: Cognitive Lock-In Through Interface Design and Web Site Usability
Chapter 17
Changsoo Sohn, Dong-Il Lee
As expectation of e-businesses has changed to disappointment, many e-business companies are trying to survive in Internet markets. As a way to... Sample PDF
Internet Markets and E-Loyalty
Chapter 18
Cherie Ann Sherman
This chapter discusses recent court decisions, important to both Web site developers and corporations that restrict the software techniques that a... Sample PDF
Web Systems Design, Litigation, and Online Consumer Behavior
Chapter 19
Robert Pennington
This chapter discusses the relationships among several concepts important to Web design, marketing communications and consumer behavior. Originally... Sample PDF
Affording Cultural and Social Presence in E-Marketing
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