Creative London? Investigating New Modalities of Work in the Cultural Industries

Creative London? Investigating New Modalities of Work in the Cultural Industries

David Lee (Goldsmiths College, University of London, UK)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59904-234-3.ch008
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This chapter considers the emergence of the discourse of creativity in contemporary economic, political, and social life, and the characteristics of emerging labour markets in the cultural industries. In particular it is concerned with analysing the working experiences of a number of individuals working in the cultural industries in London. Using a critical theoretical framework of understanding, it examines the importance of cultural capital, subjectivisation, governmentality, network sociality, and individualization as key concepts for understanding the experience of labour in the creative economy. This chapter considers how creative individuals negotiate the precarious, largely freelance, deregulated and de-unionised terrain of contemporary work. As the economic becomes increasingly inflected by the cultural in contemporary social life, the terrain of experience of individuals working in these expanding sectors has been neglected in cultural studies. This chapter seeks to critically intervene in this area, arguing that the “creative” turn in contemporary discourse can be seen to mask emergent inequalities and exploitative practices in the post-industrial employment landscape.

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Table of Contents
Chapter 1
Imar de Vries
In this chapter, visions of mobile communication are explored by focussing on idealised concepts surrounding wireless technology. By examining... Sample PDF
Propagating the Ideal: The Mobile Communication Paradox
Chapter 2
Gaby Anne Wildenbos, Yuichi Washida
This chapter focuses on the Japanese usage of digital products. Both the consumer and production side are addressed, whereby emphasizing the mobile... Sample PDF
Beauty and the Nerd: Ethnographical Analyses in the Japanese Digitalization
Chapter 3
Michael Bjom
This chapter is an empirical research report describing the diffusion of mobile camera phones and picture mail services in Japan between the years... Sample PDF
The Right of Interpretation: Who Decides the Success of Picture Mail?
Chapter 4
Masataka Yoshikawa
This chapter aims to explore the future trajectory of enjoying digital music entertainment among consumers comparing the characteristics of the... Sample PDF
Foreseeing the Future Lifestyle with Digital Music: A Comparative Study Between Mobile Phone Ring Tones and Hard-Disk Music Players Like iPod
Chapter 5
Sal Humphreys
This chapter considers how the interactive and social nature of massively multiplayer online games (MMOGs) presents challenges to systems of... Sample PDF
You're in My World Now. Ownership and Access in the Proprietary Community of an MMOG
Chapter 6
David B. Nieborg
The use of digital games for the promotion of goods and services is becoming more popular with the maturing and penetration of the medium. This... Sample PDF
Games and Advertisement: Beyond Banners and Billboards
Chapter 7
Alek Tarkowski
Internet applications such as Web-based blogging and instant messaging tools or social networking sites often provide their users with the... Sample PDF
Digital Petri Dishes: LiveJournal User Icons as a Space and Medium of Popular Cultural Production
Chapter 8
David Lee
This chapter considers the emergence of the discourse of creativity in contemporary economic, political, and social life, and the characteristics of... Sample PDF
Creative London? Investigating New Modalities of Work in the Cultural Industries
Chapter 9
Nigel Culkin, Norbert Morawetz, Keith Randle
The distribution and exhibition of motion pictures are at a crossroads. Ever since the medium was invented in the 1890s the “picture” has been... Sample PDF
Digital Cinema as Disruptive Technology: Exploring New Business Models in the Age of Digital Distribution
Chapter 10
Eggo Muller
Whereas the advent of interactive TV has been discussed as one of the key added values of digitization and convergence of “old” and “new media” for... Sample PDF
Access to the Living Room: Triple Play and Interactive Television Reshaping the Producer/Consumer Relation
Chapter 11
Bas Agterberg
This chapter introduces the innovation of television by looking at the development of high definition television (HDTV). It argues that the way that... Sample PDF
Screening in High Standard: Innovating Film and Television in a Digital Age Through High Definition
Chapter 12
Karen Coppock
This chapter classifies the types of partnerships employed to increase Internet demand in emerging markets. This classification system, or taxonomy... Sample PDF
Bringing on the Next Billion Online: Cooperative Strategies to Create Internet Demand in Emerging Markets
Chapter 13
Kris M. Markman
This chapter examines the use of computer chat technologies for virtual team meetings. The use of geographically dispersed (i.e., virtual) teams is... Sample PDF
Organizing Across Distances: Managing Successful Virtual Team Meetings
Chapter 14
Tracy L.M. Kennedy
This chapter explores the work-family interface by investigating home as a potential work space that must still accommodate the social and leisure... Sample PDF
Working at Home: Negotiating Space and Place
Chapter 15
Yuichi Washida, Shenja van der Graaf, Eva Keeris
This study examines the innovation in communication media, based on empirical survey results from five countries. First, the authors create a... Sample PDF
Media Life Cycle and Consumer-Generated Innovation
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