Data Mining in Franchise Organizations

Data Mining in Franchise Organizations

Ye-Sho Chen (Louisiana State University, USA), Robert Justis (Louisiana State University, USA) and P. Pete Chong (University of Houston-Downtown, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59140-134-6.ch015
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Franchising has been used by businesses as a growth strategy. Based on the authors’ cumulative research and experience in the industry, this paper describes a comprehensive framework that describes both the franchise environment — from customer services to internal operations — and the pertinent data items in the system. The authors identify the most important aspects of a franchising business, the role of online analytical processing (OLAP) and data mining play and the data items that data mining should focus on to ensure its success.

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Table of Contents
Hamid Nemati, Christopher D. Barko
Chapter 1
Hamid R. Nemati, Christopher D. Barko
An increasing number of organizations are struggling to overcome “information paralysis” — there is so much data available that it is difficult to... Sample PDF
Organizational Data Mining (ODM): An Introduction
Chapter 2
Riad A. Ajami, Marca Marie Bear, Hanne Norreklit
Multinational corporate sustainability is dependent upon factors other than short-term profit concerns and the capacity to generate wealth for... Sample PDF
Multinational Corporate Sustainability: A Content Analysis Approach
Chapter 3
Kate A. Smith, Mark S. Dale
This chapter employs Michael Porter’s Five Forces model to understand the potential strategic value of data mining within the Australian banking... Sample PDF
A Porter Framework for Understanding the Strategic Potential of Data Mining for the Australian Banking Industry
Chapter 4
Chandra S. Amaravadi, Farhad Daneshgar
Data mining has quickly emerged as a tool that can allow organizations to exploit their information assets. In this chapter, we suggest how this... Sample PDF
The Role of Data Mining in Organizational Cognition
Chapter 5
Hamid R. Nemati, Charmion Brathwaite, Kara Harrington
Technological advances and decreased costs of implementing and using technology have allowed for vast amounts of data to be collected, used and... Sample PDF
Privacy Implications of Organizational Data Mining
Chapter 6
Richard E. Potter, Pierre A. Balthazard
Team collaborations generate rich collections of information that are valuable inputs to the knowledge management (KM) process. But such... Sample PDF
Knowledge Exchange in Organizations is a Potential, Not a Given: Methodologies for Assessment and Management of a Knowledge-Sharing Culture
Chapter 7
Stephen D. Durbin, Doug Warner, J. Neal Richter, Zuzana Gedeon
This chapter introduces practical issues of information navigation and organizational knowledge management involved in delivering customer service... Sample PDF
Organic Knowledge Management for Web-Based Customer Service
Chapter 8
Hokey Min, Ahmed Emam
A successful path to purchasing negotiation often hinges on the buyer’s ability to gain relative bargaining strength. The buyer’s bargaining... Sample PDF
A Data Mining Approach to Formulating a Successful Purchasing Negotiation Strategy
Chapter 9
William L. Tullar
This chapter focuses on the pattern detection and extraction step in text data commonly called text data mining. I examine some of the literature on... Sample PDF
Mining Meaning: Extracting Value from Virtual Discussions
Chapter 10
Rahul Singh, Richard T. Redmond, Victoria Yoon
Intelligent decision support requires flexible, knowledge-driven analysis of data to solve complex decision problems faced by contemporary decision... Sample PDF
An Intelligent Support System Integrating Data Mining and Online Analytical Processing
Chapter 11
David M. Steiger, Natalie M. Steiger
The three stages of mathematical modeling include model formulation, solution and analysis. To date, the primary focus of model-based decision... Sample PDF
Knowledge Mining in DSS Model Analysis
Chapter 12
Rustam Vahidov
This chapter discusses recent advances in the use of agent technology in Decision Support Systems (DSSs) and introduces a model for an agent-based... Sample PDF
Empowering Modern Managers: Towards an Agent-Based Decision Support System
Chapter 13
Cheryl Aasheim, Gary J. Koehler
This chapter proposes a methodology to scan, analyze and classify the content of primarily text-based Web documents to aid an organization in... Sample PDF
Mining Message Board Content on the World Wide Web for Organizational Information
Chapter 14
Hugh J. Watson, Barbara H. Wixom, Dale L. Goodhue
Data warehouses are helping resolve a major problem that has plagued decision support applications over the years — a lack of good data. Top... Sample PDF
Data Warehousing: The 3M Experience
Chapter 15
Ye-Sho Chen, Robert Justis, P. Pete Chong
Franchising has been used by businesses as a growth strategy. Based on the authors’ cumulative research and experience in the industry, this paper... Sample PDF
Data Mining in Franchise Organizations
Chapter 16
Mary Jane Lenard, Pervaiz Alam
This chapter examines the use of fuzzy clustering and expert reasoning for the identification of firms whose financial statements are affected by... Sample PDF
The Use of Fuzzy Logic and Expert Reasoning for Knowledge Management and Discovery of Financial Reporting Fraud
Chapter 17
Scott Nicholson, Jeffrey Stanton
Library and information services in corporations, schools, universities and communities capture information about their users, circulation history... Sample PDF
Gaining Strategic Advantage Through Bibliomining: Data Mining for Management Decisions in Corporate, Special, Digital and, Traditional Libraries
Chapter 18
Henry Dillon, Beverley Hope
Knowledge discovery in databases (KDD) is a field of research that studies the development and use of various data analysis tools and techniques.... Sample PDF
Translating Advances in Data Mining in Business Operations: The Art of Data Mining in Retailing
Chapter 19
Jeff Zeanah
This chapter discusses impediments to exploratory data mining success. These impediments were identified based on anecdotal observations from... Sample PDF
Impediments to Exploratory Data Mining Success
Chapter 20
Isabel Ramos, João Álvaro Carvalho
This chapter addresses the definition of organizational data mining (ODM) practices that leverage knowledge creation in organizations. It argues... Sample PDF
Towards Constructionist Organizational Date Mining (ODM): Changing the Focus from Technology to Social Construction Knowledge
Chapter 21
Parviz Partow-Navid, Ludwig Slusky
Web mining is the application of data mining techniques to discover the usage patterns of Web data, in order to better serve the needs of Web site... Sample PDF
E-Commerce and Data Mining: Integration Issues and Challenges
Chapter 22
Bernd Knobloch
This chapter introduces a framework for organizational data analysis suited for data-driven and hypotheses-driven problems. It shows why knowledge... Sample PDF
A Framework for Organizational Data Analysis and Organizational Data Mining
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