Data Warehousing and Analytics in Banking: Implementation

Data Warehousing and Analytics in Banking: Implementation

L. Venkat Narayanan (Satyam Computer Services, Singapore)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59904-675-4.ch013
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Data Warehousing and Analytics represent one of the foremost technologies that can be used by banks to obtain sustainable competitive advantage. Adopting the right implementation methodology is critical to ensure successful implementation. Alternate implementation methodologies, typical challenges in implementation and critical success factors apart from real life case studies are discussed here, as learning points to aid in successful implementations. Future proofing implementations is critical to avoid rework and hence some key emerging trends have also been discussed.

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Table of Contents
M. Rammohan Rao
Vadlamani Ravi
Chapter 1
Vadlamani Ravi
This chapter introduces banking technology as a confluence of several disparate disciplines such as Finance (including risk management), Information... Sample PDF
Introduction to Banking Technology and Management
Chapter 2
Carlo Gabriel Porto Bellini, Rita de Cássia de Faria Pereira
Quality in servicing customers is an important marketing construct for banks, but idiosyncrasies in the definition of service quality and customer... Sample PDF
Service Quality in Banks: What are the Factors Behind Performance and Customer Satisfaction?
Chapter 3
Mahil Carr
This chapter reviews important theories?the diffusion of innovations theory, the theory of planned behavior, and the technology acceptance model?in... Sample PDF
Adoption and Diffusion of Internet Banking
Chapter 4
Miltiadis Makris, Harilaos Koumaras, Anastasia Konstantopoulou, Sotiris Konidis, Spyros Kostakis
This chapter deals with the factors that affect the Internet Banking customer acceptance. More specifically, it is examined the case of ALPHA Bank... Sample PDF
Customer Acceptance of Internet Banking Services in Greece: The Case Study of Alpha Bank
Chapter 5
Zouhaïer M’Chirgui, Olivier Chanel
The electronic purse is one of the latest smart card applications. It handles small payments and is complementary to other payment cards. However... Sample PDF
The Adoption and Use of Smart Card Technology in Banking: An Empirical Evidence from the Moneo Electronic Purse in France
Chapter 6
Manas Ranjan Patra
The banking industry has undergone a major change in recent years. Global competition has forced the industry to be more agile and customer focused... Sample PDF
Engineering Banking Applications: A Service-Oriented Agent-Based Approach
Chapter 7
Jarunee Wonglimpiyarat
This chapter is concerned with the challenges of smart cards as a system innovation in the banking industry. System innovation is the innovation... Sample PDF
Smart Cards in the Banking Industry: Challenges, Competition, and Collaboration in the 2000's
Chapter 8
Manish Gupta, Raghav Rao, Shambhu Upadhyaya
Information assurance is a key component in e-banking services. This article investigates the information assurance issues and tenets of e-banking... Sample PDF
Electronic Banking and Information Assurance Issues: Survey and Synthesis
Chapter 9
Seema Nambiar, Chang-Tien Lu
Mobile security and payment are central to m-commerce. The shift from physical to virtual payments has brought enormous benefits to consumers and... Sample PDF
M-Payment Solutions and M-Commerce Fraud Management
Chapter 10
Murali K. Mantrala, Manfred Kraft, Beibei Dong, Kalyan Raman
This chapter’s aim is to synthesize and present insights relevant to CRM process implementation in retail banking drawn from the Marketing research... Sample PDF
The CRM Process and the Banking Industry: Insights from the Marketing Literature
Chapter 11
This paper attempts to critically examine the available literature on the subject, discuss a model that provides a framework for analyzing the... Sample PDF
Technology and Customer Value Dynamics in the Banking Industry: Measuring Symbiotic Influence in Growth and Performance
Chapter 12
L. Venkat Narayanan
In an increasingly competitive market, banks are constantly searching for sustainable competitive advantage to help them maintain their edge against... Sample PDF
Data Warehousing and Analytics in Banking: Concepts
Chapter 13
L. Venkat Narayanan
Data Warehousing and Analytics represent one of the foremost technologies that can be used by banks to obtain sustainable competitive advantage.... Sample PDF
Data Warehousing and Analytics in Banking: Implementation
Chapter 14
Annett Mauser
With approximately 17,490 well-defined modeling objects, the SKO -Datenmodell is probably the most extensive reference data model in German for the... Sample PDF
A Reference Model for Savings Bank
Chapter 15
Vadlamani Ravi, P. Ravi Kumar, Eruku Ravi Srinivas, Nikola K. Kasabov
This chapter presents an algorithm to train radial basis function neural networks (RBFN) in a semi-online manner. It employs the online, evolving... Sample PDF
A Semi-Online Training Algorithm for the Radial Basis Function Neural Networks: Applications to Bankruptcy Prediction in Banks
Chapter 16
Lean Yu, Shouyang Wang, Kin Keung Lai
In this study, a triple-stage support vector regression (SVR) based neural network ensemble forecasting model is proposed for foreign exchange rates... Sample PDF
Forecasting Foreign Exchange Rates Using an SVR-Based Neural Network Ensemble
Chapter 17
G. P. Samanta
This chapter deals with the measurement of Value-at-Risk parameter for a portfolio using historical returns. The main issue here is the estimation... Sample PDF
Chapter 18
Àkos Felsövályi, Jennifer Couran
In this chapter, we will discuss a few areas of this vast and important phenomenon, following the outline below. We will be focusing on corporate... Sample PDF
Data Mining and the Banking Sector: Managing Risk in Lending and Credit Card Activities
Chapter 19
Indranil Bose, Cheng Pui Kan, Chi King Tsz, Lau Wai Ki, Wong Cho Hung
Credit scoring is one of the most popular uses of data mining in the financial industry. Credit scoring can be defined as a technique that helps... Sample PDF
Data Mining for Credit Scoring
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