Digital Library Structure and Software

Digital Library Structure and Software

Cavan McCarthy (Louisiana State University, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59140-575-7.ch034
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Digital libraries (DL) can be characterized as the “high end” of the Internet, digital systems which offer significant quantities of organized, selected materials of the type traditionally found in libraries, such as books, journal articles, photographs and similar documents (Schwartz, 2000). They normally offer quality resources based on the collections of well-known institutions, such as major libraries, archives, historical and cultural associations (Love & Feather, 1998). The field of digital libraries is now firmly established as an area of study, with textbooks (Arms, 2000; Chowdhury & Chowdhury, 2003; Lesk, 1997); electronic journals from the US (D-Lib Magazine: and the UK (Ariadne:; even encyclopedia articles (McCarthy, 2004).

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Naledi Pandor
Stewart Marshall, Wal Taylor, Xinghuo Yu
Chapter 1
Patrice Braun
To date, most research into the implications of the Internet for SMEs has focused on individual business barriers to ICT and e-commerce adoption.... Sample PDF
Action Research Methods
Chapter 2
Pramod Sharma, Dean Carson, Andrew Taylor
Traditionally, the Australian travel agency sector has operated as the premium intermediary in a relatively simple distribution chain that can be... Sample PDF
Adaptive Use of ICT in Response to Disintermediation
Chapter 3
John Pryor
The Fiankoma Project was a development awareness (DA) initiative run by the Video Educational Trust aiming to link the small rural community of... Sample PDF
Analysing a Rural Community's Reception of ICT in Ghana
Chapter 4
Lynne H. De Weaver
The legend on the CTC@NSW Web site,, defines Community Technology Centres (CTCs) as “computer enabled multi-purpose... Sample PDF
Applying for Government Grants for ICT in Australia
Chapter 5
Mohamed El Louadi
In 801, Harun Rashid offered Charlemagne a water clock, the like of which was inexistent in all of Europe at that time; the King’s court thought... Sample PDF
The Arab World, Culture and Information Technology
Chapter 6
Godfred Frempong, Imoro Braimah
Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)1 have become part of the key factors driving social and economic advancement. They have not only... Sample PDF
Assessing Universal Access to ICT in Ghana
Chapter 7
Rahul De
This article considers the issues relevant to assessing the success or failure of large-scale e-government projects in India. Prior research has... Sample PDF
Assessment of E-Government Projects
Chapter 8
Geoff Erwin, Wal Taylor
Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) are posing fundamental questions for society, government and commerce in economic, social... Sample PDF
Assimilation by Communities of Internet Technologies
Chapter 9
Leone Wheeler, Cheryl Lewis-Fitzgerald
Learning networks is a unit within Community & Regional Partnerships (C&RP) at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT University).... Sample PDF
Building a Framework for the Development of RMIT Learning Networks
Chapter 10
José L. Moutinho, Manuel Heitor
Within the current socio-economic paradigm, in which engineering systems are key for the sustainable development (Moses, 2003), the region is... Sample PDF
Building Human-Centered Systems
Chapter 11
Kelly Hutchinson
This article explores how urban Cambodian youth are creating connections and exploring the opportunities that new technology offers for their social... Sample PDF
Cambodian Youth Making Connections
Chapter 12
Ted Leath
Around the world, communities are examining the issues of preserving cultural identity, documenting local history, promoting tourism and examining... Sample PDF
Capturing Community Memory with Images
Chapter 13
Simon Fraser
With the explosion of public awareness of the Internet in the early 1990s, much attention has been focused on ways in which these new technologies... Sample PDF
Caribbean Companies and the Information Superhighway
Chapter 14
Peter Songan, Khairuddin Ab. Hamid, Alvin W. Yeo, Jayapragas Gnaniah, Hushairi Zen
Community Informatics (CI) is the application of ICT to overcome the “digital divide” both within and among communities (Gurstien, 2000). Taylor... Sample PDF
Challenges to Community Informatics to Bridging the Digital Divide
Chapter 15
Daniel Teghe, Bruce Allen Knight
The adoption and innovative use of computer-mediated communication (CMC) technology can have positive outcomes for regional development (Ashford... Sample PDF
Choosing Online Learning Communities or Collaborative Learning
Chapter 16
Auli Keskinen, Tuomo Kuosa
The potential of information communication technology (ICT) opens up whole new sets of concepts and practical solutions to be developed when working... Sample PDF
Citizen-Oriented Decision Making
Chapter 17
Civic Space Portal  (pages 103-106)
Olesya Arkyhypska, Svitlana Bilous, Vitaly Yarinich
Internet use in Ukraine has grown rapidly over the past years. In January 2001, the number of Internet users constituted 4.6% of the Ukraine’s... Sample PDF
Civic Space Portal
Chapter 18
Susana Finquelievich
During 1990s, the transformations that took place in the world economy, focused mainly on information and communication technology (ICT), were... Sample PDF
Civil Society and the New Economy
Chapter 19
Sagren Moodley
Both the production and use of ICT are unevenly distributed across countries and regions. While this is typical of emerging and fast evolving... Sample PDF
Clustering Dynamics of the ICT Sector in South Africa
Chapter 20
Bijan B. Gillani
The explosive growth of the Internet and the dramatic advances in the design and development of online technological tools in recent years have... Sample PDF
Cognitive Theories and the Design of E-Learning Environments
Chapter 21
Juliet Jain, Glenn Lyons
Travel assists the development and maintenance of social networks from the local to the global by connecting people to places. The time spent... Sample PDF
Connecting Dispersed Communities on the Move
Chapter 22
Anneleen Cosemans
How to integrate ICT into schools in an appropriate and meaningful way remains one of the most fraught questions in education today as teachers and... Sample PDF
Connecting the Unconnected in Rural Ireland
Chapter 23
Matthew Mitchell
Participants in development projects and programs that strategically utilize information communication technologies (ICT) are engaged in activities... Sample PDF
Convergence of ICT and Culture
Chapter 24
Martin R. Gibbs, Philippa Wright, Michael Arnold
Recent studies of community networks (CNs) have provided optimistic views of the potential of information and communication technology (ICT) to... Sample PDF
Critical Mass and Self-Sustaining Activity
Chapter 25
Teresa Peters
Information and communications technology (ICT) is a key weapon in the war against world poverty. When used effectively, it offers huge potential to... Sample PDF
Crossing the Digital Divide and Putting ICT to Work to Improve People's Lives
Chapter 26
Deborah Sater Carstens
Information and Communication Technology (ICT) researchers and practitioners are well aware of the cultural challenges brought on by a global market... Sample PDF
Cultural Barriers of Human-Computer Interaction
Chapter 27
Aileen Cater-Steel, Shelly Grist
There is confusion among researchers, practitioners and policymakers about the meaning of terms such as e-commerce, and small and medium enterprise... Sample PDF
The Definition Dilemma of E-Commerce
Chapter 28
Raj Gururajan
Previous innovations, such as telephones allowed individuals to communicate on a one-to-one basis, or for powerful, central institutions to speak... Sample PDF
Determining Whether ICT Improves Social Interactions
Chapter 29
Melih Kirlidog
Virtual Communities (VC), as defined by Rheingold (2000), are the social groups formed in the cyberspace when enough people carry on public... Sample PDF
Developing Regional Communities in Turkey
Chapter 30
Glen Hornby
Many regional and rural centres in Australia view tourism as an increasingly important area of economic opportunity (Commonwealth of Australia... Sample PDF
Developing Regional Destination Marketing Systems
Chapter 31
Dean Carson
Tourism and hospitality industries are heavily reliant on the effective exchange of information between suppliers, intermediaries, regulatory and... Sample PDF
Developing Regional Tourism Using Information Communications Technology
Chapter 32
Tarmo Kalvet
A multitude of writings have appeared since the 1970s describing how societies have undergone “information revolutions” (Bell, 1973; Castells, 1998;... Sample PDF
Digital Divide and the ICT Paradigm Generally and in Estonia
Chapter 33
Maria F. Trujillo
Even though the information revolution is usually traced back to the 1960s in the United States with the convergence of ICT, it was only in the last... Sample PDF
Digital Libraries and Development for the Illiterate
Chapter 34
Cavan McCarthy
Digital libraries (DL) can be characterized as the “high end” of the Internet, digital systems which offer significant quantities of organized... Sample PDF
Digital Library Structure and Software
Chapter 35
Giorgio Agosti
Let us start with a definition: distance education can be called an educational learning process or system where teachers or instructors are... Sample PDF
Distance Education in the Era of Internet
Chapter 36
Matthew David
ADAPTthroughRATIO (AtR) was established to address social exclusion in the South West of the United Kingdom (Devon, Cornwall and Somerset) which has... Sample PDF
Distance Learning, Telematics and Rural Social Exclusion
Chapter 37
Gianluca Misuraca
There is no doubt that the need for all around improvement of performance is very urgent for African governments and that ICT is valuable in... Sample PDF
E-Africa Initiative for Good Governance
Chapter 38
Jayapragas Gnaniah, Alvin W. Yeo, Hushairi Zen, Peter Songan, Khairuddin Ab. Hamid
The Malaysian government inspires the country to become a fully developed nation with an emphasis on knowledge-based economy by the year 2020.... Sample PDF
e-Bario and e-Bedian Project Implementation in Malaysia
Chapter 39
Éliane M.F. Moreau, Louis Raymond, Bernard Vermot-Desroches
In recent years, information communication technologies (ICT) have become accessible throughout the world, and appear to overcome both distance and... Sample PDF
E-Business for SME Development
Chapter 40
Wayne Pease, Michelle Rowe
E-commerce is considered to provide substantial benefits to business, particularly small business. It enables new ways of working to emerge and... Sample PDF
E-Commerce and Small Business in Regional Australia
Chapter 41
Patrice Braun
Today’s networked economy is a strategic combination of many factors, with electronic platforms and relationships underpinning competitive... Sample PDF
E-Commerce and Small Tourism Firms
Chapter 42
Richard M. Escalante
The global environment of e-commerce is revolutionizing business practices and reshaping traditional business transactions over “computer-mediated... Sample PDF
E-Commerce Challenges for Caribbean Businesses
Chapter 43
Kenneth Msiska
Business firms continue to explore innovative ways of conducting business for many reasons. For electronic commerce (e-commerce) the reasons may... Sample PDF
E-Commerce in the Sub-Saharan Africa
Chapter 44
Ulrike Kozeluh
The emergence of new media has raised the hope of many politicians, citizens, political activists and scholars from various disciplines to establish... Sample PDF
E-Democracy as a Contemporary Framework for Citizens' Deliberation
Chapter 45
Heather Arthur-Gray, John Campbell
There is a “deep-rooted inequality situation in the Thai economy and society” (Krongkaewa & Kakwanib, 2003). This inequality permeates all aspects... Sample PDF
Education Trends in Thai Businesses Utilizing Information Technology
Chapter 46
Ester Kaufman
Latin America is suffering from many of the negative consequences of globalization, without benefiting from many of its advantages. Among the... Sample PDF
E-Government and E-Democracy in Latin America
Chapter 47
Janet Toland, Fuatai Purcell, Sid Huff
The capabilities provided through electronic government (e-government) opens up the potential for government’s worldwide to improve the services... Sample PDF
Electronic Government in Small Island States
Chapter 48
Mohamed El Louadi
Learning and knowledge dissemination using Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) is becoming increasingly prevalent in schools and... Sample PDF
E-Mail as a Teaching Supplement in Tunisia
Chapter 49
Dora Scholarios, Esther van der Schoot, Beatrice van der Heijden
The article describes work conducted as part of the Indic@tor project funded by the European Commission (IST-2000-31070) and supported by the... Sample PDF
Employability Management of ICT Professionals
Chapter 50
Olexandr Molodtsov
Efficiency of collective action, aimed at social development, in many ways depends on the level of being well-informed and the intensiveness of... Sample PDF
Establishing a "Knowledge Network" of Local and Regional Development Subjects
Chapter 51
Kirk St. Amant
The fall of the Soviet Union created a series of new economic situations in Eastern Europe. Soviet-style Communism quickly gave way to a radical and... Sample PDF
Expanding E-Commerce into E-Ducation
Chapter 52
Andriy Pazyuk
Having appeared and rapidly developed in all human environments, the computer and telecommunication sphere considerably changed the structure and... Sample PDF
Extended Democratic Space for Citizens' E-Participation
Chapter 53
Cisco M. Magagula
The challenges facing the world, especially developing countries like Swaziland, are many and varied. The United Nations Development Programme... Sample PDF
Forging Partnerships to Provide Computer Literacy in Swaziland
Chapter 54
Hakikur Rahman
“Information society,” “knowledge network” and “digital divide” are terms becoming increasingly common in many parts of the world over recent years.... Sample PDF
Formation of a Knowledge-Based Society through Utilization of Information Networking
Chapter 55
Yu-Wei Lin
As some scholars claim, the digital divide, referring to the perceived gap between those who have access to the latest information technologies and... Sample PDF
Free/Libre Open Source Software for Bridging the Digital Divide
Chapter 56
Peter Demediuk
SMEs (small and medium sized enterprises) are a dynamic force for sustainable economic growth and job creation within developed and developing... Sample PDF
Government Procurement ICT's Impact on the Sustainability of SMEs and Regional Communities
Chapter 57
Alf Neumann
The ongoing discussion on what e-strategy does and what it can do for national information and communication technology (ICT) development has... Sample PDF
How the National E-Strategy Shapes Competitiveness in the Information Economy
Chapter 58
Ashok Banerji, Saswata Basu
It is widely recognised that knowledge and education are the key factors that need attention to eradicate poverty. Yet the poorest sections of the... Sample PDF
ICT Aided Education for People's Empowerment
Chapter 59
Kate Sutcliffe
The Gulf Savannah region (Invest Australia and Gulf Savannah Development, 2003) of north Queensland covers 186,000 square kilometers, an area 80%... Sample PDF
ICT and Developing Social Capital
Chapter 60
Colin R. Latchem, Ajit Maru
About 2 billion people in low-income countries are dependent upon smallholding farming for their livelihoods. These are among the world’s poorest... Sample PDF
ICT and Distance Learning for Agricultural Extension in Low Income Countries
Chapter 61
Wayne Pease, Michelle Rowe, Lauretta Wright
Hervey Bay is located in the Wide Bay Burnett region of Queensland, Australia. Based on a number of economic and social indicators, the region can... Sample PDF
ICT and Regional Development in Australia
Chapter 62
A.J.A. Roofe
This article represents a preliminary attempt to indentify the variables influencing the relationship between technological development and... Sample PDF
ICT and the Efficient Markets Hypothesis
Chapter 63
Andrew Taylor
n November 2003, the Australian Government released the Tourism White Paper, a medium- to long-term strategy for the Australian tourism industry.... Sample PDF
ICT and the Tourism Information Marketplace in Australia
Chapter 64
Pamela McLean
Development initiatives in Nigeria tend to be delivered down through layers of administration, from federal government, to state government, to... Sample PDF
An ICT Enabled "Community" in Rural Nigeria and the UK
Chapter 65
Solomon Negash
Ethiopia is the home of Lucy’s discovery claimed by science as the oldest female in the search for human beginning—dated 3.2 million years (Johanson... Sample PDF
ICT for Ethiopian Community Development
Chapter 66
Usha Sundar Harris
When new technology arrives in a society, it enters an already existing order of social hierarchies, power relationships and a knowledge base. The... Sample PDF
ICT for Social and Cultural Capital in Pacific Island Communities
Chapter 67
Marilyn Lewis
Information and communication technology (ICT) allows users to access information without taking geographic position into account. These users are... Sample PDF
ICT in Medical Education in Trinidad and Tobago
Chapter 68
Saundarjya Borbora, Mrinal Kanti Dutta
Economic development and information and communication technology (ICT) are found to move together in the present day era of globalization. ICT can... Sample PDF
ICT in Regional Development
Chapter 69
Chiara Giorgi, Dieter Schürch
Since the end of 20th Century, the introduction of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) has deeply influenced many aspects of everyday... Sample PDF
ICT, Education, and Regional Development in Swiss Peripheral Areas
Chapter 70
Nicole Arellano, Wallace Chigona, Jeanne Moore, Jean-Paul Van Belle
South Africa has seen many changes in the decade since the mid-1990’s but it is still struggling to rectify the damage caused by apartheid, which... Sample PDF
ICT-Based Community Development Initiatives in South Africa
Chapter 71
Anjali Gera Roy
Akhil Gupta and James Ferguson have observed a motif of discontinuousness in modernist organizations of space. The modern map, which splits the... Sample PDF
Imagining APNA Punjab in Cyberspace
Chapter 72
Anand Chand, David Leeming
PFnet in the Solomon Islands is the first attempt to introduce rural e-mail stations in remote rural villages in isolated islands. It was... Sample PDF
Impact of PFnet Services on Sustainable Rural Development
Chapter 73
Zubeeda Banu Quraishy
In general, developed countries in the world is where Information and Communications Technology (ICT) is in an advanced state, governments in... Sample PDF
Implementation of a Health Information Systems Programme
Chapter 74
Ibrahima Poda, William F. Brescia
Electronic information literacy has gained increased importance with the advent of the new information and communication technologies which, driven... Sample PDF
Improving Electronic Information Literacy in West African Higher Education
Chapter 75
Colin Baskin, Michelle Barker, Peter Woods
Logan City (population of 400,000) is Queensland’s third largest city and one of the fastest growing in Australia. The population is expected to... Sample PDF
Industry-Relevant Smart Community Partnerships
Chapter 76
Malathi Somaiah, V. Vijayalakshmi
Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) is a comprehensive package of services for early childhood care and development, targeted to the... Sample PDF
Information Communication for Child Development Service
Chapter 77
Antonio Santos
The purpose of this article is to propose a methodology to increase information literacy among people who attend telecenters in low-income... Sample PDF
Information Literacy for Telecenter Users in Low-Income Regional Mexican Communities
Chapter 78
Serge S. Azarov
In order to assess the prospects for the development of the information society in Ukraine, there is a need to consider the possible directions or... Sample PDF
The Information Society in Ukraine
Chapter 79
Michelle Rowe
“If you want to access my market, you have to use my standards.” This seems to be the approach adopted by some in China and certainly is the line... Sample PDF
Information Technology Standards in China
Chapter 80
Diego Ragazzi
There is no doubt that wireless communication technologies have been one of the most interesting innovation fields in the telecommunications... Sample PDF
Innovation in Wireless Technologies
Chapter 81
Susan Crichton
The literature suggests a strong tie between literacy and job security; education and poverty. We know that those with higher literacy skills are... Sample PDF
Intentional Online Learning Plans
Chapter 82
Vicente D. Mariano
The Philippines has recently identified five key reform packages where information and communications technology (ICT) will play a key role: job... Sample PDF
Introducing Electronic Governance in the Philippines
Chapter 83
Graham Hassall
Since the establishment of Internet access in the Republic of the Fiji Islands in 1995, Internet policy has been developed in the country in the... Sample PDF
ITC Policy and Practice in the Fiji Islands
Chapter 84
Timothy Shea, Craig Davis
The digital divide exists in poor countries and wealthy countries, the country side and cities, and across age groups. Useful solutions when trying... Sample PDF
Leveraging Digital Multimedia Training for At-Risk Teens
Chapter 85
Lejla Vrazalic, Peter N. Hyland
Social interaction is a fundamental to human beings. In an effort to facilitate social interaction, various tools and technologies have been... Sample PDF
Measuring the Maturity Level of a Community Portal
Chapter 86
Stefane M. Kaben, Jatinder Takhar, Raymond Leduc, Rick Burjaw
As with many disciplines, the fields of healthcare in general and medicine, in particular, have made vast strides in improving patient outcomes and... Sample PDF
Medical Education in the 21st Century
Chapter 87
Mobile Ad Hoc Networks  (pages 494-496)
Jiankun Hu
he history of computer networks can be traced back to the early 1960s, when voice-grade telephone networks dominated the communication networks.... Sample PDF
Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Chapter 88
Sirkka Heinonen
Telework, or e-work as it is now more frequently called in Europe, means working outside one’s regular workplace, utilising sophisticated ICT.... Sample PDF
Mobile E-Work to Support Regional and Rural Communities
Chapter 89
Anirban Lahiri, Anupam Basu
Today, people all over the globe are reaping the fruits of modern technology. One can now use a hoard of devices, ranging from desktop PCs (personal... Sample PDF
Modern Tools and Technologies for the Visually Impaired
Chapter 90
Alicia (Lucy) Cameron
National Competition Policy (NCP) implemented in Australia from 1995 has had a profound effect on the mode and level of service delivery in... Sample PDF
National Competition Policy and Broadband Provision in Australia
Chapter 91
Jayapragas Gnaniah, Peter Songan, Alvin W. Yeo, Hushairi Zen, Khairuddin Ab. Hamid
The Malaysian government, through many initiatives, has seriously looked into reducing and if possible eliminating, the digital divide that exists... Sample PDF
The Need for Community Informatics in Malaysia
Chapter 92
NetTel@Africa  (pages 518-522)
Matthew Mitchell
NetTel@Africa (NetTel) is a transnational capacity development program focused on improving the policy and regulatory environment for the... Sample PDF
Chapter 93
Greg Whateley, Ian Bofinger, Peter Calvo
Universities, both public and private, in Australia (firmly encouraged by higher education authorities) are currently concerned with the mind-set... Sample PDF
New Frontiers for The New Australian Institute of Music
Chapter 94
Anil Shaligram
For social development to take place in rural areas it is necessary to involve the people and assist them in becoming technology-enabled and... Sample PDF
One Village One Computer Campaign in India
Chapter 95
Sylvie Siyam Siwe, Clarisse Loumou Loe
In the Upper Nkam culture in Cameroon, with about 200,000 inhabitants, women (51% of the population) are the core of the community, in charge, from... Sample PDF
Open and Distance Programme for Rural Women
Chapter 96
Giacomo Rambaldi
Mapping is a fundamental way for displaying spatial human cognition. “It is a representational medium that both has a history and is part of the... Sample PDF
Participatory 3D Modelling
Chapter 97
Neil Anderson
A chance meeting with Jhai foundation founder, Lee Thorn, over breakfast during the 2003 “UN World Summit on the Information Society” in Geneva has... Sample PDF
Pedal Powered Wireless Internet in the Laotion Jungle
Chapter 98
A. Lee Gilbert
A regional government IT master plan sets out a viable path for the use of information technology (IT) to support local government operations, align... Sample PDF
Planning for Electronic Government in a Remote Malaysian Site
Chapter 99
Yeslam Al-Saggaf, John Weckert
The Internet was introduced in Saudi Arabia in late January 1999 after a long period of discussions and consultations within the Saudi authorities.... Sample PDF
Political Online Communities in Saudi Arabia
Chapter 100
Savvas Papagiannidis, Joanna Berry, Feng Li
The Internet started as a project by the Advanced Research Projects Agency of the U.S. Department of Defense in the late 1960s. Since then, it has... Sample PDF
Potential Implications of IPv6 for Regional Development
Chapter 101
Simone Cecchini
Poverty and inequality represent two enormous challenges for the countries of Latin America. In 2002, about 220 million people (44% of Latin... Sample PDF
Poverty, Inequality and New Technologies in Latin America
Chapter 102
Wanjira Kinuthia
One of the most difficult challenges facing African higher education institutions (HEIs) is the successful resolution of the inherent tension that... Sample PDF
Preparing African Higher Education Faculty in Technology
Chapter 103
Bijan B. Gillani
There is tremendous pressure today for faculty in academic environments to use Web-based technologies to deliver online instruction. One reason for... Sample PDF
Problem-Based Learning and the Design of E-Learning Environments
Chapter 104
Jean-Philippe Rennard
During 1998-2000, the UK published 4,729 scientific articles per million inhabitants, the Czech Republic published only 1,401 and Turkey 278... Sample PDF
Producing and Sharing Free Advanced Scientific and Technological Knowledge Using the Internet
Chapter 105
Cavan McCarthy
Libraries and archives have always been major information sources for the history, culture and literature of regional communities. It is quite... Sample PDF
Promoting the Culture and Development of Regional Communities with Digital Libraries
Chapter 106
Patrick Craddock, Peggy Duncan
“Tell me a story” is an established educational technique. “Tell me a story” using radio is an application of this technique, but instead of having... Sample PDF
Radio for Social Development
Chapter 107
Patrice Braun
With economic agents operating in global networks of interaction, we now have a global economy, in which the use of ICTs and e-commerce has an... Sample PDF
Regional Tourism and the Internet in Australia
Chapter 108
Laurel Evelyn Dyson
Australia has approximately 1,291 indigenous communities, of which 1,210 are geographically isolated or located in rural areas some distance from... Sample PDF
Remote Indigenous Australian Communities and ICT
Chapter 109
Michelle Rowe
Many multinational firms have located in developing countries to develop their overseas and industrial markets and to take advantage of the low cost... Sample PDF
The Role of Multinationals in Recent IT Developments in China
Chapter 110
Jonathan Trusler, Jean-Paul Van Belle
There is an increasing focus on the growing disparity between the involvement of developed and developing societies in the new “information age.”... Sample PDF
A Rural Multi-Purpose Community Centre in South Africa
Chapter 111
Anneleen Cosemans
SchoolSat1 was an initiative to utilise advances in satellite technology to improve access to the Internet for Irish schools. It was partially... Sample PDF
Satellite Technology in Schools
Chapter 112
Daniel Stern
Our NGO, Uconnect1, is distributing hundreds of refurbished computers to dozens of mostly rural primary and secondary schools in Uganda, training... Sample PDF
Schools-Based Community Networking in Uganda
Chapter 113
Ian Weber, Eric T.K. Lim
Singapore’s transformation to a knowledge-based, information and communication technology (ICT) hub in the Asia-Pacific region began in 1992 with A... Sample PDF
Selling Singapore's E-Lifestyle Initiative to Late Adopters
Chapter 114
Sociocultural Animation  (pages 640-645)
Marcus Foth
The emergence of global computer networks and the widespread availability of advanced information communication technology (ICT) since the... Sample PDF
Sociocultural Animation
Chapter 115
Jo Rhodes
Increasingly, social, economic, and political progress is linked with the ability of countries to make informed, knowledge-based decisions with ICTs... Sample PDF
South African Women's Rural Development and E-Commerce
Chapter 116
Helen Robinson
Online communities can have useful international dimensions because of the very nature of the World Wide Web’s networking capabilities. However... Sample PDF
The South Australian Common Knowledge Community
Chapter 117
Peter G. Mwesige
n recent years, Uganda has witnessed an astronomical growth in the information and communications technology (ICT) sector. For example, between... Sample PDF
The State of Internet Access in Uganda
Chapter 118
Karin Geiselhart, Peter Jamieson
The overall economic, social and environmental health of rural communities is one of the critical issues facing Australia. Without access to basic... Sample PDF
Sustainability Issues for Australian Rural Teleservice Centres
Chapter 119
Michele Cocchiglia
The telecentre movement is not at all old, having been born only in 1985 in Velmdalen, a small farming village in Sweden (Gomez et al., 1999). The... Sample PDF
Sustainable Telecentres for Local Development
Chapter 120
Louis Sanzogni, Heather Arthur-Gray
The phrase “leapfrogging development” reflects the belief, especially in the 1980’s, among policymakers and theoreticians that information... Sample PDF
Technology Leapfrogging in Thailand
Chapter 121
Colin R. Latchem
Dial-up Internet access, wireless mobile services, cybercafés, etc., are fundamentally changing the nature of communications and knowledge and... Sample PDF
Telecentres in Low-Income Nations
Chapter 122
Gevorg Melkonyan
The Synergy Project “Priorities in the Development of Telecommunications Sector in the South Caucasus” (2003) has the task of modernising the... Sample PDF
Telecommunication Problems in Rural Areas of Armenia
Chapter 123
Vanessa Phala
The “information revolution” has not only transformed the world as we know it, but also its future potential. Information and Communication... Sample PDF
Telecommunications Sector and Internet Access in Africa
Chapter 124
Stefane M. Kabene, Raymond Leduc, Rick Burjaw
Information and communication technology (ICT) is constantly changing the world around us. This not only affects the way that we conduct our... Sample PDF
Telework and the Canadian Environment
Chapter 125
Andy Williamson
This article explores the potential of ICT to be used to transform the processes of citizen engagement such that a citizen-centred approach to... Sample PDF
Transforming Democracy through ICT
Chapter 126
Alfredo Eurico Rodrígues Matta
Since the first manifestations of what was agreed to be called civilization, humanity has been considering cities and urbanity relations the main... Sample PDF
Trans-Urbanites and Collaborative Environments in Computer Networks
Chapter 127
Koray Velibeyoglu
Since the end of 1980s, different sectors have implemented geographical information systems (GIS) in Turkey. A study on GIS market in Turkey... Sample PDF
Urban Information Systems in Turkish Local Governments
Chapter 128
Susan Kenyon
People’s ability to participate in the activities that are necessary to ensure their economic, political and social participation in the society in... Sample PDF
Using Virtual Mobility to Alleviate Aspects of Social Exclusion
Chapter 129
Thomas Wilsdon, Jill Slay
With the continual convergence of analogue technologies with those either simulated or implemented in digital based equivalents, future benefits... Sample PDF
Voice Over IP for Rural Telecommunication Provision
Chapter 130
Maximilian C. Forte
Ethnography has traditionally involved the sustained presence of an anthropologist in a physically fixed field setting, intensively engaged with the... Sample PDF
Web Site Development in Action Research
Chapter 131
Wireless in Vietnam  (pages 735-740)
A. Lee Gilbert
Although every infant industry is risky, investors are attracted by the growth potential for wireless data services in emerging economies. Access to... Sample PDF
Wireless in Vietnam
Chapter 132
Workarounds and Security  (pages 741-744)
Fiona Brady
The project uses an actor network (ANT) framework. The value of this approach in relation to the adoption of technology is well established (Callon... Sample PDF
Workarounds and Security
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