Doing International Business Online for the Small and Medium Enterprise

Doing International Business Online for the Small and Medium Enterprise

Sam Edwards (Nagoya University, USA and Japan)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59904-828-4.ch011
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This chapter is designed to address the primary difficulties small and medium enterprises face when doing business online with international partners. The guidance provided in this chapter is primarily for at owners of small and medium enterprises rather than legal professionals. The two main problems inhibiting online transactions are a lack of trust between the parties and the risk inherent in the transaction. This chapter analyzes ways to address these problems. Many of the practical suggestions in this chapter are inspired not by million dollar deals but by playground transactions between children. Often the simple solutions are the best ones.

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Table of Contents
Yoshiaki Nomura
Takashi Kubota
Chapter 1
Pauline C. Reich
While the benefits of the Internet and other forms of computer networks are streamlining financial institutions, the same institutions are often... Sample PDF
Cybercrime, Cybersecurity, and Financial Institutions Worldwide
Chapter 2
Junji Hiwatashi
Information technology (IT) has been rapidly developed to provide financial services for customers via the Internet. This service is available 24... Sample PDF
Enhancing Cyber Risk Management with the Framework of ERM and Basel II
Chapter 3
Takashi Kubota
Unlike the UK, Germany, France and some major countries that permit entries from banking to commerce and vice versa (“two-way” regulation), the... Sample PDF
IT Development and the Separation of Banking and Commerce: Comparative Perspectives of the U.S. and Japan
Chapter 4
Motoaki Tazawa
In order to improve convenience for investors through competition among stock exchanges, operation of Proprietary Trading Systems (PTS) was... Sample PDF
Laws and Regulations on Proprietary Trading System (PTS) in Japan: Japanese Alternative Trading System (ATS)
Chapter 5
Tomonori Fujiike
This chapter compares account-based securities settlement systems with payment systems in which funds are transferred through bank accounts in... Sample PDF
The Holding and Transfer of Interests in Securities in England and Japan: Compared with the Holding and Transfer of Funds
Chapter 6
Masaaki Nakajima
This chapter investigates the evolutionary process of the payment system against the background of structural changes. At the early stage, most... Sample PDF
Global Trends of Payment Systems and the Next-Generation RTGS Project in Japan
Chapter 7
Fernando Barrio
Well into the first decade of the twenty-first century, it is fair to say that card payments are the cyberspace payment method by definition and... Sample PDF
Technical and Legal Concerns about Global Card Payments
Chapter 8
Takashi Nakazaki
In this article, after surveying existing Japanese public laws that regulate the transfer of funds via the Internet, and focusing on electronic... Sample PDF
The Regulation of New Forms of Electronic Fund Transfers in Japan Focusing on Electronic Money
Chapter 9
Evelyn Lim Meow Hoong
Financial innovations bring new challenges and new risks besides advantages to the world of finance in cyberspace and in the real world. These... Sample PDF
Commodity Based Digital Currency: A Legal Analysis
Chapter 10
Masao Yanaga
Some courts have recently ruled in Japan with regard to mistakes in remittance to account. While the Supreme Court held that the recipient has... Sample PDF
Mistakes in Remittance to Account
Chapter 11
Sam Edwards
This chapter is designed to address the primary difficulties small and medium enterprises face when doing business online with international... Sample PDF
Doing International Business Online for the Small and Medium Enterprise
Chapter 12
Shino Uenuma
Due to the development of the Internet, global e-commerce markets are growing greatly. From the viewpoint of consumers, cross-border transactions... Sample PDF
Consumer Protection in Cross-Border E-Commerce Markets
Chapter 13
Jibitesh Mishra, Biswajit Tripathy
The usage of cyber contracts has increased exponentially in the recent times. However, the framework for this has not been clearly defined. The... Sample PDF
Cyber Contract and Indian Law
Chapter 14
Naoshi Takasugi
When a dispute arises from e-commerce involving parties located in different nations, the parties immediately face conflict-of-laws issues such as... Sample PDF
E-Commerce and Dispute Resolution: Jurisdiction and Applicable Law in a Dispute Arising from a Computer Information Transaction
Chapter 15
Takeshi Kawana
The purpose of this chapter is to examine international jurisdiction and choice of law for e-commerce involving economic legal issues. International... Sample PDF
Cross-Border Court Jurisdiction and Economic Law Application in Electronic Commerce
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