Embedding Robust Gray-Level Watermark in an Image Using Discrete Cosine Transformation

Embedding Robust Gray-Level Watermark in an Image Using Discrete Cosine Transformation

Chwei-Shyong Tsai (National Chung Chang University, Taiwan) and Chin-Chen Chang (National Taichung Institute of Technology, Taiwan)
Copyright: © 2002 |Pages: 18
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-930708-29-7.ch013
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Digital watermarking is an effective technique to protect the intellectual property rights of digital images. In general, a gray-level image can provide more perceptual information; moreover, the size of each pixel in the gray-level image is bigger. Commonly, gray-level digital watermarks are more robust. In this chapter, the proposed watermarking scheme adopts a gray-level image as the watermark. In addition, discrete cosine transformation (DCT) technique and quantization method are applied to strengthen the robustness of the watermarking system. Both original image and digital watermark, processed by DCT transformation, can build a quantization table to reduce the information size of the digital watermark. After quantized watermark is embedded into the middle frequency bands of the transformed original image, the quality of the watermarked image is always visually acceptable because of the effectiveness of the quantization technique. The experimental results show that the embedded watermark can resist image cropping, JPEG lossy compression, and destructive processes such as image blurring and sharpening.

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Table of Contents
Timothy K. Shih
Chapter 1
Timothy K. Shih
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Distributed Multimedia Databases
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Bridging the Semantic Gap in Image Retrieval
Chapter 3
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Chapter 4
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Chapter 5
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Concepts of Emergence Index in Image Databases
Chapter 6
Chi-wai Fung, Rynson Lau, Qing Li, Hong Va Leong
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Distributed Temporal Video DBMS Using Vertical Class Partitioning Technique
Chapter 7
Fulu Li
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Video-on-Demand: Scalability and QoS Control
Chapter 8
Hang-Bong Kang
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Video Abstraction Techniques for a Digital Library
Chapter 9
Jen-Wen Ding, Yueh-Min Huang, Sheng-Yuan Zeng, Chang-Chung Chu
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Video Database Techniques and Video-on-Demand
Chapter 10
Ming-Hour Yang, Yu-Chee Tseng
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Broadcasting Approaches for VOD Services
Chapter 11
Chun-Shien Lu, Hong-Yuan Mark Liao, Jan-Ru Chen, Kuo-Chin Fan
Digital watermarking has been proposed as very useful technology in the protection of digital data such as image, audio, video, formatted documents... Sample PDF
Watermarking on Compressed/Uncompressed Video Using Communications with Side Information Mechanism
Chapter 12
Chin-Chen Chang, Kuo-Feng Hwang
A simple image hiding scheme in spatial domain is proposed in this chapter. The main idea is to utilize a threshold mechanism to embed as much... Sample PDF
Hiding Images Using Dynamic Bit-Replacement and Human Visual System
Chapter 13
Chwei-Shyong Tsai, Chin-Chen Chang
Digital watermarking is an effective technique to protect the intellectual property rights of digital images. In general, a gray-level image can... Sample PDF
Embedding Robust Gray-Level Watermark in an Image Using Discrete Cosine Transformation
Chapter 14
D. Chakraborty, G. Chakraborty, N. Shiratori
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Multicast: Concept, Problems, Routing Protocols, Algorithms and QoS Extensions
Chapter 15
Fuhua Lin
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Multimedia and Multi-Stream Synchronization
Chapter 16
Chin-Chen Chang, Guang-Xue Xiao, Tung-Shou Chen
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A Simple Prediction Method for Progressive Image Transmission
Chapter 17
Ying-Hong Wang
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A Multimedia Database Supports Internet-Based English Learning
Chapter 18
O. Kao, S. Stapel
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Case Study: Cairo - A Distributed Image Retrieval System for Cluster Architectures
Chapter 19
J. F. Diez Higuera, F. J. Diez Pernas
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VRML-Based System for a Three-Dimensional Virtual Museum
Chapter 20
Daniel J. Buehrer
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Organizing Multimedia Objects Using a Class Algebra Database
Chapter 21
Jiung-Yao Huang
Along with the popularity of the World Wide Web (WWW), merging the virtual reality technique into the WWW environment is a popular area of research... Sample PDF
Use of the Frame Synchronization Technique to Improve the Visualization Realism on the Web
Chapter 22
Chin-Chen Chang, Yi-Ping Hung, Timothy K. Shih, Ren-Junn Hwang
Distributed Multimedia Databases will be a trend for future information repository. With the growing popularity of the Internet and the improvement... Sample PDF
Future Multimedia Databases and Research Directions
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