Empirical Evaluation of an Integrated Supply Chain Model for Small and Medium Sized Firms

Empirical Evaluation of an Integrated Supply Chain Model for Small and Medium Sized Firms

Toru Sakaguchi (Northern Kentucky University, USA), Stefan G. Nicovich (University of New Hampshire, USA) and C. Clay Dibrell (Oregon State University, USA)
Copyright: © 2006 |Pages: 21
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59140-929-8.ch010
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With increased global competitive pressures, companies operating in these competitive environments are not only looking to their distribution division to save money, but also to generate competitive advantages. One technique is the integrated supply chain. However, this process has not met with success for all companies, leading some managers to consider the appropriateness of an integrated supply chain. This dearth of success could be attributed to the lack of scholarship to guide managers in their efforts to formulate and then implement their integrated supply chain strategies. In an effort to fill this gap, our paper draws on resource dependency theory and the realities of ever-increasing information technology sophistication as enablers of successful supply chain integration,resulting in the creation of our model to guide managers throughout this process. Through a Web-based survey, 329 responses were collected and analyzed through a structural equation modeling technique using LISREL to confirm the relationships in the model.

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Mehdi Khosrow-Pour
Chapter 1
Hayward P. Andres
Organizations are faced with increasing costs needed to train employees in today’s high technology environment. Educators are also striving to... Sample PDF
Multimedia Impact on Human Cognition
Chapter 2
Catherine M. Beise, Fred Niederman, Herb Mattord
This chapter presents the results of a case study pertaining to the use of information and communication media to support a range of project... Sample PDF
IT Project Managers' Perceptions and Use of Virtual Team Technologies
Chapter 3
Zhensen Huang, Aryya Gangopadhyay
Information sharing is a major strategy to counteract the amplification of demand fluctuation going up the supply chain, known as the bullwhip... Sample PDF
Information Sharing in Supply Chain Management with Demand Uncertainty
Chapter 4
Terry A. Byrd, Bruce R. Lewis, Douglas E. Turner
The knowledge and skills of information technology (IT) personnel have become of critical importance as the strategic value of IT in modern... Sample PDF
The Impact of IT Personnel Skills on IS Infrastructure and Competitive IS
Chapter 5
Grover S. Kearns
A majority of CEOs have experienced failed information technology (IT) investments. While such investments have the potential for providing... Sample PDF
A Socio-Technical Heuristic for Analysis of IT Investments: Results from Two Case Studies
Chapter 6
Ron Landi, Mahesh S. Raisinghani
Deregulation and liberalization of the telecommunications markets has led to tough international competition. This chapter presents well-established... Sample PDF
Global Service Provider Strategies and Networking Alternatives…
Chapter 7
Fiona F. Nah, Xin Tan, Soon E. Teh
Despite huge investments made by organizations in ERP implementation, maintenance, and user training, ERP implementation failures and less than... Sample PDF
Toward a Greater Understanding of End-Users' Acceptance of ERP Systems
Chapter 8
Sherry D. Ryan, Michael S. Gates
Researchers have attempted to augment the traditional cost/benefit analysis model used in the IT decision process. However, frequently social... Sample PDF
Inclusion of Social Subsystem Issues in IT Investment Decisions: An Empirical Assessment
Chapter 9
Fred Niederman, Mary Sumner
This chapter contrasts attitudes and attributes of current and former positions of IT professionals who have changed jobs within the IT field. It... Sample PDF
Effect of Tasks, Salaries, and Shocks on Job Satisfaction Among MIS Professionals
Chapter 10
Toru Sakaguchi, Stefan G. Nicovich, C. Clay Dibrell
With increased global competitive pressures, companies operating in these competitive environments are not only looking to their distribution... Sample PDF
Empirical Evaluation of an Integrated Supply Chain Model for Small and Medium Sized Firms
Chapter 11
W. A. Taylor, G. H. Wright
Knowledge sharing in public services has not yet received much attention in the research literature. This chapter investigates knowledge sharing in... Sample PDF
Identifying and Managing the Enablers of Knowledge Sharing
Chapter 12
Evan W. Duggan
After years of research and experimentation with information systems building, delivering high-quality systems remains a largely elusive objective.... Sample PDF
Tranquilizing the Werewolf that Attack Information Systems Quality
Chapter 13
Irwin T.J. Brown
Strategic information systems planning (SISP) has been and continues to be a key concern to information systems managers, and much research effort... Sample PDF
Testing and Extending Theory in Strategic Information Systems Planning Through Literature Analysis
Chapter 14
Hamid R. Ahadi
This study examines organizational factors that affect the implementation of business process reengineering (BPR) when applying two specific... Sample PDF
Business Process Reengineering: The Role of Organizational Enablers and the Imact of Information Technology
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