IT-Enabled Integration of Business Relationships in the Steel Industry Context

IT-Enabled Integration of Business Relationships in the Steel Industry Context

Jari Salo (University of Oulu, Finland)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59140-908-3.ch013
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Companies engage in many business relationships; however, the number is decreasing constantly, so existing relationships are increasingly valuable. The purpose of this chapter is to highlight how inter-organizational relationships can be seen as a source of competitive advantage and how, in order to survive in a hyper-competitive landscape, key relationships are integrated with new information technology solutions, such as ERP. This chapter focuses on the changes brought about by technology integration in the context of the steel industry with the help of a longitudinal case study. The chapter sheds some light on factors affecting the changes occurring in business relationships and illustrates how those alterations can be managed. It seems that information technology integration within a business relationship is a complex process that depends on characteristics of the adopted technology as well as the relationship. Subsequently, implications are discussed together with suggestions for future research. Lastly, the limitations are briefly stated.

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Table of Contents
Bruce Walters, Zaiyong Tang
Chapter 1
Zaiyong Tang, Bruce Walters
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The Interplay of Strategic Management and Information Technology
Chapter 2
Paul L. Drnevich, Jungpil Hahn, Mark Shanley
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Toward a Strategic Perspective of Information Technology
Chapter 3
Brian H. Cameron
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IT Portfolio Management: Implementing and Maintaining IT Strategic Alignment
Chapter 4
Miguel Perez-Valls, José Manuel Ortega-Egea, José Antonio Plaza-Úbeda
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Relationship Between New Information Technologies and Flexible Organizational Forms
Chapter 5
Paul L. Drnevich
The rapid evolution of IT has enabled new organizational capabilities to manage knowledge and information. Given this evolution, IT systems for... Sample PDF
IT-Enabled Strategy: Implications for Firm Performance?
Chapter 6
Dev K. Dutta
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Becoming a Learning Organization in the Software Industry: Is CMM the Silver Bullet?
Chapter 7
Les Singletary, Minh Q. Huynh
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ERP as an Integration Strategy: Issues, Challenges, Benefits, and Risks
Chapter 8
Sreedhar Madhavaram, Radha Appan
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Marketing Strategy: The Role of Information Technology-Enabled Capabilities….
Chapter 9
Tong-Seng Quah, Chye-Huang Leow
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Linking Businesses for Competitive Advantage; A Mobile Agent-Based Approach
Chapter 10
Yuan-Yuan Jiao, Jun Du, Jianxin (Roger) Jiao
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Applying Directory Services to Enhance Identification, Authentication, and Authorization for B2B Applications
Chapter 11
Sören W. Scholz, Ralf Wagner
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Autonomous Environmental Scanning on the World Wide Web
Chapter 12
Luke Ho, Anthony S. Atkins
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IT Outsourcing: Impacts and Challenges
Chapter 13
Jari Salo
Companies engage in many business relationships; however, the number is decreasing constantly, so existing relationships are increasingly valuable.... Sample PDF
IT-Enabled Integration of Business Relationships in the Steel Industry Context
Chapter 14
Elias G. Carayannis, Christopher Ziemnowicz
Globalization can be viewed as a process of increased freedom and capacity of individuals and firms to conduct economic activities with residents of... Sample PDF
Information and Communication Technology-Enabled Economic Growth and Convergence: Examples from EU's Central and Southeastern European Members
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