Establishing the Digital Library: Don’t Ignore the Library Standards and Don’t Forget the Training Needed

Establishing the Digital Library: Don’t Ignore the Library Standards and Don’t Forget the Training Needed

Alan Hopkinson (Middlesex University, UK)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-61350-335-5.ch014
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The literature on Digital Libraries tends to be about developing your own digital library, but most usage of digital libraries worldwide is access to commercial databases of full-text material: initially scholarly materials, but more recently, newspapers and monographs. There is no difference in principle between the industrialized world and developing countries; everyone want to access the same materials. Electronic materials are cheaper to deliver to developing countries when compared with printed materials. The main problems concern spending wisely the little money that developing countries have and establishing the infrastructure to get the digital material to the users who need them. The standards needed to implement digital libraries are universal, and librarians in developing countries need to be aware of these standards and support their implementation in their systems, develop an appropriate infrastructure, and put resources into training so that the tools can be used to good effect. The Open Access movement must be taken into account and repositories set up for institutional materials as in the industrialized world.
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Academic Material In Developing Countries’ Libraries

In developing countries there has always been a problem for libraries acquiring books and journals. In the days of print journals, they were too expensive to purchase at the price they were available in the industrialized world, and additionally there were postage costs to be accounted for making it actually more expensive to provide materials to developing countries than to the industrialized world. In the case of journals, there was a feeling that a run should be complete and subscriptions could often not be kept up for financial reasons. Today material can be transferred digitally either on CD ROM or over the internet which reduces postage charges although it requires a certain level of bandwidth if the material is accessed over the internet.

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Table of Contents
Lenrie Olatokunbo Aina
Adeyinka Tella, Abdulwahab Olanrewaju Issa
Adeyinka Tella, Abdulwahab Olanrewaju Issa
Chapter 1
Christine Wamunyima Kanyengo
The chapter critically describes and discusses leadership development experiences at the University of Zambia library by looking at the leadership... Sample PDF
Fostering and Developing Leadership Amongst Library Staff at the University of Zambia Library
Chapter 2
Midrar Ullah, Khalid Mahmood
The aim of this chapter was to propose a Pakistan Library and Information Council (PLIC) to regulate the LIS profession and to draft the Act of the... Sample PDF
Pakistan Library and Information Council: A Proposal
Chapter 3
Mehtab Alam Ansari
Maulana Azad Library is considered one of the major libraries of the world, with a glorious past and promising future. It was established with the... Sample PDF
Modernization of a Traditional Library
Chapter 4
Adeyinka Tella, Rachel Ronke Ojo
Marketing of information products and services is very vital in the present information society. Of late, marketing of information services has... Sample PDF
Marketing Library and Information Services for Effective Utilization of Available Resources: The 21st Century Librarians and Information Professionals - Which Ways and What Works?
Chapter 5
Sylvia A. Ogola, Japhet Otike
Marketing of library services varies from one environment to another. This chapter discusses the kind of strategies that a librarian manning a... Sample PDF
Strategies for Marketing an Academic Library in an African Setting
Chapter 6
Monday Obaidjevwe Ogbomo
The value of information as an intangible asset has become increasingly prominent in recent years, in spite of the challenges involved in the... Sample PDF
The Significance of Marketing in Library and Information Science
Chapter 7
Ajigboye Olamidipupo Solomon
Library marketing is a relatively new concept in Librarianship in this part of the globe; therefore, this chapter looks at what librarians think... Sample PDF
Marketing Libraries: Adopting Marketing Strategies in Nigerian Libraries
Chapter 8
Abdulmumin Isah, M. T. Bashorun, K. T. Omopupa
This chapter traces the role of libraries in the preservation of Indigenous Knowledge (IK) in developing countries. It also highlights the nature of... Sample PDF
Libraries and Preservation of Indigenous Knowledge in Developing Countries: The Nigeria Experience
Chapter 9
Peter Warning, James Henri
This chapter examines the school librarian (SL) in rural China in terms of his/her roles as the school information specialist and reading programme... Sample PDF
The School Librarian in Rural China: “A Stranger Among Her People”
Chapter 10
Elisam Magara
Libraries play an important role in development of human kind, especially in the development of readership among the users. In particular, the... Sample PDF
The Future of Readership Development: How ICTs Have Influenced User Habits and Library Acquisitions
Chapter 11
Henry N. Kemoni
The purpose of the chapter is to present the status of information ethics teaching at the School of Information Sciences, Moi University, Kenya with... Sample PDF
Status of Information Ethics Teaching at the School of Information Sciences, Moi University, Kenya
Chapter 12
Abdulwahab Olanrewaju Issa
This is a pilot study, which investigated the perception of the University of Ilorin library school students towards librarianship. It was aimed at... Sample PDF
An Assessment of the Perception of Library School Students towards Librarianship at the University of Ilorin: A Pilot Study
Chapter 13
Stephen M. Mutula
The subject of digital scholarship has attracted attention from the scientific community, publishing industry, and libraries, not only as a subject... Sample PDF
Demystifying Digital Scholarship
Chapter 14
Alan Hopkinson
The literature on Digital Libraries tends to be about developing your own digital library, but most usage of digital libraries worldwide is access... Sample PDF
Establishing the Digital Library: Don’t Ignore the Library Standards and Don’t Forget the Training Needed
Chapter 15
Gbola Olasina
Government managers worldwide have, within the last decade, come to the realization that Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is a viable... Sample PDF
A Review of eGovernment Services in Nigeria
Chapter 16
N. Swaminathan
The advancement of computer and communication technologies has resulted in the development of digital libraries. It is generally true that digital... Sample PDF
Digital Libraries: Their Challenges and Issues in the Perspectives of Developing Countries like India
Chapter 17
F. A. Aremu, H. T. Saka
Information is the life-line of governance. This is particularly true with democratic political systems. Even undemocratic regimes require steady... Sample PDF
Information Flow and Democratic Governance: An Analysis of the African Experience
Chapter 18
Cathrine T. Nengomasha
Governments have turned to the use of information and communication technologies with the aim of improving service delivery, encouraging citizens in... Sample PDF
Librarians, Records Managers, and E-Government
Chapter 19
Niran Adetoro
A good understanding of the issues surrounding information services provision to persons with visual impairment in Nigeria will assist providers and... Sample PDF
Information Services Provision to Persons with Visual Impairment in Nigeria: The Salient Issues
Chapter 20
Edeama O. Onwuchekwa
Since the 19th century, the world has witnessed an exponential growth in the number and variety of information products, sources, and services. This... Sample PDF
Organisation of Information and the Information Retrieval System
Chapter 21
Ayodele John Alonge
This chapter discusses social networking as a new tool in information management, using Facebook as case study. It explicates how social networking... Sample PDF
Social Media in Library and Information Centres
Chapter 22
S. Thanuskodi
This chapter presents a bibliometric analysis of the journal, DESIDOC Journal of Library & Information Technology, for the period between 2006 and... Sample PDF
Bibliometric Analysis of DESIDOC Journal of Library & Information Technology
Chapter 23
Lydia O. Adedibu, Evelyn O. Akinboro, Titilola A. B. Abdussalam
Both traditional and digital libraries are the storehouse of information and indispensable in this age of computerization and digitization of... Sample PDF
Cataloguing and Classification of Library Resources in the 21st Century
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