Evolution and Revolution of Retailing through IT

Evolution and Revolution of Retailing through IT

Marcel Cohen (Imperial College Management School, UK)
Copyright: © 2003 |Pages: 13
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59140-033-2.ch012
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This chapter examines the impact that IT has had on retailing under two headings–evolutionary and revolutionary changes. The evolutionary changes described focus on the electronic identification of products, the improved communication links between retailers and their suppliers, and the introduction of electronic payment. The revolutionary changes considered are those stemming from e-commerce. The thrust of the discussion is that whilst IT has revolutionised product associated with the physical transfer (delivery or pickup) of goods to customers. This has opened up an opportunity for a new form of retailer that may be the result of an alliance between companies with IT skills (e.g., Microsoft), delivery capability (e.g., DHL) and distributed physical assets (e.g., Exxon).

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Table of Contents
Luiz Antonio Joia
Chapter 1
David W. Birchall, George Tovstiga
Organisations, whether within knowledge-intensive high technology sectors or in more traditional manufacturing and utility industries, are... Sample PDF
Information Systems Requirements in Support of the Firm's Portfolio of Knowledge-Driven Capabilities
Chapter 2
Mingfang Li
Competitive strategies remain a central topic of research in strategic management. Recent conceptual developments and practices reveal possible... Sample PDF
Competitive Strategies and Global Management: Linking with Technology
Chapter 3
V. K. Narayanan, Mari W. Buche, Benedict Kemmerer
The new competitive landscape of the 21st century is forcing organizations to move away from traditional conceptualizations of strategy formulation... Sample PDF
From Strategic Management to Strategic Experimentation: The Convergence of IT, Knowledge Management, and Strategy
Chapter 4
Theodorou Petros
Certain contingencies of business environment raise the importance of alignment in the explanation of tactics with strategic implications. Alignment... Sample PDF
Strategic Information Systems: The Concept of Alignment
Chapter 5
Bernd Carsten Stahl
The purpose of this paper is to analyse the relationship between management, responsibility and information technology. It is shown that there are... Sample PDF
Managerial Responsibility and IT: How Does the Use of Information Technology Change the Way Managers Have to Think and Realize Responsibility?
Chapter 6
Michel J. Leseure, Naomi J. Brookes
This chapter presents IT solutions supporting knowledge management initiatives within project organizations. The first section describes the... Sample PDF
IT-Based Project Knowledge Management
Chapter 7
Marjorie A. Jerrard, Ting Yee Chang
The phenomenon of projectized teams operating via teleworking and moving towards the virtual mode of operation is explored. The major developments... Sample PDF
A Case Study of How Technology and Trust Enable the Projectized Team-Based Organization
Chapter 8
James McCalman
This chapter examines the impact of technology on facilities management. By focusing attention on the needs of the “corporate nomad,” individuals... Sample PDF
What Can We Do for Corporate Nomads? IT and Facilities Management
Chapter 9
Reuven R. Levary, Fred Niederman
Virtual organizations are characterized and various types of virtual organizations are described. Factors contributing to the success of virtual... Sample PDF
Managing the Virtual Corporation Using IT
Chapter 10
Luiz Antonio Joia
Around the world complex enterprises are being undertaken in distributed and even virtual environments. Processes, services, infrastructure and so... Sample PDF
An IT-Based Heuristic Model for Enterprise Engineering
Chapter 11
Herbert Kotzab, Peter Schnedlitz, Kerstin Neumayer
The chapter describes the consequences of the use of IT in the field of retailing. We will discuss the area at matter beyond the perspective of... Sample PDF
Contemporary IT-Assisted Retail Management
Chapter 12
Marcel Cohen
This chapter examines the impact that IT has had on retailing under two headings–evolutionary and revolutionary changes. The evolutionary changes... Sample PDF
Evolution and Revolution of Retailing through IT
Chapter 13
Xianzhong Mark Xu, Yanqing Duan, Yu Li
This chapter examines the applications of information systems in supporting marketing operational and strategic functions. It reviews the important... Sample PDF
IT-Enabled Strategic Marketing Management
Chapter 14
Bernardo Batiz-Lazo, Douglas Wood
Technological innovation in general and information technology (IT) applications in particular have had a major effect in banking and finance.... Sample PDF
Diffusion of Information Technology Innovations within Retail Banking: An Historical Review
Chapter 15
Constatine A. Bourlakis, Michael A. Bourlakis
In the present work we suggest the notion of the strategic information technology competitive advantage and its potential strategic impact upon a... Sample PDF
Logistics, Information Technology, and Retail Internationalisation: The Formation of International Strategic Retail Networks
Chapter 16
Hongjiang Xu, Andy Koronius, Noel Brown
Information is the key resource of today’s organizations, and therefore, quality information is critical to organizations’ success. Accounting... Sample PDF
Managing Data Quality in Accounting Information Systems
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