Foundations of Business Process Modeling

Foundations of Business Process Modeling

Jan Mendling (Queensland University of Technology, Australia)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-61520-969-9.ch002
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This chapter provides an overview of business process management and business process modeling. We approach business process management by giving a historical classification of seminal work, and define it by the help of the business process management life cycle. Business process models play an important role in this life cycle, in particular, if information systems are used for executing processes. We deduct a definition for business process modeling based on a discussion of modeling from a general information systems point of view. In the following, we detail business process modeling techniques, in particular, modeling languages and modeling procedures for business process modeling. Finally, we discuss some future trends with a focus on the business process execution language for Web services (BPEL), and conclude the chapter with a summary. The chapter aims to cover business process modeling in a comprehensive way such that academics and practitioners can use it as a reference for identifying more specialized works.

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Table of Contents
Chapter 1
Daniel J. Power
Since the late 1960s, researchers have been developing and implementing computerized systems to support management decision makers. A number of... Sample PDF
Decision Support Systems Concept
Chapter 2
Jan Mendling
This chapter provides an overview of business process management and business process modeling. We approach business process management by giving a... Sample PDF
Foundations of Business Process Modeling
Chapter 3
Brian H. Cameron
Business process modeling (BPM) is a topic that is generating much interest in the information technology (IT) industry today. Business analysts... Sample PDF
The Changing Nature of Business Process Modeling: Implications for Enterprise Systems Integration
Chapter 4
M. Gordon Hunter
The subject area of the application of information systems to small business is a thoroughly interesting, yet relatively under-researched topic.... Sample PDF
Information Systems and Small Business
Chapter 5
Jose M. Framinan, Jose M. Molina
Enterprise resource planning systems can be defined as customizable, standard application software which includes integrated business solutions for... Sample PDF
An Overview of Enterprise Resource Planning for Intelligent Enterprises
Chapter 6
Marianne Bradford, Robert Gingras, Jonathan Hornby
This chapter suggests that reengineering is an analysis of existing processes you wish to change to achieve dramatic improvements in critical... Sample PDF
Business Process Reengineering and ERP: Weapons for the Global Organization
Chapter 7
R. Craig
This chapter considers the perspective of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in supply chains. It starts with an overview of the important... Sample PDF
E-Com Supply Chain and SMEs
Chapter 8
Alok Mishra
In the age of globalization, organizations all over the world are giving more significance to strategy and planning to get an edge in the... Sample PDF
Enterprise Resource Planning Systems: Effects and Strategic Perspectives in Organizations
Chapter 9
Mark Xu, Ravni Rohatgi, Yanqing Duan
The rapid rise of e-business has brought profound impact on, as well as significant challenges to, businesses of all sizes. The lack of anticipated... Sample PDF
Engaging SMEs In E-business: Insights From An Empirical Study
Chapter 10
Udo Richard Averweg
Decision support systems (DSS) deal with semi-structured problems. Such problems arise when managers in organisations are faced with decisions where... Sample PDF
Decision Support Systems and Decision-Making Processes
Chapter 11
Liam Doyle
Supply chains have become have become increasingly important as organisations have moved from competing on a stand-alone basis to recognizing that... Sample PDF
Supply Chain Information Systems and Decision Support
Chapter 12
María Rosa Llamas-Alonso, Ana Isabel Jiménez-Zarco
As competition and the cost of acquiring new customers continue to increase, the need to build and enhance customer relationships has become... Sample PDF
E-CRM: A Key Issue in Today’s Competitive Environment
Chapter 13
Mahesh Sarma, David C. Yen
In order to maintain a competitive position in today’s marketplace, companies must demand a greater level of enterprise ef?ciency. In today’s... Sample PDF
Using SA for SAM Applications and Design: A Study of the Supply Chain Management Process
Chapter 14
Arla Juntunen
In this study, a Finnish telecommunication company is analyzed from 1990-2007. Discussing the major developments in technology, society and... Sample PDF
Developing Efficient Processes and Process Management in New Business Creation in the ICT-Sector
Chapter 15
Luciano C. Batista
This chapter aims to provide a complete characterization of the different perspectives of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and its... Sample PDF
CRM Practices and Resources for the Development of Customer-Focused Multinational Organizations
Chapter 16
Edward J. Garrity
This paper develops a new model of web information systems success that takes into account both intrinsic and extrinsic motivating factors. The... Sample PDF
An Extrinsic and Intrinsic Motivation-Based Model for Measuring Consumer Shopping Oriented Web Site Success
Chapter 17
Katrina Leyking, Jörg Ziemann
During the last two decades, many enterprises have put business processes in the focus of their organizational strategies both for internal and... Sample PDF
Service-Oriented Architecture for Business Management
Chapter 18
Ronald E. McGaughey, Angappa Gunasekaran
Business needs have driven the design, development, and use of the enterprise-wide information systems we call Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)... Sample PDF
Evolution of Enterprise Resource Planning
Chapter 19
Sanjay Mathrani, Mohammad A. Rashid, Dennis Viehland
The market for enterprise systems (ES), continues to grow in the post millennium era as businesses become increasingly global, highly competitive... Sample PDF
Enterprise Systems in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises
Chapter 20
Joseph Bradley
ERP implementation projects normally involve a single vendor providing the packaged software for the entire system. Although most companies follow... Sample PDF
Implementing Best of Breed ERP Systems
Chapter 21
Bhuvan Unhelkar, Ming-Chien Wu, Abbass Ghanbary
This chapter investigates opportunities to integrate mobile technologies within an organization’s enterprise architecture (EA), with an emphasis on... Sample PDF
Integrating Mobile Technologies in Enterprise Architecture with a Focus on Global Supply Chain Management Systems
Chapter 22
Judit Olah, Ole Axvig
In a modern enterprise environment, many information resources are available to people working to produce valuable output. Due to technology... Sample PDF
Expanding the Strategic Role of Information Interactions in the Enterprise Environment: Developing an Integrated Model
Chapter 23
S. Parthasarathy
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) covers the techniques and concepts employed for the integrated management of businesses as a whole, from the... Sample PDF
Directed Basic Research in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
Chapter 24
Snežana Pantelic
The objective of this chapter is to show the importance of integration business processes and information systems for service sector SMEs and to... Sample PDF
Business Integration Model in Services Sector SMEs
Chapter 25
Mahmoud Brahimi, Lionel Seinturier, Mahmoud Boufaida
This article describes a multi-agent approach that provides solutions to the problems raised during the development of cooperative e-business... Sample PDF
Multi-Agent Architecture for Developing Cooperative E-Business Applications
Chapter 26
Maurizio Pighin, Lucio Ieronutti
The design and configuration of a data warehouse can be difficult tasks especially in the case of very large databases and in the presence of... Sample PDF
A Methodology Supporting the Design and Evaluating the Final Quality of Data Warehouses
Chapter 27
Shamsul I. Chowdhury
Over the last decade data warehousing and data mining tools have evolved from research into a unique and popular applications, ranging from data... Sample PDF
A Conceptual Framework for Data Mining and Knowledge Management
Chapter 28
Rahul Singh
Organizations use knowledge-driven systems to deliver problem-specific knowledge over Internet-based distributed platforms to decision-makers.... Sample PDF
Multi-Agent Architecture for Knowledge-Driven Decision Support
Chapter 29
J. Hamilton
This chapter addresses service value networks as a key pathway to establishing and likely retaining future strong competitive positioning within a... Sample PDF
Service Value Networks: Delivering Competitive E-Services
Chapter 30
John Wang, James Yao, Qiyang Chen, Ruben Xing
Since their creation in the early 1960’s, decision support systems (DSSs) have evolved over the past 4 decades and continue to do so today. Although... Sample PDF
Design and Analysis of Decision Support Systems
Chapter 31
Reinhard Kronsteiner
This chapter is about mobile multimedia and its usage in group decisions. With respect to the complexity of mobile decision scenarios, this paper... Sample PDF
Engineering Mobile Group Decision Support
Chapter 32
Richi Nayak
Research and practices in electronic business (e-business) have witnessed an exponential growth in the last few years (Liautand & Hammond, 2001).... Sample PDF
Wireless Technologies to Enable Electronic Business
Chapter 33
José A. Rodrigues Nt, Jano Moreira de Souza, Geraldo Zimbrão, Geraldo Xexéo, Mutaleci Miranda
Business Process Management (BPM) brings together the idea of effectively managing organizations and properly using Information Technology to... Sample PDF
Business Process Reuse and Standardization with P2P Technologies
Chapter 34
Shan Gao, David Sundaram
Spatial decision-making is a key aspect of human behaviour. Spatial decision support systems support spatial decision-making processes by... Sample PDF
Flexible Spatial Decision-Making and Support: Processes and Systems
Chapter 35
Khaled M. Khan
Web service is becoming an important area of business processing and research for enterprise systems. Various Web service providers currently offer... Sample PDF
A Decision Support System for Selecting Secure Web Services
Chapter 36
John Wang, James Yao, Jeffrey Hsu
Over the four decades of its history, decision support systems (DSSs) have moved from a radical movement that changed the way information systems... Sample PDF
Interactive, Flexible, and Adaptable Decision Support Systems
Chapter 37
Ibrahim Al Kattan, Ahmed Al Nunu, Kassem Saleh
This article presents a probabilistic security model for supply chain management systems (SCM) in which the basic goals of security (including... Sample PDF
A Stochastic Model for Improving Information Security in Supply Chain Systems
Chapter 38
Zhongxian Wang, Ruiliang Yan, Kimberly Hollister, Ruben Xing
Supply Chain Management (SCM) has proven to be an effective tool that aids companies in the development of competitive advantages. SCM Systems are... Sample PDF
A Relative Comparison of Leading Supply Chain Management Software Packages
Chapter 39
Sundar Srinivasan, Scott E. Grasman
The advent of the Web as a major means of conducting business transactions and business-to-business communications, coupled with evolving Web-based... Sample PDF
Supply Network Planning Models Using Enterprise Resource Planning Systems
Chapter 40
M. Spadoni, A. Abdmouleh
The purpose of this chapter is to present our contribution in business process modeling within the CAS (CIMOSA Application Server) project. In this... Sample PDF
Information Systems Architecture for Business Process Modeling
Chapter 41
Paz Perez González, Jose M. Framinan
A business process can be defined as a set of related tasks that are carried out within a business or organization in order to obtain certain output... Sample PDF
Tools for Collaborative Business Process T Modeling
Chapter 42
Firas M. Alkhaldi, Mohammad Olaimat, Abdullah Abdali Rashed
This chapter discusses the importance of business process simulation, while illustrating the relationship between business process reengineering... Sample PDF
The Role of Simulation in Business Process Reengineering
Chapter 43
Steen Brahe
Many enterprises use their own domain concepts when they model business processes. They may also use technology in specialized ways when they... Sample PDF
Enterprise Specific BPM Languages and Tools
Chapter 44
Edward T. Chen
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is the method of trying to unify all processes within an organization into one software system or database.... Sample PDF
Enterprise Resource Planning System: Issues and Implementation
Chapter 45
Pedro Sousa, Artur Caetano, André Vasconcelos, Carla Pereira, José Tribolet
Organizations make extensive use of information systems to support planning, decision making, controlling and to leverage competitive advantage.... Sample PDF
Enterprise Architecture Modeling with the Unified Modeling Language
Chapter 46
Ali Bahrami
Project management tools are used to manage projects from time as well as from resource leveling perspectives. Workflow management systems guide... Sample PDF
Achieving Agile Enterprise Through Integrated Process Management: From Planning to Work Execution
Chapter 47
Abbass Ghanbary, Bhuvan Unhelkar
Web Services (WS) technologies, generally built around the ubiquitous Extensible Markup Language (XML), have provided many opportunities for... Sample PDF
Extending Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) with Mobile and Web Services Technologies
Chapter 48
Zhi-Zhuo Zhang, Qiong Chen, Shang-Fu Ke, Yi-Jun Wu, Fei Qi, Ying-Peng Zhang
Ranking potential customers has become an effective tool for company decision makers to design marketing strategies. The task of PAKDD competition... Sample PDF
Ranking Potential Customers Based on Group-Ensemble
Chapter 49
Jing Lu, Weiru Chen, Osei Adjei, Malcolm Keech
Sequential patterns mining is an important data-mining technique used to identify frequently observed sequential occurrence of items across ordered... Sample PDF
Sequential Patterns Postprocessing for Structural Relation Patterns Mining
Chapter 50
Oscar Romero, Alberto Abelló
Many methodologies have been presented to support the multidimensional design of the data warehouse. First methodologies introduced were... Sample PDF
A Survey of Multidimensional Modeling Methodologies
Chapter 51
David A. Gadish
The data quality of a vector spatial data can be assessed using the data contained within one or more data warehouses. Spatial consistency includes... Sample PDF
Introducing the Elasticity of Spatial Data
Chapter 52
Nan Jiang
The recent advances in sensor technologies have made these small, tiny devices much cheaper and convenient to use in many different applications... Sample PDF
A Framework for Data Warehousing and Mining in Sensor Stream Application Domains
Chapter 53
Pedro Furtado
Data Warehouses are a crucial technology for current competitive organizations in the globalized world. Size, speed and distributed operation are... Sample PDF
A Survey of Parallel and Distributed Data Warehouses
Chapter 54
Yuefeng Li
With the phenomenal growth of electronic data and information, there are many demands for developments of efficient and effective systems (tools) to... Sample PDF
Data Warehousing for Association Mining
Chapter 55
Robert Wrembel
Methods of designing a data warehouse (DW) usually assume that its structure is static. In practice, however, a DW structure changes among others as... Sample PDF
A Survey of Managing the Evolution of Data Warehouses
Chapter 56
Mouhib Alnoukari, Asim El Sheikh, Zaidoun Alzoabi
Simulation and data mining can provide managers with decision support tools. However, the heart of data mining is knowledge discovery; as it enables... Sample PDF
An Integrated Data Mining and Simulation Solution
Chapter 57
Leticia Gómez, Bart Kuijpers, Bart Moelans, Alejandro Vaisman
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) have been extensively used in various application domains, ranging from economical, ecological and demographic... Sample PDF
A Survey of Spatio-Temporal Data Warehousing
Chapter 58
Joseph Feller, Patrick Finnegan, Jeremy Hayes
It has been argued that competitive necessities will increasingly require OSS companies to participate in cooperative business networks in order to... Sample PDF
Delivering the Whole Product: Business Model Impacts and Agility Challenges in a Network of Open Source Firms
Chapter 59
Yasin Ozcelik
In this article, we first discuss the effects of ITenabled BPR on firm productivity by providing both empirical and theoretical evidence from the... Sample PDF
IT-Enabled Reengineering: Productivity Impacts
Chapter 60
J. Hamilton
This chapter addresses the development cycle of recent ‘services’ models. It considers that all products involve services and consequently maybe be... Sample PDF
Building and Managing Modern E-Services
Chapter 61
Alaa Abdou, Moh’d Radaideh, John Lewis
Decisions are activities that we face and deal with every day. Decision support systems are used to support and improve decision making. They help... Sample PDF
Decision Support Systems and their Application in Construction
Chapter 62
Ankush Sharma, Preeta Vyas
Retailing is in a rapid state of change due to speedy technological developments, changing competitive positions, varying consumer behaviour as well... Sample PDF
Decision Support Systems in Indian Organized Retail Sector
Chapter 63
Dawn Dowding, Rebecca Randell, Natasha Mitchell, Rebecca Foster, Valerie Lattimer, Carl Thompson
Increasingly, new and extended roles and responsibilities for nurses are being supported through the introduction of clinical decision support... Sample PDF
Clinical Decision Support Systems in Nursing
Chapter 64
Manual Mora, Ovsei Gelman, Guisseppi Forgionne, Francisco Cervantes
This article reviews the literature-based issues involved in implementing large-scale decision-making support systems (DMSSs). Unlike previous... Sample PDF
The Implementation of Large-Scale Decision-Making Support Systems: Problems, Findings, and Challenges
Chapter 65
Dunja Mladenic, Nada Lavrac
One of the challenging research problems is to develop data mining and decision support integration techniques and to propose new methods for... Sample PDF
A European Virtual Enterprise on Collaborative Data Mining and Decision Support
Chapter 66
Nasser Ayoub, Yuji Naka
This chapter presents Data Mining, DM, as a planning and decision support tool for biomass resources management to produce bioenergy. Furthermore... Sample PDF
Data Mining in Decision Support for Bioenergy Production
Chapter 67
Soo Kim
Some people say that “success or failure often depends not only on how well you are able to collect data but also on how well you are able to... Sample PDF
Data Mining Applications in the Hospitality Industry
Chapter 68
David Barnes, Matthew Hinton
This chapter investigates the implications of moving customer service operations online. Many organizations believe that e-business can provide... Sample PDF
Managing Online Customer Service Operations
Chapter 69
Dirk Möhlenbruch, Steffen Dölling, Falk Ritschel
Mobile Commerce is of growing interest for vendors and customers and with that its importance within the mix of marketing and distributing channels... Sample PDF
Interactive Customer Retention Management for Mobile Commerce
Chapter 70
Jiayin Qi, Yuanquan Li, Chen Li, Yingying Zhang
This chapter proposes an integrated methodological system of telecommunication customer detainment management, including telecommunication customer... Sample PDF
Telecommunication Customer Detainment Management
Chapter 71
Ozlem Bak
This chapter aims to evaluate the application of knowledge management (KM) literature in supply chains. The underlying understanding derived from... Sample PDF
Translating Knowledge Management Practices into the Boundaries of Supply Chain
Chapter 72
Sherif Kamel
Emerging information and communication technology is driving transformation and change in the cyberspace. Speed, competition and globalization are... Sample PDF
Evolution of Electronic Procurement in Egypt: Case of
Chapter 73
Yootaek Lee, Jay Kim, Jeffery G. Miller
This study focuses on identifying (a) the complementary resources that influence the successful implementation of Web-based applications for supply... Sample PDF
An Exploratory Study to Identify Complementary Resources to the Implementation of Web-Based Applications in a Paint Supply Chain
Chapter 74
Mahesh S. Raisinghani
A supply chain is a network of facilities and distribution options that performs the functions of procurement of materials, transformation of these... Sample PDF
Leveraging Supply Chain Management in the Digital Economy
Chapter 75
Sotirios K. Goudos, Vassilios Peristeras, Konstantinos Tarabanis
In the E-Business and particular in the eGovernment domain special focus is often given to the demand side, i.e. the everyday practice and reality... Sample PDF
Application of Semantic Web Technology in E-Business: Case Studies in Public Domain Data Knowledge Representation
Chapter 76
Calin Gurau
The traditional channels of marketing are gradually being transformed by, or assimilated into, the global network represented by the Internet and... Sample PDF
Business IT Systems Implementation
Chapter 77
Simona Sternad, Samo Bobek, Zdenko Dezelak, Ana Lampret
Enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution implementation is a complex process, that requires substantial resources and efforts, and yet the... Sample PDF
Critical Success Factors (CSFs) for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solution Implementation in SMEs: What Does Matter for Business Integration
Chapter 78
Karl Kurbel
Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a state-of-the-art approach to running organizations with the help of comprehensive information systems... Sample PDF
Enterprise Resource Planning and Integration
Chapter 79
Jeffrey Chang, Margi Levy, Philip Powell
The factors that lead to business process re-engineering (BPR) success in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are not clearly understood. This... Sample PDF
Process Re-Engineering Success in Small and Medium Sized Enterprises
Chapter 80
Joseph R. Muscatello, Diane H. Parente
Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, if implemented correctly, have shown that a firm can gain strategic and tactical advantages over their... Sample PDF
A Post-Implementation Case Study and Review of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Implementations
Chapter 81
Dominique Vinck, Igor Rivera-Gonzales, Bernard Penz
This chapter analyses the mutual processes according to which the tool (ERP) and the organisation adapt to each other. It documents the live... Sample PDF
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Embedding: Building of Software/ Enterprise Integration
Chapter 82
Dr. Rajagopal
The rapid growth in computer technology and commercial needs have allowed significant changes in the information management systems. There emerged... Sample PDF
Internet, Reengineering and Technology Applications in Retailing
Chapter 83
Brian D. Neureuther, George N. Kenyon
Historically, the growth of the beef industry has been hampered by the various entities (breeders, cow-calf producers, stockers, backgrounders)... Sample PDF
The Impact of Information Technologies on the US Beef Industry's Supply Chain
Chapter 84
Ulrich Remus
The implementation of enterprise portals is still ranked top on the wish list of many CEOs, expecting that the portal becomes the core system for... Sample PDF
Success Factors for the Implementation of Enterprise Portals
Chapter 85
Leopoldo Colmenares
An enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is an integrated set of programs that provides support for core organizational activities. ERP is a... Sample PDF
Assessing Critical Success Factors of ERP Implementation
Chapter 86
David Curtis, Ming-Chien (Mindy) Wu
Enterprise Architecture (EA) is a role or function that primarily ensures the Information Technology strategy and implementation within an... Sample PDF
Investigation into the Impact of Integration of Mobile Technology Applications into Enterprise Architecture
Chapter 87
Peter Rittgen
Collaborative business and information systems design touches a number of issues that lie within the realm of different research areas. It deals... Sample PDF
Collaborative Business and Information Systems Design
Chapter 88
Richard A. Gershon
Today, innovation is much more about much than just developing new products. It is about reinventing business processes and building entirely new... Sample PDF
Intelligent Networking and Business Process Innovation: A Case Study Analysis of Home Box Office and Dell Computers
Chapter 89
Jadwiga Sobieska-Karpinska, Marcin Hernes
This chapter deals with the analysis of the value of information in a distributed decision support systems. It characterises the basic measures of... Sample PDF
Value of Information in Distributed Decision Support Systems
Chapter 90
Georgia Beverakis, Geoffrey N. Dick, Dubravka Cecez-Kecmanovic
As Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) moves offshore and now includes Information Systems (IS) Processes, there is a need to consider a combination... Sample PDF
Taking Information Systems Business Process Outsourcing Offshore: The Conflict of Competition and Risk
Chapter 91
Emad M. Kamhawi
Over the past few years, the marketplace and the trade press have recognized the value derived from using enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems... Sample PDF
Factors Influencing the Use of Decision Support Tools of Enterprise Resource Planning Systems
Chapter 92
Kelly Burke, Jerry M. Calton
E-commerce technologies—including online exchanges—focus heavily on transaction support. They are designed primarily to reduce transaction costs... Sample PDF
A Framework Describing the Relationships among Social Technologies and Social Capital Formation in Electronic Entrepreneurial Networking
Chapter 93
Blanca Hernandez Ortega, Julio Jimenez Martinez, Ma Jose Martin De Hoyos
The objective of this work is to analyse the importance of firms’ previous experience with different information technologies (Internet, electronic... Sample PDF
The Role of Information Technology Knowledge in B2B Development
Chapter 94
Janina Fengel, Heiko Paulheim, Michael Rebstock
Despite the development of e-business standards, the integration of business processes and business information systems is still a non-trivial issue... Sample PDF
Semantic Synchronization in B2B Transactions
Chapter 95
Pauline Ratnasingam
The growth of business-to-consumer (B2C) e-commerce has gained a lot of attention among SMEs. Most B2C firms are turning their attention on how to... Sample PDF
The Impact of E-Commerce Customer Relationship Management in Business-to-Consumer E-Commerce
Chapter 96
P. H. Osanna, N. M. Durakbasa, M. E. Yurci, J. M. Bauer
The importance of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) is today far beyond any discussion in countries all over the world - in European... Sample PDF
Enterprise Information Systems for Business Integration in Global International Cooperations of Collaborating Small and Medium Sized Organisations
Chapter 97
Ashley Davis
Open source software is becoming more prevalent in businesses today, and while still a relatively immature offering, open source enterprise resource... Sample PDF
Enterprise Resource Planning Under Open Source Software
Chapter 98
Shaofeng Liu, Alex H.B. Duffy, Robert Ian Whitfield, Iain M. Boyle, Iain McKenna
Traditional decision support systems are based on the paradigm of a single decision maker working at a standalone computer or terminal who has a... Sample PDF
Towards the Realization of an Integrated Decision Support Environment for Organizational Decision Making
Chapter 99
Rajib Goswami, Pankaj Barua
This chapter elaborates the basic concepts underlying the development of Web-based decision support systems (DSS) with a discussion on the key... Sample PDF
Web-Based Decision Support System: Concept and Issues
Chapter 100
Dimitris Folinas, Tania Pavlou, Bill Karakostas, Vicky Manthou
Among different approaches in business processes modelling procedure are those in virtual and dynamic organizational environments. In this paper, a... Sample PDF
A Conceptual Framework for Business Process Modeling in Virtual Organizations
Chapter 101
João Varajão, Antonio Trigo, João Barroso
Over the past few decades, information systems and technologies have taken on a wide variety of roles within organizations, ranging from operational... Sample PDF
Motivations and Trends for IT/IS Adoption: Insights from Portuguese Companies
Chapter 102
Sherrena Buckby, Peter Best, Jenny Stewart
This chapter introduces current and prior IT governance literature across five key focus areas being strategic alignment of business and IT systems... Sample PDF
The Current State of Information Technology Governance Literature
Chapter 103
Clyde W. Holsapple, Jiming Wu
The resource-based view of the firm attributes superior firm performance to organizational resources that are valuable, rare, non-substitutable, and... Sample PDF
A Resource-Based Perspective on Information Technology, Knowledge Management, and Firm Performance
Chapter 104
Emad M. Kamhawi
Limited research has considered the value derived from using enterprise resource panning (ERP) systems for decision making support. This paper aims... Sample PDF
System Characteristics, Perceived Benefits, Individual Differences and Use Intentions: A Survey of Decision Support Tools of ERP Systems
Chapter 105
Norm Archer
Information systems that link businesses for the purpose of inter-organizational transfer of business transaction information (inter-organizational... Sample PDF
Management Considerations for B2B Online Exchanges
Chapter 106
Benjamin Urh, Tomaz Kern, Matjaz Roblek
The pace of development of products and services has rapidly increased in the last two decades. Enterprises are expected to respond to new market... Sample PDF
Business Process Modification Management
Chapter 107
Marianne Afifi
The number of electronic resources is continually growing and the processes associated with managing them are ever more complex. Consequently... Sample PDF
Process Mapping for Electronic Resources: A Lesson from Business Models
Chapter 108
N. Raghavendra Rao
Recent changes in global economy have been focusing on the need for a proactive approach in the International Financial Services sector. Integrating... Sample PDF
Balancing Business, Technology, and Global Expertise
Chapter 109
Mujgan San
As every technological development, information and communication technology also offers new life patterns to human beings. One of them is related... Sample PDF
The Business Knowledge and Information Policy Model
Chapter 110
Pedro Soto-Acosta
The article provides a review of the adoption of a resource-based view of the firm (RBV) in eBusiness literature and, then, suggests directions for... Sample PDF
E-Business and the Resource-Based View: Towards a Research Agenda
Chapter 111
Evon M. O. Abu-Taieh, Asim A. El Sheikh, Jeihan M. Abu-Tayeh, Maha T. El-Mahied
This chapter uses the Diffusion of Innovations (DOI) theory and examines a business case, highlighting certain gaps in the theory. First, confusion... Sample PDF
Information Technology Projects System Development Life Cycles: Comparative Study
Chapter 112
Alexandre Gachet, Ralph Sprague
Finding appropriate decision support systems (DSS) development processes and methodologies is a topic that has kept researchers in the decision... Sample PDF
Context in Decision Support Systems Development
Chapter 113
Maira Petrini, Marlei Pozzebon
Constant technological innovation and increasing competitiveness make the management of information a considerable challenge, requiring... Sample PDF
What Role is "Business Intelligence" Playing in Developing Countries? A Picture of Brazilian Companies
Chapter 114
R. Rajendran, K. Vivekanandan
Businesses invest in developing information systems resources to gain competitive advantages. Literature has demonstrated the requirement of... Sample PDF
Small Business Performance Impacts of Information Systems Strategic Orientation
Chapter 115
Vladimír Modrák
Nowadays, the implementation of business process management modern tools in companies becomes a mater of acceptation of an effective organization... Sample PDF
Business Process Management as a Critical Success Factor in EIS Implementation
Chapter 116
Simona Sternad, Samo Bobek, Zdenko Dezelak, Ana Lampret
Enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution implementation is a complex process, that requires substantial resources and efforts, and yet the... Sample PDF
Critical Success Factors (CSFs) for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solution Implementation in SMEs: What Does Matter for Business Integration
Chapter 117
Carmen de Pablos Heredero, Mónica de Pablos Heredero
The implementation of an Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP) is a risky and high cost action, even more when we are dealing with small and... Sample PDF
Elements that Can Explain the Degree of Success of ERP Systems Implementation
Chapter 118
Clay Posey, Abdullahel Bari
Practically all supply chains operate under conditions of uncertainty. To mitigate this uncertainty and increase performance, organizations within... Sample PDF
Information Sharing and Supply Chain Performance: Understanding Complexity, Compatibility, and Processing
Chapter 119
Saad Ghaleb Yaseen, Khaled Saleh Al Omoush
This chapter aims to identify the Critical Success Factors (CSFs) and outcomes of Web-based Supply Chain Collaboration (SCC). A total of 230... Sample PDF
The Critical Success Factors of Web-Based Supply Chain Collaboration Adoption: An Empirical Study
Chapter 120
Tsz-Wai Lui, Gabriele Piccoli
As the use of customer service as a tool to create customer value and differentiation continues to increase, the set of customer services that... Sample PDF
Toward a Theory of IT-Enabled Customer Service Systems
Chapter 121
Dr. Rajagopal
The customer value concept is utilized to assess product performance and to determine the competitive structure of the new products. The analytical... Sample PDF
Customer Value and New Product Retailing Dynamics: An Analytical Construct for Gaining Competetive Advantage
Chapter 122
Jounghae Bang, Nikhilesh Dholakiam, Lutz Hamel, Seung-Kyoon Shin
Customer relationships are increasingly central to business success (Kotler, 1997; Reichheld & Sasser, 1990). Acquiring new customers is five to... Sample PDF
Customer Relationship Management and Knowledge Discovery in Database
Chapter 123
Fiona McMahon, Aodheen O’Donnell
Evidence suggests that small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) have failed to capitalize on the Internet to facilitate the management of customer... Sample PDF
Electronic Customer Relationship Management and SME Marketing Practice: Exploring Potential Synergies
Chapter 124
Diana Luck
In recent times, customer relationship management (CRM) has been defined as relating to sales, marketing, and even services automation.... Sample PDF
The Importance of Data Within Contemporary CRM
Chapter 125
Mahesh Raisinghani, Abdu Albur, Sue Leferink, Thomas Lyle, Stephen Proctor
This chapter discusses customer relationship management (CRM) as a customer-focused business strategy enhanced by technology that automates and... Sample PDF
Customer Relationship Management (CRM): An In-Depth Analysis
Chapter 126
Chung-Tzer Liu, Yi Maggie Guo
End user satisfaction has always been an important component of Information Systems (IS) success. This is also true for online applications... Sample PDF
Validating the End-User Computing Satisfaction Instrument for Online Shopping Systems
Chapter 127
James Perotti
This chapter asserts that process models are an excellent platform for a continuous stream of innovations. Such models can illuminate opportunities... Sample PDF
Innovations from Business Process Models
Chapter 128
Denis Caro
This chapter posits that transgenic governance forces are evolving and will engage future international e-business professionals in a multi-polar... Sample PDF
Evolving e-Business Systems: Transgenic Forces in International Realpolitik Space in 2050
Chapter 129
Charles Møller
“ERP is dead - long live ERP II” was the title of a path breaking research note from Gartner Group (Bond, Genovese, Miklovic, Wood, Zrimsek, &... Sample PDF
Next-Generation Enterprise Systems
Chapter 130
Silke Balzert, Thomas Burkhart, Dirk Werth, Michal Laclavík, Martin Šeleng, Nikolay Mehandjiev, Martin Carpenter, Iain Duncan Stalker
More than 99% of European enterprises are SMEs. While collaboration with other enterprises provides potential for improving business performance... Sample PDF
State of the Art Solutions in Enterprise Interoperability
Chapter 131
Andreas Tolk
This chapter describes the use of simulation systems for decision support in support of real operations, which is the most challenging application... Sample PDF
Using Simulation Systems for Decision Support
Chapter 132
Tony C. Shan, Winnie W. Hua
Solutions architecting method (SAM) is defined as a methodical approach to dealing with the architecture complexity of enterprise information... Sample PDF
Towards a Systematic Method for Solutions Architecting
Chapter 133
Symbiotic Data Miner  (pages 2207-2213)
Kuriakose Athappilly
Symbiotic data mining is an evolutionary approach to how organizations analyze, interpret, and create new knowledge from large pools of data.... Sample PDF
Symbiotic Data Miner
Chapter 134
Soumaya Ben Letaifa
This chapter examines how e-CRM has affected both organizational and individual behavior in a leading Canadian bank. The innovative and... Sample PDF
A New Conceptual Framework for Greater Success with Integration of E-CRM
Chapter 135
Matteo Golfarelli, Stefano Rizzi
Optimizing decisions has become a vital factor for companies. In order to be able to evaluate beforehand the impact of a decision, managers need... Sample PDF
What-if Simulation Modeling in Business Intelligence
Chapter 136
Narasimhaiah Gorla, Pang W.Y. Betty
A new approach to vertical fragmentation in relational databases is proposed using association rules, a data-mining technique. Vertical... Sample PDF
Vertical Fragmentation in Databases Using Data-Mining Technique