Future Trends

Future Trends

Matthew W. Guah (Warwick University, UK)
Copyright: © 2006 |Pages: 7
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59140-763-8.ch011
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Now that we have seen what organizations are doing with Web services, the rest of this book will look at how Web services will affect Internet strategies in the next decade and possibly beyond. This chapter begins with financial forecasts from the professionals and later warns that organizations must first be in the position to refine their business models, crystallize their value propositions and strengthen the quality and management strategies of their services.

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Table of Contents
Matthew W. Guah, Wendy L. Currie
Chapter 1
Matthew W. Guah
This chapter not only defines the application service provision phenomenon, but also details the issues surrounding its emergence as an Internet... Sample PDF
Application Service Provision
Chapter 2
Web Services  (pages 8-16)
Matthew W. Guah
Organizations today are desperate to identify new opportunities in the facilities provided by the Internet. Few have attempted to link... Sample PDF
Web Services
Chapter 3
Concerns  (pages 17-39)
Matthew W. Guah
As evidence relating the reality and basic features of the application service provider (ASP) market continues to grow, there begins to be less... Sample PDF
Chapter 4
Recommendations  (pages 40-47)
Matthew W. Guah
After looking at a few concerns we have about Web services, this chapter suggests a number of ways to approach the Web services business model. It... Sample PDF
Chapter 5
Jyoti Choudrie, Yogesh Kumar Dwivedi
Internet connectivity has a profound impact on almost all aspects of human lives including social interaction and individual behaviour. The impacts... Sample PDF
Considering the Impact of Broadband on the Growth and Development of B2C Electronic Commerce
Chapter 6
Haroun Alryalat, Yogesh Kumar Dwivedi, Jasna Kuljis, Ray J. Paul
The aim of this chapter is to discuss current online and traditional trading on the NASDAQ stock exchange using theoretical approach. The paper aims... Sample PDF
A Theoretical Approach to Evaluate Online and Traditional Trading on th NASDAQ Stock Exchange
Chapter 7
Mayumi Hori, Masakazu Ohashi
In this chapter, we discuss XML Web services, which integrates different systems and applications into one comprehensive system. XML Web services... Sample PDF
Adaptive Collaborative Work and XML Web Services: Benefits of Applications into Information Infrastructure and Human Resources
Chapter 8
Paulus Insap Santosa
The World Wide Web offers a vast collection of information. As the result, information seeking and related activities have become increasingly... Sample PDF
Helping Users, Mentally: A Lesson Learned from Hypertext and Web Navigation
Chapter 9
Souad Mohammed
One of management objectives when dealing with Web services (or related Internet strategies) is to cut business costs. Information systems (IS)... Sample PDF
Reducing the Costs of Doing Business: Human Costs and Social Issues of IS/IT Strategies
Chapter 10
Matthew W. Guah, Wendy L. Currie
Value creation from e-business for customers in healthcare is an important topic in academic and practitioner circles. This chapter reports the... Sample PDF
From ASP to Web Services: Identifying Key Performance Areas and Indicators for Healthcare
Chapter 11
Future Trends  (pages 178-184)
Matthew W. Guah
Now that we have seen what organizations are doing with Web services, the rest of this book will look at how Web services will affect Internet... Sample PDF
Future Trends
Chapter 12
Matthew W. Guah
This chapter suitably summarizes all the points covered in this book by applying them to 21st-century intelligent enterprises. By addressing the... Sample PDF
A 21st-Century Tool for Intelligent Enterprises
Chapter 13
Conclusions  (pages 227-258)
Matthew W. Guah
This chapter recaps the strategic direction of Internet-based business models over the last decade and points organizations to modify and rethink... Sample PDF
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