GIS in Agriculture

GIS in Agriculture

Anne Mims Adrian (Auburn University, USA), Chris Dillard (Auburn University, USA) and Paul Mask (Auburn University, USA)
Copyright: © 2005 |Pages: 19
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59140-399-9.ch015
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This chapter introduces the use of geographic information systems (GIS) and global positioning systems (GPS) in agricultural production. Precision agriculture is a catch-all term that describes using GIS and GPS technologies to manage specific areas of fields. Precision agriculture technologies use information from multiple sources to assist farmers in making crop production and management decisions based on the variability of production potential within fields. In this chapter, we describe the technologies used in production agriculture and we review some of the research associated with the use and future trends of these technologies. The purpose of this chapter is to define and explain GIS and GPS technologies used in agriculture and some of the economic benefits, impacts, and challenges of using these technologies.

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James Pick
Table of Contents
Jack Dangermond
James Pick
Chapter 1
Peter Keenan
This chapter looks at the concepts and theories underlying the application of GIS in business. It discusses the role of information technology in... Sample PDF
Concepts and Theories of GIS in Business
Chapter 2
Esperanza Huerta, Celene Navarrete, Terry Ryan
This chapter synthesizes empirical research from multiple disciplines about the use of GIS for decision-making in business settings. Todd &... Sample PDF
GIS and Decision-Making in Business: A Literature Review
Chapter 3
Richard P. Greene, John C. Stager
This chapter reviews some standard techniques and methods of geographic information systems for business applications. Characteristics of spatial... Sample PDF
Techniques and Methods of GIS for Business
Chapter 4
James Pick
This chapter examines the costs and benefits of geographic information systems (GIS). It focuses on the research questions of what components to... Sample PDF
Costs and Benefits of GIS in Business
Chapter 5
Julian Ray
This chapter identifies and discusses issues associated with integrating technologies for storing spatial data into business information technology... Sample PDF
Spatial Data Repositories: Design, Implementation and Management Issues
Chapter 6
Maribel Yasmina Santos, Luís Alfredo Amaral
Knowledge discovery in databases is a process that aims at the discovery of associations within data sets. The analysis of geo-referenced data... Sample PDF
Mining Geo-Referenced Databases: A Way to Improve Decision-Making
Chapter 7
Suprasith Jarupathirun, Fatemeh Zahedi
This chapter discusses the use of geographic information systems (GIS) for spatial decision support systems (SDSS). It argues that the increased... Sample PDF
GIS as Spatial Decision Support Systems
Chapter 8
W. Lee Meeks, Subhasish Dasgupta
For several years GIS has been expanding beyond its niche of analyzing earth science data for earth science purposes. As GIS continues to migrate... Sample PDF
The Value of Using GIS and Geospatial Data to Support Organizational Decision Making
Chapter 9
Gary Hackbarth, Brian Mennecke
The chapter presents several conceptual models, each of which can be used to improve our understanding of whether spatially enabled virtual business... Sample PDF
Strategic Positioning of Location Applications for Geo-Business
Chapter 10
Brian N. Hilton, Thomas A. Horon, Bengisu Tulu
Geographic information systems (GIS) have numerous applications in human health. This chapter opens with a brief discussion of the three dimensions... Sample PDF
Geographic Information Systems in Heath Care Services
Chapter 11
GIS in Marketing  (pages 236-259)
Nanda K. Viswanathan
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GIS in Marketing
Chapter 12
Arthur W. Allaway, Lisa D. Murphy, David K. Berkowitz
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The Geographical Edge: Spatial Analysis of Retail Loyalty Program Adoption
Chapter 13
Susan Wachter, Michelle M. Thompson, Kevin C. Gillen
This chapter provides an overview of a major contemporary issue in real estate valuation — the use of geographical data to improve valuation... Sample PDF
Geospatial Analysis for Real Estate Valuation Models
Chapter 14
Oliver Fritz, Petter Skerfving
This chapter presents a case study on the role of geographical information systems in power utility automation. It argues that geographical... Sample PDF
Monitoring and Analysis of Power Line Failures: An Example of the Role of GIS
Chapter 15
GIS in Agriculture  (pages 324-342)
Anne Mims Adrian, Chris Dillard, Paul Mask
This chapter introduces the use of geographic information systems (GIS) and global positioning systems (GPS) in agricultural production. Precision... Sample PDF
GIS in Agriculture
Chapter 16
Derrick J. Neufeld, Scott Griffith
This chapter presents a case study of Isobord1, a Canadian manufacturer of high quality particleboard that uses straw instead of wood as the main... Sample PDF
Isobord's Geographic Information System Solution
Chapter 17
Joseph R. Francica
The development of mobile location technology, proliferation of web-based mapping applications, mandates by federal agencies, and lower cost of... Sample PDF
GIS and the Future in Business IT
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