Growth and Consolidation in the Spanish-Speaking E-Commerce Market

Growth and Consolidation in the Spanish-Speaking E-Commerce Market

Roberto Vinaja (University of Texas-Pan American, USA)
Copyright: © 2002 |Pages: 18
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-930708-27-3.ch005
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This case aims to analyze, in some detail, the major challenges in the widespread adoption of electronic commerce in the Spanish-speaking population. The case also provides a general overview of related issues in global e-commerce, specifically: language, localization, currency, cultural difference, export controls, payment methods, taxation issues, consumer protection, and legal issues. The case includes a description of the strategies followed by companies entering the Latin American market in order to illustrate some of the major cross-border issues. The case clearly exemplifies how localization involves a considerable financial investment and commitment. The chapter illustrates that while Latin America initially attracted many investors by offering one of the world’s fastest growing online populations, the market was not large enough to accommodate all the new entrants.

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Mahesh S. Raisinghani
Mahesh S. Raisinghani
Chapter 1
Hanns-Christian L. Hanebeck, Stanley L. Kroder, John H. Nugent, Mahesh S. Raisinghani
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GlobeRanger Corporation
Chapter 2
R. P. Sundarraj, Joseph Sarkis
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Implementation Management of an E-Commerce-Enabled Enterprise Information Systems: A Case Study at Texas Instruments
Chapter 3
David Paper, Kenneth B. Tingey
Access to the world enabled by the Internet facilitates internationalization as never before. However, lack of a coherent global Internet strategy... Sample PDF
A Three-Tiered Approach to Global E-Commerce: Experiences of Nu Skin International
Chapter 4
Sabine Seufert
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E-Learning Business Models: Framework and Best Practice Examples
Chapter 5
Roberto Vinaja
This case aims to analyze, in some detail, the major challenges in the widespread adoption of electronic commerce in the Spanish-speaking... Sample PDF
Growth and Consolidation in the Spanish-Speaking E-Commerce Market
Chapter 6
J. Martin Santana, Jaime Serida, Antonio Diaz
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Inca Foods: Reaching New Customers Worldwide
Chapter 7
David Gordon, James E. Skibo
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Reality vs. Plan: How Organizational E-Commerce Strategies Evolve
Chapter 8
Margaret T. O’Hara, Hugh J. Watson
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Student Advantage Captures the College Market Through an Integration of Their On and Offline Businesses
Chapter 9
Ira Yermish, Dale A. Bondanza
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Turning E-Commerce Theory into Action in Ireland: Taming the Celtic Tiger
Chapter 10
ENI Company  (pages 186-200)
Ook Lee
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ENI Company
Chapter 11
Debabroto Chatterjee, Leonard M. Jessup
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SAFECO: Leveraging the Web in a Knowledge-Based Service Industry
Chapter 12
Adam T. Elegant, Ramiro Montealegre
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E*Trade Securities, Inc., Pioneer Online Trader, Struggles to Stay on Top
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