Handheld Educational Applications: A Review of the Research

Handheld Educational Applications: A Review of the Research

Yanjie Song (University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong)
Copyright: © 2009 |Pages: 22
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-60566-062-2.ch015
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This chapter reviews and discusses research on applications of handheld devices in education. The author classifies these applications into six categories based on their functions: educational communication, managing, multimedia access, games and simulations, data collection, and context-aware applications. Each category is examined individually and the consequences arising from these applications are analyzed. The author posits that handheld educational applications, in many cases, have duplicated traditional practice, and that these uses do not seem to have much impact on educational practices. Continued research is needed to focus on longitudinal studies of how students’ perceive and use handheld devices for their own needs in contexts that change their educational practices.

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Table of Contents
Hokyoung Ryu, David Parsons
Hokyoung Ryu, David Parsons
Chapter 1
Hokyoung Ryu
This introductory chapter focuses not so much on mobile learning technologies per se, but rather on a theoretical foundation and its pragmatic... Sample PDF
Designing Learning Activities with Mobile Technologies
Chapter 2
Patrick Danaher
This chapter deploys Denning’s (2004) powerful assertion that “an innovation is a transformation of practice in a community” (p. 1) through the... Sample PDF
Transforming the Practice of Mobile Learning: Promoting Pedagogical Innovation through Educational Principles and Strategies that Work
Chapter 3
Eusebio Scornavacca
The increasing sophistication and rapid uptake of mobile phones among university students is providing an unprecedented platform for the development... Sample PDF
Understanding the Value of Interactive SMS for Large Classes
Chapter 4
Christian Kittl, Francika Edegger, Otto Petrovic
This chapter investigates how mobile games can be used for an efficient transfer of knowledge in learning processes that connect between the real... Sample PDF
Learning by Pervasive Gaming: An Empirical Study
Chapter 5
Peter E. Doolittle
In recent years, educators across the globe have begun to employ portable, digital media players, especially iPods, as educational platforms.... Sample PDF
iPods as Mobile Multimedia Learning Environments: Individual Differences and Instructional Design
Chapter 6
Martin Owen
This chapter explores mobile learning where location and game like or playful activity adds to the context of learning. The relationship between... Sample PDF
From Individual Learning to Collaborative Learning— Location, Fun, and Games: Place, Context, and Identity in Mobile Learning
Chapter 7
Martha Grabowski, Greg Lepak, George Kulick
Many studies have examined the impact of collaborative technology in distributed learning environments. Few of those studies involved new... Sample PDF
Collaborative Technology Impacts in Distributed Learning Environments
Chapter 8
María Felisa Verdejo, Carlos Celorrio, Emilio Julio Lorenzo, Marta Millán, Sergio Prades, Javier Vélez
This chapter presents a review of the approach, design and implementation of the networked educational infrastructure of the ENLACE project that... Sample PDF
Constructing Mobile Technology-Enabled Environments for an Integrated Learning Approach
Chapter 9
Daniel Spikol
In this chapter we describe our continuing efforts related to the design, implementation and evaluation of innovative educational activities... Sample PDF
Collaboration in Context as a Framework for Designing Innovative Mobile Learning Activities
Chapter 10
Chengjiu Yin, Hiroaki Ogata, Yoneo Yano
In traditional education, most of the communication is one-way, where the teacher teaches and the students listen. The students are therefore less... Sample PDF
Participatory Simulation for Collaborative Learning Experiences
Chapter 11
Sosuke Miura
This chapter presents the SketchMap system, which supports children’s situated learning by their experience of creating maps. In an outdoor... Sample PDF
Situated Learning with SketchMap
Chapter 12
Dionisios N. Dimakopoulos, George D. Magoulas
In response to the ever-increasing need of private and public organizations for lifelong learning, research in technology-enhanced learning has been... Sample PDF
An Architecture for a Personalized Mobile Environment to Facilitate Contextual Lifelong Learning
Chapter 13
Hokyoung Ryu
To ensure the success of future mobile learning environments, it is essential to develop affordable and effective applications that are well matched... Sample PDF
Designing Situated Learning Experiences
Chapter 14
Ana Dzartevska
This chapter describes some conceptual and practical issues in the development of a professional mobile learning system. The main focus of the... Sample PDF
Developing a Mobile Learning Platform for a Professional Environment
Chapter 15
Yanjie Song
This chapter reviews and discusses research on applications of handheld devices in education. The author classifies these applications into six... Sample PDF
Handheld Educational Applications: A Review of the Research
Chapter 16
Feng Xie
Mobile technologies are rapidly changing our lives with increasing numbers of services supported by mobile devices, including Web-based learning... Sample PDF
Assessing the Benefits of AJAX in Mobile Learning Systems Design
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