Heuristic Genetic Algorithm for Product Portfolio Planning

Heuristic Genetic Algorithm for Product Portfolio Planning

Jianxin Jiao (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore), Yiyang Zhang (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore) and Yi Wang (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)
Copyright: © 2006 |Pages: 16
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59140-702-7.ch004
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This chapter applies the Genetic Algorithm to help manufacturing companies plan their product portfolio. Product portfolio planning (PPP) is a critical decision faced by companies across industries and is very important in helping manufacturing companies keep their competitive advantage. PPP has been classified as a combinatorial optimization problem, in that each company strives for the optimality of its product offerings through various combinations of products and/or attribute levels. Towards this end, this chapter develops a heuristic genetic algorithm (HGA) for solving the PPP problem. The objective of this chapter is to develop a practical method that can find near optimal solutions and assist marketing managers in product portfolio decision-making.

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Table of Contents
Kevin E. Voges, Nigel K.L. Pope
Chapter 1
Kevin E. Voges, Nigel K.L. Pope
We present an overview of the literature relating to computational intelligence (also commonly called artificial intelligence) and business... Sample PDF
Computational Intelligence Applications in Business: A Cross-Section of the Field
Chapter 2
Kevin Swingler, David Cairns
This chapter identifies important barriers to the successful application of Computational Intelligence (CI) techniques in a commercial environment... Sample PDF
Making Decisions with Data: Using Computational Intelligence within a Business Environment
Chapter 3
Kristina R. Jespersen
With an increased focus in management science on how to collect data close to the real world of managers, we consider how agent-based simulations... Sample PDF
Computational Intelligence as a Platform for a Data Collection Methodology in Management Science
Chapter 4
Jianxin Jiao, Yiyang Zhang, Yi Wang
This chapter applies the Genetic Algorithm to help manufacturing companies plan their product portfolio. Product portfolio planning (PPP) is a... Sample PDF
Heuristic Genetic Algorithm for Product Portfolio Planning
Chapter 5
Rob Potharst, Michiel V. Rijthoven, Michiel C.V. Wezel
Starting with a review of some classical quantitative methods for modeling customer behavior in the brand choice situation, some new methods are... Sample PDF
Modeling Brand Choice Using Boosted and Stacked Neural Networks
Chapter 6
David Camacho
The last decade has shown the e-business community and computer science researchers that there can be serious problems and pitfalls when e-companies... Sample PDF
Applying Information Gathering Techniques in Business-to-Consumer and Web Scenarios
Chapter 7
Miao-Ling Wang, Hsiao-Fan Wang
With the ever-increasing and ever-changing flow of information available on the Web, information analysis has never been more important. Web text... Sample PDF
Web Mining System for Mobile-Phone Marketing
Chapter 8
Zhao Y. Dong, Tapan K. Saha, Kit P. Wong
This chapter introduces advanced techniques such as artificial neural networks, wavelet decomposition, support vector machines, and data-mining... Sample PDF
Artificial Intelligence in Electricity Market Operations and Management
Chapter 9
Prasanna Lokuge, Damminda Alahakoon
This chapter introduces the use of hybrid intelligent agents in a vessel berthing application. Vessel berthing in container terminals is regarded as... Sample PDF
Reinforcement Learning-Based Intelligent Agents for Improved Productivity in Container Vessel Berthing Applications
Chapter 10
Ly F. Sugianto, Pramesh Chand
This chapter introduces a new Computational Intelligence algorithm called Horizon Scan. Horizon Scan is a heuristic based technique designed to... Sample PDF
Optimization Using Horizon-Scan Technique: A Practical Case of Solving an Industrial Problem
Chapter 11
Kesaraporn Techapichetvanich, Amitava Datta
Both visualization and data mining have become important tools in discovering hidden relationships in large data sets, and in extracting useful... Sample PDF
Visual Data Mining for Discovering Association Rules
Chapter 12
Jianxin Jiao, Yiyang Zhang, Martin Helander
This chapter applies data-mining techniques to help manufacturing companies analyze their customers’ requirements. Customer requirement analysis has... Sample PDF
Analytical Customer Requirement Analysis Based on Data Mining
Chapter 13
Sasha Ivkovic, Ranadhir Ghosh, John Yearwood
We demonstrate the use of a visual data-mining tool for non-technical domain experts within organizations to facilitate the extraction of meaningful... Sample PDF
Visual Grouping of Association Rules by Clustering Conditional Probabilities for Categorical Data
Chapter 14
Brian C. Lovell, Christian J. Walder
This chapter discusses the use of Support Vector Machines (SVM) for business applications. It provides a brief historical background on inductive... Sample PDF
Support Vector Machines for Business Applications
Chapter 15
Tadao Takaoka, Nigel K.L. Pope, Kevin E. Voges
In this chapter, we present an overview of some common data mining algorithms. Two techniques are considered in detail. The first is association... Sample PDF
Algorithms for Data Mining
Chapter 16
Faezeh Afshar, John Yearwood, Andrew Stranieri
This chapter introduces an approach, ConSULT (Consensus based on a Shared Understanding of a Leading Topic), to enhance group decision-making... Sample PDF
A Tool for Assisting Group Decision-Making for Consensus Outcomes in Organizations
Chapter 17
Malcolm J. Beynon, Martin Kitchener
This chapter describes the utilization of an uncertain reasoning-based technique in public services strategic management analysis. Specifically, the... Sample PDF
Analyzing Strategic Stance in Public Services Management: An Exposition of NCaRBS in a Study of Long-Term Care Systems
Chapter 18
Thomas L. Saaty
Simple multi-criteria decisions are made by deriving priorities of importance for the criteria in terms of a goal and of the alternatives in terms... Sample PDF
The Analytic Network Process – Dependence and Feedback in Decision-Making: Theory and Validation Examples
Chapter 19
Anthony Brabazon, Alice Delahunty, Dennis O’Callaghan, Peter Keenan, Michael O’Neill
Recent years have seen a dramatic increase in the application of biologically-inspired algorithms to business problems. Applications of neural... Sample PDF
Financial Classification Using an Artificial Immune System
Chapter 20
Andrei Hryshko, Tom Downs
Foreign exchange trading has emerged in recent times as a significant activity in many countries. As with most forms of trading, the activity is... Sample PDF
Development of Machine Learning Software for High Frequency Trading in Financial Markets
Chapter 21
Tatsiana Levina
This chapter overviews recent online portfolio selection strategies for financial markets. These investment strategies achieve asymptotically the... Sample PDF
Online Methods for Portfolio Selection
Chapter 22
Nigel K.L. Pope, Kevin E. Voges
In this chapter we review the history of mathematics-based approaches to problem solving. The authors suggest that while the ability of analysts to... Sample PDF
Ankle Bones, Rogues, and Sexual Freedom for Women: Computational Intelligence in Historical Context
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