Implementing Software Metrics at a Telecommunications Company: A Case Study

Implementing Software Metrics at a Telecommunications Company: A Case Study

David I. Heimann (University of Massachusetts Boston, USA)
Copyright: © 2006 |Pages: 19
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59904-417-0.ch005
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Establishing and using fundamental measures of software development progress is an essential part of being able to predictably produce high-quality customer-satisfying software within a reasonable agreed-to timeframe. However, in many organizations such measurement is done incompletely or not at all. While various forces encourage measurement programs, others form barriers to such implementation. This case study explores a formal Metrics Program established to track and analyze the development of a new version for the major voicemail product of a mid-sized telecommunications company. The study addresses the evolution of the company’s organizational structure and culture that led to the adoption of the program, the components and structure of the program, the implementation of the program, its effects on product quality and timeliness, and what happened thereafter. The study also raises questions with respect to facilitating an organizational atmosphere where a Metrics Program can flourish.

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Mehdi Khosrow-Pour
Chapter 1
Daniel Robey, Leigh Jin
iTalk was founded in January 1999 and one year later successfully launched a free voicemail service across the entire U.S. The service was made... Sample PDF
iTalk: Managing the Virtual E-Business
Chapter 2
Andrew Borchers, Mark Demski
As a response to strong competitive pressures, the U.S. automotive industry has actively employed Electronic Data Interchange in communications... Sample PDF
The Value of Coin Networks: The Case of Automotive Network Exchange®
Chapter 3
Steven C. Ross, Craig K. Tyran, David J. Auer, Jon M. Junell, Terrell G. Williams
On July 3, 2002, fire destroyed a facility that served as both office and computer server room for a College of Business located in the United... Sample PDF
Up in Smoke: Rebuilding After an IT Disaster
Chapter 4
Richard Smith, Brian Lewis, Christine Massey
This chapter examines policy processes for the introduction of technology-mediated learning at universities and colleges. It is based on the results... Sample PDF
Policy Processes for Technological Change
Chapter 5
David I. Heimann
Establishing and using fundamental measures of software development progress is an essential part of being able to predictably produce high-quality... Sample PDF
Implementing Software Metrics at a Telecommunications Company: A Case Study
Chapter 6
Anthony R. Hendrickson, Troy J. Strader
In this paper the issues faced by firms in today’s telecommunications environment are compared and contrasted with an actual telecommuting case... Sample PDF
Managerial Issues for Telecommuting
Chapter 7
V. Sridhar, Piyush Jain
As organizations continue to Web-enable mission-critical network-centric information systems, reliable and high bandwidth connectivity to the... Sample PDF
The Elusive Last Mile to the Internet
Chapter 8
Bruce Dienes, Michael Gurstein
A province-wide network of Community Access Internet sites was supported during the summers of 1996 and 1997 by Wire Nova Scotia (WiNS), a... Sample PDF
Remote Management of a Province-Wide Youth Employment Program Using Internet Technologies
Chapter 9
Martin Fahy, JJoseph Feller, Pat Finnegan, Ciaran Murphy
In the spring of 2002, a team within Digifone, in the Republic of Ireland, deliberated on how they would generate revenues from a Third Generation... Sample PDF
Moving Up the Mobile Commerce Value Chain: 3G Licenses, Customer Value and New Technology
Chapter 10
Susan A. Sherer
This case study describes the process of integrating the library, computing and telecommunications services in a university. Within the last two... Sample PDF
The Integration of Library, Telecommunications, and Computing Services in a University
Chapter 11
Predrag Pale, Jasenka Gojšic
This paper describes 10 years of efforts in introducing the state-of-the-art information and communication technologies (ICT) and development of ICT... Sample PDF
Nation-Wide ICT Infrastructure Introduction and its Leverage for Overall Development
Chapter 12
Gigi G. Kelly, Karen Locke
As the 21st century approaches, the work environment is transforming, driven in large part by technology. For example, technology is challenging... Sample PDF
The Telecommuting Life: Managing Issues of Work, Home and Technology
Chapter 13
Petr C. Smolik, Thomas Hruška
This case presents experience from design and implementation of a university information system at the Brno University of Technology. The newly... Sample PDF
Application of an Object-Oriented Metasystem in University Information System Development
Chapter 14
Gretchen L. Gottlich, John M. Meyer, Michael L. Nelson, David J. Bianco
NASA Langley Research Center’s product is aerospace research information. To this end, Langley uses information technology tools in three distinct... Sample PDF
Integrating Information Technologies into Large Organizations
Chapter 15
Ryan C. LaBrie, Ajay S. Vinzé
This case examines the role and implications of deregulation in the telecommunications sector on an IT-based services organization in the... Sample PDF
Globe Telecom: Succeeding in the Philippine Telecommunications Economy
Chapter 16
Susan Page Hocevar, Barry A. Frew, Virginia Callaghan Bayer
This is an action planning case. The case objective is to apply these methodologies and an understanding of organizational change to developing an... Sample PDF
Implementing a Wide-Area Network at a Naval Air Station: A Stakeholder Analysis
Chapter 17
Raymond Papp
Given the recent profitability of and demand for pharmaceuticals, from prescription antibiotics and analgesics like Ciproflaxin™ and OxyContin™ and... Sample PDF
Information Technology & FDA Compliance in the Pharmaceutical Industry
Chapter 18
Kenneth R. Walsh
Norwel Equipment Co. Limited Partnership (L.P.) is a Louisiana business retailer of construction equipment specializing in John Deere... Sample PDF
Norwel Equipment Co. Limited Partnership (L.P.) Internet Upgrade
Chapter 19
Wilfried Lemahieu, Monique Snoeck, Cindy Michiels
This case study presents an experience report on an enterprise modelling and application integration project for a young company, starting in the... Sample PDF
Integration of Third-Party Applications and Web Clients by Means of an Enterprise Layer
Chapter 20
Dirk Trossen, André Schüppen, Michael Wallbaum
In the broad context of the collaborative research center project IMPROVE (Information Technology Support for Collaborative and Distributed Design... Sample PDF
Shared Workspace for Collaborative Engineering
Chapter 21
GlobeRanger Corporation  (pages 345-370)
Hanns-Christian L. Hanebeck, Stan Kroder, John Nugent, Mahesh S. Raisinghani
This case traces the dynamic evolution/revolution of an e-commerce entity from concept through first-round venture financing. It details the... Sample PDF
GlobeRanger Corporation
Chapter 22
Stephen Burgess, Paul Darbyshire
The application of Internet technologies towards distance education is widely discussed in the literature. This case applies Porter’s “added value”... Sample PDF
Added Value Benefits of Application of Internet Technologies to Subject Delivery
Chapter 23
Rohit Rampal
This case deals with the experience of a school district in the design and implementation of a wide area network. The problems faced by the school... Sample PDF
Design and Implementation of a Wide Area Network: Technological and Managerial Issues
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