Inforamtion Quality in Engineering Asset Management

Inforamtion Quality in Engineering Asset Management

Andy Koronos (University of South Australia, Australia) and Shien Lin (University of South Australia, Australia)
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DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59904-024-0.ch010
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This chapter discusses the critical issues of information quality (IQ) associated with engineering assets management. It introduces an asset management (AM) specific IQ framework as a means of studying IQ in engineering asset management. It argues that it is essential to ensure the quality of data in monitoring systems, control systems, maintenance systems, procurement systems, logistics systems, and range of mission support applications in order to facilitate effective AM. There is also a growing need to address the issue of IQ in enterprise asset management (EAM) systems, by analyzing existing practices and developing frameworks/models to assist engineering enterprises to capture, process and deliver quality data and information. Furthermore, the authors hope that a better understanding of the current issues and emerging key factors for ensuring high quality AM data through the use of the AM IQ framework will not only raise the general IQ awareness in engineering asset management organisations, but also assist AM and IT professionals in obtaining an insightful and overall appreciation about what AM IQ problems are and why they have emerged.

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John Talburt
Chapter 1
John Talburt, Richard Wang, Kimberly Hess, Emily Kuo
This chapter introduces abstract algebra as a means of understanding and creating data quality metrics for entity resolution, the process in which... Sample PDF
An Algebraic Approach to Data Quality Metrics for Entity Resolution over Large Datasets
Chapter 2
Laure Berti-Equille
For non-collaborative distributed data sources, quality-driven query processing is difficult to achieve because the sources generally do not export... Sample PDF
Quality-Extended Query Processing for Mediation Systems
Chapter 3
M. Mehdi Owrang O.
Current database technology involves processing a large volume of data in order to discover new knowledge. However, knowledge discovery on just the... Sample PDF
Discovering Quality Knowledge from Relational Databases
Chapter 4
Zbigniew J. Gackowski
This chapter presents a qualitative inquiry into the universe of quality attributes of symbolic representation such as data and information values.... Sample PDF
Relativity of Inforamtion Quality: Ontological vs. Teleological, Internal vs. Eternal View
Chapter 5
Karolyn Kerr, Tony Norris
Data quality requirements are increasing as a wider range of data becomes available and the technology to mine data shows the value of data that is... Sample PDF
The Development of a Health Data Quality Programme
Chapter 6
Ismael Caballero, Mario Piattini
This chapter introduces a way for assessing and improving information quality at organizations. Information is one of the most important assets for... Sample PDF
Assessment and Improvement of Information Quality
Chapter 7
Elizabeth M. Pierce
This paper takes the basic constructs of the IP-Map diagram and demonstrates how they can be combined with the Event-Driven Process Chain... Sample PDF
Integrating IP-Maps with Business Process Modelling
Chapter 8
Latif Al-Hakim
This chapter considers information flow as an important dimension of information quality and proposes a procedure for mapping information flow. The... Sample PDF
Procedure for Mapping Information Flow: A Case of Surgery Management Process
Chapter 9
Zhanming Su, Zhanming Jin
Product Information Quality (PIQ) is critical in manufacturing enterprises. Yet, the field lacks comprehensive methodologies for its evaluation. In... Sample PDF
A Methodology for Information Quality Assessment in the Designing and Manufacturing Processes of Mechanical Products
Chapter 10
Andy Koronos, Shien Lin
This chapter discusses the critical issues of information quality (IQ) associated with engineering assets management. It introduces an asset... Sample PDF
Inforamtion Quality in Engineering Asset Management
Chapter 11
Zhenguo Yu, Ying Wang
This chapter presents a survey into quality management practice regarding statistics and financial data in China. As a fast-developing country... Sample PDF
Quality Management Practices Regarding Statistical and Financial Data in China
Chapter 12
Suhaiza Zailani, Premkumar Rajagopal
This paper introduces how information quality plays an important role in a supply chain performance. In order to make smarter use of global... Sample PDF
The Effects of Information Quality on Supply Chain Performance: New Evidence from Malaysia
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