Information Quality: How Good ar Off-the-shelf DBMs

Information Quality: How Good ar Off-the-shelf DBMs

Felix Naumann (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Germany) and Mary Roth (IBM Silicon Valley Lab, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59904-420-0.ch006
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Commercial database management systems (DBMS) have come a long way with respect to efficiency and more recently, with respect to quality and user friendliness. Not only do they provide an efficient means to store large amounts of data and intuitive query languages to access the data; popular DBMS also provide a whole suite of tools to assess, store, manage, clean, and retrieve data in a user-friendly way. Some of these feature address database experts, others are targeted at end-users with little or even no database knowledge. The recent developments in the field of autonomic computing drive the ease-of-use even further. In this report we study how well a typical DBMS meets the goal of providing a high-quality data storage and retrieval facility. To this end, we draw on an established set of information quality criteria and assess how well an exemplary DBMS fares. While quality criteria are usually defined for a set of data, we extend, wherever possible, the definitions to the systems that manage this data

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Andy Koronios
Chapter 1
Eric Infield, Laura Sebastian-Coleman
This paper is a case study of the data quality program implemented for Galaxy, a large health care data warehouse owned by UnitedHealth Group and... Sample PDF
Galaxy's Data Quality Program: A Case Study
Chapter 2
Latif Al-Hakim
This research maps the information quality (IQ) process and finds that the control constituent of the process comprises two types of factors: IQ... Sample PDF
Information Quality Function Deployment
Chapter 3
Daniel Maier, Thomas Muegeli, Andrea Krejza
Customer investigations in the banking industry are carried out in connection with prosecutions, the administration of estates or other legal... Sample PDF
Customer Investigation Process at Credit Suisse: Meeting the Rising Demands of Regulators
Chapter 4
Elizabeth M. Pierce
This chapter demonstrates how conjoint analysis can be used to improve the design and delivery of mass consumer information products. Conjoint... Sample PDF
Assessing Mass Consumer Information Quality Requirements Using Conjoint Analysis
Chapter 5
Kimberly D. Hess, John R. Talburt
An introduction to name knowledge and its application to information quality assessments through an expert system is discussed in this chapter. The... Sample PDF
Applying Name Knowledge to Information Qualtiy Assessments
Chapter 6
Felix Naumann, Mary Roth
Commercial database management systems (DBMS) have come a long way with respect to efficiency and more recently, with respect to quality and user... Sample PDF
Information Quality: How Good ar Off-the-shelf DBMs
Chapter 7
Jon R. Wright, Gregg T. Vesonder, Tamraparni Dasu
In an enterprise setting, a major challenge for any data mining operation is managing data streams or feeds, both data and metadata, to ensure a... Sample PDF
Management of Data Streams for Large-Scale Data Mining
Chapter 8
Besiki Stvilia, Les Gasser, Michael B. Twidale
This chapter presents results from our empirical studies of metadata quality in large corpuses of metadata harvested under Open Archives Initiative... Sample PDF
Metadata Quality Problems in Federated Collections
Chapter 9
Helinä Melkas
In this chapter, a novel framework is introduced for analyzing information quality within information processes of complex organizational networks... Sample PDF
Analyzing Information Quality in Virtual Networks of the Services Sector with Qualitative Interview Data
Chapter 10
Mikhaila S.E. Burgess, W. Alex Gray, Nick J. Fiddium
This chapter discusses the proposal for using quality criteria to facilitate information searching. It suggests that the information consumer can be... Sample PDF
Qualtiy Measures and the Information Consumer
Chapter 11
Monica Bobrowski, Sabrina Soler
Data plays a critical role in organizations up to the point of being considered a competitive advantage. However, the quality of the organizations’... Sample PDF
DQ Options: Evaluating Data Quality Projects Using Real Options
Chapter 12
Zbigniew J. Gackowski
This chapter presents a logical technology-independent fully content-focused inquiry into the operations quality problems of any symbolic... Sample PDF
Purpose-Focused View of Information Quality: Telelogical Operations Research-Based Approach
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