Information System for a Volunteer Center: System Design for Not-For-Profit Organizations with Limited Resources

Information System for a Volunteer Center: System Design for Not-For-Profit Organizations with Limited Resources

Suresh Chalasani (University of Wisconsin - Parkside, USA), Dirk Baldwin (University of Wisconsin - Parkside, USA) and Jayavel Souderpandian (University of Wisconsin - Parkside, USA)
Copyright: © 2006 |Pages: 25
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59140-673-0.ch020
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This case focuses on the development of information systems for not-for-profit volunteer-based organizations. Specifically, we discuss an information system project for the Volunteer Center of Racine (VCR). This case targets the analysis and design phase of the project using the Unified Modeling Language (UML) methodology, database modeling, and aspects of project management including scope and risk management. Students must decide how to proceed, including recommending an IT solution, managing risk, managing scope, projecting a schedule, and managing personnel. The rewards and special issues involved with systems for not-for-profit organizations will be revealed. This case can be used in a variety of courses, including systems analysis and design, database management systems, and project management.

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Mehdi Khosrow-Pour
Chapter 1
Charles K. Davis
The case covers key issues in information technology project management. It deals with developing a full set of project plans, including milestones... Sample PDF
An Experiential Case Study in IT Project Management Planning: The Petroleum Engineering Economics Evaluation Software Imperative
Chapter 2
Susan J. Chinn, Charlotte A. Pryor, John J. Voyer
Two systems faculty from a university was contracted to perform an analysis of information systems at the Algos Center, a small non-profit... Sample PDF
The Algos Center: Information Systems in a Small Non-Profit Organization
Chapter 3
Isabel Ramos, Daniel M. Berry
In the beginning of 1999, the CIO of a Portuguese company in the automobile industry was debating with himself whether to abandon or to continue... Sample PDF
Social Construction of Information Technology Supporting Work
Chapter 4
Mahesh S. Raisinghani, E-Lin Tan, Jose Antonio Untama, Heidi Weiershaus
German public hospitals face governmental and regulatory pressures to implement efficiency and effectiveness metrics, such as the classification of... Sample PDF
CRM Systems in German Hospitals: Illustrations of Issues & Trends
Chapter 5
Maha Shakir, Dennis Viehland
The Health Board is one of the largest public health care providers in New Zealand (NZ). In early 1999, a supply chain optimization review... Sample PDF
The Selection of the IT Platform: Enterprise System Implementation in the NZ Health Board
Chapter 6
Mickey Howard, Philip Powell, Richard Vidgen
Building cars to customer order has been the goal of volume vehicle manufacturers since the birth of mass production. Eliminating the vast stocks of... Sample PDF
Automotive Industry Information Systems: From Mass Production to Build-to-Order
Chapter 7
Tom Butler
This article explores the political relationships, power asymmetries, and conflicts surrounding the development, deployment, and governance of... Sample PDF
Power Conflict, Commitment & the Development of Sales & Marketing IS/IT Infrastructures at Digital Devices, Inc.
Chapter 8
Pieter Blignaut, Iann Cruywagen
An information kiosk system is a computer-based information system in a publicly accessible place. Such a system was developed for a large public... Sample PDF
Development of an Information Kiosk for a Large Transport Company: Lessons Learned
Chapter 9
Bing Wang, David Paper
This case study documents an organizational change intervention concerning the implementation of a novel information technology at a... Sample PDF
A Case of an IT-Enabled Organizational Change Intervention: The Missing Pieces
Chapter 10
Steven C. Ross, Craig K. Tyran, David J. Auer, Jon M. Junell, Terrell G. Williams
On July 3, 2002, fire destroyed a facility that served as both office and computer server room for a College of Business located in the United... Sample PDF
Up In Smoke: Rebuilding After an IT Disaster
Chapter 11
Dennis Drinka, Kathleen Voge, Minnie Yi-Miin Yen
The College of Business Administration (CBA) is part of a mid-sized urban university with a primary focus on teaching. It had recently decided to... Sample PDF
From Principles to Practice: Analyzing a Student Learning Outcomes Assessment System
Chapter 12
Teta Stamati, Panagiotis Kanellis, Drakoulis Martakos
Although painstaking planning usually precedes all large IT development efforts, 80% of new systems are delivered late (if ever) and over budget... Sample PDF
Challenges of Complex Information Technology Projects: The MAC Initiative
Chapter 13
Audrey Grace, Tom Butler
In the knowledge economy, a firm’s intellectual capital represents the only sustainable source of competitive advantage; accordingly, the ability to... Sample PDF
Beyond Knowledge Management: Introducing Learning Management Systems
Chapter 14
Christoph Schneider, Suprateek Sarker
This case study examines an often overlooked context of information system failures, that of pre-implementation failure. It focuses on an... Sample PDF
A Case of Information Systems Pre-Implementation Failure: Pitfalls of Overlooking the Key Stakeholders' Interests
Chapter 15
Ruth Guthrie, Conrad Shayo
The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is a government organization, founded to explore space to better understand our own planet... Sample PDF
The Columbia Disaster: Culture, Communication & Change
Chapter 16
Katerina Pramatari, Georgios I. Doukidis
In spring 2001, Veropoulos, the third biggest retailer in Greece and three of its top suppliers together with a service provider, started a pilot... Sample PDF
New Forms of Collaboration & Information Sharing in Grocery Retailing: The PCSO Pilot at Veropoulos
Chapter 17
Susan Rebstock Williams, Cheryl Aasheim
In February 2001, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department began the rollout of a “mobile” information system that will eventually enable all... Sample PDF
Information Technology in the Practice of Law Enforcement
Chapter 18
Murray E. Jennex
How much end-user computing is too much? Should end users develop systems? This case looks at a study of end user computing within the engineering... Sample PDF
End-User System Development: Lessons from a Case Study of IT Usage in an Engineering Organization
Chapter 19
A. S.C. Hooper
In any cooperative database the participants contribute their data for their own as well as the benefit of the other members, usually with... Sample PDF
LIBNET: A Case Study in Information Ownership & Tariff Incentives in a Collaborative Library Database
Chapter 20
Suresh Chalasani, Dirk Baldwin, Jayavel Souderpandian
This case focuses on the development of information systems for not-for-profit volunteer-based organizations. Specifically, we discuss an... Sample PDF
Information System for a Volunteer Center: System Design for Not-For-Profit Organizations with Limited Resources
Chapter 21
Hauke Heier, Hans P. Borgman, Andreas Manuth
The case study describes the issues surrounding the expansion of the community-based knowledge management system (KMS) ShareNet to the research and... Sample PDF
Siemens: Expanding the Knowledge Management System ShareNet to Research & Development
Chapter 22
Bongsug Chae, Marshall Scott Poole
“One system for everyone” has been an ideal goal for information technology (IT) management in many large organizations, and the deployment of such... Sample PDF
Enterprise System Development in Higher Education
Chapter 23
Victor Portougal
This case details the implementation of the Systems Applications & Products (SAP) Production Planning module at EA Cakes Ltd. The market forced the... Sample PDF
ERP Implementation for Production Planning at EA Cakes Ltd.
Chapter 24
Jing Zhang, Theresa A. Paro, Joseph Sarkis
Knowledge sharing among divisions of an organization is an important yet difficult goal foray institution to achieve. This case reports on... Sample PDF
MACROS: Case Study of Knowledge Sharing System Development within New York State Government Agencies
Chapter 25
Monideepa Tarafdar, Sanjiv D. Vaidya
This case describes challenges in the adoption and implementation of IT in two public sector enterprises in the postal and distribution businesses... Sample PDF
Adoption & Implementation of IT in Developing Nations: Experiences from Two Public Sector Enterprises in India
Chapter 26
Deb Sledgianowski, Jerry Luftman
Both information technology (IT) and business leaders are continually looking for management practices to help them align their IT and business... Sample PDF
IT-Business Strategic Alignment Maturity: A Case Study
Chapter 27
Folker den Braber, Arne Bjørn Mildal, Jone Nes, Ketil Stølen, Fredrik Vraalsen
During a field trial performed at the Norwegian telecom company NetCom from May 2003 to July 2003, a methodology for model-based risk analysis was... Sample PDF
Experiences from Using the CORAS Methodology to Analyze a Web Application
Chapter 28
Debabroto Chatterjee, Rick Watson
Infosys Technologies Ltd., one of the world’s most profitable IT services company, implemented a customer relationship management (CRM) system... Sample PDF
Infosys Technologies Limited: Unleashing CIMBA
Chapter 29
Jef Van den Ende, Stefano Laganà, Koenraad Blot, Zeno Bisoffi, Erwin Van den Enden, Louis Vermeulen, Luc Kestens
KABISA is a computer-based program for training in diagnostic problems in (sub-) tropical regions. It challenges the individual student with a... Sample PDF
Development of KABISA: A Computer-Based Training Program for Clinical Diagnosis in Developing Countries
Chapter 30
Wai K. Law, Karri Perez
GHI, an international service conglomerate, recently acquired a new subsidiary in an Asian country. A new information system was planned to... Sample PDF
Cross-Cultural Implementation of Information System
Chapter 31
Helen M. Edwards, Lynne P. Humphries
Power IT is an autonomous company of about 200 staff producing and repairing power conversion supplies. Eighteen months after adopting an enterprise... Sample PDF
Change Management of People & Technology in an ERP Implementation
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