Information Systems Ethics in the USA and in the Arab World

Information Systems Ethics in the USA and in the Arab World

Husain Al-Lawatia (Utah State University, USA) and Thomas Hilton (Utah State University, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-93177-743-8.ch012
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This chapter explores similarities and differences between two cultures, the USA and the Arab World, in BIS ethics, through a survey of American and Arab students on personal use of organizational computers, use of organizational IS resources for non-organization gain, and monitoring of organizational IS resource use. While interesting statistical differences were found in the average strength of several responses, there was no disagreement as to the ethicality or non-ethicality of any survey item. The authors view this consistency as encouraging evidence of a common foundation for IS-related commerce between the two cultures. The findings of this study can be a basis for future cooperation, as legislators, educators, and employers in the Arab World and the USA develop acceptable BIS practices.

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Table of Contents
Rasool Azari
Chapter 1
Göran Pulkkis, Kaj J. Grahn, Peik Åström
This chapter is a topical overview of network security software and related skills needed by network users, IT professionals, and network security... Sample PDF
Network Security Software
Chapter 2
Vlasti Broucek, Paul Turner
This chapter is divided to two parts. Part one identifies common security and privacy weaknesses that exist in e-mail and WWW browsers and... Sample PDF
A Forensic Computing Perspective on the Need for Improved User Education for Information Systems Security Management
Chapter 3
Sr. Korzyk
The U.S. military’s concept of a Cooperative Engagement Capability should serve as a useful referent for those attempting to design/develop large... Sample PDF
Integrating Cooperative Engagement Capability into Network-Centric Information System Security
Chapter 4
Maria Grazia Fugini, Pierluigi Plebani
In building cooperative distributed information systems, a methodology for analysis, design and implementation of security requirements of involved... Sample PDF
A Methodology for Developing Trusted Information Systems: The Security Requirements Analysis Phase
Chapter 5
Vernon Stagg, Matthew Warren
Information infrastructures are an eclectic mix of open and closed networks, private and public systems, the Internet, and government, military, and... Sample PDF
A National Information Infrastructure Model for Information Warfare Defence
Chapter 6
Stewart T. Fleming
This chapter discusses the current state of the art of biometric systems. The use of biometrics is an important new part of the design of secure... Sample PDF
Biometrics: Past, Present and Future
Chapter 7
Geoffrey Sandy, Paul Darbyshire
As the amount of content on the Web grows almost exponentially, one of the new growth industries is that of filtering products. The effectiveness of... Sample PDF
User Types and Filter Effectiveness: A University Case Study
Chapter 8
Bernd Carsten Stahl
Social responsibility is a highly popular term, and it seems to be of importance to what is happening in the information age. In this paper, the... Sample PDF
What is the Social Responsibility in the Information Age? Maximising Profits?
Chapter 9
Robert Joseph Skovira
This chapter introduces the social contract as a basis for personal and corporate responsibility and obligation. I briefly discuss three... Sample PDF
The Social Contract Revised: Obligation and Responsibility in the Information Society
Chapter 10
Rasool Azari, James Pick
This paper examines the technological level of 74 counties in technologically advanced states in the United States at the end of the 1990s. The... Sample PDF
The Influence of Socioeconomic Factors on Technological Change: The Case of High-Tech States in the U.S.
Chapter 11
Heberto J. Ochoa-Morales
In Latin America, the proliferation of regional and multilateral agreements with integration as a purpose has generated a high flow of goods... Sample PDF
Social Responsibility and the Transition Toward a Knowledge-Based Society in Latin America
Chapter 12
Husain Al-Lawatia, Thomas Hilton
This chapter explores similarities and differences between two cultures, the USA and the Arab World, in BIS ethics, through a survey of American and... Sample PDF
Information Systems Ethics in the USA and in the Arab World
Chapter 13
Li Qi, Zhang Xianfeng
Based on some new traits of the Internet environment, this chapter discusses lemon problems in the Internet transactions. It points out that the... Sample PDF
Lemon Problems in the Internet Transactions and Relative Strategies
Chapter 14
Zhangxi Lin, Dahui Li, Wayne Huang
Reputation is an important organization asset, particularly in the era of e-commerce. In an online consumer-to-consumer (C2C) auction market, a... Sample PDF
Reputation, Reputation System and Reputation Distribution - An Exploratory Study in Online Consumer-to-Consumer Auctions
Chapter 15
Hasan A. Abbas, Salah M. Al-Fadhly
The Internet is a hot issue nowadays because of its important role at different levels. The topic of privacy is a debatable issue: we read in the... Sample PDF
Privacy Perspective from Utilitarianism and Metaphysical Theories
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