Information Technology in Small Business: Issues and Challenges

Information Technology in Small Business: Issues and Challenges

Stephen Burgess (Victoria University, Australia)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-930708-35-8.ch001
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Research into the use of information technology (IT) in small businesses is extremely diverse. It encompasses the many different characteristics of small businesses, including size, culture, business strategy, attitudes to IT, industry and location, to name a few. The authors in this book have contributed chapters that address many of these characteristics of small businesses. This chapter provides an introduction to many of the areas covered in the book.

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Table of Contents
Stephen Burgess
Chapter 1
Stephen Burgess
Research into the use of information technology (IT) in small businesses is extremely diverse. It encompasses the many different characteristics of... Sample PDF
Information Technology in Small Business: Issues and Challenges
Chapter 2
Linda Duxbury, Yves Decady, Angel Tse
This chapter examines the impact of company size on the adoption, use and perceived impact of computer technology in Canadian businesses. Such... Sample PDF
Adoption and Use of Computer Technology in Canadian Small Businesses: A Comparative Study
Chapter 3
M. Gordon Hunter
When is an information system development outcome considered a success and when is it considered a failure? What factors contribute to a conclusion... Sample PDF
Information Systems Development Outcomes: The Case of Song Book Music
Chapter 4
Aurelio Ravarini, Marco Tagliavini, Giacomo Buonanno, Donatella Sciuto
The widespread adoption of information and communication technology (ICT) has been involving both large companies and smaller ones. However, while... Sample PDF
Information System Check-Up as a Leverage for SME Development
Chapter 5
Arthur Tatnall
Many small businesses are quite entrepreneurial in their operation, and are prepared to consider the advantages conferred by information technology.... Sample PDF
Modeling Technological Change in Small Business: Two Approaches to Theorizing Innovation
Chapter 6
M. Gordon Hunter, Monica Diochon, David Pugsley, Barry Wright
The global nature of product and service markets, technology and competition has increased business requirements for flexibility, quality... Sample PDF
Unique Challenges for Small Business Adoption of Information Technology: The Case of the Nova Scotia Ten
Chapter 7
Ye-Sho Cehn, Robert Justis, P. Pete Chong
According to Justis and Judd (1998), franchising is defined as “a business opportunity by which the owner (producer or distributor) of a service or... Sample PDF
Franchising and Information Technology: A Framework
Chapter 8
Yangqing Duan, Russell Kinman, Mark Xu
The research outlined in this chapter is concerned with current practice in relation to decision support systems (DSSs) in small businesses. The... Sample PDF
Use of Decision Support Systems in Small Businesses
Chapter 9
Borut Werber
This chapter presents the results of an investigation conducted in Slovenia from November 1999 until January 2000, focusing on some basic computer... Sample PDF
Computer Security in Small Businesses - An Example from Slovenia
Chapter 10
Kristy Lawrence
While Electronic Commerce has been touted as the new way in which businesses around the world will operate, there is little research that focuses on... Sample PDF
Factors Inhibiting the Collaborative Adoption of Electronic Commerce Among Australian SMEs
Chapter 11
Ron Craig
Two important forces are at work today in the Canadian and global economies. First is the traditional force of small and medium-sized enterprises... Sample PDF
Web Initiatives & E-Commerce Strategy: How Do Canadian Manufacturing SMEs Compare?
Chapter 12
Celia Romm, Wal Taylor
The primary emphasis of much of the literature on electronic commerce (EC) is on its global nature. The literature is replete with examples of... Sample PDF
The Role of SMEs in Promoting Electronic Commerce in Communities
Chapter 13
Shirley Bode, Janice Burn
It is estimated that there are 1,004,200 private sector small businesses in Australia, of which almost 900,000 were non-agricultural businesses, and... Sample PDF
Strategies for Consultancy Engagement for E-Business Development - A Case Analysis of Australian SMEs
Chapter 14
Dieter Fink
Information Technology (IT) has played an important role in the professional services sector for many years. Professional firms such as accountants... Sample PDF
Building the Professional Services E-Practice
Chapter 15
Anthony Stiller
While Small-to-Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Australia have an excellent opportunity to take advantage of the growth of e-commerce in Australian and... Sample PDF
How a Procedural Framework Would Assist SMEs in Developing Their E-Business Strategy
Chapter 16
Simpson S. Poon
In this day and age, IT applications are no longer just about in-house business software applications or local area networks. Today’s IT issues are... Sample PDF
Management's Contribution to Internet Commerce Benefit - Experiences of Online Small Businesses
Chapter 17
Robert Klepper, Andrew Carrington
Business-to-consumer electronic commerce in the developing world is hampered by a host of technological, cultural, economic, political and legal... Sample PDF
Options for Business-to-Consumer E-Commerce in Developing Countries: An Online Store Prototype
Chapter 18
Mohini Singh
Australian small businesses are increasingly adopting the Internet and the World Wide Web as a medium of doing business to reach new customers and... Sample PDF
Electronic Commerce Opportunities, Challenges and Organizational Issues for Australian SMEs
Chapter 19
Yanqing Duan, Roisin Mullins, David Hamblin
Rapid developments in Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), such as electronic commerce (e-commerce), have revolutionized the way that... Sample PDF
Training for E-Commerce Success in SMEs
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