Innovation and Change Management

Innovation and Change Management

Mohini Singh (RMIT University, Australia)
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DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59140-138-4.ch001
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E-business is an innovation that modern day organisations cannot do without. It is based on technology, evolves with technological developments, digitises and automates business processes, is global and leads to improved competitiveness, efficiencies, increased market share, and business expansion. E-businesses models include business-to-business, business-to-consumer, government-to-government, government-to-business, government-to-consumer and numerous others that evolve with new developments. Technological developments applied to e-business results in new issues in the organisation, in dealing with business partners and customers, requires new laws and regulations and automated business processes. Conducting business electronically is a change from traditional ways of doing things, leading to large scale transformation of existing business. To attain business efficiencies from e-business, it is imperative that organisations effectively manage the e-business environment, and all associated changes to digitize and maintain the environment. This chapter discusses management paradigms essential for e-business change management.

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Table of Contents
Mohini Singh, Dianne Waddell
Chapter 1
Mohini Singh
E-business is an innovation that modern day organisations cannot do without. It is based on technology, evolves with technological developments... Sample PDF
Innovation and Change Management
Chapter 2
Owen Cope, Dianne Waddell
Inevitably, the adoption of any new technology brings about change, but e-business is significantly different in that it completely shifts global... Sample PDF
Leadership in an E-Business Environment
Chapter 3
Valerie Baker, Tim Coltman, Joan Cooper
Although several leading corporations have reported sizeable gains from their decisions to invest in the Internet and related e-business technology... Sample PDF
Executive Judgment and the E-Business Advantage: Implications for IT Strategic Change
Chapter 4
Sushil K. Sharma
Over the last decade, a significant number of companies have implemented e-business solutions because an investment in e-business technologies... Sample PDF
A Change Management Framework for E-Business Solutions
Chapter 5
Dianne Waddell
Resistance to change has long been recognised as a critically important factor that can influence the success or otherwise of implementing any... Sample PDF
Resistance: A Medium for the Successful Implementation of Technological Innovation
Chapter 6
Byron Keating, Robert Rugimbana, Ali Quazi
The application of relationship management strategies to the online environment has been met with great enthusiasm. However, research indicates that... Sample PDF
Building Effective Online Relationships
Chapter 7
Fang Zhao
With the convergence of information technology and communication, the Internet has changed the way organizations communicate internally and... Sample PDF
E-Partnership and Virtual Organizations: Issues and Options
Chapter 8
Paul Hawking, Susan Foster, Andrew Stein
This chapter looks at the evolving nature of enterprise resource planning systems and how companies are using these systems to support the... Sample PDF
A B2E Solution: Change Management Perspectives
Chapter 9
Ramanie Samaratunge, Dianne Waddell
Even though there is an emerging literature on information age reform of the public sector, research focused on potential and problems related to... Sample PDF
E-Government in Developing Countries: A Sri Lankan Experience
Chapter 10
Arthur Tatnall, Stephen Burgess
Just because e-commerce seems like a useful tool that may assist a small to medium enterprise (SME) do its business better, it does not necessarily... Sample PDF
Using Actor-Network Theory to Identify Factors Affecting the Adoption of E-Commerce in SMEs
Chapter 11
Nabeel A.Y. Al-Qirin
This chapter looks at mobile business (MoB) from technological, social, economical, and environmental perspectives. The issues that surround MoB and... Sample PDF
The Application of the Innovative Mobile Technologies in the Business Environment: Challenges and Implications
Chapter 12
Pauline Ratnasingam
The evolution of technology innovation by businesses using the Internet is transforming and reshaping the nature of inter-organizational commerce... Sample PDF
The Evolution of Technology Innovation at Dakin Farms
Chapter 13
Mohini Singh, Betty Zoppos
With technological developments, and the changing needs of global and on-line businesses, innovations in retail payment methods have evolved... Sample PDF
From Cash to E-Money: Payment System Innovations in Australia
Chapter 14
Mohini Singh
Ensuring security for e-business information exchange is essential as it entails exchange of sensitive information. E-business transactions entail... Sample PDF
Security Management in an E-Business Environment
Chapter 15
Dianne Waddell
This chapter attempts to give an outline of some of the contemporary ethical issues related to technological innovation associated with e-business... Sample PDF
Ethics and E-Business: An Oxymoron?
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