Innovative Technological Paradigms for Corporate Offshoring

Innovative Technological Paradigms for Corporate Offshoring

Tapasya Patki (University of Arizona, USA) and A. B. Patki (Department of Information Technology, India)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59904-972-4.ch018
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Internet technology has impelled us to develop faith in the modern practices of business, commerce, and trade. Offshoring has been viewed as a global phenomenon on the economic frontier. While new technologies need to be framed, stopgap arrangements in the form of transient solutions to upgrade the current systems are also desired. Newer regulations and multi-jurisdictional compliance have profound impacts on the growth of outsourcing projects. The development of new technological solutions must challenge the myth that legislation and statutory practices are the only possible mechanisms to counter the unscrupulous activities in the context of outsourcing. A change in the outlook toward such methodologies is essential to shed away the technological inertia and latency. This chapter opens up discussion issues in the perspective of hardware and software requirements for efficient offshoring. The aim is to achieve higher precision, protection, and throughput by applying core-computing techniques to the existing practices of outsourcing.

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Table of Contents
Lester C. Thurow
Amar Gupta
Amar Gupta
Chapter 1
Amar Gupta, Satwik Seshasai, Sourav Mukherji, Auroop Ganguly
The changing economic and labor conditions have motivated firms to outsource professional services activities to skilled personnel in less expensive... Sample PDF
Offshoring: The Transition from Economic Drivers Toward Strategic Global Partnership and the 24-Hour Knowledge Factory
Chapter 2
Amar Gupta, David A. Gantz, Devin Sreecharana, Jeremy Kreyling
This chapter covers four issues. First, it examines evolving international conventions to determine whether countries, especially developed... Sample PDF
Evolving Relationship Between Law, Offshoring of Professional Services, Intellectual Property, and International Organizations
Chapter 3
Mahesh S. Raisinghani, Brandi Starr, Blake Hickerson, Marshelle Morrison, Michael Howard
The offshore outsourcing of information technology and information systems (IT/IS) is being increasingly practiced among firms that are focusing on... Sample PDF
Information Technology/Systems Offshore Outsourcing: Key Risks and Success Factors
Chapter 4
Vanita Yadav, Rajen K. Gupta
Due to the growing academic and practitioner interest in the field of outsourcing, there is a need to do a comprehensive assessment and synthesis of... Sample PDF
A Paradigmatic and Methodological Review of Research in Outsourcing
Chapter 5
John Skip Benamati, T. M. Rajkumar
The use of outsourcing is expanding rapidly. This chapter empirically tests a model of application development outsourcing acceptance based on the... Sample PDF
An Outsourcing Acceptance Model: An Application of TAM to Application Development Outsourcing Decisions
Chapter 6
Amar Gupta, Raj K. Goyal, Keith A. Joiner, Sanjay Saini
The healthcare industry is being impacted by advances in information technology in four major ways: first, a broad spectrum of tasks that were... Sample PDF
Outsourcing in the Healthcare Industry: Information Technology, Intellectual Property and Allied Aspects
Chapter 7
Alyssa D. Schwender, Christopher J.M. Leet
This chapter explores opportunities for the offshoring of assorted processes in the global entertainment and media industry. Currently, this... Sample PDF
Offshoring Entertainment and Media to India
Chapter 8
Shawna Sando
With rising and often unreasonable costs in the U.S. healthcare system, Americans are becoming more inclined to seek cheaper alternatives. In some... Sample PDF
Outsourcing of Medical Surgery and the Evolution of Medical Telesurgery
Chapter 9
Ram B. Misra
In this chapter, we discuss how a leading telecommunications software development company went about outsourcing some phases of the system... Sample PDF
The Use of Outsourcing as a Business Strategy: A Case Study
Chapter 10
Christine V. Bullen, Thomas Abraham, Kevin Gallagher, Kate M. Kaiser, Judith Simon
The increasingly global sourcing of IT work and other socio-economic trends are prompting fundamental changes in the availability of IT skills... Sample PDF
Changing IT Skills: The Impact of Sourcing Strategies on In-House Capability Requirements
Chapter 11
Suresh Sharma, Yuanyuan Chen
With the rapid rise of globalization, the challenge of global outsourcing today is not “Why and what to outsource?” but “How to outsource?” The... Sample PDF
New Trends in Global Offshore Outsourcing: A Comparative Assessment of India and China
Chapter 12
Whitney Hollis
Outsourcing and offshoring are popular (and often controversial) trends in American business, yet not all outsourcing is done in foreign countries;... Sample PDF
The Role of Prisons in Offshoring
Chapter 13
Satwik Seshasai, Amar Gupta
The term 24-Hour Knowledge Factory connotes a globally distributed work environment in which teammates work on a project around the clock. The... Sample PDF
The Role of Information Resource Management in Enabling the 24-Hour Knowledge Factory
Chapter 14
Lai Xu
To remain competitive, enterprises have to integrate their business processes with their customers, suppliers, and business partners. Increasing... Sample PDF
Outsourcing and Multi-Party Business Collaborations Modeling
Chapter 15
Nathan Denny, Shivram Mani, Ravi Sheshu Nadella, Manish Swaminathan, Jamie Samdal
Inspired by round-the-clock manufacturing, the 24-Hour Knowledge Factory endeavors to transform the production of software and other intangibles... Sample PDF
Hybrid Offshoring: Composite Personae and Evolving Collaboration Technologies
Chapter 16
Nathan Denny, Igor Crk, Ravi Sheshu Nadella
The growing adoption of outsourcing and offshoring concepts is presenting new opportunities for distributed software development. Inspired by the... Sample PDF
Agile Software Processes for the 24-Hour Knowledge Factory Environment
Chapter 17
Willaim J. Tastle, Bruce A. White, Ársaell Valfells, Peter Shackleton
Offshore outsourcing has been a growing phenomenon in recent years. Rarely will an IT professional pick up a trade publication or journal without... Sample PDF
Information Systems, Offshore Outsourcing, and Relevance in the Business School Curriculum
Chapter 18
Tapasya Patki, A. B. Patki
Internet technology has impelled us to develop faith in the modern practices of business, commerce, and trade. Offshoring has been viewed as a... Sample PDF
Innovative Technological Paradigms for Corporate Offshoring
Chapter 19
Igor Crk, Dane Sorensen, Amit Mitra
Collaborative work groups that span multiple locations and time zones, or “follow the sun,” create a growing demand for creating new technologies... Sample PDF
Leveraging Knowledge Reuse and System Agility in the Outsourcing Era
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