An Intelligent Wearable Platform for Real Time Pilot's Health Telemonitoring

An Intelligent Wearable Platform for Real Time Pilot's Health Telemonitoring

Christos Papadelis (Greek Aerospace Medical Association and Space Research, Greece), Chrysoula Kourtidou-Papadeli (Greek Aerospace Medical Association and Space Research, Thessaloniki, Greece), Fotini Lazaridou (Greek Aerospace Medical Association and Space Research, Thessaloniki, Greece) and Eleni Perantoni (Greek Aerospace Medical Association and Space Research, Thessaloniki, Greece)
Copyright: © 2008 |Pages: 8
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59904-889-5.ch098
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Aviators engage in a variety of outdoor activities where their health status, the environment, and the degree of workload and fatigue affect their performance. An innovative tool has been developed, which supports the real-time health monitoring of pilots using new algorithms based on intelligent clustering techniques for the recognition of possible health problems in flight. The Smart Profiler and the Intelligent Advisor modules of this system exploit the use of knowledge based expert systems and intelligent classification techniques. Coupled with the Portal, which also exploits the use of intelligent clustering techniques, it estimates the pilot’s performance in unknown environments. The new system targets recognizing possible problems at the time of flying, but it can also be used for the monitoring of the pilot performance and progress throughout a period of time, as it stores information from different flying sessions. The system was applied in 20 private pilots during the flight of a Cessna 152 aerobatic. The device was reliable and user-friendly, enabling us to monitor real-time health status of aviators in order to detect possible problems caused by the actual environmental conditions to which individuals are exposed, thus contributing to their health and safety in their working environments. Despite the automation and increasing technological complexity of modern aircrafts, the human operator still plays an important role in controlling those demanding systems. Piloting an aircraft is a highly complex task that requires the pilot to be proficient in numerous skills (Wilson & Eggemeier, 1991) in a hostile environment of cabin pressure changes and circadian rhythm disturbances particularly in long duration flights. The resulting overload of the pilots mandates the need for real time health telemonitoring (Charles, Winget, Charles, De- Roshia, Markley, & Holley, 1984; Denison, Ledwith, & Poulton, 1966; U.S. National Research Council, 2002; Ustinaviciene, Obelenis, & Ereminas, 2004). Real time health telemonitoring would be crucial to early detect and prevent conditions affecting aviator’s vital signs and cognitive performance.

Key Terms in this Chapter

Workload: The relationship between a group or individual human operator and task demands.

Hypoxia: A pathological condition in which the body as a whole or region of the body is deprived of adequate oxygen supply.

Health Telemonitoring System: A system that gives the ability to monitor healthy individuals or chronically ill patients by distance.

Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) Card: A removable digital smart card that can store securely the key identifying a mobile phone service subscriber.

Neural Network: A computing solution that is loosely modeled after cortical structures of the brain. It consists of interconnected processing elements called nodes or neurons that work together to produce an output function.

Personal Digital Assistant (PDA): Handheld computers that were originally designed as personal organizers, but which have become much more versatile over the years.

Portal: A site on the World Wide Web that typically provides personalized capabilities to its visitors, providing a pathway to other content.

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Steve Goldberg
Nilmini Wickramasinghe, Eliezer Geisler
Nilmini Wickramasinghe
Chapter 1
Guang Li, Deborah Citrin, Robert W. Miller, Kevin Camphausen, Boris Mueller, Borys Mychalczak, Yulin Song
Image registration, segmentation, and visualization are three major components of medical image processing. Three-dimensional (3D) digital medical... Sample PDF
3D and 4D Medical Image Registration Combined with Image Segmentation and Visualization
Chapter 2
Lynette Kvasny, Jing Chong
Women, the dominant subjects of AIDS discourses, are placed at risk by common systems of oppression such as gender, race, class, and social and... Sample PDF
The ABC Approach and the Feminization of HIV/AIDS in the Sub-Saharan Africa
Chapter 3
Genaro Daza, Luis Gonzalo Sánchez, Franklin A. Sepúlveda, Castellanos D. Germán
The present work analyzes the statistical effectiveness of different acoustic features in the automatic identification of hypernasality. Acoustic... Sample PDF
Acoustic Feature Analysis for Hypernasality Detection in Children
Chapter 4
Patricia Deering, Arthur Tatnall
Many information technology (IT) products have been developed to support medical general practitioners (GP) in all aspects of their work (GPSRG... Sample PDF
Adoption of ICT in an Australian Rural Division of General Practice
Chapter 5
Y. S. Morsi, C. S. Wong, S. S. Patel
Improvements in health care and treatment of diseases have led to an increase in life expectancy in developed countries. However, this achievement... Sample PDF
Advances and Trends in Tissue Engineering of Heart Valves
Chapter 6
Neelima Vidula, Jessy J. Mouannes, Nadia Halim, Shadi F. Othman
Millions of patients experience bone loss as a result of degenerative disease, trauma, or surgery (Xu, Othman, Hong, Peptan, & Magin, 2005). Healthy... Sample PDF
Advances in Bone Tissue Engineering to Increase the Feasibility of Engineered Implant
Chapter 7
Einar Jakob Hovland, Even Åby Larsen
Agent-oriented software engineering has, by many researchers, been dubbed the new paradigm in software development, and from its original concepts... Sample PDF
Agent-Based Patient Scheduling
Chapter 8
Fay Cobb Payton
Business analytics (BA), often termed business intelligence (BI), applications can carefully provide insight into the (in)significance of these... Sample PDF
Analytics: Unpacking AIDS Policy in the Black Community
Chapter 9
Omer Mahmood
Distance and inaccessibility create special challenges for health practitioners in rural and remote areas. Health professionals in rural and remote... Sample PDF
Application of Wireless Data Grids for Health Informatics
Chapter 10
John Wang, Xiaohua Hu, Dan Zhu
The workflow of health care organizations involves the generation and collection of various kinds of data relating to clinical practices, clinical... Sample PDF
Applications of Data Mining in the Healthcare Industry
Chapter 11
Daniel Álvarez, Roberto Hornero, María García, Félix del Campo, Miguel López
Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) syndrome is a major sleep-related breathing disorder, affecting 1% to 5% of adult men in western countries (Young... Sample PDF
Applying Cross Approximate Entropy to Blood Oxygen Saturation and Heart Rate from Nocturnal Oximetry in Screening for Obstructive Sleep Apnea
Chapter 12
Javier Escudero, Roberto Hornero, Daniel Abásolo, Jesús Poza, Alberto Fernández
The analysis of the electromagnetic brain activity can provide important information to help in the diagnosis of several mental diseases. Both... Sample PDF
Applying Independent Component Analysis to the Artifact Detection Problem in Magnetoencephalogram Background Recordings
Chapter 13
Salvatore Parise
The people-to-people relationships where knowledge work actually gets performed in organizations are called social networks, and they may be in... Sample PDF
Applying Social Network Analysis in a Healthcare Setting
Chapter 14
Elizabeth Cudney, Bonnie Paris
Using the quadratic loss function is one way to quantify a fundamental value in the provision of health care services: we must provide the best care... Sample PDF
Applying the Quality Loss Function in Healthcare
Chapter 15
Murako Saito
Corporate environment changing with the advent of information technology and with diversified organization has been inquired to redesign to... Sample PDF
Appreciation Level and Organizational Performance
Chapter 16
Vahid R. Sabzevari, Asad Azemi, Morteza Khademi, Hossein Gholizade, Armin Kiani, Zeinab S. Dastgheib
The goal of this article is to optimize the feature extraction process by using ICA and wavelet transform, apply the obtained set to several... Sample PDF
Arrhythmia Detection and Classification Using Wavelet and ICA
Chapter 17
E. Yang, I. P. Androulakis
While the rise of microarrays has heralded a new era in molecular biology with its ability to measure the expression level of thousands of genes at... Sample PDF
Assessing the Information Content of Microarray Time Series
Chapter 18
Petroudi Dimitra, Giannakakis Nikolaos, Poravas Efstratios, Robolas Periklis
Telephone companies are finding themselves confronted with a very basic problem: multiple networks. The solution that was devised is a unique new... Sample PDF
ATM Networks: Basic Ideas and Health
Chapter 19
Federica Censi, Giovanni Calcagnini, Eugenio Mattei, Michele Triventi, Pietro Bartolini
Atrial fibrillation (AF) is the most frequently occurring sustained cardiac rhythm disturbance (Wolf, Mitchell, Baker, Kannel, & D’Agostino, 1998).... Sample PDF
Automatic Quantification of P-Wave Morphological Features
Chapter 20
Lars Odd Petersen
Diagnostics and treatment of patients often involve several different clinics. When improving quality and efficiency in health care we therefore... Sample PDF
Balancing the Capacity in Health Care
Chapter 21
Jérôme Darmont, Emerson Olivier
In this context, the warehouse measures, though not necessarily numerical, remain the indicators for analysis, and analysis is still performed... Sample PDF
Biomedical Data Warehouses
Chapter 22
Pedro de A. Berger, Francisco A. de O. Nascimento, Leonardo R.A.X. de Menezes, Adson F. da Rocha, Joao L.A. Carvalho
Digitization of biomedical signals has been used in several areas. Some of these include ambulatory monitoring, phone line transmission, database... Sample PDF
Biomedical Signal Compression
Chapter 23
Biosensors  (pages 167-172)
Sourabh Bansal
Biosensor1 is a diagnostic tool in which a biological element is used to sense a chemical and its amount in a given sample, and then the sensed... Sample PDF
Chapter 24
Moha’med O. Al-Jaafreh, Adel A. Al-Jumaily
The mean arterial pressure (MAP) is a very important cardiovascular parameter for physicians to diagnose various cardiovascular diseases. Many... Sample PDF
Blood Pressure Estimation with Considering of Stroke Volume Effect
Chapter 25
Yan Song, Boris Muller, Chandra Burman, Borys Mychalczak, Yulin Song
In radiation therapy, especially using intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT), a high dose of ionizing radiation is delivered to the patient... Sample PDF
Bone Strength Assessment Based on CT Images Using a Network Spring Model for Radiation Therapy Patients
Chapter 26
Jens H. Weber-Jahnke
Countries around the globe are struggling with the rising cost of delivering health care. In the developed world, this trend is enforced by aging... Sample PDF
The Canadian Health Record Interoperability Infrastructure
Chapter 27
Abirami Radhakrishnan, Dessa David, Jigish Zaveri
Among health care information systems, past research has credited Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems with offering the greatest potential for... Sample PDF
Challenges with Adoption of Electronic Medical Record Systems
Chapter 28
Moshe A. Gadish, Mieso K. Denko
There are many benefits which wireless and mobile telemedicine can provide to healthcare and medical applications. Some of the specific benefits are... Sample PDF
Challenges, Systems and Applications of Wireless and Mobile Telemedicine
Chapter 29
Victoria Hanna, Kannan Sethuraman
Hospitals have to focus their efforts on identifying and eliminating waste of all forms if they are to succeed in today’s competitive landscape. A... Sample PDF
Classification of Waste in Hospitals
Chapter 30
Ken J. Farion, Michael J. Hine, Wojtek Michalowski, Szymon Wilk
Clinical decision-making is a complex process that is reliant on accurate and timely information. Clinicians are dependent (or should be dependent)... Sample PDF
Clinical Decision Making by Emergency Room Physicians and Residents
Chapter 31
Colla MacDonald, Emma J. Stodel, Lynn Casimiro, Lynda Weaver
There are obvious benefits to working in collaboration. However, real collaboration takes time; time to engage in meetings, complete accountability... Sample PDF
A Collaborative Approach for Online Dementia Care Training
Chapter 32
Choong Khean Foo
Everybody knows what pain is but no one really knows how to switch it off especially when it becomes persistent and annoying. Have we lost sight of... Sample PDF
Combining Technology with Tradition to Effect Superior Pain Management Strategies
Chapter 33
Gerald Schaefer, Roman Starosolski
In this article, we present experiments aimed to identify a suitable compression algorithm for colour retina images (Schaefer & Starosolski, 2006).... Sample PDF
A Comparison of Lossless Image Compression Algorithms for Colour Retina Images
Chapter 34
Diego Alvarez, Rafael C. González, Antonio López, Juan C. Alvarez
Video-based gait analysis, and other measurement devices such as force-plates, electrogoniometers, or electrodes to measure EMG signals are adequate... Sample PDF
Comparison of Step Length Estimators from Wearable Accelerometer Devices
Chapter 35
Dan-Marius Dobrea, Adriana Sîrbu
One of the major challenges that the human computer interface (HCI) faces nowadays is that of identifying a subject’s state, in a real world... Sample PDF
A Complex Non-Contact Bio-Instrumental System
Chapter 36
Daniel T.H. Lai, Jussi Pakkanen, Rezaul Begg, Marimuthu Palaniswami
Sensor networks (SN) is an emergent technology which combines small sensors outfitted with wireless transmitters to form a network with more... Sample PDF
Computational Intelligence and Sensor Networks for Biomedical Systems
Chapter 37
David J. Cornforth, Herbert F. Jelinek
The incidence of diabetes is increasing, and is expected to exceed one million people in Australia by the year 2010. Diabetes is currently diagnosed... Sample PDF
Computational Methods for the Early Detection of Diabetes
Chapter 38
Valentina Magagnin, Maurizio Turiel, Sergio Cerutti, Luigi Delfino, Enrico Caiani
The coronary flow reserve (CFR) represents an important functional parameter to assess epicardial coronary stenosis and to evaluate the integrity of... Sample PDF
Computer Analysis of Coronary Doppler Flow Velocity
Chapter 39
Marie-Christine Thaize Challier
Reducing medical costs is one of the major policy questions. A well understanding of this issue requires specific insight into some domains. The... Sample PDF
Costs and New Technologies in Healthcare Delivery
Chapter 40
Gerald Schaefer, Tomoharu Nakashima, Yasuyuki Yokota
In this article, we present a cost-sensitive approach to medical diagnosis based on fuzzy rule-based classification (Schaefer, Nakashima, Yokota, &... Sample PDF
Cost-Sensitive Classification for Medical Diagnosis
Chapter 41
David Gadish
The dental supply company is family owned and operated. It was founded in the 1940s and currently serves approximately 1,000 dental offices and... Sample PDF
Creating and Marketing a Dental Supply Online Store
Chapter 42
E. Vance Wilson
As e-health applications have increased in number and variety, the generalized concept of e-health as “health services and information delivered or... Sample PDF
Creating Patient Centered E-Health
Chapter 43
Nilmini Wickramasinghe, Santosh K. Misra
The cost of health care is increasing exponentially worldwide. The adoption and diffusion of e-health and the application of Internet and... Sample PDF
Critical Issues in Assessing Sustainability and Feasibility of E-health
Chapter 44
Shivani Choudhary, Eliezer Geisler, Nilmini Wickramasinghe
Bionanotechnology is a combination of three terms: “bios” meaning “life,” “nano” (origin in Greek) meaning “dwarf,” and “technologia” (origin in... Sample PDF
Critical Role of Bionanotechnology in Healthcare and Society
Chapter 45
Nilmini Wickramasinghe, Steve Goldberg
Medical science has made revolutionary changes in the past decades. Contemporaneously however, healthcare has made incremental changes at best. The... Sample PDF
Critical Success Factors for Delivering M-health Excellence
Chapter 46
Omar F. El-Gayar, Amit Deokar, Matthew Wills
The cost of healthcare is increasing exponentially worldwide. The adoption and diffusion of e-health and the application of Internet and... Sample PDF
Current Issues and Future Trends of Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSS)
Chapter 47
Fernando Seoane, Ramón Bragos, Kaj Lindecrantz, Pere Riu
The passive electrical properties of biological tissue have been studied since the 1920s, and with time, the use of Electrical Bioimpedance (EBI) in... Sample PDF
Current Source Design for Electrical Bioimpedance Spectroscopy
Chapter 48
Shivani Choudhary, Eliezer Geisler, Nilmini Wickramasinghe
Bionanotechnology is a combination of three terms: “bios” meaning “life,” “nano” (origin in Greek) meaning “dwarf,” and “technologia” (origin in... Sample PDF
The Current State of Bionanotechnology
Chapter 49
Ivor Perry
This article reviews the varieties of knowledge that have to be used in mental health care, and points out some of the unique features of knowledge... Sample PDF
Dealing with the Primacy of Knowledge in an In-Patient Mental Health Setting
Chapter 50
Vito Albino, Giuseppe Digregorio, Guido Sechi
The continuous increase of the national expense for the healthcare services, the necessity to adjust the performance of the service of the National... Sample PDF
A Decision Based Support System Based on GIS Technology
Chapter 51
Markos G. Tsipouras, Themis P. Exarchos, Dimitrios I. Fotiadis, Aris Bechlioulis, Katerina K. Naka
This article addresses the decision support regarding cardiovascular diseases, using computer-based methods, focusing on the coronary artery disease... Sample PDF
Decision Support Systems for Cardiovascular Diseases Based on Data Mining and Fuzzy Modelling
Chapter 52
Maria Teresa Martín, Maria Victoria Román, Manuel Recio
During the last few decades, various theoretical developments have been carried out with a view to describing the characteristic and distinct... Sample PDF
Definition and Measurement of the Technology Readiness Concept
Chapter 53
Ching Wei Wang, Amr Ahmed, Andrew Hunter
Obstructive Sleep Apnea is increasingly seen as a common and important condition, contributing to sleep disturbance and consequential daytime... Sample PDF
The Detection of Abnormal Breathing Activity by Vision Analysis in Application to Diagnosis of Obstructive Sleep Apnea
Chapter 54
Kate Lynch, Daniel T.H. Lai, Rezaul Begg
One in three individuals over the age of 65 years (elderly) will fall at least once a year (James, 1993). This probability increases to one in two... Sample PDF
Detection of Gait Patterns in Challenging Environments
Chapter 55
Robert J. Mockler, Dorothy G. Dologite
This paper originated with strategic management work done at Jamaica Hospital in Queens, NY and the Jewish Home and Hospital for the Aged in... Sample PDF
Developing Medical Systems that Save Lives and Significantly Reduce Hospital Healthcare Costs
Chapter 56
R. Leães, R. Cambraia, F. Bacim, G. Dalmarco, A. Calder, D. F.G. De Azevedo, M. Pinho, T. Russomano
There are three primary techniques for simulating partial gravity: water immersion (neutral buoyancy), parabolic flight, and body suspension device... Sample PDF
Development of Walking Pattern Evaluation System for Hypogravity Simulation
Chapter 57
Sarah H. Gueldner, Guruprasad Madhavan, Eric D. Newman, Carolyn S. Pierce
Osteoporosis, usually silent until a fracture occurs, is among the most common health problems facing elders worldwide. By definition, osteoporosis... Sample PDF
Diagnostics, Therapeutics, and Health Informatics in Osteoporosis
Chapter 58
Diet Monitoring Software  (pages 452-464)
Marion Cottingham
Obesity has been a known problem for over 60 years. As early as 1943, Metropolitan Life Insurance Company declared “Overweight is so common that it... Sample PDF
Diet Monitoring Software
Chapter 59
Roger Tait, Gerald Schaefer
The ability to visualise hidden structures in detail using 3-D volume data has become a valuable resource in medical imaging applications (Maintz &... Sample PDF
Distributed Medical Image and Volume Registration
Chapter 60
Sándor Miklós Szilágyi, László Szilágyi, Zoltán Benyó
Echocardiography is a popular medical imaging modality due to its noninvasive and versatile behavior. There are no known side effects, and the... Sample PDF
Echocardiographic Image Sequence Compression Based On Spatial Active Appearance Model
Chapter 61
Fernando Seoane, Kaj Lindecrantz
Electrical Bioimpedance (EBI) is now a mature technology in medicine, with applications in clinical investigations, physiological research, and... Sample PDF
Electrical Bioimpedance Cerebral Monitoring
Chapter 62
Louise M. Oliver, E. T. McAdams, P. S.M. Dunlop, J. A. Byrne, I. S. Blair, M. Boyle, K. G. McGuigan
Hospital-acquired infections (HAI) are defined as infections that are neither present nor incubating when a patient enters the hospital (Bourn... Sample PDF
Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy as a Powerful Analytical Tool for Monitoring Microbiological Growth on Medical Implants
Chapter 63
Valentina Hartwig, Claudia Cappelli, Nicola Vanello, Emiliano Ricciardi, Enzo Pasquale Scilingo, Giulio Giovannetti, Maria Filomena Santarelli, Vincenzo Positano, Pietro Pietrini, Lu Landini
To evoke specific sensations related to specific types of mechanoreceptors, we consider here the possibility of using electrotactile stimulation... Sample PDF
Electrocutaneous Stimulation of Skin Mechanoreceptors for Tactile Studies with Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Chapter 64
Andrew Georgiou, Johanna Westbrook, Joanne Callen, Jeffrey Braithwaite
Pathology can be described as the branch of medicine that deals with the nature, causes, and process of disease (McGrath, 2003). Pathology... Sample PDF
Electronic Test Management Systems and Hospital Pathology Laboratory Services
Chapter 65
Shirley Ann Becker, Frank Webbe
Similar to other nations, the United States faces a critical challenge in dealing with an aging population that has unprecedented life expectancies.... Sample PDF
Emerging Technologies for Aging in Place
Chapter 66
Juan J. Perez, Enrique Guijarro, Pedro Ortiz, José M. Pons
A close monitoring of the cerebrovascular parameters is essential in some neurological diseases to prevent secondary brain insults. Persistent rises... Sample PDF
Enhanced Rheoencephalograhy
Chapter 67
Jean-Marie C. Bouteiller, Michel Baudry, Theodore W. Berger
The objective of the work presented here is to develop a computational tool designed specifically for the study of the complex mechanisms that occur... Sample PDF
EONS an Online Synaptic Modeling Platform
Chapter 68
Monique Frize, Irena Zamboni
To be ethical and professional are terms that are synonymous with being an engineer. The work of engineers frequently affects public safety and... Sample PDF
Ethical Decision-Making in Biomedical Engineering Research
Chapter 69
Jose Manuel Ortega Egea
Technology plays an increasingly critical role in current markets. Diverse technological innovations are significantly changing how services are... Sample PDF
European General Practitioners' Usage of E-Health Services
Chapter 70
Gustavo Delmarco, Thais Russomano, Alyson Calder, Felipe Falcão, Dario F.G. Azevedo, Subhajit Sarkar, Simon Evetts, Samuel Moniz
Preservation of astronaut crew health during an exploration mission to the Moon or Mars will be crucial to mission success. The likelihood of a... Sample PDF
Evaluation of External Cardiac Massage Performance During Hypogravity Simulation
Chapter 71
Larbi Esmahi, James W. Edwards, Elarbi Badidi
As the global economy and global business practices increase, individuals tend to be more transient. Their medical histories are an important... Sample PDF
An Exploration of Demographic Inconsistencies in Healthcare Information Environments
Chapter 72
Amy Ray, Sue Newell
The volume and severity of information security breaches encountered continues to increase as organizations, including healthcare organizations... Sample PDF
Exploring Information Security Risks in Healthcare Systems
Chapter 73
László Szilágyi, Sándor Miklós Szilágyi, Zoltán Benyó
By definition, image segmentation represents the partitioning of an image into nonoverlapping, consistent regions, which appear to be homogeneous... Sample PDF
Fast and Robust Fuzzy C-Means Algorithms for Automated Brain MR Image Segmentation
Chapter 74
Edilson Delgado-Trejos, Germán Castellanos, Luis G. Sánchez, Julio F. Suárez
Dimensionality reduction procedures perform well on sets of correlated features while variable selection methods perform poorly. These methods fail... Sample PDF
Feature Selection in Pathology Detection using Hybrid Multidimensional Analysis
Chapter 75
Alejandro Hernandez Arieta, Ryu Kato, Hiroshi Yokoi, Tamio Arai, Wenwei Yu, Rolf Pfeifer
The mutual adaptation between man-machine opens new possibilities in the development of better userfriendly interfaces that not only adapt to the... Sample PDF
An f-MRI Study of an Adaptable EMG Prosthetic Hand with Biofeedback
Chapter 76
Daniel Abásolo, Javier Escudero, Roberto Hornero, Pedro Espino, Carlos Gómez
Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is the most frequent cause of dementia in western countries, and is characterized by progressive impairments in cognition... Sample PDF
Fractal Dimension of the EEG in Alzheimer's Disease
Chapter 77
Udantha R. Abeyratne
Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is one of the most common sleep disorders. It is characterized by repetitive obstruction of the upper airways during... Sample PDF
A Framework for Information Processing in the Diagnosis of Sleep Apnea
Chapter 78
Hiromi Nishiguchi
At first, it is necessary to measure physical and intellectual function objectively to support independence of the elders who need care in daily... Sample PDF
Functional Characteristics and Supporting Methods for Maintaining Independent Life of the Elders
Chapter 79
Dilek Goksel Duru, Mehmed Ozkan
Diffusion tensor magnetic resonance imaging (DTMRI), also known as diffusion tensor imaging (DTI), needs post processing by adequate image analysis... Sample PDF
Generating Simulated DT-MRI Dataset
Chapter 80
Giovanni Maria Sacco
One of the significant challenges and opportunities in computer-assisted healthcare is how to improve diagnosis and treatment of patients. With... Sample PDF
Guided Interactive Diagnostic Assistance
Chapter 81
Ryan McColl, Ian Brown, Cory Seligman, Fabian Lim, Amer Alsaraira
This project concerns the application of haptic feedback to a virtual reality laparoscopic surgery simulator. It investigates the hardware required... Sample PDF
Haptic Rendering for Laparoscopic Surgery Simulation & Related Studies
Chapter 82
Health Systems Simulation  (pages 646-655)
David Lyell, Rosemarie Sadsad, Andrew Georgiou
Most problems arising from the operation of the health system are studied and addressed using conventional reductionist methods, which reduce... Sample PDF
Health Systems Simulation
Chapter 83
David Parry
The World Wide Web (WWW) is a critical source of information for healthcare. Because of this, systems for allowing increased efficiency and... Sample PDF
Healthcare Information Systems and the Semantic Web
Chapter 84
Bill Ag Drougas
Today, the Internet is one of the most useful tools for information, education, business, and entertainment. It is one of the modern technology... Sample PDF
Healthcare Training for the Greek Municipalities' Citizens in the Program of "Home Help" With the Medical Educational Websites
Chapter 85
Kimberlee Schumacher, Yang W. Lee
In this research, we use the classical stakeholder perspective (Freeman and Reed, 1983; Butterfield, 2004) and information quality research (Lee... Sample PDF
Heterogeneous Quality Information in Healthcare Marketplace
Chapter 86
Michael Christopher Gibbons
Over the past decade, a rapidly expanding body of scientific evidence has been put forth documenting differences in health status among U.S. racial... Sample PDF
A Historical Overview of Health Disparities and the Potential of eHealth Solutions
Chapter 87
Janna Anneke Fitzgerald, Martin Lum, Ann Dadich
Human technology in health care includes managerial knowledge required to marshal a health care workforce, operate hospitals and equipment, obtain... Sample PDF
How Human Technology Improve the Scheduling of Unplanned Surgical Cases
Chapter 88
Véronique Nabelsi, Florina Stefanescu
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology has been considered the “next revolution in supply chain management” (Srivastava, 2004, p. 60).... Sample PDF
Impact of RFID Technology on Health Care Organizations
Chapter 89
Marlyn Kemper Littman
A promising approach for facilitating cost containment and reducing the need for complex manual processes in the healthcare space, RFID (Radio... Sample PDF
Implementing RFID Technology in Hospital Environments
Chapter 90
Gondy Leroy
Before the Internet became popular as a device for distributing and sharing information, people turned to friends, books and their doctor when they... Sample PDF
Improving Consumer Health Literacy with Information Technology
Chapter 91
Sheng-Uei Guan, Ji Hua Ang, Kay Chen Tan, Abdullah Al Mamun
This chapter proposes a novel method of incremental interference-free neural network training (IIFNNT) for medical datasets, which takes into... Sample PDF
Incremental Neural Network Training for Medical Diagnosis
Chapter 92
Yu-An Huang, Chad Lin
The objective of this chapter is to examine how different types of IS resource alignments affect the performance of alliances via the contribution... Sample PDF
Information Systems Resource Contribution in Strategic Alliance by Small Healthcare Centers
Chapter 93
Diego Liberati
In order to control a process, especially in a computer and instrumented assisted way, like in Brain Intensive Therapy (IT), a model of its behavior... Sample PDF
Information Technology in Brain Intensive Therapy
Chapter 94
Achim M. Loske, Francisco Fernández, Gilberto Fernández
Before 1980, the majority of patients with urolithiasis and nephrolithiasis needed surgery (Kerbl, Rehman, Landman, Lee, Sundaram, & Clayman, 2002;... Sample PDF
Innovative Piezoelectric Extracorporeal Lithotripter
Chapter 95
Stavroula G. Mougiakakou, Aikaterini Prountzou, Dimitra Iliopoulou, Andriani Vazeou, Christos S. Bartsocas, Konstantina S. Nikita
The aim of this article is to describe how NN have been applied for the simulation of glucose—insulin metabolism, and to present two NN based... Sample PDF
Insulin Metabolism Models for Children with Type 1 Diabetes
Chapter 96
Burges Karkaria, Vincent Zimmer
Current Health Care Providers (Medical Practitioners, Insurance, Pharmacies) have disjointed proprietary systems. This makes data sharing and... Sample PDF
Integrating Medication and Health Monitoring Systems
Chapter 97
Yorgos Goletsis, Themis P. Exarchos, Nikolaos Giannakeas, Markos G. Tsipouras, Dimitrios I. Fotiadis
In this article, we address decision support for cancer by exploiting clinical data and identifying mutations on tumour suppressor genes. The goal... Sample PDF
Integration of Clinical and Genomic Data for Decision Support in Cancer
Chapter 98
Christos Papadelis, Chrysoula Kourtidou-Papadeli, Fotini Lazaridou, Eleni Perantoni
Aviators engage in a variety of outdoor activities where their health status, the environment, and the degree of workload and fatigue affect their... Sample PDF
An Intelligent Wearable Platform for Real Time Pilot's Health Telemonitoring
Chapter 99
Aimee L. Betker, Tony Szturm, Zahra Moussavi
In being seated, standing, and walking, many uncontrollable factors contribute to the degradation of our balance system. The maintenance of balance... Sample PDF
Interactive Video Game-Based Tool for Dynamic Rehabilitation Movements
Chapter 100
Herwig Ostermann, Bettina Staudinger, Magdalena Thöni, Roland Staudinger
Adopting a holistic sociotechnical perspective, healthcare systems do not merely exhibit complex structures and functionalities but are also... Sample PDF
Issues, Claims and Concerns of Different Stakeholders of Healthcare Systems
Chapter 101
Bettina Staudinger, Herwig Ostermann, Roland Staudinger
The management of the information technology in a virtual medical service centre is subject to different requirements than the IT-management of a... Sample PDF
IT-Based Virtual Medical Centres and Structures
Chapter 102
Ali Sunyaev, Jan Marco Leimeister, Andreas Schweiger, Helmut Krcmar
E-health basically comprises health services and information delivered or enhanced through the Internet and related technologies (Eysenbach, 2001).... Sample PDF
IT-Standards and Standardization Approaches in Healthcare
Chapter 103
Mihail Cocosila, Norm Archer, Yufei Yuan
The problem of low adherence in outpatient conditions on one side and the ubiquity of mobile communications and data services on the other side... Sample PDF
Judging the Value of Mobile Healthcare Solutions for Improving Outpatient Adherence
Chapter 104
Antti Peltokorpi, Juha-Matti Lehtonen, Jaakko Kujala, Juhani Kouri
Healthcare providers in both public and private sectors are facing increasing pressure to improve their cost efficiency and productivity. The... Sample PDF
Managing Operating Room Cost in Cardiac Surgery with Three Process Interventions
Chapter 105
Tom Quinn, Raj K. Bali, Dale Katherine, Pete Gregory
The objective of this paper is to examine the efficacy of the Knowledge Management (KM) paradigm in the context of UK paramedics’ assessment and... Sample PDF
Managing Paramedic Knowledge for Treatment of Acute Myocardial Infarction
Chapter 106
Gerhardine Foo, Latif Al-Hakim
An operating theatre waiting list (OTWL) is a list that patients are enrolled in once they opt to pursue an elective procedure, assuming they cannot... Sample PDF
Mapping Information of Operating Theatre Waiting List Process
Chapter 107
Soon Chiang Low, Soo Jay Phee, S. W. Tang, Z. M. Thant, K. Y. Ho, S. C. Chung
Flexible endoscopy is used to inspect and treat disorders of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract without the need for creating an artificial opening on... Sample PDF
Master-Slave Robotic System for Therapeutic Gastrointestinal Endoscopic Procedures
Chapter 108
Edward J. Szewczak
Traditionally medical data were typically collected and stored as records in physician’s offices and in hospitals. Often the data were recorded... Sample PDF
Medical Privacy and the National Health Information Network Initiative
Chapter 109
Medical Search Engines  (pages 873-881)
Bob Badgett, Suresh Chalasani, Rajendra V. Boppana, Jacqueline A. Pugh
Twenty years ago, researchers identified the difficulties physicians have in answering the clinical questions that arise during medical care... Sample PDF
Medical Search Engines
Chapter 110
Nilmini Wickramasinghe, Giuseppe Turchetti, Barbara Labella, Andrea Moglia, Arianna Menciassi, Paolo Dario
The generally accepted treatment for Hirschsprung’s disease is through surgical intervention. Currently, the recognized techniques include the... Sample PDF
Minimal Invasive Surgery and Therapy (MIS and MIT) in Hirschsprung's Patients
Chapter 111
Masoud Mohammadian, Ric Jentzsch
The cost of health care continues to be a world wide issue. Research continues into ways and how the utilization of evolving technologies can be... Sample PDF
A Mobile Computing Framework for Passive RFID Detection System in Health Care
Chapter 112
Mary Ann Keogh Hoss, Harm-Jan Steenhuis
Medical tourism has been around for quite some time but only recently has it become more of a factor to be considered for US hospitals. Many... Sample PDF
A Model for the Discussion of Medical Tourism
Chapter 113
M. C.J. Schnellen
Little is published about generic models that describe the physic and information process of an emergency department. This paper expounds the... Sample PDF
A Model to Evaluate the Flow of an Emergency Department
Chapter 114
Sándor Miklós Szilágyi, László Szilágyi, Constantin T. Luca, Dragos Cozma, Gabriel Ivanica, Zoltán Benyó
The Wolff-Parkinson-White (WPW) syndrome is characterized by an accessory pathway (by-pass tract) between the atria and ventricles that conducts... Sample PDF
Modification of Arruda's Accessory Pathway Localization Method to Improve the Performance of WPW Syndrome Interventions
Chapter 115
Tolga Esat Özkurt, Mingyu Sun, Robert J. Sclabassi
In this article, we propose a novel preprocessing method in the spherical harmonics domain to decompose the MEG signal into specific parts, whose... Sample PDF
Modified Beamspace Method for the Spatial Filtering of Magnetoencephalographic Data
Chapter 116
Stefan M. Graeber, Ansgar Kutscha
Information management (IM) at a health care institution encompasses the management of information, the management of application systems, and the... Sample PDF
Monitoring and Controlling of Healthcare Information Systems (HIS)
Chapter 117
Eugenio Mattei, Giovanni Calcagnini, Michele Triventi, Federica Censi, Pietro Bartolini, Wolfgang Kainz, Howard Bassen
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a widely accepted tool for the diagnosis of a variety of disease states. The presence of a metallic implant... Sample PDF
MRI Induced Heating on Pacemaker Leads
Chapter 118
Markus Belkin, Brian Corbitt, Konrad Peszynski
Today’s information rich and knowledge-based business society relies heavily on Information Technology (IT) and Information Systems (IS) design to... Sample PDF
Multidimensional Modeling in the Health Industry
Chapter 119
Rami N. Khushaba, Adel A. Al-Jumaily
Bio-signals patterns analysis problems have enjoyed a rapid increase in popularity in the past few years. The electromyography (EMG) signal, also... Sample PDF
Myoelectric Control of Prosthetic Devices for Rehabilitation
Chapter 120
Sourabh Bansal
Nanorobotics is a young and a challenging discipline of nanotechnology that is related to the design and simulation of robots or nonbiological... Sample PDF
Nanorobotics: Applications in Bionanotechnology
Chapter 121
Elaine Byrne, Roy D. Johnson
In 2005, the clinical director of the Batho Pele clinic1 in the Gauteng province in South Africa requested the assistance of the Department of... Sample PDF
Networks of Action for Anti Retroviral Treatment
Chapter 122
Ching Wei Wang
One of the most active areas of research in supervised machine learning has been to study methods for constructing good ensembles of classifiers.... Sample PDF
New Ensemble Machine Learning Method for Classification and Prediction on Gene Expression Data
Chapter 123
Juan J. Perez, Enrique Guijarro, Pedro Ortiz, José M. Pons
One of the most important advances in biomedical engineering has been the ability to inspect inside the body without opening it. In this sense... Sample PDF
New Perspectives in Rheoencephalography
Chapter 124
N. Grossman, K. Nikolic, P. Degenaar, C. Toumazou, H. Yang, E. Drakakis
According to the World Health Organisation definition for blindness, that is, visual acuity bellow 3/60 for the best eye on the Snellen scale, there... Sample PDF
A Non-Invasive Approach to the Bionic Eye
Chapter 125
Mohammad Saleh Nambakhsh, M. Shiva
Exchange of databases between hospitals needs efficient and reliable transmission and storage techniques to cut down the cost of health care. This... Sample PDF
A Novel Blind Wavelet Base Watermarking of ECG Signals on Medical Images Using EZW Algorithm
Chapter 126
Maria F. Chan, Yan Song
Cancer is the second leading cause of death behind heart disease in the United States (National Center for Health Statistics, 2006). Various caner... Sample PDF
A Novel Radiotherapy Technique
Chapter 127
Online Nurse Education  (pages 1024-1031)
Jane Klobas, Ciro Sementina, Stefano Renzi
In many countries, healthcare professionals are required to participate annually in compulsory continuing medical education (CME). The effort... Sample PDF
Online Nurse Education
Chapter 128
B. Spyropoulos, M. Botsivaly, A. Tzavaras, K. Koutsourakis
Adapting medical and managerial decision-making (Spyropoulos, 2006a) in the modern home care environment is a cardinal prerequisite, in order to... Sample PDF
Optimization of Medical Supervision, Management, and Reimbursement of Contemporary Home Care
Chapter 129
Reeva Lederman, Rogier van de Wetering, Lucy Firth
This chapter investigates the adequacy of BSC for a holistic evaluation of the workflow impacts of a PACS implementation. It asks whether a... Sample PDF
PACS Contribution to Hospital Strategy via Improved Workflow
Chapter 130
Rajendra V. Boppana, Suresh Chalasani, Bob Badgett, Jacqueline A. Pugh
In this article, we describe a parallel architecture for MEDLINE database integrated with search refinement tools to facilitate accurate and fast... Sample PDF
Parallel Architectures for MEDLINE Search
Chapter 131
Marie-Christine Thaize Challier
It is increasingly recognized that, by introducing healthcare information systems, it may be possible to improve healthcare delivery. Yet... Sample PDF
Patients and Physicians Faced to New Healthcare Systems
Chapter 132
B. Giraldo, A. Garde, C. Arizmendi, R. Jane, I. Diaz, S. Benito
One of the challenges in intensive care is the process of weaning from mechanical ventilation. We studied the differences in respiratory pattern... Sample PDF
Patients on Weaning Trials Classified with Neural Networks and Features Selection
Chapter 133
I. J. Baars, G. G. van Merode
This article reports the results of two studies on the use of standard care processes and IT for planning and control of mental healthcare... Sample PDF
Planning and Control and the Use of Information Technology in Mental Health Care Organizations
Chapter 134
Michael Christopher Gibbons
There is increasing interest in the role of technology in health care and public health. Several researchers have predicted a coming revolution in... Sample PDF
Populomics, an Emerging E-Health Response to Contemporary Healthcare Realities
Chapter 135
Kannan Sethuraman, Devanath Tirupati
Lee, et al. (1997b) state the impact of increased volatility as, “Distorted information from one end of the supply chain to the other can lead to... Sample PDF
Prevalence of Bullwhip Effect in Hospitals
Chapter 136
Abirami Radhakrishnan, Dessa David, Jigish Zaveri
The challenges faced by U.S. health care system are vividly explained in the U.S. Government’s health information technology plan, The U.S. health... Sample PDF
Process Level Benefits of an Electronic Medical Records System
Chapter 137
Nora Ekroos, Erkki Vauramo
In western countries, the so-called demographic time bomb, that is, the ageing of the baby-boom generation, has become one of the most challenging... Sample PDF
Production Management in the Elderly Care Services
Chapter 138
Gervásio Iwens, Hervaldo Sampaio Carval, Talles Marcelo Gonçalves de Andrade Barbosa
According to Barbosa, Sene, Carvalho, da Rocha, Nascimento, and Camapum (2006), two important concepts related to programmability in BSNs are: (i)... Sample PDF
Programming Body Sensor Networks
Chapter 139
B. Dhillon, P. Aspinall, T. Aslam, P. Halpin, A. Vani, P. Byrne, A. Hill, T. Van den Berg
The principal aim of this research proposal was to develop quality of life and relevant visual function criteria to provide a rational decisional... Sample PDF
A Prospective Observational Study of the Determinants of Current Cataract Surgical Selection
Chapter 140
B. A. Garilevich, Y. V. Kudryavtsev, Y. V. Olefir, Y. V. Andrianov, A. E. Rotov
Nowadays the world medical practice widely uses the method of extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy for treatment of patients with urolithiasis bay... Sample PDF
Prospects for Development of Shock Wave Therapy
Chapter 141
Victoria Hanna, Kannan Sethuraman
In this article, we illustrate the relevance of queuing theory principles to the healthcare sector through a case study of a day surgery unit in a... Sample PDF
Reducing Patient Delays in a Day Surgery Unit of a Hospital
Chapter 142
D. Chon Abraham
Much of healthcare improvement via technology initiatives address gaining physician by-in (Reinertsen, 2005) and does not adequately address... Sample PDF
Reforming Nursing with Information Systems and Technology
Chapter 143
Carlos Gómez, Roberto Hornero, Daniel Abásolo, Alberto Fernández, Javier Escudero
Magnetoencephalograpy (MEG) is a noninvasive technique that allows recording the magnetic fields produced by brain activity. SQUID (Superconducting... Sample PDF
Regularity Analysis of the Magnetoencephalogram Background Activity in Alzheimer's Disease Patients Using Auto Mutual Information
Chapter 144
Ziad O. Abu-Faraj, Habib C. Bou Sleiman, Waleed M. Al Katergi, Jean-Louis D. Heneine, Maya J. Mashaalany
This article describes the design and development of a low-cost eye tracking-based brain-computer interface system for the rehabilitation of the... Sample PDF
A Rehabilitative Eye-Tracking Based Brain-Computer Interface for the Completely Locked-In Patient
Chapter 145
Mitsuhiko Karashima
Human information processing (HIP) performance using the working memory can be assessed by two types of indicator when an HIP task is carried out.... Sample PDF
Relationship Between Performance Error and Human Information Processing
Chapter 146
Murako Saito
The competence of organizational management is required to cope with complexity of technology and diversity of social demands for maintaining good... Sample PDF
Relationship Management Competence and Organizational Performance
Chapter 147
Paolo Soda, Giulio Iannello
In this article, we discuss the use of computerbased systems in microscopy, focusing on cytological images. We initially present recent results on... Sample PDF
The Relevance of Computer-Aided-Diagnosis Systems in Microscopy Applications to Medicine and Biology
Chapter 148
W. F. Lawless, Joseph Wood, Hui-Lien Tung
This case study is of a military medical department research center (MDRC) with access to advanced information systems (IS), yet struggling to... Sample PDF
Restructuring a Military Medical Department Research Center
Chapter 149
A. Dwivedi, T. Butcher
Innovations in information and communication technologies (ICTs) have transformed the manner in which healthcare organizations function.... Sample PDF
RFID as the Critical Factor for Superior Healthcare Delivery
Chapter 150
David C. Wyld
Pharmaceuticals play a more prominent role in American health care than in any other nation. The North American market today comprises 47% of the... Sample PDF
RFID Tagging of Pharmaceuticals
Chapter 151
Béla Paláncz, Levente Kovács, Balázs Benyó, Zoltán Benyó
This article presents a robust control design method on frequency domain using Mathematica for regularization of glucose level in Type I diabetes... Sample PDF
Robust Blood-Glucose Control of Type I Diabetes Patients Under Intensive Care Using Mathematica
Chapter 152
Bettina Staudinger, Herwig Ostermann, Magdalena Thöni, Roland Staudinger
Since the 1980’s, questions have been asked the world over about the efficiency and contribution of nursing in the hospital treatment of patients... Sample PDF
The Role of Government and its Influence on Nursing Systems by Means of the Definition of Nursing Minimum Data Sets (NMDS)
Chapter 153
Francesco De Mola, Giacomo Cabri
Monitoring heterogeneous medical devices is a key issue for efficient medical information management in highquality health care delivery. Collecting... Sample PDF
A Role-Based Agent-Oriented Approach to Medical Device Integration
Chapter 154
Khaled M. Khan
With the rapid advancement of Web-based technologies, healthcare information systems are becoming increasingly heterogeneous in terms of their... Sample PDF
Security-Aware Service Specification for Healthcare Information Systems
Chapter 155
Roger Tait, Gerald Schaefer
The most important component of an image registration algorithm is the similarity metric used to determine when images are in accurate alignment... Sample PDF
Similarity Metrics for Medical Image Registration
Chapter 156
Adil Deniz Duru, Ali Bayram, Tamer Demiralp, Ahmet Ademoglu
Event-related potentials (ERP) are transient brain responses to cognitive stimuli, and they consist of several stationary events whose temporal... Sample PDF
Source Localization of Subtopographic Brain Maps for Event Related Potentials (ERP)
Chapter 157
Sándor Miklós Szilágyi, László Szilágyi, Attila Frigy, Levente Gorog, Zoltán Benyó
Sudden cardiac death, caused mostly by ventricular fibrillation, is responsible for at least five million deaths in the world each year. Despite... Sample PDF
Spatial Heart Simulation and Adaptive Wave Propagation
Chapter 158
Sándor Miklós Szilágyi, László Szilágyi, Zoltán Benyó
The most important health problem affecting large groups of people is related to the malfunction of the heart, usually caused by heart attack... Sample PDF
Spatial Heart Simulation and Analysis Using Unified Neural Network
Chapter 159
Evelyn H. Thrasher, Terry A. Byrd
Interorganizational networks are defined as “clusters of organizations that make decisions jointly and integrate their efforts to produce a product... Sample PDF
Strategic Fit in the Healthcare IDS
Chapter 160
B.F. Giraldo, A. Garde, C. Arizmendi, R. Jané, I. Diaz, S. Benito
The most common reason for instituting mechanical ventilation is to decrease a patient’s work of breathing. Many attempts have been made to increase... Sample PDF
Support Vector Machine Classification applied on Weaning Trials Patients
Chapter 161
Onur Seref, O. Erhun Kundakcioglu, Michael Bewernitz
The underlying optimization problem for the maximal margin classifier is only feasible if the two classes of pattern vectors are linearly separable.... Sample PDF
Support Vector Machines in Neuroscience
Chapter 162
Maria Teresa Martín, Maria Victoria Román, Manuel Recio
During the last few decades, various theoretical developments have been carried out with a view to describing the characteristic and distinct... Sample PDF
Technology Adoption, Expectancy Value and Prediction Models
Chapter 163
John D. Haynes, Mehnaz Saleem, Moona Kanwal
Disasters constitute events which are catastrophic in nature. Such events critically threaten the health, safety, and lives of people and their... Sample PDF
Telemedicine and Information Technology for Disaster Medical Scenarios
Chapter 164
Lucy Firth, Reeva Lederman, Mazin Ali
Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS) is an important e-health application, playing a significant operational role within hospitals in... Sample PDF
A Theoretical Model of Observed Health Benefits of PACS Implementation
Chapter 165
W.F. Lawless, Joseph Wood, Hui-Lien Tung
The inability to establish first principles has kept organizational theory from being successful. Moreover, due to snapshots in time and researcher... Sample PDF
Theory Driven Organizational Metrics
Chapter 166
Hamid Sheikhzadeh, Robert L. Brennan
In this article, we study the problem of rhythm classification and event detection based on intracardiac electrogram (EGM) signals. At present, only... Sample PDF
Time-Frequency Analysis for EGM Rhythm Classification
Chapter 167
Vikram Aggarwal, Yoonju Cho, Aniruddha Chatterjee, Dickson Cheung
Central venous pressure (CVP) is a measure of the mean pressure within the thoracic vena cava, which is the largest vein in the body and responsible... Sample PDF
Ultrasound Guided Noninvasive Measurement of Central Venous Pressure
Chapter 168
A. Dwivedi, R.K. Bali, Nilmini Wickramasinghe, R.N.G. Naguib
The adoption and diffusion of e-health and the application of IT in healthcare is increasing at a rapid rate. Both European and U.S. governments are... Sample PDF
Using Object Oriented Technologies to Build Collaborative Applications in Healthcare and Medical Information Systems
Chapter 169
G. Graschew, T.A. Roelofs, S. Rakowsky, P.M. Schlag
Telemedicine aims at equal access to medical expertise irrespective of the geographical location of the person in need. New developments in... Sample PDF
VEMH: Virtual Euro-Mediterranean Hospital for Evidence-Based Medicine in The Euro-Mediterranean Region
Chapter 170
C. Tominski, P. Schulze-Wollgast, H. Schumann
This article focuses on the visual analysis of human health data that describe the number of cases of different diagnoses in a spatial and temporal... Sample PDF
Visual Methods for Analyzing Human Health Data
Chapter 171
Yueqing Gu, Zhiyu Qian, Huimin Qian, Chunsheng Fang, Yulin Song
Near infrared (NIR) light (700 ~ 900 nm) possesses the capability of penetrating living tissues several centimeters due to the low absorbance of... Sample PDF
In Vivo Near Infrared Techniques for Protein Drug Development
Chapter 172
Sándor Miklós Szilágyi, László Szilágyi, Zoltán Benyó
Echocardiography is the fastest, least expensive, and least invasive heart imaging method. Accordingly, it is one of the most commonly used... Sample PDF
Volumetric Analysis and Modeling of the Heart Using Active Appearance Model
Chapter 173
Weakness of Modern Hospitals  (pages 1383-1389)
Roberto Setola
Until some decades ago, health care services were primarily supplied inside hospitals. The patient had to move from his or her home to the hospital... Sample PDF
Weakness of Modern Hospitals
Chapter 174
Mario Tesconi, Enzo Pasquale Scilingo, Pierluigi Barba, Danilo De Rossi
Posture and motion of body segments are the result of a mutual interaction of several physiological systems such as nervous, muscle-skeletal, and... Sample PDF
Wearable Kinesthetic System for Joint Knee Flexion-Extension Monitoring In Gait Analysis
Chapter 175
Leonor Teixeira, Carlos Ferreira, Beatriz Sousa Santos
Healthcare is characterized by a highly complex environment where the process of patient care requires an unusual amount of communication between... Sample PDF
Web-Enabled System Design for Managing Clinical Information
Chapter 176
Silvia Jiménez-Fernández, Antonio Cobo-Sánchez-de-Rojas, Álvaro Araujo-Pinto, Pedro Malagón, Octavio Nieto-Taladriz, Paula de Toledo, Francisco del Pozo
The care of patients suffering from chronic diseases is a growing source of expense for health care services around the world. The implementation of... Sample PDF
Wireless Sensor Network to Support Home Care in Telemedicine Applications
Chapter 177
C. Combi, G. Pozzi
Organizations achieve their goals by executing processes, which can be physical processes to produce goods (e.g., assembling components of a PC)... Sample PDF
Workflow Management Systems for Healthcare Processes
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