Inter-Enterprise Process Integration for E-Supply Chain Business Practices

Inter-Enterprise Process Integration for E-Supply Chain Business Practices

Chian-Hsueng Chao (National University of Kaohsiung, Taiwan)
Copyright: © 2006 |Pages: 17
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59140-611-2.ch012
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For every industry, the demands for optimization and greater efficiency become particularly urgent when the flow of business information goes beyond the borders of organizations. Driven by the need to attain even greater corporate competitive advantages, many organizations already have reengineered their internal processes, and the focus has shifted to their trading partners. With network connectivity, supply chain integration is now the core strategic competence that enables many companies to act as one. he development of an integrated supply chain by way of the Internet is one of the most important business trends in today’s e-business practices. This chapter focuses on the development of an object-oriented enterprise business blueprint for e-supply chain inter-enterprise process integration. The approach described here will illustrate how the enterprise applications can be developed and woven into the very fabric of business practices by using object-oriented techniques. In contrast to an isolated IT system, this approach allows business processes to permeate different organizations, and communication in this system becomes process-to-process oriented.

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Table of Contents
Yi-Chen Lan, Bhuvan Unhelkar
Chapter 1
Yi-chen Lan, Bhuvan Unhelkar
Integrated Supply Chain Management (ISCM) involves the linking of suppliers and customers with the internal business processes of an organization.... Sample PDF
A Methodology for Developing Integrated Supply Chain Management System
Chapter 2
Mahesh S. Raisinghani, Denise Taylor
The World Wide Web opened the door for many organizations with international ambitions to go global. Organizations that did not have a global... Sample PDF
Going Global: A Technology Review
Chapter 3
Edward D’Souza, Ed White
Picture this. The year is 2025. A customer is watching a new razor blade advertisement on interactive TV. The customer clicks to approve the... Sample PDF
Demand Forecasting for the Net Age: From Thought to Fulfillment in One Click
Chapter 4
Ketan Vanjara
This chapter initiates the concept of a customer-centric model in supply chain systems. It discusses various constraints of present-day supply chain... Sample PDF
The Future of Supply Chain Management: Shifting from Logistics Driven to a Customer Driven Model
Chapter 5
Lynn M. Batten, Ron Savage
This chapter considers the importance of information-sharing techniques and strategies employed by industry sectors. Well-developed supply chain... Sample PDF
Information Sharing in Supply Chain Systems
Chapter 6
Margaret L. Sheng
Supply chain functions must operate in an integrated manner in order to optimize performance. However, the dynamics of the organization and the... Sample PDF
Global Integrated Supply Chain Implementation: The Challenges of E-Procurement
Chapter 7
Chean Lee
This chapter introduces the concept of Supply Chain Management (SCM). It provides a broad definition of supply chain, the drivers for integrated... Sample PDF
Designing Integrated Supply Chains
Chapter 8
Christopher Van Eenoo
The concept and study of supply chains are nothing new. The concept of integrated supply chain environments (ISCE), however, has received increased... Sample PDF
A Framework for Analyzing Information Systems in an Integrated Supply Chain Environment: The Interaction Approach
Chapter 9
Pui Y. Chan, Xinping Shi
This chapter explores and evaluates the performance of supply chain management (SCM) (i.e., effectiveness and efficiency) in using global logistics... Sample PDF
Evaluation of the SCM Performances in Using of Global Logistics Information Technologies: A Research Study in Hong Kong
Chapter 10
Wei Liu, Wu Dan, Chen Xiao
China, a high-developing country, is facing reform in the 21st century. Almost every company in China is undergoing some form of transformation in... Sample PDF
Supply Chain Management in China
Chapter 11
Ling-Lang Tang, Yei-Chun Kuo, E. Stanley Lee
A multi-objective model of global distribution for the Taiwan notebook computer industry is proposed. The proposed two-stage approach involves a... Sample PDF
A Multi-Objective Model for Taiwan Notebook Computer Distribution Problem
Chapter 12
Chian-Hsueng Chao
For every industry, the demands for optimization and greater efficiency become particularly urgent when the flow of business information goes beyond... Sample PDF
Inter-Enterprise Process Integration for E-Supply Chain Business Practices
Chapter 13
Hiroshi Tsuji, Ryosuke Saga, Takefumi Konzo, Akihiro Akihiro
This chapter presents a software simulator called LOSIMOPU. LOSIMOPU allows users to build a supply chain model and analyze the sensitivity of... Sample PDF
LOSIMOPU: Logistics Simulator on Policy Under Uncertainty
Chapter 14
Huey-Kuo Chen, Huey-Wen Chou
This chapter deals with a time-dependent supply chain network equilibrium (TD-SCNE) problem, which allows product flows to be distributed over a... Sample PDF
A Time-Dependent Supply Chain Network Equilibrium Problem
Chapter 15
Jianxin Jiao, Xiao You, Arun Kumar
This chapter applies the multi-agent system paradigm to collaborative negotiation in a global manufacturing supply chain network. Multi-agent... Sample PDF
An Agent-Based Collaborative Negotiation System for Global Manufacturing Supply Chain Management
Chapter 16
Panyaluck Udomleartprasert, Chamnong Jungthirapanich
This chapter introduces critical success in supply chain implementation by empirical research. The widespread implementation of supply chain... Sample PDF
The Critical Success Factors in Supply Chain Implementation
Chapter 17
Umar Ruhi, Ofir Turel
In recent years, the prospect of information exchange independent of time and place has been a compelling driver for organizations worldwide to... Sample PDF
Enabling the Glass Pipeline: The Infusion of Mobile Technology Applications in Supply Chain Management
Chapter 18
Wing S. Chow
An e-integrated supply chain system is an enabler that enriches the effectiveness of global supply chains. This chapter adopts factor analysis to... Sample PDF
Determinant of E-Based Succes Attributes for Integrated Supply Chain System
Chapter 19
Steve Cartland
This chapter examines the relevance of business continuity to supply chain management. Business continuity has focused on the business processes of... Sample PDF
Business Continuity Challenges in Global Supply Chains
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