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Interactive Brand Experience: The Concept and the Challenges

Copyright © 2005. 19 pages.
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Roberts, Mary L. "Interactive Brand Experience: The Concept and the Challenges." Advances in Electronic Marketing. IGI Global, 2005. 103-121. Web. 12 Feb. 2016. doi:10.4018/978-1-59140-321-0.ch006


Roberts, M. L. (2005). Interactive Brand Experience: The Concept and the Challenges. In I. Clarke III, & T. Flaherty (Eds.) Advances in Electronic Marketing (pp. 103-121). Hershey, PA: Idea Group Publishing. doi:10.4018/978-1-59140-321-0.ch006


Roberts, Mary L. "Interactive Brand Experience: The Concept and the Challenges." In Advances in Electronic Marketing, ed. Irvine Clarke III and Theresa B. Flaherty, 103-121 (2005), accessed February 12, 2016. doi:10.4018/978-1-59140-321-0.ch006

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Interactive Brand Experience: The Concept and the Challenges
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E-marketing has evolved from an environment that was solely direct response to one that includes significant opportunities for brand development. Internet marketing uses a rich set of tools to create exceptional customer experience that results in strong relationships with the brand. Off-line tools like elements of the brand and image-building promotional programs are as important as ever in building brand equity. To those have been added online tools, including personalization, customization, cocreation, purchase-process streamlining, self-service, brand community, rich media, product self-design tools, and dynamic pricing. This gives the marketer a rich choiceboard of off-line and online techniques from which to select the most appropriate for the brand and any given promotional activity. The challenges are to select the most effective tools and then to execute flawlessly and seamlessly at all customer touchpoints to achieve the desired quality of customer experience.

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Table of Contents
Irvine Clarke III, Theresa B. Flaherty
Chapter 1
Eileen Bridges, Ronald E. Goldsmith, Charles F. Hofacker
This chapter addresses similarities and differences in e-commerce needs for customers in business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C)... Sample PDF
Attracting and Retaining Online Buyers: Comparing B2B and B2C Customers
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Chapter 2
Alvin Y.C. Yeo, Michael K.M. Chiam
Marketers are working to improve loyalty apace. This chapter introduces an integrative framework for examining the relative impacts of corporate... Sample PDF
Unlocking E-Customer Loyalty
List Price: $37.50
Chapter 3
Francesca D. Riley, Daniele Scarpi, Angelo Manaresi
Through a review of the literature, this chapter focuses on three key influences on purchase behavior on the Internet: product, consumer, and... Sample PDF
Drivers and Barriers to Online Shopping: The Interaction of Product, Consumer, and Retailer Factors
List Price: $37.50
Chapter 4
Terry Daugherty, Matthew Eastin, Harsha Gangadharbatla
As we enter the 21st century many firms implementing Customer Relationship Management strategies have turned to the Internet as a primary means for... Sample PDF
eCRM: Understanding Internet Confidence and the Implications for Customer Relationship Management
List Price: $37.50
Chapter 5
Gopalkrishnan R. Iyer
This chapter explores some key managerial issues in the development and implementation of a global Internet marketing strategy. While it appears... Sample PDF
Global Internet Marketing Strategy: Framework and Managerial Insights
List Price: $37.50
Chapter 6
Mary L. Roberts
E-marketing has evolved from an environment that was solely direct response to one that includes significant opportunities for brand development.... Sample PDF
Interactive Brand Experience: The Concept and the Challenges
List Price: $37.50
Chapter 7
Adam Lindgreen, Joëlle Vanhamme
Viral marketing involves consumers passing along a company’s marketing message to their friends, family, and colleagues. This chapter reviews viral... Sample PDF
Viral Marketing: The Use of Surprise
List Price: $37.50
Chapter 8
Jari Salo, Jaana Tähtinen
This chapter shows how retailers – without any previous experience or education – utilize a new mobile advertising channel. The chapter focuses on... Sample PDF
Retailer Use of Permission-Based Mobile Advertising
List Price: $37.50
Chapter 9
Sally Rao, Chris O’Leary
Firms have only just begun to fully use the Internet to obtain customer information in their database marketing processes to enhance customer... Sample PDF
Integrating Internet/Database Marketing for CRM
List Price: $37.50
Chapter 10
Jari H. Helenius, Veronica Liljander
Advancements of the wired Internet and mobile telecommunications offer companies new opportunities for branding but also create a need to develop... Sample PDF
Developing Brand Assets with Wireless Devices
List Price: $37.50
Chapter 11
Mark R. Leipnik, Sanjay S. Mehta
The primary purpose of this chapter is to introduce the reader to Geographic Information Systems (GIS) based technologies and applications within... Sample PDF
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in E-Marketing
List Price: $37.50
Chapter 12
Michael T. Zugelder
This chapter will review several emerging issues associated with e-marketing from the perspective of Web sites including intellectual property... Sample PDF
Legal Online Marketing Issues: The Opportunities and Challenges
List Price: $37.50
Chapter 13
Heiko D. Wijnholds, Michael W. Little
One of the biggest challenges marketers face with e-commerce is the regulatory environment, both at home and abroad. This is especially pertinent... Sample PDF
Regulatory and Marketing Challenges Between and U.S. and EU for Online Markets
List Price: $37.50
Chapter 14
Chris Manolis, Nicole Averill, Charles M. Brooks
The notion that consumer attitudes toward products and advertisements affect consumer behavior is well-known in the marketing literature. Research... Sample PDF
Modeling the Effects of Attitudes Toward Advertising on the Internet
List Price: $37.50
Chapter 15
Carlos Flavian, Miguel Guinaliu
The development of commerce on the Internet based on virtual communities has become one of the most successful business models in the world today.... Sample PDF
Virtual Community: A Model of Successful Marketing on the Internet
List Price: $37.50
Chapter 16
Penelope Markellou, Maria Rigou, Spiros Sirmakessis
This chapter presents the overall consumer purchase decision cycle and investigates the issues that affect Web users from e-shop selection to... Sample PDF
An Online Consumer Purchase Decision Cycle
List Price: $37.50
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