International Dimensions of Innovation in Technology

International Dimensions of Innovation in Technology

Valerie S. Perotti (Rochester Institute of Technology, USA)
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DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59904-901-4.ch022
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This chapter develops a set of seven dimensions, which may be applied to each sovereign nation as a guide to allow for systematic consideration and comparison of opportunities and challenges across borders. Under the assumption that innovation itself requires a unique set of skills or opportunistic settings, the chapter then explores each dimension’s applicability to situations particularly associated with innovation in technology. Using current research and examples from world business, the chapter moves to a brief discussion of projected future developments in the field and related research needs.

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Table of Contents
Chapter 1
Simrn Kaur Gill, Kathryn Cormican
This chapter introduces the concept of ambient intelligence (AmI), a new concept in the area of information and communication technology (ICT), from... Sample PDF
Ambient Intelligent (AmI) Systems Development
Chapter 2
Jari Tammela, Vesa Salminen
Innovation capability in creating new offering and new business models by distributed communities is becoming more important. Competitive advantage... Sample PDF
Interoperability Concept Supporting Network Innovation
Chapter 3
Shamsuddin Ahmed, Francis Amagoh
This chapter presents the design of a heritage tourism Web portal. Factor analysis is used to identify how the navigation tools are to be grouped.... Sample PDF
Heritage Tourism Portal Web Page Design with Factor and Correlation Analysis
Chapter 4
Fang Zhao, Adela J. McMurray, Mark Toomey
IT governance is viewed as a managerial innovation, which responds to the needs of strong leadership, strategic direction, and control from the... Sample PDF
Effectiveness of Information Technology Governance: Perceptions of Board Directors and Senior Managers
Chapter 5
Donglin Wu, Fang Zhao
This chapter identifies the challenges, features, and drivers of performance measurement (PM) in the SMEs in the IT industry and introduces a PM... Sample PDF
Performance Measurement in the SMEs in the Information Industry
Chapter 6
Brychan Thomas, Christopher Miller, Gary Packham, Geoff Simmons
This chapter introduces the role of Web sites and e-commerce in the development and growth of global higher education start-ups. The extant... Sample PDF
The Role of Web Sites and E-Commerce in the Development of Global Start-Ups
Chapter 7
Alemayehu Molla, Richard Duncombe
Small- and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) innovativeness to use e-commerce has received significant research attention. This chapter continues with... Sample PDF
E-Commerce Innovation in SMEs: A Motivation-Ability Perspective
Chapter 8
Tobias Kollmann
The fundamental advantages of information technology in regard to efficiency and effectiveness assure that its diffusion in society and in most... Sample PDF
E-Entrepreneurship: The Principles of Founding Electronic Ventures
Chapter 9
John Sanders, Laura Galloway, William Keogh
The chapter discusses the use of business strategies for pure Internet firms. It separates the strategic choices and directions used for idea... Sample PDF
The Relationship Between Internet Entrepreneurs, Idea Generation, and Porter's Generic Strategies
Chapter 10
Rana Tassabehji, James Wallace, Anastasios Tsoularis
The Internet has reached a stage of maturity where its innovative adoption and implementation can be a source of competitive advantage. Supply... Sample PDF
Integrating E-Supply Networks: The Need to Manage Information Flows and Develop E-Platforms
Chapter 11
Mary DeGori, Fang Zhao
This chapter describes an in-depth analysis of the methods to increase the effectiveness of virtual teams in health care using the Northern Alliance... Sample PDF
Virtual Teams in Health Care: Maximising Team Effectiveness
Chapter 12
Alexandra Steinberg
There is a general consensus that networks and community interaction provide a critical mechanism for innovation. Of recent years, we have seen a... Sample PDF
Rhizomic Network Analysis: Toward a Better Understanding of Knowledge Dynamics of Innovation in Business Networks
Chapter 13
Suryadeo Vinay Kissoon
This chapter develops and underlines the concept of continuous improvement teamworking approach in a major banking organization. It is not a... Sample PDF
Toward the Conceptual Model of Continuous Improvement Teamworking: A Participant Observation Study
Chapter 14
Juha Kettunen, Lauri Luoto
This study presents the regional development of universities aiming to increase their external impact on their environment. The purpose is to show... Sample PDF
Cooperation Between Universities and ICT Enterprises
Chapter 15
Muhammad Mohtsham Saeed
Recent changes in the overall global business atmosphere, for example, opening of economies, increase in exchange relations, volatility of the... Sample PDF
Trust in Organizations: An Islamic Perspective
Chapter 16
Mikel Sorli, Dragan Stokic
Managing of knowledge for innovation in an extended enterprise (EE) environment is a key issue. This in turn requires effective utilization of... Sample PDF
Supporting Innovation Through Knowledge Management in the Extended Enterprise
Chapter 17
Andrew Creed, Ambika Zutshi, Jane Ross
This chapter discusses how the independent nature of entrepreneurs, combined with the enabling features of digital information technology (IT), may... Sample PDF
E-Learning and Knowledge Management in the Global Context
Chapter 18
Cecilia Hegarty
Entrepreneurial knowledge and innovation resonates with positive views, hence the need to tell everyone about entrepreneurship and give students the... Sample PDF
E-Learning: The Cornerstone to Transferring Entrepreneurship Knowledge
Chapter 19
James Perotti
This chapter asserts that process models are an excellent platform for a continuous stream of innovations. Such models can illuminate opportunities... Sample PDF
Innovations from Business Process Models
Chapter 20
Jan Strickman, Axel Hahn, Stefan Häusler, Kevin Hausmann
This chapter introduces a new approach for performance measurement in product development and innovation processes. It shows that there is a great... Sample PDF
Performance Measurement in Innovation Processes
Chapter 21
Debbie Richards, Peter Busch
Innovation is seen by many organizations as the next frontier to be managed in order to gain a competitive advantage and remain sustainable.... Sample PDF
Finding and Growing Innovators: Keeping Ahead of the Competition
Chapter 22
Valerie S. Perotti
This chapter develops a set of seven dimensions, which may be applied to each sovereign nation as a guide to allow for systematic consideration and... Sample PDF
International Dimensions of Innovation in Technology
Chapter 23
Roman Boutellier, Andreas Biedermann
In this chapter, the raise of a business phenomenon is introduced and illustrated with the case of the ban of lead-bearing solders in electronics... Sample PDF
Disruptions in Global Industries Caused by Controversial Technologies: The Case of Lead-Free Soldering in Electronics
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